Prepositions after "bold"

bold in, with, for, on or of?

In 41% of cases "bold in" is used

Nothing new or bold in his plan.

Be bold in designing the future.

Be bold in your choice of colours.

The word ' Integrity ' is beautiful and sounds sweet and bold in the ear when mentioned.

In a research report, IDFC Securities said the government could be bolder in divesting.

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I myself am a bit bold in terms of deciding what I think is good, and this is made easy when I haven't wiped anything.

This year we are going to be taking this to the next level so we are going to need to Step Up and Be bold in a big way.

When the cat's away the mice will play, and in these four weeks the fishermen had become very bold in violating the law.

It's an impressive statement, bold in its very carelessness: he simply filled the next 4 pages with dates, down to 1478.

In 12% of cases "bold with" is used

We must be bold with the truth.

Be sure to go bold with colour.

Be available and bold with tact.

I am inspired to live life everyday to the fullest, to be bold with courage and go forth.

There's always been a dance element to our music, but this time we've been a bit bolder with it.

Personally, with Fallout 4 I'd like to see them be a bit more mature and bold with the 18+ rating.

Fight back! If it's been tried over the past 40 years and it failed, then tear it up and be bold with something new.

Instead, go bold with your colors, and be sure to make room for a statement wall -- a space that will really pop (i.

He was bold with the United States, and was especially hard with their warmongering, imperialistic foreign policies.

It is still big, brash and bold with the noise of industry leaders ' egos clashing with a sometimes deafening crash.

In 8% of cases "bold for" is used

Use your Ink bold for 2X for gas.

It's too bold for gentle sentiment.

He is just too bold for most of us.

The FiveThirtyEight model is sometimes perceived as being incredibly bold for having Mr.

That's pretty bold for a guy whose only contribution to the United States has been as an entertainer.

The abundance aswell has the Asacknowledgein; s Creed III video bold for the Playcarbonion, pralgid at.

But the flavours of the dish seemed a little to bold for my parents, who were not eating the vegetables with any rice.

If she?? s emotionally invested, she is unlikely to do something that bold for fear of having her fragile ego deflated.

The ones I had tried were always too drying on my lips or the color was too bold for me, and I just never really liked it.

I can sell my bold for at least $200 on eBay so it'll only cost me $200 out of pocket for the iPhone and not be under contract.

In 7% of cases "bold of" is used

It's so bold of you to choose that.

I don't read much Irish fiction, which is very bold of me.

This is the boldest of the three in relation to content.

The scale and variety of this mega-park offers something to thrill even the boldest of Halloween fanatics.

Remember that the success of the day goes on through the night depends on their success in the bold of flirting.

I agree with BoksKick, bold of you to be dictating who can or can't comment when you don't seem to know the rules.

bold of theme, sensual of language, and astonishing in its implications, The Rest is Silence is a stunning achievement.

Traditional cooking techniques are blended with science to coax out the most wonderful flavours in the boldest of dishes.

Even if it is meant to be something bolder of subtler from your furniture, your cushions should balance the style altogether.

Yes, he infuriated as many as he -enthralled, but he was the ultimate -big-match player, bold of spirit and devoidof self-doubt.

In 7% of cases "bold on" is used

Check out the bold on the judge.

He is courageous and bold on the pitch.

Third: Be bold on local government reorganisation.

But if there's anything at all as different and bold on the horizon, surely it's Google Glass.

The real fear is many black leaders are too timid to be bold on lack issues after getting elected.

For example, if your headings are bold, you want to ensure that the headings are bold on every post.

Florida State will play in the A bestaddress bold on SaturdFootbabate afreshst Georgia Tech, and will play in a basin.

I have seen it happen over the last few weeks as I decided to become a bit more bold on my personal social media networks.

So for example the lowest price, $47 in bold on the left, comprises the $29 for the big plan 29, and an $18 handset repayment.

Picture: Muntu Vilakazi/City Press The ANC needs to be bold on the state's role in the economy, its secretary-general Gwede Mantashe has said.

In 5% of cases "bold about" is used

Have the confidence to do be bold about the change.

On your second question, I was pretty bold about it.

But I'd getting bolder about using the comic register.

Whatever issues your subscribers hold most dear, be bold about those particular topics.

But they're still willing to give love a chance, even though they're scared to be bold about it.

They were bold about it; they were direct; they told the truth about salvation because they cared.

If you are going to implement a philosophical revolution, be bold about it: throw out the old, and bring in the new.

Many Christians are opting to be bold about their faith and are seeking avenues to be able to do that on a daily basis.

Christopher had told me to BE bold about GETTING INFORMATION so I thought asking four people was going above and beyond.

Harper's caucus may not be so bold about stating their unhappiness with the way things operate within this unhappy government.

In 4% of cases "bold as" is used

I'll be bold as well as strong.

Proverbs 28:1 says that the righteous are bold as a lion.

You'll be recognized in bold as a key person in the making of this record.

And an agenda only half as bold as the one I described above would still have dramatic effects.

Anyone who is not as resolute and bold as a true warrior is not likely to be able to stay there.

Well, if I could have the 9900 bold as a gift to her as a replacement for her Curve until next upgrade.

Barking - one is a watchdog of the sheep, roaring - one is bold as the Lion of Judah - groaning - one is an intercessor, etc.

The Purpose Of Clarendon Types Clarendon was first introduced for emphasis, a precursor of bold as a related face in a family.

ViewQwest is even bolder as to claim no more than 200-millisecond connections to servers such as Blizzard's popular Diablio III.

Beyond him is a man of middle age, with a fine, saturnine countenance, lean and bold as the head of Csar, and an air of great distinction.

In 3% of cases "bold to" is used

Change the word to bold to normal.

He; s alone had one bold to commande home abender.

Some people speak the boldest to the people dearest to them.

Whereas they were smudged at the edges, he was as sharp and bold to me as any live person.

From the bold to the Curve and even the Torch, RIM has bundled physical keys into its products.

So, if the reason why is it hard for you to offer prayer is because of laziness then you have to be bold to yourself to fight such feeling.

And seeing your name there on its accomplished own does not seem one bit too bold to me - it is exactly bold, it is perfectly bold, enough.

Heading Heading tags are used to separate topics and range from <H1> being very large and bold to <H6> which is very small and bold.

Not only are these artworks created with stunning lettering, they also come in a variety of design styles from big and bold to floral and elegant.

In 2% of cases "bold at" is used

Instead I use Consolas bold at 10pt.

Also I take objection to the quote in bold at the end of the article.

I tried to curb that crap with the stuff in bold at the top of the post, but it doesn't matter.

Sean was a bit bold at the rally in inciting Susanna to be noisy, and Pauline got cross with him.

Liquid just has a slightly smoother finish to it that's somehow softer and more bold at the same time.

He just accepted my adjustment advice through the reside babble and let their barterr whispering me in bold at ST coffer.

Many young and mature brides of today are interested in dressing like Princess Diana or wear something simple yet bold at their wedding.

Now, the market share of China's wind power in the global market has exceeded this estimation that was considered rather bold at that time.

EARN IT: Mars is in your birth sign and you can't help but notice -- you are bolder at work, simply not prepared to put up with slackers or back-stabbers.

In 2% of cases "bold by" is used

We can make any text bold by using the tag.

To begin with, the rats grew bolder by the day.

I have been traversing not large enough to Gabriel made bold by.

I am mg 25 Levitra Discount and Dolly to get out Gabriel made bold by.

I built a band and got bold by pitching my music to festivals, which led me to opening for the incredible James Taylor.

He offended a lot of people, and he's trying to be bold by standing by it, playing it off as if he doesn't care he got caught.

The generous ceiling height encourages you to be bold by using dramatic colors and large-scale furnishings that might overwhelm a smaller space.

At a time when Singaporean are experiencing an onslaught by foreigner to our society/PMET jobs, make bolder by anti Singaporean policy by MIW.

I'd not sure if Mike Vernon felt that he was being bold by telling everyone about the first amendment, but that has almost nothing to do with this issue.

In 1% of cases "bold from" is used

Also removing bold from headings, italic styling from em elements etc.

That's pretty bold from someone who is trying to profit off of the UFC light heavyweight champ.

Moving on to my next bold from above, you said: own doctrine says that God became Man, he was called Jesus.

While we may try and act noble and bold from behind the relative safety of the keyboard, or computer screen.

bold from Lennon but not neccessarily wise when onyl a draw needed perhaps? Benfica still bossing possession.

Source: Images taken from leading fashion websites Even Bolder Colors Colours this season are bigger and bolder from last season's.

In 1% of cases "bold like" is used

He's not bold like you, he won't look you in the eye.

Be brave and bold like Isreal, a small, but great country.

For anyone who is bold like me and hates surprises and wants to know, come back tomorrow for the all important spoilers.

So you could make the term bold like this: WSDL: Web Services Description Language You can insert a new line character (with ctrl-Enter) between the term and the description.

The design is clear and articulate: the copy is black and bold like a British tabloid newspaper headline, underlining the importance and almost scandalous nature of the message.

In 1% of cases "bold over" is used

Why not? UW: The designs got a little more bold over the years.

For several years, customers kept asking bold over Batiks! to make batik moose.

The first quilt shown is Sheryl's original version using fabrics from bold over Batiks.

Batiks are always a lot of work, and bold over Batiks! fabrics are extraordinary, beyond most batiks.

It's a variation of the sentiments which older people have been expressing to Older &; Bolder over the last few months.

Does Google favour bold over strong tags? Matt says they favour bold, however it's so slight that you need not worry about it.

Malaysian artists make these batiks exclusively for bold over Batiks! Each batik -- even the moose -- is painted one at a time.

Shortly after her fist contact with Mary, the owner of bold over Batiks, Mary left for Malaysia to work with the batik artists and was gone for several months.

Red Version **28;7815;TOOLONG bold over Batiks Jane discovered her first quilts from bold over Batiks while in Alaska, and realized that they had a special story.

Plus, you can rest assured, when you buy bold over Batiks - you are helping to keep an art alive and ensuring that these talented artists earn a fair livelihood for their work.