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Prepositions after Adjectives

vivid in, to, with, for or of?

  • Her memories are vivid in my mind.
  • Jackson: Dinah was so vivid to me.
  • Get really clear and vivid with this.
  • The initial bit is really vivid for me, but then.

"opposite to" or "opposite in"?

  • The opposite to an Anticyclone.
  • Quite the opposite in practice.
  • It is the opposite of aphelion.
  • It is just the opposite for me.

"troublesome for" or "troublesome to"?

  • But this is troublesome for me.
  • He was also troublesome to Zayd.
  • Books are troublesome in that regard.
  • They are, however, the most troublesome of invertebrates to preserve.

lucrative for, in, to, of or with?

  • ON is definitely not lucrative for jobs.
  • The genre is by far the most lucrative in books.
  • I still believe he is only doing this to make them lucrative to privatization.
  • It was the most lucrative of his businesses.

experienced in, of, with, at or by?

  • I'd also very experienced in networking.
  • Speaking form my experienced of owning a VW.
  • Grab the experienced with anyone.
  • She is very experienced at acupuncture alongside IVF.

"gifted with" or "gifted to"?

  • You are gifted with beautiful talent.
  • Gifted to a useful purpose? Hard to say.
  • He is also gifted in leadership.
  • I have a Mac Air gifted by son.

"noble of" or "noble in"?

  • Not so noble of the parents afterall.
  • There is nothing noble in his actions.
  • There is nothing noble about poverty.
  • I did find it at Barnes and Noble for the 12.

reachable by, from, on, in or through?

  • I'd reachable by email or at 613-.
  • If v is not reachable from s then let? (s, v) =?
  • All facilities are reachable on foot.
  • And not every person will be reachable in the same manner.

expressive of, in, with, about or as?

  • The countenance then is expressive of the heart.
  • This should be more expressive in 6 months or a year.
  • You are expressive with command on the English language.
  • Mayank hugs her and is very expressive about his love.