Prepositions used with "friend"

"with friend" or "of friend"?

In 35% of cases "with friend" is used

Some are more fun with friends.

Go out with friends and relations.

Go out with friends and have a beer.

If You Like us Kindly Share it With Friends On Facebook, Twitter and On Other Sites.

I was with friends but everybody was so drunk that I may aswell have been on my own.

More My ears have finally stopped ringing after an evening with friends last weekend.

When I returned in time to dress for dinner at the Statler with friends, the first floor was hardly recognizable.

When he came back to Canada, after the usual spell of hanging out with friends, it became necessary to get a job.

As well as watching the big names compete, now you can connect with friends and teams online throughout the Games.

Not just the big sit-down on Sunday with the family or the gathering with friends which lasts well into the night.

In 33% of cases "of friend" is used

Shoot close-up faces of friends.

Go with a small group of friends.

Got beatings in front of friends.

The US is the best of friends with Saudi Arabia and it's trade with China is colossal.

Recently I had the pleasure of lunching with a group of friends -- old, older, oldest.

One of the things I think is crucial in a new country is building a circle of friends.

I have not shared my activity with anyone but my closest of friends and family as this is a deeply personal matter.

A group of friends &; I then took full advantage of open-bar at Pop, a cosy new bar tucked away on a street in LKF.

But Jac makes it seems like Tre is the wicked witch of new jersey who tortures this poor innocent group of friends.

He was bitten by Lestat (Tom Cruise) and as previously mentioned, the two became the bestest of friends afterwards.

In 11% of cases "to friend" is used

The house belonged to friends of friends.

I think they pre sell some to friends etc.

In an e-mail to friends reviewed by DealBook, Mr.

Sending texts to friends when you are fed up and angry is something we have all done.

Note: Santa Roll can be shared to friends via social pages like Facebook and Twitter.

Talking to friends and colleagues, I started to see how many of them felt the same way.

We would come back again and would recommend to friends, as long as they understand that the good comes with some bad.

Now the revelation that ' Clare the perpetual victim ' was bragging about her conquests to friends days after the event.

After deciding on a day of the week to hold at home hours, and send announcements to friends, relatives, and acquaintances.

When it comes to friends and family with a political leader the corrupt themselves in investigation process, this is common.

In 8% of cases "from friend" is used

We are never unconnected -- from friends, family, work.

Advice from friends, from fat old men on the Internet, etc.

We knew from Twitter, from Facebook and emails from friends.

I used to shy away earlier, stay away from friends, hide these facts, but not anymore.

I waited a long time before seeking medical help, despite regular prodding from friends.

When Tiernan died, Film Ireland published a compilation of memories from friends and colleagues.

This year's Football Manager promises to yet again steal your social life and separate you from friends and family.

They had not even the means of providing supplies and not a single hope of external assistance from friends or allies.

They recruited Players and Managers from friends, taught them how to count cards, then turned them loose in the Casinos.

When getting a brand new child property from your healthcare facility, acknowledge a bit help from friends and neighbors.

In 5% of cases "for friend" is used

For friends, families and acquaintances.

I make jewellery for pleasure, and for friends.

We are having parties for friends and cs sometimes.

I knew it would end!! I plan on buying more for friends and family for the holidays.

One whose mind is enmeshed in sympathy for friends &; companions, neglects the true goal.

Thats why is so often said ho much a shock it is for friends and family when a loved one is gone.

Make time for friends and family By reconnecting with your friends and family, you'll become much happier in yourself.

There is no time for friends or family, and few opportunities to sit down and think, let alone talk, about your feelings.

Lyrics There is no greater love than this: to give up life for friend; No one can find a purer joy than living to this end.

Once that's done, call up your buddies and just have your fling! Tips for Party Planning Design a special invite for friends.

In 4% of cases "by friend" is used

I have also being advised by friends to stay in the course.

Hire a capable contractor recommended by friends and neighbours.

Whick is very easy if Im surrounded by friends and having a good time.

Perhaps the most hypocritical rationalization offered by friends of Israel is that U.

A day when I was surrounded by friends, doing something important, using all my skills.

I scouted different packing companies in our area and settled for the one that was recommended by friends.

These computers were paid for largely by friends of my eldest brother, George, in celebration of his 80th birthday.

I'd giving myself a pass because I went to Toronto by myself, even though I was surrounded by friends and colleagues.

Social Media affects the results of your PR and SERPs according to the content shared by friends when signed in and browsing.

Thankfully I was surrounded by friends, and it was an amateur play so there was lots of interaction and joking around going on.

In 1% of cases "among friend" is used

Among friends, this is not new.

Is joking among friends in equal measures.

Or maybe they were just friends who died among friends.

For example, we can settle our differences among friends.

Jackman was among friends and family interviewed by police.

I come from a family whose stomach capacity is well known among friends.

A spaghetti dinner can be among friends at your house, charging $10-20 a plate.

Particularly when it came to blockbuster series, they were downloading them and sharing them among friends.

He was told, slowly and distinctly, that he was among friends, whose only object was to restore him to his proper health.

The Private Persona is used among friends and family; the Public Persona is available to fans and those within the industry network.

In 1% of cases "between friend" is used

We can also almost instantly share photos between friends and family members.

Seems more like a gift item that ends up on a coffee table than a well-loved book shared between friends.

Some understanding was expressed in letters between friends, but the public reaction to Kleist's demise was outrage.

These are not just discussions between friends or colleagues; they are where the real decisions are made that shape the future of the country.

A conversation between employer and employee, for example, is not the same as one between friends, even if the subject matter under discussion is the same.

In the end, the key to successful relationship, whether between friends or potential spouses, is to establish a rapport and never forgetting that lying is the best way to destroy it.

Not ones to let an exploitative transnational corporation desperate to be seen as a benevolent force in our community come between friends, we went on to have a ball of a time with the festival.

Given, you will find those who work as designers who've just created standing between friends, households as well as established consumers since having a fantastic style, colour along with fashion.

Plush in design and comfortable in feel, the Living Room has been designed as a relaxed, fun and informal space for lunches, meetings and casual get-togethers between friends, family and colleagues.

In 1% of cases "on friend" is used

Come alone if you are new in town or short on friends.

He need not call on friends, relatives, or others for help.

It may be based on friends you have had recent activity with.

I still have lots of region one disks I bought over the years that wont play on friends DvD players.

Players can call on friends for help, discuss campaign progressions, display achievements and most importantly.

And yes, our country's focus is not on MATH, SCIENCE and ENGINEERING it is on friends, X-factor and American Idol.

To find out why, I called on friend of the blog Andy Johnson, the editor of Wisconsin sports blog Bucky's 5th Quarter.

Make a Poster A great idea to celebrate friendship in a creative manner would be to create a poster on Friendship Day.

Besides rough sleepers and people living on the streets this includes those who are sleeping on friends floors or living in hostels.

Imagine this: you ride the train to work, using your tablet to do email, go over your to do like, check up on friends in Facebook, do a bit of research, etc.

In 1% of cases "through friend" is used

He also learned through friends how to change a tire.

Reputation Reputation points are earned through friends interaction.

And if that fails, I can find a way to get the help I need, through friends, family, charity.

The first job I landed, through friends of friends, was in a watch repair shop in the downtown.

In a second page, he lists the women he has met through friends, rather than the dating website.

Meet Carmeta, one of the lovely ladies that I've had the pleasure of knowing through Friends of Jamaica Seattle.

That is partly through friends who are Stokies, and partly by admiring the sheer determination of the team as it rose and clung.

The content can be bootstrapped by kindly contacting past local arrangement chairs through friends and colleagues in a few seed academic disciplines.

There are another type of nice girls who are very international (study abroad, living on the Hong Kong Island) where you can meet them (maybe through friends).

Like your suggestion, it's better to meet people through friends or work, or even like zenlifefrugal says, through different avenues related to your interests.