Prepositions used with "score"

of, with, to, by or for score?

In 33% of cases "of score" is used

But on the 29th, there was a reversal of scores.

This is the perception of scores of disgruntled people.

STAR TREK: What seems to be a common theme in my enjoyment of scores continues here.

Further, if multiple such groups are created, weighting of scores may again become an issue, presenting new problems.

The number of scores (hits to the database) is limited to 10, and the alignments of these against the query sequence is limited to 10 also.

Three Dart Finishing Guide for Beginners This guide gives suggestions for combinations of scores to finish a darts match with three darts or less.

Libya rebels claim to have uncovered the remains of scores of prisoners killed when the guards threw grenades into cells where they had been crammed.

His post was just one of scores of bile-filled messages directed at the woman after she accused Blackburn Rovers footballer David Goodwillie of rape.

Nearly everyone has been exposed to it, so obviously it has to be in the forefront of scores over the years, even if the sequels did all they could to water down the legend.

Shiva's dedication to Yoga, her constant travel for workshops and retreats and the creation of scores of DVDs has allowed her to reach a global audience and she deserves it.

In 16% of cases "with score" is used

Patients scored highest in the items of ' dyspnoea on exertion ', ' limitations in daily life due to AF ' and ' fatigue due to AF ', with scores of 4.

Support for a general strike in this country is widespread, with scores of union conferences and this year's TUC Congress passing a motion to support the action.

Overall band scores for Academic and General Training candidates in 2011 are shown here together with scores for individual skills according to a variety of classifications.

Xavier's First Ball Duck Grenada 2008 That should have set him up for a successful One Day series, however, with scores of 6, 0, 35, 0 and 17, the opening batsman hardly made an impression.

Step 3: If there are several initial regions with scores greater than the CUTOFF value, check to see whether the trimmed initial regions can be joined to form an approximate alignment with gaps.

In 15% of cases "to score" is used

Learn more about How to score Darts.

A pass is awarded to scores of 75% or higher.

Kokko is able to score goals, if only he'd bothered to put in the effort.

Wisconsin needs to score, and in order to do so they are going to need production out of LaBate.

Julio Cesar was able to save Robinho's effort but Pato was there for the rebound to score the opener.

Zenon Konopka: He wasn't brought in to score goals or provide offensive, but to protect our top players.

That's simply not good enough for a top line player who is also getting time on the second power play and is counted on to score goals.

Both teams had plenty of chances to score but, in the end, it was Rafinha's wonderstrike on the 55th minute that separated the city rivals.

The state also lacks the resources to stifle recent civil strife and ethnic violence, which have led to scores of fatalities in recent months.

Lambert remained faithful to the two strikers from that game Agbonlahor and Benteke but in truth Villa didn't look likely to score until Bent was on the pitch.

In 12% of cases "by score" is used

As the years go by scores often evolve with the times.

Countries are ranked by score, with the maximum possible score for each policy shown in brackets at the top.

Rank by score Pie Number in pack Total price/price per pie Total score (out of 360) 1 Waitrose: Heston Blumenthal's irresistible butter crust mince pies 4 3.

Master of Wine students and business students continue to write academic papers on the subject that look at how wines are graded and marketed by scores with no clear resolution.

The results of the newly expanded survey are presented with honesty, insight, and humor, and complemented by scores of compelling personal stories from survivors of diverse ages and backgrounds.

In 8% of cases "for score" is used

Largely uninhabited except for scores of wildlife, the islands are great for snorkeling.

Hester is the NFL's all-time leader in touchdown returns, bringing back 12 punts and five kickoffs for scores in his first six seasons.

In 1 on 1 defense, 1 of your opponents may guard you tightly, with the aim of not having you running free from his sight, cutting for disc or going deep for scores.

With close to half a million students, from which about 100,000 are international students, London provides a multicultural, popular destination for scores of international students.

In 7% of cases "in score" is used

The Muslim rage over the film about the Prophet has resulted in scores of deaths whereas the Christian anger was peaceful.

The August birth penalty is visible in scores at every age for children in English state schools, according to a 2007 IFS report.

Only four countries (Ireland, United Kingdom, Norway, Iceland) scored 70 or more, with an eight point gap (most differences in scores are small) to the fifth country, Malta, on 62.

In 4% of cases "from score" is used

Some of the members of the choir, out of inquisitiveness approached the band to really ascertain whether they were in fact playing from score.

As a result, it has compelled the performers to learn to read music critically and this tradition to play from score has been kept up till today.