Prepositions used with "strike"

"on strike" or "of strike"?

In 61% of cases "on strike" is used

Mom on strike: Jessica Stilwell.

A bye, though, gets Cook on strike.

Public sector workers have gone on strike.

More people know that the NFL refs are on strike than know who is even running for Prez.

The judges on Sunday postponed their ruling on that case just before they went on strike.

CPS went into full-on strike mode Monday, enacting a plan to keep 144 schools open from 8:30 a.

Local government workers and health workers also took strike action -- one estimate put the numbers on strike at 250,000.

Despite the ban on strikes in the EPZs, worker unrest in the Chittagong EPZ in mid-December shut the EPZ for several days.

The industrial action in Kenya's second-largest city spread after Kenya Ferry Services workers also went on strike over pay.

Did all of the hairstylists in Hollywood go on strike 3 hours before the show? Because there was a serious bad hair going on.

In 19% of cases "of strike" is used

This led to new cycles of strikes.

A wave of strikes has broken across China in the past year.

The rate of strikes has continued to rise through the year.

I received this report from Keith Craft of strike Force who claimed to be Wood's son-n-law.

Portugal saw a general strike in November, and Italy has seen waves of strikes and protests.

Strikers must give 14 days notice? That is ridiculous, the sting and power of strike is all gone.

Votes were organised and took place at all pit-heads and in most cases were overwhelmingly in favour of strike action.

The Government needs to get the police back on side -- before another wave of strikes leaves them desperate for cops ' support.

The 1962 wave of strikes for the first time gave rise extensively to a kind of organization now known as an ' action committee '.

I've always liked the characters of strike WITCHES -- they're all interesting individuals with their own quirks, hopes and dreams.

In 7% of cases "for strike" is used

Zambrano threw only 48 of his 97 pitches for strikes.

The proposed law contains stringent provisions for strikes and lockouts.

He does need something else with different movement that he can throw for strikes.

The curveball has gotten more whiffs and groundballs, although Happ still struggles to throw it for strikes.

The city of London is frequently held to ransom by militant union leaders who call for strikes on the smallest issues.

The city of London is frequently held to ransom by militant union leaders who call for strikes on the smallest issues.

Why it has had such a tough time isn't obvious though, as Happ has thrown it for strikes at an impressive rate, while getting whiffs at a better rate than before.

Where CincFE? s dispatch of the 23rd had called for such close support on the 29th as was desired by JOC, ComNavFE? s new message called merely for strikes on that day.

All the while, we have no idea what is the total take home pay including OTs and allowances etc of these prc drivers? From the reports, it seems like jealously is the motive for strike.

In 3% of cases "by strike" is used

At the moment, some 40% of that country's gold production capacity is being impacted by strike contagion that began with the now infamous Marikana incident.

In 3% of cases "with strike" is used

With strikes and riots breaking out everywhere, this bit of news should only further inflame.

In 2% of cases "in strike" is used

We are spoilt for talent in strike.

The decrease caused some domestic dissatisfaction, which was reflected in strikes and student demonstrations.

Harmonious Industrial Relations Industrial relations in the country are harmonious with minimal trade disputes that result in strikes.

In 2% of cases "to strike" is used

Worker-days lost to strikes and lockouts dropped 50 percent during the decade 1991-2000 from the previous decade.

The Chinese had White in the second one and was very close to strike back, but did not manage to convert the winning position.

In 1% of cases "including strike" is used

A return of 12 goals including strike against Man City and Arsenal have seen him touted for a place in Roy Hodgson's Euro 2012 England team.

In 1% of cases "into strike" is used

I waited, waited and put the reel into strike mode, waited for the line to tighten up and struck, the fish was on.