Prepositions used with "speaker"

of, with, to, on or for speaker?

In 51% of cases "of speaker" is used

You can see the full line up of speakers here.

This year's event hosts an impressive line-up of speakers.

Lots of speakers who offered several new ideas or challenges.

Topics and speakers will depend on the interests of the group and availability of speakers.

The panel had a variety of speakers which made for a healthy and at times lively discussion.

The approval rating of speaker Pelosi and her party are lower than President Bush's ever was.

It was very noticeable that the vast majority of speakers attended to the archival dimensions of very recent films.

People were visibly upset by the outcome But a series of speakers opposed giving final approval to the legislation.

This, in the 1980s was a taboo subject and you could see it on the face of speakers as they mentioned the ' H ' word.

Tens of speakers, big and little, were speaking in Petersburg, at the factories and in the barracks, every blessed day.

In 10% of cases "with speaker" is used

This practice started with the first congress after Marcos with speaker Ramon Mitra at the helm.

It was the 25th anniversary of Nancy Pelosi serving in Congress, and Steny Hoyer joined in with speaker John Boehner to mark the moment.

In 9% of cases "to speaker" is used

Luckily didn't get through to speakers.

Or should I say, people do not listen as much to speakers as they used to.

One can not teach any subject if one doesn't comply with established rules or acceptable practices, especially to speakers of other languages.

AirPlay lets you wirelessly stream (read: no adapter needed!) your music and movies from your phone or tablet to speakers, or your TV if you have an AppleTV.

The observation of people sitting at an atheist convention listening to speakers may be true but to say that that is ' faith like ' is a very poor observation.

In 8% of cases "on speaker" is used

Practice putting calls on speaker.

I mentioned I was not on speaker phone.

Never put your clients on speaker phone.

Focusing on your computer is hard on speakers &; others in room 18.

If you must put them on speaker phone, ask their permission and let them know the reason why you must do it.

Ratio on speakers One action that's easy to do is to try to have 50% of women as keynote speakers in a conference.

I have, however heard plenty of people badmouthing conferences (based on speaker performance) for long after the event.

So what are you waiting for? Get the conversation started! -- Amy Oriani Martin Bastian * For more of Martin Bastian's tips on speakers and entertainment,.

Then, as you set out on your next drive, position your phone in such a way that you can answer incoming calls on speaker without veering out of your lane or rear-ending someone.

In 6% of cases "for speaker" is used

There is no need for speaker applications or preparation.

The headlines have been a horror show for speaker Silver and Sen.

Flights were covered for speakers and three participants who also received bursaries.

This is a measurement commonly used in the specs for speaker drivers, as one axis of a frequency response graph.

With the growth in the Irish language media -- and in particular the television channel TG4 -- it has become much easier for speakers of different dialects to understand one another.

In 5% of cases "by speaker" is used

Obama and Vice President Biden were set to be joined by speaker of the House John Boehner and a guest.

In addition, the exhibition programme features daily seminars addressed by speakers from various industries.

In the video below, a flame is extinguished by an acoustic field generated by speakers on either side of the pool of fuel.

The impeachment process which was began by speaker of the House Musa Ahmed Mohammed (PDP, Nasarawa-Central) after declaring the emergency sitting open was wrapped up in barely an hour.

In 3% of cases "after speaker" is used

Speaker after speaker clearly articulated one thing: Maori always have had and retain rights and interests in water.

Speaker after speaker from the surrounding communities at a sensitisation durbar organised by the KMA on the relocation of wood workers to the area lauded the idea.

In 3% of cases "against speaker" is used

The attorney general, however, had told the bench that a court decision against speaker's ruling could be set aside by parliament.

In 3% of cases "in speaker" is used

They ripped out the jingle and put in speakers the like of which god himself could hear.

But here, it has become a habit because all office buildings have built in speakers for Azaan.

In 2% of cases "from speaker" is used

He deals in a gentle throb, which ectoplasmically seeps from speakers, rather than thrusts itself at you.