yellow in, for, with, on or to?

  • There's a streak of yellow in ' em.
  • That's a yellow for the skipper.
  • Some are yellow with black spots.
  • They have lots of yellow on them.

english in, as, with, for or to?

  • I had English in school for 8 years.
  • We spoke Olde English as a language.
  • My main goal is learn english with it.
  • So get over it - thats English for you.

passive in, to, about, with or for?

  • Each is both active and passive in turn.
  • At best they are passive tools.
  • We can not be passive about this.
  • The connection of the passive with? of the subject (cf.

"remiss in" or "remiss of"?

  • Also, I would be remiss in not.
  • And it would be frankly remiss of her.
  • The article is remiss for not discussing this aspect.
  • I've been a bit remiss on the posts lately.

spacious with, for, in, by or on?

  • Very spacious with good amenities.
  • The room is pretty spacious for the price.
  • The eternity pool is spacious in a beautifully landscaped setting.
  • They were much smaller than A &; B blocks but pretty spacious by HK, non-government, standards.

"sober for" or "sober in"?

  • I've been sober for six months.
  • I shall be sober in the morning.
  • She was sober at that point in time.
  • Mell claims that she was sober on this night.

"satisfying for" or "satisfying to"?

  • They weren't satisfying for me.
  • That's not very satisfying to me.
  • But, nothing jubilant or satisfying about it.
  • To me that's equally satisfying in a different way.

evil in, for, to, of or from?

  • Yes, war is evil in all aspects.
  • It must be evil for evil? s sake.
  • These people are evil to the core.
  • He's the least evil of our choices.

"dynamic in" or "dynamic between"?

  • Interrresting dynamic in play here.
  • It changes the dynamic between persons.
  • It's flexible and dynamic with no targeting.
  • I think that's the new dynamic for artists.