Prepositions used with "set"

"on set" or "of set"?

In 41% of cases "on set" is used

No one on set knew how to do ballet.

JaGa is currently on set shooting the.

I'd working out a lot of things on set.

According to her, she has already shot over five episodes and is still on set shooting more.

How hands-on is Joss on set? He was very hands-on and he was always incredibly focused on set.

We had two cameras on set and a portable CD player that we played the song on as we mimed along.

Tonto was alleged of having a sizzling romance with the ace director while recently on set on Rukky Sanda's film in Abuja.

Hagman openly admitted to alcohol problems during his career, speaking about how he would often drink bottles of champagne on set.

He is strong on the ball and has a great aerial ability which makes him dangerous even in the opposition penalty box on set pieces.

Amongst the mutual agreement on set no-one seemed willing to accept that they may have a role in the failings of our political media.

In 21% of cases "of set" is used

The median number of sets per patient was 10 (5).

The ease of set up of the Galaxy Note II caught me by surprise.

So, to bump up the volume to a level that will be optimal for growth, we increase the number of sets.

Over the years when I used to do a lot of mobile repairs, lots of folks commented on how nice of set up it was.

This kind of set up could significantly help improve camaraderie along with teamwork inside of your corporation.

From the snout of a pig to a leaf, from a matchbox to an alphabet mosaic, not to mention his incredible number of sets.

Shorey - Back in favour at Reading and getting his share of set pieces, but don't expect a clean sheet from Nicky Shorey.

The players should make use of set pieces in every game and they should also avoid committing unnecessary fouls to attract cards.

What kind of set up do you have? I'd like to try and duplicate it -- I'd hate for it be failing for visitors and have it slip by me.

In 6% of cases "for set" is used

for set up on 11 meters in your automobile, use RG-8X or RG MINI coax.

An MQSET call was issued to set queue attributes, but the queue had not been opened for set.

If you followed the same set prescription from Option One, the upper limit for sets would be 3 or 4 per exercise.

Section 32(5) seems to provide for set off at the instigation of the credit union, with the consent of the member.

Once you've done this workout a few times and can do more than 6 reps of the weight that you are using for set 3, increase the weight you are lifting by one level for each set.

For sets of records and single records: if an author has multiple addresses associated with his or her published works, then we display the associated address of the first author of the record.

In 6% of cases "from set" is used

Seems as if he was very involved and the usual threat from set pieces.

In that I drew attention to the entire scheme being far from set in concrete by saying.

What has impressed me most recently, though is his noticeable improvement from set pieces.

He seem to still be robust from the report of his attempts at goal from open play and from set plays.

I grew some one year that were huge, lovely and took almost no attention to get from sets to big onions.

Saka, an expert from set pieces, rather sensationally became top scorer of the team with six league goals.

What I find fascinating is this idea that we can't improve our defending from set pieces without buying Cahill or Samba.

All his goals in the world cup and European championships have come from set pieces apart from the goal against Spain in 2006.

And from set pieces in particular, they have the limited Zamora, who despite those limitations, hurts us more often than he should.

Milan again confirmed their poor defending from set plays, as Sergio Pellissier got in front of El Shaarawy for a glancing header at the near post.

In 6% of cases "per set" is used

These Nano King's retail for 6300 per set of three.

In order to allow for the necessary weight, we need to keep the reps per set pretty low.

You may also obtain the latest information by accessing our website The Admission Application Form can be purchased from the counters of Division of Finance in all UTAR campuses at RM10 per set.

In 6% of cases "to set" is used

How to set Drills For Volleyball?

Permit observe how to set-up and also sign up to Homegroup.

If you have not already done so, you are strongly recommended to set a Security Question.

It is not concerned with what is beyond all error because it is planned only to set the direction towards it.

It's still possible to envisage him playing brutal knocks on slow pitches and scoring so quickly as to set up Test match wins.

From simple counters, to audit logs, to sets of unique IP addresses, and much more, Redis really rocks this kind of problem domain.

For this information I am going to use the default preference, 2011 Office For Mac, that may be to allow House windows to settle on the particular files who need to be insured.

In 4% of cases "with set" is used

It was great to be in a position to battle with the lead group throughout the race and I think we turned a bit of a corner with set up.

The best way to practice practical open hand strikes, is not with set techniques and forms, but instead to spontaneously incorporate them into ' shadow boxing '.

The actual Twist set Burberry outlet online purses may very well be distinguished using a label identify innovative braided holders which might wind up being knitted with set.

In 3% of cases "at set" is used

Maybe better at set pieces but probably more woes in open play.

No creativity and no heart! 1 scrappy chance created! It's fergie who picks who marks who at set plays not visit! Everton were by far the better team.

So the most important attribute of any CB he signs will probably be his ability to organise the defence at set plays on the pitch to deliver the coaching plan.

His few surviving comrades saw His smile when rang their loud hurrah, And the red field was won; Then saw in death his eyelids close Calmly, as to a night's repose, Like flowers at set of sun.

This session was special to me because this was the first time I tried my hand at set decorating -- I was able to set up a vanity table diorama (13 ), among others, in the middle of a grassy field.

In 3% of cases "in set" is used

All exports from Pakistan which are subject to Foreign Exchange regulations are required to be declared on Form ' E ' which is in sets of four copies each.

Thermodilution measurements were performed in sets of at least three consecutive injections of 20 ml cold saline, randomly distributed over the respiratory cycle.

Then its time to start printing my linocuts in the studio again (cards and prints ), so more can be available for sale individually and in sets for the upcoming holidays.

He addressed her across the table in set phrases of gallantry; and as he was of high birth and of a showy person, the vain Julia was not so much in love as to be insensible to his attentions.