Prepositions after Adjectives

Click an adjective to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


available to, for, in, on or at?

  • Available for replies and info.
  • It is available to all if they ask.
  • Sadly only available in the UK.
  • Available On Demand before DVD.
  • It is available at http: //www.
  • Copies are available from the U.
  • It's not available as of right.
  • It is available through Amazon.
  • Available by prescription only.
  • Readily available Under section 11.
  • Tickets available via this link.
  • Available with one, two or three.
  • It is not available within the Facebook Ad Manager.

aware of or about?

  • I'd well aware of the power of $0.
  • So we all should be aware about it.

afraid of, for, to, about or in?

  • Yes, that's what I'd afraid of.
  • I was often afraid for my life.
  • Don't be afraid to set a trend.
  • And they're not afraid about doing it.
  • Do nt be afraid in your own home.

active in, on, at, with or for?

  • Among other active interests, Mr.
  • Campus Progress is active on over 500 U.
  • Most moths are active at night.
  • They became active for going out.
  • Be active with your Facebook fans.
  • I will be less active during campaigns.
  • We are active as opposed to passive.
  • Chloramphenicol is inactive against A.
  • Keep your brain active by using it.
  • It was active from 1894 to 1918.
  • All needles are active of both beds.
  • So be active throughout the day.
  • I prefer the active to the passive voice.
  • Grace is active within you, as well as sin.

accessible to, by, for, from or in?

  • It is accessible to the disabled.
  • Doors required to be accessible by 4.
  • Be accessible for the tantrums.
  • The room is accessible from 11 am to 9.
  • Accessible in diverse colors and styles.
  • Other menu are accessible through the big 3.
  • This is accessible via the phone's menu.
  • It's only accessible on Sunday.
  • The PPSR is accessible at all times.
  • Not accessible with PC cover on.
  • It's not easily accessible without a car.

"alone in" or "alone with"?

  • I was left alone in the prison.
  • They are alone with the website.
  • Leave him alone for a few days.
  • The UK is hardly alone on this.
  • I was never alone at the Sahara.
  • The kids are alone after school.
  • In that he was not alone among academics.
  • It is never left alone as an orphan.
  • You are not alone by any means.
  • I wasn't alone during the week.
  • Too young to be left alone to CIO.
  • You are alone without any friend.

"alive in", "alive for" or "alive with"?

  • Real hope is alive in the NFRA.
  • Hence I keep my relationship alive with it.
  • Don't keep your pets alive for you.
  • Adair's still alive by the way.
  • Alive at 4:30 am, dead at 5 am.
  • Yeltsin was alive to the dangers he faced.
  • And the flow comes alive on the day.
  • The town comes alive after dark.
  • Love keeps us alive as a species.
  • Abia was alive during his tenur.
  • I'd the only one alive from the family.
  • Your ancestors come alive through the photographs.
  • I am alive because of you, Gerber.
  • They were then dragged, beaten and tossed alive into mass graves.
  • But the strangest part of this coming alive of things was what they did.
  • If we believe in Christ, then Christ is alive within us.
  • He was alive without breathing.

"angry at" or "angry with"?

  • He grew angry at the absurdity.
  • When people get angry with me,.
  • There is much to be angry about.
  • I'd not angry over odd questions.
  • Go ahead and be angry for a bit.
  • I was angry in the first place.
  • I am very angry after seeing this.
  • VERY ANGRY as a matter of fact.
  • I was angry because of the pain.
  • They seem to be angry by nature.
  • Good at being angry on Twitter.
  • They don't sound too angry to me.

applicable to, in, for, on or across?

  • British Statutes Applicable to India.
  • It is applicable in the current context too.
  • It is applicable for all times.
  • God laws is applicable on earth.
  • Should be applicable across the strata of society.
  • Same principle is applicable at #10.
  • This will be applicable from October this year.
  • The only charges applicable under the FOIA are search and copy charges.

"appropriate for" or "appropriate to"?

  • It seems appropriate for the web.
  • It's appropriate to the situation.
  • Rather appropriate in this case.
  • That wouldn't be appropriate at our age.
  • Choosing an online currency broker will be appropriate as a trader.
  • Other actions deemed inappropriate by the company.
  • It is particularly appropriate on Trinity Sunday.
  • Not clinically appropriate Under section 6.
  • Seems appropriate with our mythical defense.

"accountable for" or "accountable to"?

  • People WILL BE held accountable for this.
  • But then it remains accountable to no one.
  • EDWARDS: You hold them accountable in the WTO.
  • Teachers have no problem being held accountable by parents.
  • Hold them accountable on election day.

"acceptable to" or "acceptable for"?

  • That was not acceptable to the US.
  • Is that acceptable for a Muslim male.
  • It is not acceptable in a heat.
  • It is not acceptable by God Almighty.
  • This is acceptable as proof for WINZ.
  • More It was acceptable at the time.
  • Swim-wear is only acceptable on the beach.
  • Forgeting US is not acceptable from SONY.
  • Obviously that's acceptable under NA laws.
  • Acceptable with a hired morning suit.
  • Goofy is acceptable within a family.

akin to, in or of?

  • Akin to the time they failed to.
  • Or idiots like Akin in Missouri.
  • Jimmy Akin of Catholic Answers, Catholic.

ashamed of, for, about, at or before?

  • I am really ashamed of the Gov.
  • Ji Gelas feel ashamed for them.
  • And do nt feel ashamed about it.
  • I am ashamed at this behaviour.
  • Better ashamed before man than ashamed before God, he said.
  • After that he was ashamed by any means.
  • I was so ashamed in front of God.
  • I still feel ashamed to this day.

attractive to, for, in, as or about?

  • This may make it attractive to the toddler.
  • Stay attractive for your husbands.
  • It's pretty attractive in person.
  • And it's very attractive as an escape.
  • There's nothing attractive about me.
  • Many media organizations are attractive by this standard.
  • It's not attractive on her, at all.
  • Attractive with a capital OHGODWHAT.
  • Dividend yields are attractive at 6% to 7%.
  • If she becomes attractive because of it, then that's a bonus.
  • Kibera is not attractive from the outside.
  • She was the most attractive of all her children.

"apparent in" or "apparent to"?

  • It's apparent in the Middle East.
  • This is apparent to the entire world.
  • So much is apparent from the off.
  • The tremor is most apparent at rest.
  • None of which are apparent on an x-ray.
  • All right, it wasn't apparent for me.
  • Consciousness is not apparent as an object.
  • Due to the activity apparent by Heyman, J.
  • E only became apparent during my fourth year.
  • This is apparent with most of their signings.
  • As I don't think it is apparent after 4 dates.
  • Continue to be apparent of adipose tissue.
  • This is felt more apparent over the years.
  • A dilemma for the Government is clearly apparent through the late 1920s.
  • The following themes are apparent throughout: 1.
  • That should become apparent within a very short time.

"asleep in", "asleep on" or "asleep at"?

  • I had fallen asleep in the end.
  • People fell asleep at the wheel.
  • I just fell asleep on the couch.
  • I guess you were asleep for that.
  • I fell asleep with the light on.
  • Some fall asleep during treatment.
  • Both of them fell asleep by 11pm.
  • The IASC was not asleep to this danger.
  • She fell asleep after two vodkas.
  • Then she falls asleep before lunch.
  • I'd pretty sure he was asleep behind the oxen.
  • My butt's asleep from sitting all night.
  • There seems to be a girl asleep next to her.
  • Once he fell asleep under a tree.
  • I fall asleep within 20minutes.
  • Fell asleep without brushing teeth.

"amazing in", "amazing for" or "amazing to"?

  • God is amazing in how he works.
  • It is amazing to me that the U.
  • They will be amazing for the club.
  • I think you'll be amazing at it.
  • Lori was amazing with the kids.
  • She looks amazing on the cover.
  • Nothing super amazing about them.
  • Their dance is amazing as well as their voices.
  • The sites are amazing from the.
  • Most amazing of all, the top 0.
  • Read about my amazing after death.
  • Your outfit is amazing by the way.
  • Pretty amazing considering DTESS came out 60 years ago.
  • Yeah, so writing is amazing like that.

attributable to or in?

  • Net income attributable to the parent was 48.
  • Self-expression is a lifestyle, attributable in large part to her nature.

"absent from" or "absent in"?

  • What was absent from the debate then.
  • Such shame is absent in our leaders.
  • He will be absent for three weeks.
  • I was absent on the 25th April(monday).
  • Train absent of mcleod, took www.
  • His sister was absent at the vetting.
  • You were absent during that entire period.
  • He has been AWOL (Absent Without Leave).
  • Arteta was absent due to injury.
  • We are consistently absent with our circadian worries.

accurate in, to, for, at or with?

  • But still, quite accurate in a sense.
  • It sounds pretty accurate to me.
  • It was 99% accurate for negative.
  • The below is accurate at this time.
  • Foles was accurate with his passes.
  • Don't think thats accurate about BOI.
  • These yields are accurate as of 10/29/2012.
  • Kristan also accurate on Dawson.
  • Contemporary cruise missiles are accurate by comparison.
  • Accurate from Bresnan but not exactly threatening.
  • This is far more accurate of real life.
  • Mine is generally accurate within 30-50 '.
  • Your eyes may not be as accurate after starring at hundreds of numbers.
  • On this site we try our damnest to be accurate because of that.
  • These wrist watches were also deemed not very accurate due to their size.
  • This change was made to ensure the EPI gets more accurate over time.
  • All patterns must be 100% accurate without any shrinkage allowances.

"anxious about" or "anxious for"?

  • So I would get anxious about it.
  • I am so anxious for her to win.
  • He was anxious in the changing room.
  • Excited and anxious at the same time.
  • Its easy to see why Beverly was so anxious as a child.
  • I ask him if he is anxious over the outcome.
  • Some people are anxious to a fault.
  • He felt less anxious after that.
  • He was anxious around the smell of beer.
  • Many people find that they get very anxious before their appointments.
  • Usually, you get anxious by rumours about what might happen.
  • You may feel very anxious during this time.
  • II) They are anxious of strangers.
  • I beg you not to be anxious on my account.
  • I'd still very anxious with it.

"affordable for" or "affordable to"?

  • Very affordable for what you get.
  • Making healthcare affordable to all.
  • It is not actually cheap but affordable in that sense.
  • Sandalwood is only affordable by the very rich.
  • How much? Affordable at only $9.
  • It is luxurious yet affordable with 31 spacious rooms.
  • They all are affordable as well as high quality.
  • I) Roofed over and affordable on a grant.
  • The Safe Cig was also the most affordable of the choices.
  • Certificate prices are lower than EV, but still very affordable through CheapSSLs.
  • We wanted something affordable within a reasonable distance of Ottawa.
  • I always ask for this tambah knowing that it is still affordable without worrying -- all for less than RM4.

aggressive in, with, towards, on or about?

  • Please, be aggressive in your prayers.
  • Just so aggressive with every ball.
  • He is more aggressive on both ends.
  • They're aggressive towards them.
  • You've gotten aggressive about marketing.
  • He was also unduly aggressive to me.
  • I came out aggressive at times.
  • Fox was very aggressive against us.
  • Andhrayets are aggressive by nature.
  • Bucks can also become aggressive for no obvious reason.
  • On average, each student was aggressive toward 0.
  • He didn't stay aggressive after the 1st debate.
  • Being aggressive as a mouse tends to be.
  • Probably should have been a bit more aggressive during the last month.
  • In fact, he was aggressive from an early age.
  • They still have the hamster going at full speed, but they are aggressive like men.
  • Be more aggressive of the greens.
  • The virus became more and more aggressive over the years.
  • We can be aggressive without being rude.

"awesome in" or "awesome for"?

  • It is awesome in its own right.
  • TV used to be awesome for kids.
  • I'd f****** awesome at being me.
  • Works awesome on graphics cards.
  • I always felt so awesome with it.
  • Awesome about the giant paycheck.
  • It sounds pretty awesome to me.
  • He was awesome as a military officer.
  • That's awesome of you to comment.
  • Your conclusion was awesome by the way.
  • Everest is awesome from this place.
  • Hahaha! Cause were awesome like that.
  • It is pretty awesome after all.
  • Slurpies are awesome during the summer.

"annoyed with" or "annoyed at"?

  • Pretty annoyed with the cashier.
  • Millie is quite annoyed at this.
  • He looked annoyed by my whispering.
  • I was quite annoyed about that.
  • Bobby seemed annoyed of his parties excuses.
  • I am not one of those people who got annoyed over the update.

analogous to, with or in?


allergic to

  • I also think I'd allergic to it.

"adequate for" or "adequate to"?

  • This is adequate for this level.
  • My income is adequate to my needs.
  • This was quite adequate in this setting.
  • It is though, barely adequate as a retirement income.
  • Opportunities were not adequate at home.
  • But it is rarely adequate by itself.
  • Rooms were more than adequate with good air con.
  • I desire you up-to-date your blog significantly more often, I just can not seem to be to acquire adequate of your blog.
  • None of the three is adequate on its own.

adept at, in, with or to?

  • She became adept at living the lie.
  • The system is adept in the use of force.
  • Already not very adept with beer in the tummy.
  • All the Chinese were adept to this series.

"awake at" or "awake for"?

  • It had kept him awake at night.
  • Almost worth staying awake for.
  • It's time to be awake in dunya.
  • The Premadasa Stadium was awake to it.
  • Hey, sometimes I'd already awake by 3am.
  • Ie; awake during the daytime, sleep at night.
  • You're usually awake with an epidural.
  • They are awake from this dreamy illusion.
  • The downside is that I can not stay awake after 10.
  • Coffee to keep the PS awake on return journey.
  • Let us remain awake through a great revolution.
  • Awake India Awake before its too late.
  • He was afraid that my baby would keep him awake of a night.
  • For being awake throughout the night, Dr.
  • Really! You may stay awake till 2 a.
  • I thank them for their keeping me awake until Saturday, yesterday.

"amazed at" or "amazed by"?

  • Amazed at the price very cheap.
  • Usui Sensei was amazed by this.
  • I always amazed with my sister.
  • I was kind of amazed about that.
  • I am amazed as to how many haven't even considered it.
  • We are not amazed of their continues resistance.
  • I was amazed on this visit however.

"abreast of" or "abreast with"?

  • Keep abreast of the latest news.
  • I always keep abreast with Jason's performance too.
  • And they keep them abreast on daily basis with the grass root sitreps.
  • He launched Abreast in a Boat in 1996.
  • Martin's Island If you wish to become a allotment of attributes or appear abreast to nature, a appointment to St.

"awash with" or "awash in"?

  • The Internet is awash with sex.
  • America is awash in spirituality.
  • And, that's why the colors burnt orange and white are awash on screen.

american in, with, for, on or to?

  • I think it's the American in me.
  • I am American with an Irish Passport.
  • Dick, less so -- he was too American for me.
  • Which is 30 k American by the way.
  • American on the Rise Nine Passions.
  • My accent exposed me as an American to those around.
  • Prang, an American from Olympia, Wash.
  • This fits in the American as the European space budget.
  • Thank you for The American at # 8.
  • Sugar, that is VERY American of him.
  • Now, there's something very American about that.
  • I think you can not be an American without reading it and Aristotle's Politics.
  • He is South American after all and them lot do love to go down easily.
  • Germany declares war on the USA, bringing American into the war in Europe.
  • Wrong answer for an American like me.
  • Department of Transportation (USDOT ), as well as North American Out of Service criteria.
  • I mention this in case you want the sentence to sound American rather than British.
  • We are the party of health care the right of every American through.
  • For a discussion of American vs.

anonymous on, at, in, for or to?

  • Anonymous on 15 January 2011 Thx.
  • Agree fully with Anonymous at 8:42pm.
  • Being anonymous in London is easy.
  • Thank you Doctor Anonymous for writing this.
  • This data is anonymous to mite.
  • They have been anonymous from the beginning.
  • Put anonymous as no idea what else to use from my phone, lol.
  • I judge Anonymous by their own words and actions.
  • Posted by Anonymous about 1 month Ago Mckenna is a bought and payed for extreme right wing Republican.
  • Anonymous above me seem to be a troublemaker.
  • The majority of people would prefer to remain anonymous after winning the lottery.
  • The Maryland and Kansas winners are allowed to remain anonymous because of state laws, but in Illinois, the winner has to be publicized.
  • Why would I buy? Well thank you anonymous of October 25th.
  • The spammers are almost always anonymous with respect to the users.

appreciative of, for, to or about?

  • We're appreciative of the help.
  • He was so appreciative for the business.
  • Jim was just so appreciative to all of us.
  • I am very appreciative about it.

additional to, of, for, in or on?

  • This is additional to the 130 Mio.
  • I'd hoping to enjoy a book additional of you.
  • I won't pay additional for food beyond the package.
  • Then an additional in very same strategy.
  • And I sure don't intend to put anything additional on the table.
  • Research the information explore additional about this.
  • I cant wait to read additional from you.
  • I just additional up your Feed to my MSN Media Reader.
  • Additional with Yant code and series number at back.
  • Limit 1 per person, may buy 1 additional as a gift.
  • But this time I put the 15 sec as an additional at the end.
  • Zero can become additional by virtue of the genuineness.
  • Then we can break this down even additional into the long-tail, e.
  • And browse the text and perhaps you will feel additional like attempting it.
  • There is additional off street parking.
  • There is no additional out of pocket operational cost to the commuter arising directly from the delay.
  • But 117m additional per year? There are no foreseeable methods to achieve that.
  • Accessibility and indexability are additional plus points.
  • I'll say additional regarding the shed and gear chest later.
  • Six Executive Counselors can also be additional towards the board.

"awful for", "awful at" or "awful in"?

  • He was awful for half the year.
  • Its awful in a lot of ways, imo.
  • Hoddle - awful at man management.
  • There was something awful about it.
  • We are simply awful to our kids.
  • Nixon looked positively awful on screen.
  • You've had the awful of all this.
  • And anyway, I'd bloody awful with technology.
  • I don't think he's awful by any means.
  • Pretty awful from my experiences.
  • It's gone awful like London here now, he says.
  • His temper was awful after a few drinks.
  • It was not that he was awful against West Brom.
  • They remained pretty awful as the Colorado Rockies.
  • I credit Preston for stopping us from playing our natural game and we looked awful because of this.
  • No! Just no! Awful beyond awful.
  • Equally, he didn't play well and was another Dutch player who was pretty awful during the tournament.

"awkward for" or "awkward in"?

  • It's awkward for everybody involved.
  • The balloons are awkward in parts.
  • People feel quite awkward about it.
  • It would seem awkward at the start.
  • I'd shy &; awkward with strangers.
  • It does look a bit awkward to me though.
  • Now it's really awkward around him.
  • Wooden is awkward on every level.
  • But she has a clumsy arm, awkward as a chicken leg.
  • It's that awkward between styles stage.
  • It got quite awkward by the end.
  • It was a bit awkward after all.
  • The conversation was very awkward during dinner.
  • I was awkward from watching the Other.
  • But he's just been awkward like really a bit ever since.
  • But now they seem to be appearing on my tongue! and they are in the most awkward of places.
  • Felt really awkward without the physical card.

"answerable to" or "answerable for"?

  • He was answerable to the governor.
  • You're answerable for your bit.
  • What Marx did was to pose them in a way which made them answerable in practice.
  • Metaphysical questions were only answerable by metaphysics and theology.

abundant in, with, of, on or for?

  • Taxis are abundant in the area.
  • The earth is abundant with oil.
  • That said, there is still an abundant of mosquitos.
  • Leeches are abundant on lawns and moors.
  • It wasnt abundant for Thredson.
  • They're cheap as chips and abundant at the mo.
  • But it's not absolutely carriage able abundant to backpack everywhere I go.
  • Black coral is abundant along the rock walls of the fiords.
  • Birdlife is abundant around Fish Lake.
  • The pest becomes abundant during the dry months.
  • Wildlife is abundant throughout the park.

averse to, in or from?

  • Even Singapore is averse to this.
  • They are so risk averse in modern times.
  • I'd never heard of them before, but I wouldn't be averse from ordering from them again.

"able for" or "able in"?

  • He's barely able for it any more.
  • There is nothing objectionable in it.
  • The problem is being able of spoting them.
  • But if he is not able at that time I; m still going.
  • Beta is the able with a ambit of 12-20 Hz.
  • How called Monster dr dre abandoned Is beats able by Dr.
  • It's not as miserable as it sounds -- I actually love it.
  • I mean of course to an amiable one.
  • Almost makes up for not being able to go.
  • This is able through surgery and transplants.
  • One needs to be able according to the rules to VERIFY with sources.
  • I want to address three groups of people that I hope will be able after this event to make some critical choices about how they will engage: 1.
  • You are able during the tour to see nice scenery and take good pictures.
  • I have always been able from a very young age, know when and where I am not wanted.
  • And they have been able over the years to continue to go there.
  • Here's one way that merchants may be able save big money this holiday season: kitting.
  • He comes from a signage and printing background, and is very technically able within his field.
  • I returned to writing when I was able without incident.

amenable to or for?

  • Most people are amenable to this.
  • You are amenable for what you say.

attentive to, in, without, at or towards?

  • Always be attentive to your readers.
  • I was more attentive in these lessons.
  • They were very attentive at check-in.
  • I am sure, it is very attentive of them to remember me.
  • You will only be attentive towards Allah and move easily.
  • The staff were attentive without being pushy.
  • I'd patient, generous and really attentive about children expectations.
  • Jen &; Peter were most attentive as well as their staff.
  • She was eyes-wide attentive for a full 10 minutes with so many questions.
  • He's become attentive on the offensive end, setting the proper picks at the perfect spots.
  • It was difficult to bear with them, because you are required to be attentive throughout the session.
  • They are intuitive and attentive with each child.

"advantageous to" or "advantageous for"?

  • These financial aids are not only advantageous to.
  • It's advantageous for everyone.
  • It would be advantageous in terms of e.
  • The weight reduction is advantageous as well as the absorptive capacity.
  • But before that time he had been a veritable ping-pong ball on the issue, vacillating wildly to reach whichever position was politically advantageous at the time.
  • That is why morality may be advantageous from an evolutionary standpoint.
  • I am all open to learn other advantageous of twittering.
  • The following steps will be very advantageous on your part.
  • This is advantageous over standalone, and more resource consuming services.
  • The latter study showed that the product is also advantageous with regard to the carbon footprint.

"adrift of" or "adrift in"?

  • O'Leary and Burrows were 1:31 adrift of that time.
  • She looks so adrift in this show.
  • Sayed Ibrahim took third spot, just 4 pins adrift on 1928.
  • He was cut adrift from his protective family.
  • I am, so to speak, academically adrift at Teddy Hall.
  • Lovelock's calculation is adrift by a multiple of around 250.
  • Now, I've been set adrift with no ship in sight.
  • It was known that Prendick had been cast adrift after the ship he was on sank.
  • The men had been adrift for twenty seven days.
  • Their Majesties can then be thrown into row boats and set adrift into the Atlantic.
  • And doing this while the dole queues grow ever longer and our young people are cast adrift like a parody of a Malthusian solution to our problem.
  • However, Bashar al-Assad is adrift to the precipice, which is every despot's destination.
  • I would be cut adrift without it.

"apprehensive about" or "apprehensive of"?

  • But I am so apprehensive about it now.
  • Everyone was apprehensive of the future.
  • I was apprehensive at the start.
  • She was very apprehensive as to what was going to happen.
  • Women are usually apprehensive in such matters.
  • We were very apprehensive after reading some of the reviews.
  • But the people are apprehensive because of many reasons.
  • Scary moment!!!! I take the plunge and all flows! Feeling fear and excitement at the same time After 37 years on stage, I still get apprehensive before speaking.
  • I was apprehensive for quite a while.
  • I was a little apprehensive on my arrival.
  • Allardyce splits opinion, many fans would be apprehensive regarding his arrival at their club.
  • I was very apprehensive to as I worry myself silly with the prospect of let down.
  • They are a little apprehensive towards me.
  • McCarthy states that Woodson is apprehensive with regards to his / her latest damage.

"adamant about" or "adamant in"?

  • Yes, I'd that adamant about it.
  • But Old Spider was adamant in his decision.
  • Mr Obama is adamant on tax hikes.
  • Why are you so adamant to the yearning of Nigerian.
  • Now I am as adamant against Mr.
  • Ask her why she is so adamant for you to convert.
  • But, he was adamant at being stubborn and pulled a long face.
  • I will keep being adamant of you.
  • But she was quite adamant with her decision.

african in, with, on, from or to?

  • Everybody is African in origin.
  • Ah! I am so dragging my mom to be African with me.
  • Van Loon came to South African from Holland at age 20, in 1956.
  • There was a South African on offer.
  • I can't say how much happy I am as an African for him.
  • About Sunny South African to the core! Passionate about.
  • Kan-ye West is an African as the rest of us because he was born in Kenya.
  • I am an African by birth, a South African.
  • Your visit there will be the chance to see African AT ITS MOST UNTAMED.
  • My wife is South African of Indian descent.
  • There is nothing African about reality television.
  • The issue of forced sterilization is neither small nor new in African according to the international lobby group, Stop Torture in Health.
  • Republican against Democrat, Palestinian against Israeli, African against African and more.
  • Realising that, as a South African during apartheid, this could not happen, he considered applying for Israeli citizenship.
  • In fact, you'd get farther calling yourself African instead of Negro.
  • He was sent to Cheltenham College where it took some time for him to be changed from a small, freckled, crop-haired South African into an orthodox English public school boy.
  • I want my mate BLACK, AFRICAN like me nothing against other people of color but I don't rely on interracial dating to bring my life out of any censored holes.
  • I hate to disappoint loyal, supportive and discerning fans, so coming soon to an East African near you is a piece about.
  • It was crewed by current South African off road championship leaders Duncan Vos and Rob Howie, who finished 10th overall in the 2012 Dakar Rally in South America in an Imperial Toyota Hilux.
  • This place had created another African out of him.
  • It's a simplified rap rhythm with lyric chorus and feels East African rather than Arabic.
  • We gain an insight into the middle class south African through the figures of Claudia and Harald.
  • Each African under French control was considered a French Subject.
  • With a promise of delivery in South African within 24hrs for orders placed before 13:00, it seems that famous last minute is taken care of.
  • In that case, you will not see any African without a head load.

"alert to" or "alert for"?

  • Be alert to the world around you.
  • You're on alert for any crisis.
  • Set the frequency of Alert in the.
  • One must be alert at all times.
  • We've got an alert on in the south today.
  • Let this fact make us alert about what we should do.
  • There's no alert from the software.
  • Stay alert of fraud Know your customer.
  • But get alert with one thing that.
  • He felt Lane tense, on the alert after hours of waiting.
  • Let's keep alert against such catastrophical cases.
  • Then light it; watch the smoke, be alert as the smoke goes inside you.
  • You will get an alert by email if the flight you want or have already booked has dropped in price.
  • You might also feel warm and more alert due to the dilatation of blood vessels.
  • You should be alert during the next few days.
  • Details Military on Alert Over Shari'a.
  • You're also likely to be alert throughout the day despite the lack of sleep.

"abusive to", "abusive in" or "abusive towards"?

  • I won't let them be abusive to me.
  • They have been racially abusive towards us.
  • It is creepy and abusive in context.
  • But other forms of abusive of power were pretty rampant.
  • As managers they become highly abusive toward employees.
  • There was nothing abusive about the claim.
  • How many were abusive at home? How many were cruddy fathers? Mean bosses.
  • A beating was a beating -- it was abusive by middle class standards.
  • My father was emotionally, verbally, and physically abusive for most of my life.
  • He tends to be very abusive on the few occassions he talks to Kenyans.
  • My dad was very abusive with my mother and he was an alcoholic.
  • But soon, the bold statement ' abused as a child, abusive as a parent ' became accepted wisdom.
  • In the first example, the abusive ex-boyfriend is the rapist.
  • And yes, domestic violence /abuse may not be very easy to identify at first because some relatioships are clearly abusive from the outset.
  • Pfau, O'Connor's attorney, said that men like Adamson often abuse several children and become more abusive over time.

"alright for" or "alright with"?

  • It's alright for you Catholics.
  • I hope that's alright with you.
  • They'll be alright in the future, Mr.
  • I told him it was alright by me.
  • I'd actually alright at it so may even buy it.
  • He looks alright on the side though.
  • That's perfectly alright to me.
  • Nowadays, I'd mostly alright about it.
  • I'd sure things will be alright after that.
  • Kajal is alright as the female lead.
  • We were looking alright before lunch when we suddenly lost two quick wickets.
  • I might go and see that Sherlock Holmes film soon maybe? It could be alright from the looks of it.
  • Ghana will be alright without him.

"absurd to", "absurd in" or "absurd for"?

  • That seems patently absurd to me.
  • This is absurd for many reasons.
  • You spot the absurd in everything.
  • This argument is absurd on two counts.
  • Nothing absurd about that question.
  • An Obama win is absurd at this stage.
  • I don't know if you will think it absurd of me.
  • It is absurd as a realist/mathematical concept.
  • You know it's absurd by all measures in the life that's here, now, under your nose.
  • Details Tales of the absurd from America.
  • I have never seen such an absurd like RS.
  • This proposition, therefore, can never be absurd with regard to perceptions.
  • Stubby: monkeytypist: 20 May 2011 1:17:34pm These arguments are absurd beyond belief.

"advisable for" or "advisable to"?

  • It truly is advisable for your Listing.
  • It is advisable to book for camping.
  • Investments advisable in this geographical area.
  • Bookings are advisable as the tickets are limited.
  • It is not advisable at this time.
  • Poison isn't advisable because of the dogs, so I will go for the gel type traps and pepper.
  • Use of cotton diapers is advisable by doctors.
  • Rainwear is advisable during winter.
  • A polarizing circular filter is advisable on a wide angle.
  • Patience would be advisable with Minnesota's stars.

achievable in, with, by, for or through?

  • Doable, achievable In all his meetings, Dr.
  • Grid Parity is achievable with the PV TOP.
  • It is achievable by someone, by you.
  • Think about what is achievable for you.
  • None of which are exclusively achievable through sport.
  • Impact on consumer achievable within a reasonable time.
  • That's probably not achievable on this property but it's my vision.
  • Arms and Space race is not achievable without science.
  • Unfortunately this isn't usually quite so achievable at work at 2pm 2.
  • It is certainly achievable from a medical point of view.
  • Power and status are achievable to very high degree.
  • Thinking about the career potential achievable after INSEAD fills me with excitement.
  • Early Underworld is also fairly sparse, which makes it seem achievable as a live act.
  • By all effectuation Union Cyprus has been achievable because of this, the players can take in an favorable position on the top priority.
  • These standards, however, may not be achievable during certain.
  • Baby steps make changes achievable over the long term.
  • In Perak, for 11 months, the people knew what were achievable under better Pakatan rule.
  • Lars, Diamond clearly considers sustainability to only be achievable via limitation of democratic values and choice.

"ambitious in" or "ambitious for"?

  • The most ambitious in scope are trade agreements.
  • Very ambitious for a first timer.
  • Q uite ambitious of us to do all that*.
  • Sonia is ambitious with great aspirations.
  • There was nothing to be ambitious about.
  • You're ambitious at the moment.
  • Things were a bit more ambitious on the Franklin side of the aisle.
  • He was very very ambitious as a youngster.
  • That looks pretty ambitious to me.
  • When this was mentioned, Jay Chou said he doesn't know much about it, but when he first heard about it, it seemed pretty good, he is quite ambitious after all.
  • This is ambitious by any benchmark.
  • Their plans get even more ambitious from there.
  • What I'd like GM do is something ambitious like Tesla's Supercharger network.
  • Full of ambitious without vision, a badluck to d people of Abia.

aesthetic of, in, to, with or for?

  • That there is an aesthetic of ideas.
  • A new aesthetic in the creation of our gardens is required.
  • And I think it adds a nice aesthetic to the device.
  • It's an aesthetic for our times.
  • I wanted to capture this particular aesthetic with Pitch.
  • Anderson aesthetic from last season.
  • I see the glam aesthetic as a transferable commodity.
  • And there is a distinctively baroque aesthetic at work here.
  • It just means you met their aesthetic on that day.
  • Objections to high colour are generally made on aesthetic rather than health ground.
  • With the 38 series, he alters his shimmering aesthetic by adding some dirt.
  • This one will probably be green or blue, but hopefully we'll be able to bring back the mid century aesthetic into our house.
  • This is called prioritizing your design aesthetic over your readability.
  • The feeling thrust upon me is of mastery, an appreciation of the grand aesthetic through sweeping green views.

agreeable to, with, for, in or at?

  • Almost all are agreeable to me.
  • Damned right it was agreeable with me.
  • This is highly agreeable for householders.
  • We found the hotel agreeable in all respect.
  • COMMENT: again, this statement looks agreeable at first sight.
  • If you can't find a solution agreeable by all parties, divide it.
  • This is indeed uncanny, but quite agreeable from my perspective.
  • And I say we, in as much as it is us, collectively, who are conditioned by media to be the most agreeable of publics.
  • This is the basic principle, if we are agreeable on it then we go into the matters of detail.

"apt for" or "apt in"?

  • He was apt for the role of Achilles.
  • None of them are apt in the least.
  • Well, I am apt to side with Ross on this one.
  • A hint is apt at this juncture.
  • Name: Nana Always apt with responses.
  • The example of SCO is apt as the case is still in court.
  • Not everyone understands the control of a good apt on the shoes just for running.
  • As for Cardiff Blues, their name is apt after a poor start to the campaign.
  • The film is rather apt considering this week's presidential elections and the state of the world economy.
  • Fate I think is the most apt of descriptions.

ambivalent about, to, towards, in or on?

  • Something I'd very ambivalent about.
  • I am ambivalent to that choice.
  • Voters are clearly ambivalent towards politics in general.
  • Marx himself was rather ambivalent in his writings.
  • I'd kind of ambivalent on this trend.
  • Durkan's responses to date have been equally ambivalent as the UUPs.
  • California is sounding awfully ambivalent at this point.
  • Indeed, Kenyans are ambivalent toward drinking.
  • I feel so ambivalent with both of us keeping secrets.

"almighty for" or "almighty in"?

  • Thank God almighty for this move.
  • To worship God Almighty in holiness and reverence 2.
  • We are putting God Almighty to the test.
  • As per Muslim beliefs, her running was answered by Allah Almighty with the well of ZamZam.
  • This indeed is a great favour bestowed by God Almighty on mankind.
  • It is not a pure Word of GOD Almighty as the Noble Quran (The Muslims ' Holy Scripture) is.
  • I thank God Almighty through His servant prophet T.
  • He puts your intentions before the almighty at all times.
  • This dividing of the Roman world by Constantine did not take the Almighty by surprise.
  • Sure, he was saved and lifted by GOD Almighty from the cross.
  • That is, those who deny the existence of the hereafter accuse God Almighty of ignorance, weakness and lying.
  • I'd afraid you'll have to talk to the Lord God Almighty about that.
  • The poor fellow must have got very close to the Almighty after bloody Lucifer scurried away as he always does after putting some creature of the Omnipresent in trouble.
  • Use the blast of the Almighty against them.
  • Some will call him the king of politics while some expert falterers will pray to Allah almighty before the whole crowed that may Allah almighty give him long and long life.
  • Similarly, a person also is not able to focus his attention towards the Almighty during the prayer.
  • Bush put the fear of Dog Almighty into the Godless left.
  • You need the guidance of the Almighty like never before.
  • We began worshipping Allah the Almighty without being harmed and without hearing anything that we hated.

antithetical to or in?


"alarmed at" or "alarmed about"?

  • Alarmed at this phone call, Mr.
  • That is nothing to be alarmed about.
  • We are very alarmed by this development.
  • Tory leaders were alarmed with the government.
  • The boy looked alarmed for a moment and then Teddy laughed and ruffled his hair.

"authentic in" or "authentic to"?

  • Be authentic in your marketing.
  • This doesn't feel authentic to me.
  • I suspect that I am being authentic by being wise? Not sure.
  • By the Authentic For Men Minnesota Wild Jerseys desire to destroy.
  • You need to be authentic with your approach.
  • I have always be authentic about who I am and what little I know.
  • Probably the most authentic of Central American locations.
  • Finally I get the authentic from you.
  • It is authentic according to al-Albani.
  • This will make you more authentic as a person and as a leader.
  • But the same benefits were not seen from being authentic at work.
  • She's authentic on and off the screen.
  • There's no new bits of production on this and it sounds more authentic because of it with some weird breaks and what sounds like errors but turn out to be a wonderful breaks.
  • Leaders of the future will have to be authentic rather than clones of others.
  • You should walk and talk authentic through your whole life.
  • The question has never been adequately settled, though the bones are now displayed as authentic within the cathedral.
  • I can be authentic without offending.

appealing to, for, in, about or of?

  • It became very appealing to me.
  • You are just too appealing for your own good.
  • The book is most appealing in this aspect.
  • There's just something very appealing about it.
  • Gill is far more appealing as a growler.
  • It is our duty to call them to the truth, in the best and most appealing of ways.
  • The GTO 804 is pretty appealing with either model.
  • The sofa was far far more appealing at the time.
  • It was also freezing cold, which made it seem less appealing by the minute.
  • Union Rags therefore is the most appealing from your group.
  • It looks more appealing on women with wavy or curly hair.

acute in, for, with, at or among?

  • And there is the acute in sound? True.
  • This is especially acute for young men.
  • The effects of this become more apparent and acute with time.
  • It was her voice that made The sky acutest at its vanishing.
  • Dismay about wind farms has been particularly acute among the party's grassroots.
  • To be sure, the problems were acute by the time Brown took control.
  • Her hearing was acute to the end.
  • She is acute as a razor blade and about as merciful.
  • The problem has become acute because of the wireless and the television.
  • The problem becomes acute during monsoons, when due to clogged drains, dirty water overflows from the drains.
  • Some of it does seem like the most acute of second thoughts.
  • Others may have acute on chronic attacks.
  • The divisions within the governing troika in South Africa are once again becoming acute after the acquittal in the Zuma Treason Trial and the enforced resignation of President Mbeki.
  • The problem is particularly acute amongst part-time agency workers where the proportion earning less than 6.
  • Right now, the fuel price is acute due to saber-rattling between the incompetents in the US and the EU and Iran.
  • Such problems in the less developed countries may become acute from its current state of being chronic.
  • At a BBC consumed by the process of managing change, the struggle has been particularly acute over the past decade or so.

absolute in, for, of, to or as?

  • Rule is made absolute in these terms.
  • Leggings are absolute for this.
  • The absolute of Hegel and Shankara is a solid rock.
  • Unhappiness is a relative condition that feels absolute to those in distress.
  • Ordinary life fits the absolute as a box and its lid.
  • That's not an absolute by any means.
  • Rule made partly absolute on the above terms.
  • Let's not be absolute about it.
  • We never associate the Absolute with the world.
  • Truth is never absolute from perspective of ignorant souls.
  • Lisa met me locally to give me my Decree Absolute rather than post it.
  • I think commitment won't be absolute without sexual exclusivity.
  • Thus, a universe from nothing is not absurd or irrational if, for some reason, causality is not absolute at the point of origin.
  • Spinoza considers human actions to be bound by laws that are absolute like mathematical laws.
  • Now, the ascent to the Absolute through these graduated stages is through the Northern path, the Archaradi-Marga, or the Uttarayana-Marga.
  • Dell Inspiron 1200 - You can buy a laptop thanks to the absolute under $ 1000 and Dell offers several models below this preface and the Inspiron 1200.
  • To do that, you need to know about Absolute versus Relative file referencing.
  • Veterans ' preference is absolute within each quality category.

astonished at, by, with, about or as?

  • He was astonished at this dream.
  • We are all astonished by nature.
  • And they were astonished with great astonishment.
  • Am soo astonished about this article.
  • Astonished as to the cure, I inquired.

afloat in, for, by, with or on?

  • BHASAN: Literally, setting afloat in water.
  • Realms managed to stay afloat for 52 issues.
  • Stradbally stayed afloat by the skin of their teeth.
  • The decision kept them afloat with Obama having the last word.
  • Like any religion, it is afloat on a flimsy raft of absurdities.
  • It is probably single handedly holding Ch Ten afloat at the moment.
  • Promotions do a lot to help keep a company afloat during the fledgling year.
  • There were, of course, logistic problems afloat as well as ashore.
  • Many of them are trying desperately to keep businesses afloat despite Mr Osborne's government.
  • I just want a loan to help me stay afloat through this mess.
  • Anglers who go afloat without the aid of a boatman should.
  • Trying to stay afloat after this predicament they attempted to make a Windows version.
  • Also the way these forces set rumours afloat against innocent people of Northeast working in different parts of India was very scary.
  • In relation to this, Ahmad stressed that cost cutting measures should be sought to enable Malaysia Airlines to stay afloat amid the challenging outlook in the aviation industry.
  • Many companies in the States are currently being held afloat due to the unexpectedly high demand from the Chinese.
  • Learn a thing or two about keeping your marriage afloat from the Marriage Ref.
  • The best way to stay afloat of matters sexuality is to be your own person.
  • The US believes it has kept the world economy afloat over the last couple of decades.
  • The fanooshes are set afloat to the rhythm of the sadhu voices of Buddhist bhikkhus (monks) who chant mantras.
  • Steel asked for less than he might, but the government stayed afloat until 1978.
  • And as the earth was the sekru -bark of Osiris in Amenta, it was the ark afloat upon the waters of the Nnu 145.

admissible in, to, under, for or as?

  • But it's not admissible in court.
  • Three, you must be admissible to the United States.
  • Be otherwise admissible under U.
  • But CEA is not admissible for Pre-school/playschool.
  • Their narrations are not admissible as proof to substantiate any claim.
  • These observations would be admissible at trial to prove impairment: R.
  • Admissibility Declared admissible on 8 June 2010.
  • Hearsay evidence is admissible against the applicant.
  • His complaint was deemed admissible by the Garda Ombudsman.
  • Is the Transport Allowance admissible during study leave? No Q.
  • Is flying allowance admissible with Siachen Allowance? No.
  • Then the record should be admissible without requiring such testimony.

adverse to, in, about, for or of?

  • I am not at all adverse to GM foods.
  • It was a hinterland secret in its customs, adverse in its intent, into which.
  • A day when white people will no longer be blamed for everything adverse about New Zealand.
  • Europe's population is too adverse for that.
  • The adverse of Rocket steamer is amid at the bend of Laboni point (zia point).
  • An order is designed to control activities adverse on the environment or public health.
  • As such, I found his process to be too risk adverse with his cash flow method to financial independence vs my equity method to financial independence.

adaptable to, in, for, with or of?

  • We are very adaptable to changes.
  • He's adaptable in nature, in theme and in ability.
  • He was too adaptable for everyone.
  • It is widely adaptable with an average yield of 1949 kg/ha.
  • You simply need to be adaptable about your travel schedule arrangements such as the date and time you wish to fly.
  • Fruitflies are remarkably adaptable across a broad range of climates.
  • Blanchard learned to be adaptable as a child.
  • They are extremely well organized, managed and are adaptable at the same time, as when necessary.
  • You do not have to participate in some events which you feel not adaptable by your present situation.
  • Lesson: be more adaptable during the race on timing,.
  • Humans are the most adaptable of all species.
  • Plus, it's a breeze to put together, only 4 ingredients (including the bread ), and highly adaptable within the same theme.

"advanced in" or "advanced for"?

  • Very advanced in comparison to us humans.
  • He was too advanced for his age.
  • The most advanced of these are.
  • The brother of the slain advanced to revenge his death.
  • Mulg advanced with an eye to control another flag.
  • See the justification of ' European Committee-ology ' advanced by C.
  • Dutko regained his feet and advanced on the 88mm.
  • If they got sick then I wouldn't fancy trying to do anything too advanced at 3000m.
  • Small wonder that these sciences are the most advanced among the Islamic sciences.
  • Chart 1 shows economic growth in major advanced as well as key Asian economies.
  • Nicodemus Odore in 1992 was the last time a Kenyan advanced beyond the 1st round at the Olympics.
  • They are quite advanced from the beginner puja.

"australian in" or "australian of"?

  • I'd sorry okay! It's the Australian in me.
  • Australian of the year? My foot.
  • I am a middle aged Australian with a satisfying job.
  • Thats Australian for 16,000 miles.
  • WOW! I just watched Paul Kelly from The Australian on Sky.
  • He is a professional cyclist and is Australian by birth.
  • There is something completely Australian about being BOGAN on Australia day.
  • Murdoch regards The Australian as his treasured flagship even although it is said to not turn a profit.
  • Main index page for the Australian War Memorial exhibit - Australian at War.
  • Now there's huge Asian participation; and South American, Australian to some extent.
  • Offences Australian against the sovereign: involve criminal acts against the government, e.
  • We were met by Mark Rodwell the CEO who is an Australian from just South of Sydney.
  • Rinehart, 57, is already the richest Australian after her wealth more than doubled to $10.
  • In August 09, a British gunman was arrested by Iraqi authorities and charged with shooting dead a fellow Briton and an Australian during a drinking session.
  • The response posed no threat to Parkinson's lead and thus sent the Australian into the next round.
  • I don't think majority of Australian like either Julia or Tony.
  • The same argument had also played out in The Australian over the weekend.
  • Once selected, they have to pay a broadcast fee of $600 Australian per hour.
  • Laura Enever, Australian Pro Surfer I am honoured to be part of the McGrath Foundation.

aloof from, in, to, of or with?

  • Many simply stand aloof from the fray.
  • You accept to beappear aloof in adjustment to survive.
  • The rest of the world is not completely aloof to what is going on in Nigeria.
  • One who criticises the Mah? si method is still aloof of the right path.
  • Many people remain aloof for this reason.
  • Don't make the mistake of being condescending or aloof with this person.
  • He pretends to be aloof about the matter.
  • Is he grand, awkward or aloof as a consequence of all this success? Answer: none of the above.
  • On one hand, Aquarius can be quite intellectually and emotionally aloof at times.
  • He was regarded as somewhat aloof by the locals.
  • Imagine this, with the feature, you can use the iPhone aloof like use your acclaim card.
  • In a word, its uniqueness -- northern and aloof on the surface,.
  • Losing their mother at the age of five left their father bitter, unforgiving and aloof towards his daughters.

"annoying to" or "annoying for"?

  • It's really annoying to me, that.
  • Which is annoying for a reader.
  • Funny and annoying at the same time.
  • They also very annoying in the U.
  • I find 1 thing very annoying about her.
  • It gets annoying after a point.
  • I mean, he's so annoying on it.
  • I'd feeling annoying with this problem.
  • This gets really annoying as the match goes on.
  • Most annoying of all, the writer's continued reference to ' the darling '.
  • It was most annoying because of the extra ' wasted ' time it took.
  • It's growing more annoying by the minute.
  • This is highly annoying during development.
  • This is annoying from the first page.
  • I'd just really annoying like that.
  • This is valuable information, but gets annoying over time.
  • You might find this annoying rather than convenient.

"amused by" or "amused at"?

  • I was pretty amused by what I saw.
  • I'd easily amused at Cope Reynolds.
  • I'd just amused with what you wrote.
  • Am not amused about the mockup of the interpreter.
  • That has kept me amused for many a boring afternoon.
  • Amused in the sense that it is a question of kettle calling pot black.
  • It keeps you engaged and amused to the very last page.

"antagonistic to" or "antagonistic towards"?

  • One is not antagonistic to the other.
  • I was antagonistic towards such a task.
  • We should stop being so antagonistic toward each other.
  • You are often antagonistic in your own blogs.
  • There's nothing rebellious or antagonistic about this movement -- it's positive and purposeful.
  • They are individualistic, selfish and even antagonistic against each other.
  • The Liberals have been ideologically antagonistic for decades and with Labor, well, even there ' the light on the hill was turned off some time ago '.
  • It reveals the potential, promise, and the hope we have that brighter days are ahead, even in the most antagonistic of environments.
  • Avoid getting antagonistic with people.

"assertive in", "assertive about" or "assertive with"?

  • We can be assertive in positive ways.
  • Be firm and assertive with him.
  • But there was nothing assertive about his manner.
  • Has the game changed? Romney emerged as the more assertive of the two.
  • Just be very assertive on the appeal.
  • Be assertive without being rude.
  • Stay calm but assertive at all times.
  • When I say I was rebellious, I mean that I was assertive as a child.
  • The foreign policy too would become more assertive to in view of growing nationalism.
  • He kneels out, assertive against his setting -- and his setting is the White House with a background of all America.
  • I have found I'd assertive around some people then passive around others.
  • You've just been very professional and assertive by calling them first, then sending resume.
  • India too felt that Sri Lanka was becoming too assertive for its liking.
  • When it happens, we must be vigilant and assertive over our territorial rights.
  • In these cases, I think it's critical to be assertive rather than confrontational.

"ablaze with" or "ablaze in"?

  • Mature landscaped gardens ablaze with flowers.
  • The middle east is ablaze in death.
  • Their compound was set ablaze by a group.
  • Emotions ablaze on wedding days.
  • A female worker set (the factory) ablaze after entering (it).
  • It wasn't well ablaze at that time.
  • But the forums were ablaze for 8 hours all morning with crazy talk.
  • The skies in Stratford are ablaze as a remarkable display begins.
  • The men then set the house ablaze before making their escape in the area.
  • Another plant of great beauty and renowned for its ornamental value is the Bonfire Tree which comes ablaze during the months of June and July.
  • It is one of the biggest festivals with about 20,000 fireworks set ablaze from two different locations.
  • The Chavez rallies are ablaze of red.
  • Interestingly, none of the goalies mentioned are among the handful who have set the league ablaze over the first couple weeks of the season: Jonathan Quick sports a 0.
  • In a bush ablaze to my wondering gaze God makes His glory known.

aghast at, with, in, by or as?

  • He is puzzled or aghast at them.
  • He stood aghast with his mouth agape.
  • Boris's aides have watched aghast as the government has muddled its way into disaster after disaster.
  • Today, we are founding fathers would be aghast by Earth's conditions.
  • Critics of the former mayor and his incinerator deals sat aghast in the audience.
  • Now I can't be too aghast about this.
  • Hoof the ball, I shout, aghast for a moment at my honest vehemence.
  • I was aghast on reading the whole episode of hanging a man.
  • Think about that, baseball fans who are aghast over Mike Trout losing the AL MVP to Miguel Cabrera.

associated with or to?

  • Inside get associated with Mister.
  • All arguments that associated to the alignment.

"academic in" or "academic at"?

  • We are seeking a top-class academic in this field.
  • Anyway, academic at the moment.
  • The writer is a former academic with a doctorate.
  • Mary High School both from an academic as well as social perspective.
  • The thing was pretty academic for us.
  • According to a Muslim academic from Kalmunai, the I.
  • She went from being an academic to a politician.
  • He has held many art exhibitions though he is an academic by profession.
  • An academic like Mahbubulah I am far less sure of.
  • The only interviews you get are academic ones.
  • It's quite abstract and general -- almost academic rather than journalistic.
  • I don't think anyone should get too academic about it.
  • I guess over time, it made sense to me and I decided to be an academic after all.
  • His early days in school showed him to be a minister and academic of great promise.
  • A very important aspect of their success has been the integration of the support needed by an aspiring academic within a university (e.
  • It sounds academic without over doing it with long over the top complex vocab.
  • Khanna is a well travelled academic worth taking note of.

alien to, in, from or for?

  • They are alien to our realities.
  • Sometimes we are alien in our own land.
  • So alien from outer space visit us and live.
  • Somehow, the people around me, the pace at which the organization moved, felt too alien for me.

accustomed to, in or with?

  • My eyes grew accustomed to the fog.
  • We have all become accustomed in recent years to searching for real estate online.
  • MeeGo is easy to get accustomed with.

ascending to, from, into, through or in?

  • Rawlings before ascending to heaven.
  • And then? Smoke, incense ascending from the altar of the world.
  • The capsule is ascending into the stratosphere.
  • Ascending in pairs at five-minute intervals made collection easier.
  • At exactly 12:00am on Day 6, Chansant began ascending through the heavy cloud towards Stella Point on the Crater rim.
  • Climbers ascending by this route are required to descend to Mweka gate.
  • Ascending on the Razdan pass led us through sparsely dense pine forests.
  • How did it feel as we're ascending towards the sky with nothing but a harness on? I du n no.
  • The opposite of Ascending with both feet on the ground.
  • Horombo Huts is a very lively place used both by Marangu climbers ascending as well as those descending from Kibo.
  • He's ascending at 1,000ft a minute.
  • If they are ready there is nothing to stop individual souls ascending before the 21st, December.
  • After ascending for half an hour reached to open area with Mana.
  • With the ascending of the Speaker of the State House of Assembly Hon.
  • What did you see? And the woman said to Saul, ' I saw a spirit ascending out of the earth.
  • Their leader, Agha Hasan succeeded in ascending over the top of the ramparts with thirty of his men.
  • In the pinecone pictured, eight spirals can be seen to be ascending up the cone in a clockwise direction.
  • Description This is a 7 day Kilimanjaro hike starting at Machame gate and ascending via Stella Point.

"apologetic about" or "apologetic for"?

  • I am not apologetic about that.
  • Hanna looks truly apologetic for lying.
  • I swung from apologetic to indigent.
  • She wasn't even apologetic in any way.
  • He started off overly apologetic at stepping in at.
  • Never be defensive or apologetic of the changes.
  • I feel very sad that government has become very apologetic on the issue of yatris.
  • They are apologetic towards religious extremist.
  • She kept thinking he would change as he would be very apologetic after each incident.
  • Bringing in Dempsey with a few hours to go almost seemed apologetic from the chairman.
  • What's interesting about Giuliani is that he isn't acting apologetic over his positions on the Second Amendment and abortion.
  • He felt apologetic toward the Wheelers and toward his old friends.
  • Khairul, however, was apologetic with regard to his poor performance.

abhorrent to, in, for, of or about?

  • They are abhorrent to the rule of law.
  • It is abhorrent in the eyes of Allah, and is unnatural.
  • General warrants, abhorrent for a host of reasons Camden and his contemporaries identified, are formally prohibited.
  • The most abhorrent of deeds according to Allah is to associate partners with Him, then to cut the ties of kinship.
  • There is something abhorrent about the face of capitalism here in America.
  • State terror is equally abhorrent as the many repercussions damage all aspects of the life of the nation.
  • Meanwhile, the principle underlying the command remains relevant and applicable: religious persecution is abhorrent at all times and in all places.
  • While many seem to think that cheering a Marlon King goal is morally abhorrent because of his criminality, that opinion doesn't hold up to scrutiny.
  • Not only is the material abhorrent due to the fact that, in order to make it, children are being abused around the world.
  • Child abuse is abhorrent from wherever it comes and in organisations that have control over children it is often difficult to bring it into the open.
  • Sure, emailing racist messages of hate to the family of a murder victim is not, in fact completely abhorrent on any objective reading, but instead a subversive undermining of PC principles.
  • From making deals he found abhorrent with Crowley, to literally killing himself so he could meet Death and try and bargain with him.

"aggrieved by" or "aggrieved at"?

  • It is something i do feel aggrieved by.
  • O Ibrahim! We are aggrieved at your demise.
  • It's OK for you to feel aggrieved about this.
  • Being aggrieved with the decision of the **30;147590;TOOLONG.
  • In the same vein, shareholders in the capital market are aggrieved over the return of the D.
  • Still, I think Levy too had cause to feel aggrieved after Redknapp's public courting of the England job.
  • The assessee is aggrieved against the sustenance of this disallowance.
  • Aggrieved from the said order, revenue is in appeal.
  • Shame the aggrieved in the case lived quite some distance away.
  • The third is Jonjo Shelvey, who may well have felt most aggrieved of all having been overlooked in favour of Henderson.
  • When the letter was read, he was aggrieved on hearing about the punishment that was being endured by Branwen.
  • At the same time I appeal to all those aggrieved to not to react emotionally and thus prove the decorum of a teacher in your postings.

added to, in, on, of or for?

  • Bush started and obama added to it.
  • Contemplate shelling out which will tiny added in your goal apparel,.
  • But we hardly had the ball in added on time.
  • For added of a best attending we adulation this applique dress, from Lipsy.
  • Fairways have been widened a bit and a tee box or two added for some extra oomph.
  • Added at: 2009-05-11 10:15 Comment of Mike: I see you deleted my comment Mr/Miss/Mrs Administrator.
  • However no new jobs are expected to added from the money.
  • It only gets added with the preview frame, so the live site and others won't see it, because they don't need to see it.
  • Helen Vendler argues that in this volume the war is ' added as a metaphor.
  • You get some dependable added during this particullar unit.
  • Infants are not resistant to having the identical added inside clothing.
  • But, irregardless of the fall of PP (sadly i feel the area would be lose and in added into one forgettable GRC ), the tide has changed in Singapore.
  • So that was another 30mins wasted added onto the previous 1.
  • She's an added plus just for me, period.
  • Last year those pennies added up to roughly 11 percent of the total federal budget deficit.

armed with, to, by, for or into?

  • Then vote armed with the facts.
  • This switches LNAV and VNAV from armed to active.
  • I think I have been strong armed by the IRS LOL.
  • Sometimes, yes, she would go armed for the same reasons.
  • Yet walking armed into a prison did not seem like a good idea to Puller, authorized or not.
  • On the other hand, death is initiated by a life of action, rushing armed against a sea of troubles -- a pretty hopeless project, if you think about it.
  • Where were our panthers standing armed at the polls? Our poll watchers were being thrown out by the panthers ' errand boys.
  • All your men of valor shall cross over armed before your brothers, the people of Israel.
  • Galling to be lectured to by the Germans like this, and perhaps being humiliatingly strong armed in this direction.
  • Armed of these elements the environment inside and outside of the classroom it will give good fruits.

ancillary to, of, with, by or in?

  • Writing code is ancillary to all this.
  • The Iraqi Jews operated to some extent as ancillary of the British in many countries around the world.
  • Air jordan shoes ancillary still preserved the Swoosh logo, this is the alone ancillary with a brace of NBA Shoes logo.
  • To adviser humans to saccept the appropriate approach of archbuzzs to buy, The two a lot of accepted monster exhausteds archbuzzs were atoneared ancillary by ancillary actuality.
  • Ancillary in our some scientists have recently proposed that now that.

ageing of, in, at, under or to?

  • The inevitable ageing of our bodies.
  • Recent social policy statements have sought to re-define ageing in a positive way.
  • Written by Paul Mulholland The development of the Centre of Excellence for Successful Ageing at St James's Hospital, Dublin, has been hampered as a result of the economic climate.
  • Posted by patrick on 10/28 at 10:15 AM I've just bought the book Ten secrets of healthy ageing after reading about the alternate day fasting in the newsletter and on the blog.
  • And above all, it's about seeing ageing as an interesting and productive stage of life, not as a form of illness.
  • Cheating ageing by a low-calorie diet, uploading one's mind into a super-computer, migrating into outer space.
  • Watch and share the official World Health Day 2012 video, and join the conversation on healthy ageing on Twitter #AddHealth2Life to be part of the change.
  • Dr De Grey said: ' I'd say we have a 50/50 chance of bringing ageing under what I'd call a decisive level of medical control within the next 25 years or so.
  • A lot of research and knowledge already does exist on ageing, and is available on the internet by searching for ' Ageing with SCI '.

assured of, in, with, on or about?

  • They are always assured of a home.
  • Now I'd very assured in myself as a person.
  • Atleo's win was far less assured with votes running on for a record 23 hours.
  • One can rest assured about looking good with the Ash shoes.
  • With all these accreditations, there is definitely no necessity to look elsewhere for an assured as well as effective FFL licence application pointers.
  • But such needs can be assured by a functional welfare system.
  • When you buy your kit of synthetic urine from us, rest assured for passing drug tests.
  • I will not attack until we are ready and you can rest assured on that point.
  • And rest assured after 2 minutes I go about my own life and am happy-go-lucky until the next mean comment riles me up.
  • Rest assured at http: //HolidaysforFamily.
  • How pleasant it is to rest assured because of an active internal audit department at work all days.
  • It is the best way to assured from the insurer and the insurer also insured you about the process.
  • As soon as I read what he stated in this book on this issue, I became rest assured regarding what I referred to in my book, thanking Allah for finding the doubt raised in the mind of Dr.
  • Zhang Heng is never rest assured to capitalist.
  • Their goalkeeper Paul Durkin was also hugely influential in the game, his kick outs always found a Donegal player and he also looked very assured under the high ball.

"average in" or "average for"?

  • That's average in the industry.
  • Willo is strictly average for me.
  • Talk time is average at 7 hours.
  • The breakfast is average with limited spread.
  • The rest have been average to poor.
  • That guy is average on the sexy scale.
  • FEBRUARY is expected to be much colder than average by 1.
  • Heavy red line is average of the warmer buoys.
  • That's 10 hours average per day.
  • I probably average about 6-7 weeks per year.
  • I found this one: Maori incomes have risen faster than average across the board.
  • I am not yet convinced about Bondesio looked very average against WP this weekend.
  • As for protein, durian is nearly average among fruits.
  • Dravid? s average as an opener is not the best in the world.
  • I have about a C+ or B average because of my laziness in high school.
  • Summer temperatures usually average between 21-27 C.
  • If you have SAD, your serotonin levels may be lower than average during the winter.
  • That's average from our records in Japan.
  • But weather, sadly, is always going to guarantees this abnormal state, so average over time and it should hold.
  • The weather had been quite average throughout the day but the rain seemed to be holding off.

"astounded by" or "astounded at"?

  • I am astounded by this article.
  • I am astounded at what people eat.
  • I was absolutely astounded with the sound quality.
  • I was astounded about the lack of apparent interest in non-biological treatment.
  • I am astounded as to why the trip was given the go-ahead.
  • I am absolutely astounded for the company.
  • I went to a Alzheimers support group only last week, I was astounded in all the info i received.

affected by, in, of, with or through?

  • The Duke was very affected by her death.
  • Girls are the most affected in this.
  • India and China are the most affected of Swiss policy.
  • I am one of the affected with this Alcohol Abuse.
  • Tavira is the most affected according to the report, with three of its nine Juntas de Freguesia selected for closure.
  • He carries on his life with dignity and is ready to help the affected at any time.
  • He added that since women and children are the most affected during conflicts, they need the necessary support to be able to stand up for their rights.
  • We have been affected -- our export sector has been very affected for some time now -- but our domestic demand has held up very well.
  • The right side of my body seems to be the most affected from this.
  • The fact always remains that is it the girl who is finally the most affected through pregnancies but also emotionally.

"applied for" or "applied to"?

  • The two applied for the patent.
  • The same applied to The Star, which followed a policy of sensationalism common to all Karachi's afternoon newspapers.
  • If bass trapping is required, then it is usually most effective applied in the room corners (including those corners between any of the walls and the ceiling).
  • They are indicated with the arrows in the photo below: These dark areas are patches of retouching applied by Horace Buttery - the previous restorer - in 1960.
  • I now started to pack them on deck, having passed word below for every man to lie down and keep down; the same applied on deck.
  • I use a mixed media of style combining all types of paints, oils, gouache, watercolour and mostly acrylic applied with a brush airbrush or my finger.
  • These cities were flourishing and Muslim scientists made tremendous progress in applied as well as theoretical Science and Technology.
  • The square images are based on a Menger sponge with rotation and offsets applied at each iteration, which is why the structure divides and changes on each.

"advancing to" or "advancing in"?

  • Much more advancing to the health.
  • Advancing in retail can mean a variety of things.
  • It was slowly advancing towards me.
  • Software is advancing at a tremendous pace.
  • Their research is advancing on three fronts.
  • The law is also advancing from the other direction.
  • We really want to emulate their courage of advancing into America.
  • Principled and firm advancing of self-interest in international affairs.
  • Ensure that the kingdom is advancing through your partnership.
  • Pickwick advancing with the chaise whip in his hand, &c.
  • We are not advancing toward a glorious utopia.
  • What is not cool or restored is advancing for loss of life.
  • Whilst isolated, and in his precarious position, he observed a group of sixteen Anti Coalition Militia advancing across open ground towards the Observation Post.
  • In some areas children entrenched against each other, firing and advancing against the ' rivals '.
  • India sees itself as advancing along a Western industrial paradigm.
  • Were heading back to Capuzzo when we were told there was a composite Regiment to be formed, and we would be advancing as the Germans were on the run.
  • Advancing beyond a 10 qubit system may prove to be more difficult.
  • Advancing by short marches, on the third day they arrived at Gigonus, where they encamped.
  • But how did even this come about? The reason that the SPECAL method has been growing and advancing over the years is that it grows out of something unusual.
  • They will make the playoffs without Rose, but advancing past the Heat is impossible without him.
  • Traditionally, joining the Brotherhood and advancing within it has always been the key to preferment in the Church.

"approved for", "approved by" or "approved of"?

  • E ' approved for use in adults.
  • The ever-supportive Curt approved of my plan.
  • The curriculum is approved by the experts of the WHO.
  • Also debates had been pre- approved on what questions could be asked.
  • Each piece is made with a good metal that is meals secure, lead-free, FDA canada goose down approved as well as little or no treatment.
  • Send To a friend Your Name Your Email Friend's Name Friend's Email Send To Friend Comments Comments on this site are pre approved before displaying and not all comments are approved.
  • If you chose a card online you can get the same approved from the family members as well.
  • This is the first drug eluting stent approved in the U.
  • The good news is that I got my leave for 23/11 approved with no questions asked.

"appalled by" or "appalled at"?

  • In fact, I am appalled by them.
  • Why are we not appalled at this.
  • I am appalled with this service.
  • I'd appalled as a veteran that the U.

assistant to, in, at, for or during?

  • Assistant to Governor of freemen 1622.
  • Arniel wasn't bad when he was assistant in Buffalo.
  • Alexander Stewart was Assistant at this time in the parish.
  • Paul is currently Assistant for Spirituality to the British Jesuit Provincial.
  • Pauli was then appointed to Gttingen as Born ' s assistant from October 1921.

away with, in or of?

  • She's cute so she can get away with it.
  • The sand was cleared away in the 1880s.
  • We have to find a away of knocking that down,? she stated.