Prepositions after "enthusiastic"

enthusiastic about, in, for, with or at?

In 84% of cases "enthusiastic about" is used

enthusiastic about its impressive.

But they're not enthusiastic about.

enthusiastic about being a member of a team.

Which is the whole point of the law change John Key is so enthusiastic about.

As hard as this is to believe, Charlie is as enthusiastic about this as I am.

He signed for CSC and is, to say the least, enthusiastic about the new setup.

Margaret of Anjou, who was still in France with her son, at first was not very enthusiastic about the plot.

Maybe we all got a bit envious of our cousins having a political leader who they can be enthusiastic about.

enthusiastic about the folk songs, he went to study music in Northwest University for Nationalities in 1990.

Rogin was very enthusiastic about the task as his usual careful research was quite evidently sorely lacking.

In 5% of cases "enthusiastic in" is used

Wong is enthusiastic in education.

He gets enthusiastic in a very young way.

I was very enthusiastic in the beginning.

It's a hard job, there is nothing enthusiastic in it, it's slow, hard, boring job.

On the other hand, they are enthusiastic in absorbing or imitating other cultures.

Bro Razor of BTC (Borneo Thunder Club) claimed Festrack enthusiastic in Pontianak.

He was very enthusiastic in attack as well, often galloping down the right to provide support for the forwards.

The market has been over enthusiastic in assuming that there will be policy decisions coming from the government.

Ministers were enthusiastic in expressing their support for the ACD and in creating a formidable synergy within Asia.

Most importantly marketers should have good Public Relations skills and need to be very enthusiastic in what they do.

In 2% of cases "enthusiastic for" is used

They're enthusiastic for others to sign up.

Anyone can be enthusiastic for a few weeks.

I am not particularly enthusiastic for either.

I could hang out with some first years but they're far too enthusiastic for my liking.

The whole country seemed to be both enthusiastic for the war, and united in support of it.

By showing enthusiasm you will help your customers become more enthusiastic for your product.

Another crew asked if we could start our meal with coffee and I was probably too enthusiastic for a caffeine boost.

I'd not planning to come down with some horrible lurgie and I remain as enthusiastic for the work as I've ever been.

You all have been so supportive and enthusiastic for the last 4 years, and I know you will love this new show aswell.

Can you blame people for not being excited? I suspect there are a lot of those people who were enthusiastic for Obama.

In 2% of cases "enthusiastic with" is used

Everything was enthusiastic with Helvi.

She was very enthusiastic with helping Kauzki get together.

I'd not as enthusiastic with the new year as I thought I was.

Perhaps the po'lice will be a bit less enthusiastic with the riot gear as the.

The industry reactions to TV Trends have been very enthusiastic with queries and.

Anyhow, I have been known to be a bit, err, enthusiastic with my blueberry buying.

Phil &; Tommy have always been so enthusiastic with other guitarists and ever willing to share what they know.

They were extremely enthusiastic with the proposal and confirmed that with current technology the task was feasible.

This kind of event was not experienced in past few years of Bridge Club Sri Lanka and everyone was enthusiastic with the event.

The atmosphere at a typical British show is raucous and enthusiastic with most of the punters singing along to almost every song.

In 1% of cases "enthusiastic at" is used

People so enthusiastic at every level.

I do get a little overly enthusiastic at times.

New Democrats are even less enthusiastic at 28 per cent.

Be enthusiastic at all times, because enthusiasm is catching.

The Americans become enthusiastic at their repeated victories.

He was interactive, understanding and enthusiastic at all times.

Enthusiasm If you want to gain promotion be enthusiastic at work.

Marketers around the world were enthusiastic at this great opportunity.

This was as true of those who were enthusiastic at the prospect as those who were anxious about it.

They were still enthusiastic at the bar, eager to dance, buying her drinks - so easy to manipulate.

In 1% of cases "enthusiastic of" is used

enthusiastic of the result I stuck it on my face.

She is enthusiastic of all the subjects she learns.

The group arrived tired but enthusiastic of the tour.

Fiorentina appear to be the most enthusiastic of the clubs chasing the midfielder and he.

He is also enthusiastic of reaching out to the young minds and creating value in their lives.

She was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic of her subject (and in general ), helpful, well prepared and funny.

Earlier it was only the living spaces that people ended up very enthusiastic of furnishing to the heart's desire.

That bolded section -- quoting Alexander Hamilton, the founder most enthusiastic of executive power -- is dispositive.

It would also appear that a small but growing manority of Apple fans are becoming less enthusiastic of their situation.

You are enthusiastic of life and always try not to settle into comfortable or static situations as you like change and new activities.

In 1% of cases "enthusiastic on" is used

The staff of 12 were enthusiastic on opening day.

But, I changed to it by accident (too enthusiastic on the clicking: P).

The volunteers I met who teach the kids are enthusiastic on what they do.

Professors are helpful, and are very enthusiastic on sharing their knowledge with us.

Here are excerpts: The beginning of year 2007 was quite enthusiastic on peace dialogue.

Kwamo was finally selected because the villagers seemed extremely enthusiastic on self-help.

FWIW, I didn't like the post slamming your opinion but you should understand why we're so enthusiastic on this site.

He did not shy from hard work, and, in this current campaign, he has been as enthusiastic on the trail as he ever was.

Comparatively, the newly rich are usually more enthusiastic on acquiring luxury goods that clearly show off their newfound status.

We are particularly enthusiastic on issues surrounding production reporting, seismic data and the recruitment and retention of skilled data management staff.