full, rapt, undivided
They listened with rapt attention
assiduous, careful, close, meticulous, scrupulous
Policy-makers paid scant attention to the wider issues
unwanted, unwelcome
international, media, public


devote, direct, give (sb/sth), pay, turn
How many times do I have to ask you to pay attention? He had a cup of tea and then turned his attention to the report
get, have, receive
Can I have your attention, please? These poems have received a lot of critical attention
attract, call, capture, catch, command, compel, draw, excite, grab
I tried to attract the waiter's attention. Wherever he goes, he commands attention. She doesn't like to draw attention to her illness
deflect, distract, divert, draw
The government is trying to divert attention away from the economy
hold, keep, rivet
There was something in the way he spoke that riveted her attention
concentrate, confine, focus
In this chapter we shall confine our attention to non-renewable energy sources
refocus, transfer
The firm decided to refocus its attention back onto its traditional strengths and expertise
deserve, need, require
a matter requiring urgent attention
jostle for, vie for
dozens of concerns jostling for your attention She was surrounded by men all vying for her attention
an interesting essay that repays close attention
bring sth to
My boss was grateful that I had brought the matter to his attention
come to
avoid, escape
Her primary aim was to avoid the attentions of the newspapers


Media attention focused today on the prince's business affairs
I felt my attention wandering during the lecture




for sb's ~, for the ~ of
a letter for the attention of your doctor


attention to detail
He is a designer known for his meticulous attention to detail
care and attention
He was convicted of driving without due care and attention
the centre of attention
Some children love being the centre of attention
the focus of attention
The focus of attention must now be how to improve the economy
force your attentions on sb
A man like Luke had no need to force his attentions on unwilling women
not pay much attention to sth, pay little/no attention to sth (= not take something very seriously)
Pay no attention to what Bill said?he's a complete liar!


individual, personal, special
The child needs special attention


devote, give, lavish
He devoted all his attention to his mother. She lavishes attention on those silly little dogs
be in need of, need, require, want
a patient requiring attention