Prepositions used with "section"

under, of, in, to or by section?

In 33% of cases "under section" is used

under section 83 (3) of the St.

This right is protected under section 76.

Reports under section 157 how submitted 158.

Procedure by police upon seizure of property taken under section 51 or stolen 523.

The investment qualifies for deduction under section 80C but the interest is taxable.

Either party may then give notice to commence collective bargaining under section 60.

A may be separately charged with, and convicted of, offences under sections 323, 392 and 394 of the Penal Code.

Later the Home Minister visited Simi's house and advised the police to investigate the case under section 306/34.

A may be separately charged with, and convicted of, each of the three offences under section 506 of the Penal Code.

Preliminary advice will inform you whether your trade mark has a distinctive character under section 18 of the Act.

In 21% of cases "of section" is used

Note, the generic content of section 3.

A designated agent for the purpose of section 185 C.

A forum offers a number of sections for discussions.

For a complete list of sections that can be setup, have a look at /etc/jailkit/jkinit.

Thus, the ingredients of section 493 IPC have been fully established by the prosecution.

Good system usually and flexible too but seems to have failed us in the case of section 59.

Here is the relevant extract from the report relating to the legality of the rates and the effect of section 60 LGRA.

Therefore, the deduction as claimed u/s 80HHC should be allowed to the assessee, within the premise of section 158BH.

Commands and Utilities, Issue 5 (XCU) A new section of text was added to the end of the first paragraph of section 1.

It must have all the elements discussed in the preceding paragraphs to fall within the ambit of section 9 of the Act.

In 20% of cases "in section" is used

This matter is discussed in section 6.

This Process is described in section 4.

For example, as described in section 7.

I mailed my W-8BEN, but didn't include the article number and percentage in section 10.

Given the apparent connection between propensities and causation adumbrated in section 3.

Certain Judges and Magistrates not to try offences referred to in section 195 when committed before themselves 487.

The action of sounding boards, resonant chambers, resonating tubes and horns will be discussed further in section C.

The period of demonstrated needs under the current operational practice is 12 months based on the definition in section 3.

It will be stored in sections in shipping containers until it is required for another project in New Zealand or overseas.

In 10% of cases "to section" is used

In relation to section 8(7) (a) i.

Proviso to sections 413 and 414 415.

Proviso to sections 413 and 414 415.

Note: Refer to sections 5 through 9 for more specific criteria and audit procedures.

While reading it and further relating to section 54F, the concept is bit clear to me.

Additionally, browsers ' basic functionality can contribute to section 508 accessibility.

Chee was last re-appointed a Director on 29 April 2009 pursuant to section 153(6) of the Companies Act, Chapter 50.

Professor Bruce Dowton MB BS MD FACMG FRACP Vice-Chancellor Member appointed pursuant to section 9(1) (a) (ii) of the Act.

In 7% of cases "by section" is used

by section 29 of the Companies Clauses Act 7 and 8, Vict.

Repealed by section 2 and Schedule of the Repealing Act, 1938 (Act No.

We are justifiably hurt by sections of the Party who question our good faith on this.

Repealed by section 3 and II Schedule of the Federal Laws (Revision and Declaration) Act.

As if living in a world that isn't built for them isn't hard enough, abiding by section 508.

Although I do find the hero-worshipping of him by sections of United fans downright bizarre.

She had been booed by sections of the audience after show judge Piers Morgan made her his tip to win.

The estimated cost for the whole range of buildings which was to be erected section by section was 6000.

NZSE means the New Zealand Stock Exchange established by section 3 of the Sharebrokers Amendment Act 1981.

POINT OF TAXATION OF WORKS CONTRACT SERVICE After 01-07-2012, the payment of service tax is governed by section 68 of the Finance Act.

In 5% of cases "with section" is used

Vacancies shall be filled in accordance with section 6.

The request was made in accordance with section 7(3) (c.

There are many businesses still left to comply with section 508 accessibility.

B should sell the houses, and invest the proceeds in accordance with section 20.

It's about time that along with section 5, we had an overhaul of the laws regarding free speech and press in the UK.

Judicial Review of Voting Changes Section 5 provides two methods for a covered jurisdiction to comply with section 5.

Administrative Review of Voting Changes The second method of compliance with section 5 is known as administrative review.

An american football field is shown, with sections at the tips of the goal posts highlighted and shown as a zoomed view in an insert box.

Businesses shouldn't just comply with section 508 because it may be required, they should comply because it's the obvious, right thing to do.

It examines 9 different zones; with sections on healthy life, future life, creating cities, water, transport, going electric and urban security.

In 1% of cases "from section" is used

If you want to increase the rent when you renew the lease, you must get approval from section 8.

The idea of a workers ' party has come from sections of the workers themselves - -- it is an issue up for discussion.

Because the data they have chosen to show in their book though can vary from section to section (No buggy whips were mentioned in the year 2000.

For example, the following formula, which is used for calculating net specified income, is adapted from section OB 1 of the Income Tax Act 1994: (a x 52) -- t n 3.

Much of the protestations stem from Sections 28 (a) and 29 of the RESA Law, which prohibit real estate developers from practicing real estate service in the country.

The Website Structure We will need to think about the pages, the way you will navigate the website to go from section to section, we need to consider usability and make it user friendly.

In 1% of cases "into section" is used

Notice that the left hand side is divided into sections.

Best practise? Put keywords in your Heading tags, using them to separate the article into sections.

It's definitely the longest I've ever batted and the only way I was able to do that was by breaking it down into sections.

Six minutes later and 30 miles north of the force the Corsairs intercepted the closing bogey and split into sections to box it in.

Fortunately, they had the insight to lay out the market into sections, with one street hawking only textiles, and another selling just food.

Since I actually got more responses from women (saying that many of the points applied equally to women, too ), I'd going to divide this up into sections.

Elements of the Hara The Hara is divided into sections, each corresponding with the body's meridians, or energy channels, which in turn correspond to various body organs.

It is suggested that counsel be asked to break up their addresses into sections lasting no more than 40 minutes and that the jury be given a short break at the end of each section.

Divide your strands into sections and softly tong the ends with hot irons to smooth and create a loose wave, rather than tight curls, before raking through with your fingers to soften and separate.

In 1% of cases "on section" is used

This new law says any assertion of the privilege must be explicitly based on section 60.

Lib Dem peer Lord Shipley highlighted the cross-party call from the Local Government Association for a rethink on section 106.

In CBT, it would be difficult if some candidates are on section one and others on sections two in one class taking the exam at the same time.

In CBT, it would be difficult if some candidates are on section one and others on sections two in one class taking the exam at the same time.

And on section 25: If denial of the right to vote is so prevalent you need to make special provisions for it, that is indicative of a fair amount of racism at the time.

It uses historical traffic and crash data to produce colour coded maps showing the relative level of collective and personal risk on sections of the state highway network.

And Tory peer Lord True, the leader of Richmond council in London, said he supported other government planning changes but was ' far more cautious ' on section 106 and affordable housing.

In 1% of cases "per section" is used

However a borrower can offset all his shares against his loan as per section 32(5) of the Credit Union Act.

Since you already paid it to the previous landlord you do not have to pay another one as per section 106, subsection 4.

To facilitate the supply of information to anyone desirous of getting it, the Chairman, Rajya Sabha has made rules for the Secretariat as per section 28 of the Act.

Sections One coherent group of ideas per section: Use the narrative style -- avoid excessive cross-references: Preferably no more than 5 subsections: Avoid going down to subsubparagraphs.