Prepositions used with "tool"

of, with, to, for or in tool?

In 63% of cases "of tool" is used

It's a whole bunch of tools in a tool kit.

There is a whole digital playground of tools out there.

Like he had a shed full of tools and knew how to use them.

Now schools are utilising an increasing array of tools to broaden their pupils ' minds.

The development of tools and environments to assist massive fact recovery and curation.

Aviary has a full suite of tools including screen grabbing outside it's image editor app.

Floods also destroyed some 7,000 hectares of crops, leaving farmers in need of tools and seeds so they can start again.

You have to make a lot of tools to get good at it, which implies both a division of labor, and a wide cachment for trade.

Rather, it's a set of tools that may let organisations make new trade-offs in the way they access computational resources.

File manager Once you go inside the C-panel, you will find a lot of tools that you can use to control and manage your site.

In 10% of cases "with tool" is used

In return, they would be supplied with tools, tractors and taught how to produce more.

You also should become familiar with tools utilised in the trade and various kinds of locks.

Because of this, it's easy for your passwords to be revealed with tools such as Nirsoft's WebBrowserPassView.

Dentists are equipped with tools, machines and instruments that would surely make your teeth and mouth cleaner, fresher and better.

On the decoration screen, there is a canvas where you can draw freely, and a toolbar with tools lined up for creating your drawings.

Mutual funds are managed by specialists who are equipped with tools for optimizing returns that are not available to the average investor.

We at the United Nations strive to provide our national partners with tools, systems and knowledge to tackle the root causes of insecurity.

The wood used to make a lyre would have to have been from a tree that was cut down and then worked with tools to cut, form and shape it into the proper form.

I love creative working spaces and was spoilt for choice in terms of photo material; there was plenty of inspiration everywhere complete with tools to realise it.

Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Specialized is the latest version of Oracle's partner program that provides partners with tools to better develop, sell and implement Oracle solutions.

In 8% of cases "to tool" is used

Switch to Tools tab and start defragmentation.

When it comes to tools, remember, less is more.

Go to Tools > Decode and click on Decode all.

To do that, you can go to Tools and Manage Fiscal Year.

To do that, you can go to Tools, select Options and click on GL folder.

Are you in love with the convertible? It's an awesome way to tool around town.

An incomplete list and link to tools which can edit these tags is available here.

To register your product, you can go to Tools and select Account Book Registration.

For FIREFOX: go to Tools > Options > Clear Cookies and Cache and refresh your browser.

If you use Internet Explorer, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy, and set the slider to Medium.

In 5% of cases "for tool" is used

And for tools to help us experience more intimacy.

I'd reminded of this whenever I look at my hands: my own body is crafted, fine-tuned, for tool use.

They speculate that the potential for tool use existed in the common ancestor of chimps and humans.

In 4% of cases "in tool" is used

Trains all operations team members in tools, and production practices including QA processes.

Selecting Rectangle Tool in tool Bar Now go to the tool bar and select rectangle tool by clicking it as shown 3.

The bottom line is that any business needs to invest in tools in order to be successful, and blogging is not unlike.

Here again packaging policy across distributions can play a role in a way that makes it harder to determine the actual differences in tool performance.

Twitter Tools is the buzzz, Can you get more pages tho or is this going to be another upgrade when you get time would love to see more PDA plug in tools thanks alex for your help.

In 3% of cases "from tool" is used

Select the desired pen or stamp from Tools.

It can be difficult to distinguish policy from tool performance.

They are forced to buy everything, from tools to food, from the farmer's shop at inflated prices.

Select Text Tool from tool Bar You have to enter your details, so select text tool from tool bar that is at the right of the main window.

Select Text Tool from tool Bar You have to enter your details, so select text tool from tool bar that is at the right of the main window.

In 2% of cases "as tool" is used

I do NOT create software or sell how to make money courses or recommend such things to make a living, I do recommend tools that are created by software such as tools to: 1.

In 2% of cases "into tool" is used

The chert was heat-treated to make it harder and easier to shape into tools.

Go into TOOLS then UPDATE FROM DIRECTORY, locate the AVG8 folder, and select ok.

Consider looking into tools like the aforementioned Raven SEO for the best possible results.

Neither is Sun dabbling with concepts creeping into tools from companies like Borland or Rational.

They were experts at finding geological deposits that contained stone suitable for flaking into tools and grinding into pigments.

In 2% of cases "on tool" is used

In the past, Kirsan purchased machines based on tool room work, and had a hodgepodge of different machine types and brands on its shop floor.