Prepositions used with "stream"

"on stream" or "of stream"?

In 30% of cases "on stream" is used

Yaw Akoto who has called for a fast tracked approach to bring the Ghana gas plant on stream.

Not only is supply very tight, but the additional space wouldn't all come on stream till about 2018.

He said he felt fulfilled, satisfied and overjoyed that the cement plant came on stream before he would leave office.

After the launch of the first carrier, China will bring a second one on stream two years later, the Mirror said in its December edition, which was made available to the CNA in advance.

Starting in the year 2010; January, the fund will focus on developing income generating products increasing its educational programs and scholarships as the income begins to come on stream.

However, JPS's owners are bringing 360 MW of capacity to be fired by natural gas on stream by 2015, to replace older and less efficient plants, which are rated at 292 MW, and add 68 MW to the grid.

In 27% of cases "of stream" is used

Maypop: this wild plant grows best in disturbed, sunny areas, such as cleared lots and edges of streams.

Modifying riverbanks and livestock grazing up to the edge of streams wrecks the habitat, and leaves the vulnerable wee whitebait eggs out to dry.

The Mayan topic is especially confusing because it is an amalgam of streams from various sources, some of which sound very credible to a layperson.

The authority reminds residents to use extreme caution around all bodies of water and stay well back of stream banks, flowing water, and structures such.

In 10% of cases "in stream" is used

The soldiers threw themselves in streams to wash themselves and their equipment.

Fencing streams prevents stock from: muddying the water depositing waste in streams causing bank erosion.

Though it was crowded, thousands of people moving about in streams and waves, there was a sense of serenity there.

Then Anonymous took me back to the beginning of the journey across continents, pointing out the computer's number, screening down the screen in streams of numbers all the way to London.

Global best practice from what we know is about two percent so we were really happy with the way it was performing and that quarter after we launched we had a 49 percent year on year lift in streams.

In 7% of cases "into stream" is used

Except for power tools which need to make use of the screen in a particular way, most of our other apps are going to be rearranged into streams, too.

In 6% of cases "by stream" is used

The town is set in a fertile volcanic area, well fed by streams off the mountain, ideal for Arabica Coffee crops, the most rewarding local export.

In 6% of cases "from stream" is used

Optimizing utilization of rainwater and fresh water from streams.

Troops sterilised drinking water taken from streams with iodine, but that didn't neutralise the chemicals which had leached into the water.

In 6% of cases "to stream" is used

First, whitebait spawn on a spring tide, by laying eggs in the vegetated areas next to streams.

In 6% of cases "with stream" is used

Between the peaks lie ravines and gorges with streams, pools and waterfalls, 40 caves, and two large natural bridges.

The problem with stream of consciousness is that it can be very hard to read in big chunks; it is often more fun to write than to read.

In 1% of cases "down stream" is used

The fuel subsidy removal is simply to deregulate d down stream petroleum sector dat will bring abt greater participation and even competetion by all stake holders in dat sector.