Prepositions used with "welfare"

"on welfare" or "of welfare"?

In 36% of cases "on welfare" is used

Wildharpies Ayn Rand was on welfare.

Privatization and cuts on welfare sector.

These on welfare make them do something for it.

To try and blame the people on welfare is a quite enraging, especially when the Wall street.

For two years, though already wealthy, he denied paternity while the baby's mother went on welfare.

The need for the government to spend additional funds on welfare and economic injections is reduced.

Her father left the family while her mom, a dialysis patient, struggled to support the 4 siblings on welfare money.

He's pushing through two big reform papers that Fine Gael will have out soon on welfare reform and the public sector.

However, less than five percent of all children born into welfare families will remain on welfare until they are adults.

Welfare reports provided by the Court Probation and Welfare Service can bring independent expertise to bear on welfare issues.

In 28% of cases "of welfare" is used

Ya know, I'd not a fan of welfare.

PART II PROMOTION of welfare OF CHILD Welfare of child.

The fourth index comprises of welfare, education and health.

The good news is that Americans no longer need to live in terror of welfare dependency.

Lefties want us to share with everyone, pay them heaps of welfare and give them a fare go.

The blame has been shifted onto low-paid public sector workers and those in receipt of welfare.

The codes of welfare may be revised to take into account changes in practices of animal management and knowledge of animal welfare.

Osborne also said that there would be ' new taxes on rich people ' to accompany the 10 billion of welfare cuts that he wants to see.

These are clearly admirable self-reliant people here, not a bunch of welfare addled ' do nothings ' incapable of independent thinking.

David Trant Osborne also said that there would be ' new taxes on rich people ' to accompany the 10 billion of welfare cuts that he wants to see.

In 6% of cases "for welfare" is used

In the US they do it for welfare.

for welfare, Nigerians have never had it so bad in their millions.

On what he's saying about the president's policy for welfare to work, he's lying.

In parts of South Los Angeles, having babies for welfare is the only industry these people have.

Why can't he penalize all his party ministers and chief to bring back their black money for welfare of future Indians.

Patrick Emmenegger is Associate Professor at the University of Southern Denmark and its Centre for welfare State Research.

Bill Clinton likes to take credit for welfare reforms in the 90 's, but it was the right wing Congress that forced his hand in that regard.

In 6% of cases "in welfare" is used

Given the cuts in welfare benefits the answer would appear to be no.

Once again we are leading the way in welfare but this time not in a good way, the Alliance Party believes.

The only jobs created could be those in Dept of Human Services, ie a growth in welfare funding to unemployed.

Kangaroo Harvesters have to undergo TAFE training and accreditation by government officers in welfare regulations before they can get a licence.

We can assume only that Goward is under pressure to make good the savings in welfare spending, an area that does not sit comfortably with a philosophy of individual responsibility.

The problem arises in that if the sum total of human welfare can be increased only by producing inadequacies in welfare, the utilitarian will go for maximization rather than equal distribution.

In 6% of cases "to welfare" is used

Already one third of my tax bill goes to welfare.

One Romney aide also included the much-debated changes to welfare requirements as a policy aimed to win over African-American voters.

In order to put an end to welfare and have a road up from poverty and you have to have lots actual jobs for the roughly average people to do that pay well.

The sooner market power can be abolished in favour of a planned economy targeted to welfare, leisure equality and limited, regulated consumption, the better.

Political considerations may support excessive protection for a given sector and trade agreements allow the government to commit to welfare improving policies.

In 5% of cases "off welfare" is used

We moved millions of people off welfare.

The universal credit will ensure those coming off welfare or increasing hours can keep 35p of benefits for every extra 1 they take home, benefiting an estimated 1.

But the hived off welfare state has become a huge and profitable business, paid for by public funds, for those exploiting this ' outsourcing ' of public responsibility.

Back in New Zealand, the Government has announced the next steps in our comprehensive overhaul of the welfare system to ensure we support people off welfare and into work.

Now consider the poor social worker - they have huge case loads of poor, problem ridden clients - and what is their incentive for getting some of these clients off welfare?

In 4% of cases "from welfare" is used

So moving folks from welfare to work is a real challenge.

On a side note, since Obey wants to levy another tax on people that work instead of borrowing from welfare like they have done with social security, I think Obey should fired, right now.

They actually have charged and run ads saying that President Obama wants to weaken the work requirements in the welfare reform bill I signed that moved millions of people from welfare to work.

In 4% of cases "with welfare" is used

I'd OK with welfare, just not unlimited welfare.

The question of how some of Britain's poorest people are going to cope with welfare reform is an important one.

Well, OK -- the ultimate subject is Romney, but the issue under discussion has nothing to do with welfare reform, or taxes.

In 3% of cases "about welfare" is used

He asked about welfare cuts and benefits.

Talk about welfare, they really are on it.

They've been only too happy to pump out rightwing disinfomation about welfare claimants and govt spending.

Margaret 24th November 2012 - 17:23 I work for Citizen's Advice and we are seriously concerned about welfare Reform.

In 1% of cases "by welfare" is used

Also these costs are usually offset by welfare (eg.

If Fitrah and Zakat is necessary for their welfare activities then they can collect it by welfare workers (Welfare Organisation must have its volunteers) which can stop Purchi Mafia but they.