considerable, great, excessive, extreme, large-scale, serious
There are fears of fresh violence if the strike continues
continuing, escalating, growing
gratuitous, unnecessary
Letters poured in complaining about the gratuitous violence on the show
mindless, random, uncontrolled
criminal, unlawful
endemic, institutionalized, widespread
attempts to rescue the country from endemic violence
In spite of sporadic violence, polling was largely orderly
domestic, physical, sexual
drug-related, election-related, etc.
communal, ethnic, inter-communal, inter-ethnic, racial, sectarian
political, revolutionary, terrorist
left-wing, right-wing




commit, engage in, inflict, perpetrate, resort to, turn to, use
people who inflict violence on animals violence perpetrated by the army The peasants believed their only choice was to resort to violence. Under no circumstances should police use violence against protesters
She had suffered years of violence and abuse
encourage, incite, provoke
denounce, deplore, hate, reject
Hatred breeds violence
spill over into
The enthusiasm of the protest spilled over into violence
UN peacekeepers are struggling to contain the escalating violence
end, quell
Troops were called in to quell the violence
be capable of
We are all capable of violence in certain circumstances


break out, erupt, flare, occur
Violence erupted outside the prison last night
mar sth
The demonstration was marred by violence
escalate, intensify, worsen
Observers have warned that the violence could escalate into full-scale armed conflict


~ against
violence against police officers
~ among
violence among football supporters
~ between
violence between rival ethnic groups
~ towards
violence towards ethnic minorities
~ within
violence within the family


an act of violence
Any act of violence against another player must be punished
an end to violence
The former leader of the terrorist group has called for an end to the violence
an eruption/outbreak of violence
The police are bracing themselves for an outbreak of violence
fear of violence, a life of violence
It was a predictable death for a man who had lived a life of violence
men of violence
the men of violence who start wars
an outburst of violence
He had a short temper and was prone to outbursts of violence
a threat of violence, an upsurge in violence, a victim of violence
a refuge for victims of domestic violence
violence begets/breeds violence
We have to make people realize that violence only begets more violence
a wave of violence




with (a) ~
He kissed her with suppressed violence