Prepositions used with "screen"

"on screen" or "of screen"?

In 60% of cases "on screen" is used

This one should look good on screen.

on screen, Daniel Day-Lewis becomes Lincoln.

And while he comes off like a tough guy on screen,.

Our numbers may have been small but we roared and clapped for what transpired on screen.

While Rani Mukherjee is clearly excited about the song, expect a rioting outing on screen.

Lara, who is loved by so many people, is willing to come back on screen as soon as possible.

Even the twin monitors are designed so that while I'd reading a research paper on screen, this column stays in view.

Here's a list of the primary ads platforms: Display ads: Ads that display on screen for appropriate LinkedIn groups.

I have been told that if I compromise on screen then I won't get what a high quality projector is capable to showing.

The controlled player is indicated on screen by the fact that his socks change colour to match the rest of his strip.

In 17% of cases "of screen" is used

This usually takes three or four minutes of screen time.

This is accomplished with a set of screens in various sizes.

At the top of screen, you'll see yellow number showing you your FPS.

This amount of screen time makes it really hard for kids to have an active healthy life.

Suddenly, I found that my choice of screen, word processor, even my web browser, was unworkable.

It's enough to play games across a trio of screens, and to run high-end work applications without breaking a sweat.

I saw nothing in the app that an HTML5 app couldn't do today, probably with more stability on a wider variety of screen sizes.

He only had 16 minutes of screen time in the whole movie (118 minutes) yet hardly anyone remembers Jodie Foster or Scott Glenn.

Ratliffe was an effective pick-and-roll partner for point guard Phil Pressey, rolling out of screens right to the rim to wait for the ball.

In 5% of cases "off screen" is used

This song is more to score on screen than off screen.

After this we go to Duke's apartment where Duke is receiving some thankfully off screen.

I really found him to be quite an amazing man and we were very funny together off screen.

In many ways, TOWIE's stars have simply taken over where Big Brother housemates left off, on and off screen.

Even when off screen, the filmic audioscape includes the noise of motors, intermingling with the roosters ' crows.

Given the talents employed on and off screen, it would be unfair to simply dismiss A Secret Affair as just a No Other Woman wannabe.

The aim of this website is to celebrate that life - both on and off screen - through a collection of articles, interviews, anecdotes and images.

The film's six-hour duration heightens the contrast between cinematic diegesis and the off screen world, between audience movement and the forced stasis of the characters on screen.

In 4% of cases "in screen" is used

On the Sign in screen, type the password in the Password box, then tap Done.

He has published previously in screen, Cineaste, The Moving Image, and Critical Survey.

I recently graduated from the University of Auckland with a Master of Arts in screen Production.

About the Author Mike Walsh Mike Walsh is Senior Lecturer in screen and Media at Flinders University.

What inspired you to create this little world of creatures? I started drawing them in college when I had a class in screen printing.

Over a period of 10 minutes in screen time (and what seems to be about 3-5 hours in diegetic time ), both sides attempt to scope and eliminate enemy targets using high-powered sniper rifles.

In 4% of cases "with screen" is used

Also frequent problems with screen displays.

At this point in time I am managing with screen readers or voice interfaces.

The dress is a full length gown with screen print bone outlines on the arms and bodice.

Configuration of OSS in Sol Man Hi SAP friends, I want to configure OSS in Sol Man, can anyone provide with the steps along with screen shots.

The way some of the scenes can jump from 2D to 3D with screen interaction is instantly attention grabbing and will keep you transfixed throughout the read.

with screen recording the employer is able to go back and review work as well; making sure that the proper steps and/or proper use of the work day has been used.

In 3% of cases "for screen" is used

The engineers would also like to make it transparent, so it could be used a wrapper or a cover for screens on electronic devices.

Of course, mobiles and connected TVs have stretched and pulled the internet, which means developers need to cater for screens much smaller and much bigger than traditional desktops.

In 3% of cases "from screen" is used

Most of the children prefer to read from screens.

You can configure the CSS to only hide the answers from screen devices, so screen readers will ignore them and see the whole content.

Teachers are turning to technology to remedy the problem, as they find that pupils are now happier to read from screens than from the printed page.

From screens galore to an uptick on energy/hustle, this team and MB's approach to accountability, are a refreshing switch (and I say this as a PJ fan).

Home and Away bosses are thought to be rewriting storylines for Nicodemou's character Leah Patterson -Baker to explain her baby bump and upcoming absence from screens.

In 2% of cases "at screen" is used

If an at screen is something you'd be considering, see what their opinion is as well.

Actually, placing speakers behind the screen and using an at screen material is not very common at all.

This means that I don't have to buy the at screen anymore and can lean towards the screen that brings more brightness.

While the incidence of e-thrombosis is not yet known, it's estimated that the average person in Britain spends 12 hours a day immobile, looking at screens.

In 2% of cases "to screen" is used

Inverse the selection, change the mode to screen and reduce the opacity to 10%.

Change the new layer's blending mode to screen so that the black becomes transparent.

Drag the gradient tool from left to right and change the blending mode of the layer to screen.

In 1% of cases "like screen" is used

Ability to filter and target is at the Android Market level -- the package system ignores things like screen support.