"blue in", "blue with" or "blue for"?

Prepositions after "blue"

In 31% of cases blue in is used

Will it look blue in color? No.

I don't get blue in the top 50.

I'd blue in the face telling ya.

We can protest as much or as long about the BBC's silence, till we are blue in the face.

It's just that they often come out of the blue in areas where you drop your guard a bit.

I bite my tongue when I read them, pull out my hair and yell until I'd blue in the face.

We can argue electric, cars, food, ecosystems, life, death, injury, and everything else until we are blue in the face.

While you can optimize a site till you're blue in the face, it won't matter if your bounce rates are through the roof.

Glaucophane is the mineral that puts the blue in blueschist facies -- it's normally stable only under lower pressures.

Her cousin is a guy who makes potions and mixtures, and one of them turned her hair blue in the beginning of the book.

In 15% of cases blue for is used

The same with blue for up/down.

A bit of blue for every bit of pink.

Went with blue for the one arm curls.

Good colors for a small room are soft blue for a bathroom or light green for a bedroom.

The red can tend towards orange for a brighter effect or towards blue for more contrast.

I don't know if it still holds true but then in Italy pink was for boys, blue for girls.

James High School, where staff and students kicked off Stomp Out Bullying week by wearing blue for Anti-Bullying Day.

The umbrellas were yellow/orange and blue for time and immemorial, because New York City's colors are orange and blue.

Love the interview and the photos -- can't wait to get Lola-fied in Boston next year (electric blue for me, remember).

They want the buyer who will wait until the moon turns blue for short sale approval and hang in there for the duration.

In 12% of cases blue with is used

A soft blue with a hint of grey.

They are light blue with white sheep.

Midnight blue with stars? I'd love that.

Blue with a gold hoop was then used until the changeover to the present style in 1970.

It is significantly coarser than the other two and was originally dyed blue with woad.

The activity indicator light on the remote control flashes blue with each button press.

For Christmas, she always gets Prince Philip 3 pairs of Marks and Spencer cotton Y-Fronts, in blue with white piping.

The waistcoat was blue with yellow stripes an inch wide, the breeches of plush with strings and rosettes to each knee.

I think you correctly placed the lines in blue with red dots earlier when you didn't realize that they were important.

When people are swapping channels they see white and immediately know it is Test cricket and blue with One Day cricket.

In 9% of cases blue on is used

Blue on Blue - A friendly-fire kill.

Also white on white and blue on white.

Both these varieties are blue on the back.

Posted by: Betty Blue on March 16, 2009 5:23 PM 15 years?, it's more like what to think.

This is something I never noticed in the Eastern Fence Lizard--the blue on the underbelly.

And why should they wear white at home? I also wonder why they are not wearing blue on blue.

I had been running in a pair of crappy runners from 10 years ago and my toes were turning black and blue on every run.

Similarly, a river painted in brilliant hues of blue on a map, might be infested with snakes and crocodiles in reality.

Post navigation good to know about the laundry room, R! i, too, was feeling blue on my walk today about the looming end.

Three were killed in a blue on green rouge shooting by an Afghanistan sergeant and two in a military helicopter accident.

In 4% of cases blue from is used

Bold and blue from House to Home.

Oh that guy in blue from Spain is attacking now.

You can mix red, green and blue from these primaries.

And like most world languages, the Tarahumara language doesn't distinguish blue from green.

Here the very delicate dusk skylight is reflecting pink and blue from the water and the boat.

It was practice and more practice, and thighs bruised black and blue from sliding into bases.

There were the namers, who could reliably distinguish blue from green, and the politely-named learners, who couldn't.

Renato is all black and blue from the punches and kicks he got from the thug Nicandro and the resort's security guard.

My hairdresser clarifies for me now and said she's never pulled out so much blue from someone's hair, even in swimmers.

In 4% of cases blue to is used

Blue to beetroot in 3 months -- progress.

The blue to bright green movement is the form.

Add a good amount of blue to your kitchen decor.

Buck alerts Blue to the situation and he knocks Kolos off John's horse with a sack of grain.

Antares is a double star with a blue to green companion about 3 arc seconds from the primary.

Star sapphires range in colour from grey to bluish-grey and from medium blue to medium dark blue.

A new production method that blends different color inks on the background of the card (colors flow from blue to aqua).

As I put it, the sphere has no particular colour, but a colour distribution which assigns red to $s1$ and blue to $s2$.

Color - Intensity of color and saturation of blue to violet Color refers to color quality and its degree of saturation.

My plan is to go around the colour wheel from red to magenta to purple, to blue to Alpine green, and possibly back again.

In 3% of cases blue as is used

For blue as the colour of hope, see R.

However you see blue as yellow and I see blue as blue.

They are identified in blue as Get Enough of these Nutrients.

Many people cite blue as their favorite color and brown has become more popular recently.

Western Potash had been working with China Blue as a potential partner for at least a year.

Using blue as the theme for this unique design collaboration seemed therefore natural to me.

I revere the night sky, blue as the lotus and garlanded with stars, and the River Ganges whose waters spread and flow.

For example, this allows you to make the sea transparent in the finished CMR image by specifying blue as the key color.

He dresses fastidiously, with Eleanor blue as the favourite colour for the matched shades of tie, handkerchief and socks.

Indigo a blue as deep as your eyes, the lashes a flight of geese on the last stripe of blue as the sky plunges towards night.

In 3% of cases blue at is used

The sphere is red at $s1$ and blue at $s2$.

We're only offering it in blue at the moment.

I du n no, it just came out of the blue at me.

Saw them in blue at the weekend while out with the family so thought it was a good idea.

The car looks blue at the moment, but often appears green or some colour between the two.

Playing him at 15 does him no favours but he needs more time in blue at 10 and/or 12 at least.

A friend decorated the cupcakes for the party, and made them blue at the 11th hour when we'd heard of the gender change.

The Philippine flag was shown with the red part at the top and the blue at the bottom, indicating the country is at war.

The flag is divided into two panels - blue at the hoist and yellow, the heraldic colours of the Commonwealth of Australia.

November 14, 2011 at 12:47 pm ann I really don't think having the students wear blue at the football game is anything to applaud.

In 3% of cases blue by is used

For example, a CC20B reduces all colors but blue by 20%.

The song they mostly sang was Tangled Up in Blue by Bob Dylan.

Text; using is a keyword, highlighted with blue by the editor.

The chap being pulled on the hide must have been black and blue by the end of the event.

Tyndall clarified why the sky is blue by setting out the difference between the shorter,.

It's just north of Hillsborough, which includes Tampa, which went blue by nearly a mirror image.

I swapped votes with a nice Democrat in Massachusetts, so y'all have me to thank if Virginia squeaks blue by one vote.

Finally the motionless body of James Bergin, which had turned completely blue by that time, was pulled out of the pool.

He needs to worry less about Independents and revisit the South and some midwest states or they will turn blue by default.

The more red a word, the more likely it is to have been generated by me, the more blue by someone else, the nameless author.

In 2% of cases blue like is used

See Blue Like Jazz, Troll Bridge.

Not out of the blue like Debbie Gibson.

This is not blue like the gemstone sapphire.

At Orion's right foot is yet another famous star, blue like Bellatrix: the supergiant Rigel.

It had stones in its eyes that glowed red like fire in the daytime and blue like the stars at night.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to work with Donald Miller, bestselling author of Blue Like Jazz.

As for the German team - who decided, and why, to have them dressed in pink and blue like giant babies?! Enjoyed that post.

Lights from a police car flash a slow red then blue like poorly rigged party lights The woman slaps the man's thigh and laughs.

For example, Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie raised $325,927 on IndieGoGo and Save Blue Like Jazz raised $345,992 on Kickstarter.

I don't remember why I suddenly told him out of the blue like that or what I was feeling for the weeks coming up to it, I just did it.

In 1% of cases blue during is used

It looks blue during the day and black at night.

Alexander Adonis in blue during hearing of his libel suit in 2004.

Only reason its blue during the day is because of reflecting light.

Some churches use blue during Advent to avoid the penitential connotation of purple.

And she was stunned when he told her out of the blue during a soundcheck that he'd fallen for her.

The measured data is shown in red for our calibration period and blue during our predictive period (i.

The core of this playing group, who have worn the red and blue during the past five or six years, have dealt with very little expectation or big game pressure.

Deeper into the season autumn winds will sweep in and strip the branches bare overnight, and the sky will take on a colder shade of blue during the daylight hours.

They absolutely destroyed us here in Nashville in 2011 and would have probably beaten the boys in blue during the season finale had they not gone for it on that last play.

Original decoration in blue during the presidency of Martin Van Buren in 1837; Details of the redecoration in 1963 by French decorator Stephane Boudin of the House of Jansen at the.

In 1% of cases blue around is used

Looking at SST anomalies, there is a lot of blue around Alaska.

She saw blue around her for a moment as well as searing pain in.

You should add some blue around your kitchen table and you will see the effects.

Their rusting hulls are painted blue around a small star, displaying the colour and symbol of the Somali flag.

That same night, we had to ring an ambulance as she was going blue around the mouth and starting to have spasms.

Needless to say I had many a time when i awoke to find my school shirt a darker shade of blue around my collar due to drool.

With each breath, you might notice the muscles between the ribs being sucked in, or your baby might be blue around the mouth.

The sea of blue around the court looked like the scene last year in Dallas, where James struggled so badly when it mattered most.

BMT hit me out of the blue around Week 54, and I lost my notebook (which had all my data from week 45 onwards) somewhere in Pulau Tekong.

Te Rangi started going bright red and blue around the lips, but the doctor said that it was just a common cold and that she would be ok in a couple of days.

In 1% of cases blue after is used

However, he appeared rather blue after birth.

My poor old #$%$ goes blue after a long drive same as a mini.

Just decided one day to start out of the blue after visiting Ireland.

They said, two officers of police beat him black and blue after arrest.

Santons isn't *that* bad, it's only a blue after all, so it isn't steep.

In his first season for the Maize and Blue after transferring from the U.

I got bored of blue after a few weeks and did a full colour change, interior out the lot.

Natalie placed her right palm on a scanner which glowed blue after registering her handprint.

We set off in fair spirits once Mike had cheered me up - still a bit blue after getting fined yesterday.

In fact, you're quite normal! Some people go beyond feeling blue after cosmetic surgery to being seriously depressed.

In 1% of cases blue instead is used

We chose a blue instead of green.

The shade color should show blue instead of cyan.

But there's another change too: the use of blue instead of green.

He says Gose needs time in the minors and isn't ready, then here he is out of the blue instead of Snider.

At least the earphones come now with a choice of red, yellow, orange or blue instead of just black or white.

Its gems are blue instead of purple, and its orb head glows white and light blue instead of white and lavender.

The far-reaching world of the moor itself looked softly blue instead of gloomy purple-black or awful dreary gray.

Their backgrounds turn blue instead of black, bringing something of the decorativeness of a Chinese willow pattern to the proceedings.

The fist thing you will notice is the icon and screen is now blue instead of the orange colour which has been Outlooks colour for years.

Sources told The Verge that Microsoft plans to encourage developers to develop apps for Windows Blue instead of building only for Windows 8.

In 1% of cases blue into is used

Indigo The dyestuff that puts the blue into blue jeans.

Glue your tube into the milk bottle top and blue into the half circle.

An event like this is always something that can turn the blue into a rainbow.

This brings back blue into the Reds color scheme but also keeps black as a 2nd accent color.

An example is the blue into the top right Alex Higgins made against White in that famous 69 break.

He drafted the blue into the bread, dyeing it the same color, same intensity, same saturation throughout.

Jetwing Hotels Chairman Hiran Cooray said US$ 8 million was invested to renovate and transform Jetwing Blue into a 122-room hotel.

Add some yellow gel paste color into the second bowl, blue into the third mixing bowl, green into the fourth bowl and orange into the fifth mixing bowl.

I'd bring the blue into the kitchen (at least on that one wall) for consistency, and because there's hardly any wall space in there except around the slider.

The way we process colour makes it harder to focus on, so if you paint blue into a room, the walls almost disappear, so it makes a small space seem really big.

In 1% of cases blue of is used

The Piccadilly Line is the most blue of all the lines.

That is the reason why Shiva is known as Nilakantha, blue of throat.

He turned blue of the shock and that's why he is a blue, ear-less robot cat.

Mr Capriles, wearing the red, yellow and blue of the Venezuelan flag, thanked his supporters.

I had a lady answer and come right away, but it was too blue of an aqua for her and she passed.

First of all it gives us the pure blue of the sky, one of the most exquisitely beautiful colors in nature.

I was born in 1940 and can recall the red, white and blue of the Victory street party we had in our wee cul de sac in Stockbridge.

In this poem, I stick to the claret and blue of the Catalans, somehow vainly angling for the ride whilst also insulting Real Madrid.

The can itself was pockmarked with dried splatters of color -- red of tomato, brown of tea bags, blue of something, green of something.

He is a serial diver, after all, and was more than happy to go down when he saw fit even whilst donning the claret and blue of Villa in the past.

In 1% of cases blue over is used

But when the sky is blue over Germany.

We have turned blue over the last few days but have yet to get the 1.

The lines represent different levels of? (from blue over green and yellow to red, blue represents? = 0.

Since I'd already patting myself blue over my region of descent, that is exactly where I will begin being informative.

The skies evoked in the novel were dark and mysterious, not the sun drenched blue over snow capped peaks of New Zealand.

But when the sky is blue over Germany, these hundreds of thousands of decentralized plants act like a single, large power plant.

They see the country getting browner; they can start to envision Arizona and Texas and maybe Georgia turning blue over the next 12 years.

Long ago, the Black Dragons were at war with the Blue over a woman, Ysolde, who was claimed by the wyverns of both sects, Baltic and Constantine.

In Drawing IV, which I shall describe a little later, Richard, by extending the blue over most of the drawing, expressed his hope that his mother would regain her lost territory.

In 1% of cases blue rather is used

We decided to use blue rather than red because it's a friendlier color.

Only one man, 64-year-old Wang Qishan, broke the dress code, wearing a blue rather than a red tie.

Having an older brother allowed me to experience activities that would be considered blue rather than pink.

Also, Darth Vader's lightsaber is mentioned during the cave scene on Dagobah to be blue rather than the usual red.

Jonathan Sexton's performance was more akin to his big days in blue rather than his difficult career to date for Ireland.

Add some colour to it to get attention, though I went with blue rather than red in which my links all appear to differentiate it.

Winter was judged largely successful, cold and icicle-like, except that it is a little over-worked as some of the highlights are blue rather than white.

Juventus player to watch: Had things been different, Andrea Pirlo would be lining up in Chelsea blue rather than the black and white stripes of Juventus tonight.

Despite the fact that this is our third order from the same supplier, they came with blue rather than cream cord! Can't imagine a machinist doing this, but there you go.

In 1% of cases blue about is used

Ok, seriously? Nothing to get blue about at all.

A story appears in the right wing media out of the blue about expenses.

Broody and blue about it, he wants to settle down, if anything, he suggests, just to feel more normal.

Her father just happens to be practicing his sharpshooting as he questions Blue about their relationship.

Whether you have been pro, con, red or blue about health-care reform, there's good news to share with you.

Another chance And if you don't hit it off with them at the outset, don't beat yourself black and blue about it.

So if you're feeling blue about something your child is saying or doing regarding biology or playing favorites, just wait for it.

It's all happened very quickly, and I was elated about it on Monday morning, and feeling blue about the whole thing by Monday night.

Over the last few months I've been up &; down, going from being really blue about my health and having to rebuild my life, to feeling good and creating the life I want to live.

So, I think, what am I really blue about? I didn't win the major contract I was hoping for, but I did gain a fabulous new steady full time job (with an onsite gym!) close to home.