Prepositions used with "campus"

on, of, to, off or around campus?

In 66% of cases "on campus" is used

Even because of race drama on campus.

Their tennis matches were a sensation on campus.

It was the third fire in recent memory on campus.

On occasion buses for the Helix or other events on campus are parked in this car park.

The atmosphere on campus and in Beaver Stadium on Saturday offered a return to normalcy.

You need to gain international experience while in school (on campus and by going abroad).

Yes, your student Visa will allow you to work on campus and it is also a way to make your education more affordable.

Some students may prefer not to pursue traditional on campus education, as it involves traveling to attend lectures.

The March of Dimes provides on campus attendant services at Brock University: for more information please click here.

Understandably, most students do not feel the need to go to the gym after you walk an average of 10 km while on campus.

In 7% of cases "of campus" is used

The gothic style of campus is part of the reason I chose to come to school in Chicago.

Hammers resound from the far end of campus as workers build new science laboratories and houses for teachers.

I had joined as a Officer - IT (read programmer) having been picked up as a part of campus recruitment process.

In a number of university towns there have been two simultaneous encampments: one on campus and one off of campus.

What works for the film its share of campus humour, the thrilling sporting events and the overall easy on the eye visuals.

It also called for improved oversight of charters and better management of campuses shared by charters and traditional schools.

In 6% of cases "to campus" is used

I took my baby to campus with me but not into classes.

My God, the beautiful Toronto campus was a revelation to me.

You are thinking I am going to campus and I will be done with the questions.

One of them still goes to campus for executive programs and recruitment events.

Good luck enforcing this one on game day when cigar-smoking alumni return to campus.

Krise welcomes faculty and staff back to campus, highlighting the strengths of PLU and his goals for the future.

Before coming to campus must pay only the rate of admission and who has requested accommodation, the deposit for residence.

Do they deliver?? YES! No one went to campus and got A's in creativity so it's just sad when they emphasize on grades one has.

Any damage to campus grounds or building walls/floors/ceilings due to the attachment materials, excessive weight, liquid spills, etc.

And if he makes me come all the way to campus to this outdoor caf near his lab so he can remind himself we're still friends so he can ask, then so be it.

In 5% of cases "off campus" is used

There's a great deal happening both on and off campus.

Do I need permission from Immigration Services in order to work off campus? A.

For example staying on campus will usually cost you more than staying off campus.

If there are no spaces in nursing, the college provides a list of rooms and apartments off campus.

Burnor is one of five students sharing their experiences on or off campus this semester in Voices, Lafayette's student blogging website.

Graduate students usually rent rooms or apartments off campus, usually the rooms are furnished but not usually have kitchens and are worth from $ 400 a month.

Established in 1966, Brunel modern and self-contained campus offers a vivid and interactive atmosphere with various off campus activities for students outside of their curricular studies.

In 4% of cases "around campus" is used

Mary Krupa, a student at Penn State, is known around campus as the Squirrel Whisperer.

The general consensus from a number of guys around campus is that it depends on the girl.

But unlike most of the other building moves around campus, Education isn't changing out of necessity.

She made flyers to hang around campus, supported it on her professional Facebook page, and met with Teachers Inc.

There are tons of plaques with various sports all stars around campus, lots of pretty outdoor greenery with a jogging path all around campus.

Your tour will finish with a walk around campus with one of our students visiting the classrooms and facilities that you will have access to.

Even if you're a college student, you might need a car to get around campus and to drive with your friends to night parties and out-of-town escapades.

In 3% of cases "at campus" is used

An employer visit or face time at campus should extend beyond one career fair or info session per year.

Teams coming to London also have the opportunity to spend time at campus, the new startup building in Shoreditch, as a soft landing.

And then began the tug-o ' -war (a popular sporting event at campus athletic meets those days ); this time it was not Ramanathan vs Marcus Fernando, or Marrs vs Arunachalam, but Ward vs the Rest.

In 3% of cases "in campus" is used

Reflect on any volunteer or service work - you've done in campus or organizations that are related to the job you are applying for.

One advice is that Students in campus need to spruce up their image and network way before they graduate to have a better chance of securing a job after college.

Accommodation: At the University of Delaware are encouraged international students to live in nursing, become familiar with Americans and be involved in campus activities.

I am not a dumb guy by the way, I have managed straight A's &; a few B's in my 3rd and 4 th year in campus but my transcripts haven't really helped me get any job or contract so far.

In addition to serving the campus by delivering GIS courses for various departments and participating in campus research activities, MonaGIS provides GIS services to the public and private sectors.

In 2% of cases "across campus" is used

Organic and fair trade coffee is available across campus, and all food waste from the Student Center and the Dining Centers is composted.

A significant number of the students and partners will move across campuses, so if you switch campus you will not be alone in the new environment.

Students operate an organic garden, distribute products at the campus farmer's market and are training staff and departments to construct additional food gardens across campus.

In 2% of cases "from campus" is used

I have been placed from campus.

The school will be doing a live stream from campus, so anyone can join in.

Without a car, it's a 30-minute bus ride from campus to the closest supermarket.

I met a woman the other day who has lived on base at Joint Base Lewis-McChord for two years and she had never heard of PLU -- even though she lives a mere 12 minute drive from campus.

A harsh anti-booze stance could push people away from campus bars and into more expensive pubs, cutting much-needed university income and increasing student spending and therefore debt.

In 2% of cases "with campus" is used

We would in addition, urge you to take full advantage of some of the opportunities involved in engaging with campus life outside the classroom.

He is the Executive Assistant to the Joint President of Bexley Hall/Seabury Western Federation, theological seminaries with campuses in Chicago and Columbus, Ohio.