Prepositions used with "stop"

"to stop", "of stop" or "with stop"?

In 35% of cases "to stop" is used

It costs RMB 2 -- 6 according to stops travelled.

He does want the law changed to stop this happening again.

ID cards will do nothing to stop the likes of Fearon in their criminal rampages.

He began to run again, only to stop short as several Death Eaters apperated in front of him.

It is very convenient as it is very close to stop and Shop and other stores and Malden center.

Too much money has been spent, too many corporate interests have been bought, for that to stop.

It is going to take a lot to stop bullies but this is a start and all it takes is one small movement to make a difference.

If we want our youngsters to stop being violent, we need to stop showing them violent material, especially so early in their development.

From experience I have come to think that if you are stuck on a six lane motorway the one to stop and help you will likely be a Nigerian.

With the intention of driving people to the UNICEF website where they would join and contribute to the Coalition to stop The Use Of Child Soldiers.

In 18% of cases "of stop" is used

Try and have at least 50 pips of stop Loss.

And only a couple of stops up from the Guardian office.

This will then cover our 4th trades 50 pips of stop loss.

Use of stop signs in France You must to stop at a STOP sign.

Just came back here after a few days of stop using it seems lots has happened.

FX trading This is extremely simple -- lack of stop loss application coupled with over leverage.

I keep telling them that it happens when you do a lot of stop start journeys and I have know noticed it doing it from cold.

The name (RAG) derives from the colours of a traffic light -- Red, Amber, and Green -- with their associated concepts of stop, Caution, and Go.

In 17% of cases "with stop" is used

You should always come up with stop point that you will never move.

So the potential for a short with stop at aforementioned price seems a fair R/R trade.

Again, more stunning nature as we headed back down, with stops at a dam and a waterfall for lunch.

Marina (Marina Wilson Private Tours) introduced us to her city starting with stop at the Rostral columns enroute to the Peter and Paul Fortress.

With stops along the way at attractions such as an early lake dwelling known as a crannog on Lough Talt, megalithic tombs, WB Yeats lake isle of Innisfree and also the enchanted hidden lakes.

The latest-generation Energy dCi diesel engines have also been extensively revised and the introduction of a new 90-horsepower version of the Energy dCi is equipped with stop &Start; technology.

In 7% of cases "at stop" is used

Meanwhile, cities across the country have had simple route maps and schedules posted at stops for decades.

Failure to stop at stop signs, collisions with other vehicles and excessive speeding can all result in you receiving a traffic ticket, even though you're in a parking lot.

In 5% of cases "by stop" is used

In the hot June sun, the beating of a dholak and loud Bhojpuri music blaring from a rickshaw made passers by stop.

Also I suspect your ex may only negotiate with you if you make life uncomfortable, either by threatening to move back in, or by stopping your top up payments.

The first vehicle that passes by stops, and I hop into the back of a converted army jeep being driven by a Mosuo man wearing a cowboy hat with a girl of about seven riding shotgun.

They plan to divide the subcontinent on base of Muslim and Hindu majority to secure there interest in India and Indian ocean by stop the expansion of the Soviet Union in south and medal east Asia.

In 4% of cases "for stop" is used

for stop three of my Asian tour I'll be focusing on the region of Manchuria.

This is as true for stop smoking as it is for every other factor of your life.

Snoring can cause multiple health conditions and people who frequently snore can look for stop snoring treatment with the help of their doctor.

In 3% of cases "after stop" is used

The big question in this case is -- how long will it take to get pregnant after stop using birth control? Well, let's find out the answer to this big question together.

But consuming too much food which have high beta carotene may effect a yellow palm or yellow skin in somebody, but it will disappear after stop consuming high beta carotene food.