Prepositions used with "quarter"

per, of, to, in or At quarter?

In 24% of cases "per quarter" is used

The number of sick days taken per quarter is about 1.

The approximate AGL Green Energy premium per quarter is $160.

In 18% of cases "of quarter" is used

Fergusson Bell) and the second chairman of quarter sessions (Mr.

We'll give more guidance on this at the end of Quarters Three and Four.

The idea here is to not leave them in to cramped of quarters for too long a period.

Do you think that could be a concern in the next couple of quarters? Vineet Nayar: I do not think so.

The lead time may be a couple of quarters however, so we may not see the verdict on this immediately.

At an adjourned Court of quarter Sessions, held at the County Hall, Derby, this (Wednesday) afternoon, Mr J.

After a couple of quarters if the results are not positive, and any attempt to improve the new hire's performance has met with roadblocks.

In 13% of cases "to quarter" is used

Stop looking quarter to quarter.

When firing commenced and the alarm spread, an excitable orderly rushed in and between gasps howled the soldiers to quarters.

The report from the Central Bank showed that in the performance for the quarter to quarter, the sector's profitability declined by 3.

This is obvious as the soldiers were found killing their own officers and hunting theme quarter to quarter not only inside the cantonment but in the city as well, with the slogan Gen.

In 10% of cases "in quarter" is used

Peel large yellow onion then cut in quarters.

Cut the apples in quarters to make for easier chewing.

So we are planning to launch in quarter three of this year.

Vending machines line the walls, and if we bring in a clear plastic bag with $20 maximum in quarters, we can buy food there.

In 6% of cases "into quarter" is used

Ingredients: 50ml rum 25ml gomme syrup or two tsp brown sugar Half a lime Four mint sprigs Soda water Crushed ice Cut a lime into quarters and place two of them in a glass.

In 6% of cases "on quarter" is used

Interestingly, fares to the Americas have increased 2% in the last quarter -- the first quarter on quarter increase in the last six months.

In 6% of cases "over quarter" is used

Diabetes Nearly 7 percent of New Zealanders have diabetes, and a new nutrition survey shows that over quarter of them don't yet know it.

Waikato Management School launched off the edge over quarter of a century ago when it offered the first four-year Bachelor of Management degree in the country.

In 4% of cases "after quarter" is used

That's not good enough for Wall Street, which wants Sun to grow sales and generate profits rather than flat line quarter after quarter.

In 4% of cases "by quarter" is used

It was a low-scoring affair as the Riders led 3-0, 6-1 and 6-1 by quarter on the way to the victory.

Actually in the last 6 months, it is our fastest growing service line, which means that when we have to live quarter by quarter, it means that RTB saving is being spent on the CTB.