face-to-face with, in, at, for or to?

Prepositions after "face-to-face"

In 75% of cases face-to-face with is used

We were face-to-face with the highly endangered PAWI.

This brings them face-to-face with their damaged homes.

Sit opposite the child so you're face-to-face with them.

An effective way to get face-to-face with the villain, but not so great for her.

Talking of dispensational changes, at this time I had come face-to-face with one.

I've had students in my office, having come face-to-face with a difficult person.

In other words, we are coming face-to-face with the truth: we are co-creators of consciousness here and now.

I had gone to take measurements for some building works but i came face-to-face with a vital lesson in life.

They need courage and determination when they come face-to-face with a man who is ready to kill to stop them.

In 5% of cases face-to-face in is used

We came face-to-face in the hotel foyer.

Face-to-face in this biz is hugely important.

Sharon and Helen have not talked face-to-face in the last two years.

Death Note has Light/Mello, despite the two never meeting face-to-face in canon.

There's a terrific scene where you and Bruce Willis are seated face-to-face in a diner.

The two met face-to-face in 1943, when Riddle killed his father and paternal grandparents.

Record them live, in real-time, jamming face-to-face in an effort to capture their conviviality and chemistry.

The survey, part of its Omnibus survey, is run three times a year and carried out face-to-face in people's homes.

The best way to find people who might be looking for dev or design work done is face-to-face in your own community.

No such fear existed in Jesus Christ who boldly spoke against the Talmudic Pharisees face-to-face in public meetings.

In 3% of cases face-to-face at is used

A face-to-face at the Owl &; Monkey Sanctuary 5.

I present online and face-to-face at conferences and teach classes online via WizIQ.

This one would be face-to-face at Valve's headquarters in Seattle, on American soil.

On the last day of our vacation in New Zealand, we caught up face-to-face at the Riccarton Bush.

Kim and Lindsay were both invited by Fox News Channel and they will be face-to-face at the table.

This will also help you to be on-topic with your icebreakers when you meet them face-to-face at the event.

As I dropped to my knees to be able to talk to her face-to-face at her level, I asked if there was anything she needed to say.

So when she finally committed to a face-to-face at the Soho Theatre on Dean Street, we got there a full hour ahead of schedule.

Every visit to welfare offices in the 1980s was face-to-face at the HRA office (sat in many a waiting room during my childhood).

As you may not be seen face-to-face at any time in the application process it's essential to register and have your identification verified.

In 3% of cases face-to-face for is used

We had a detailed discussion face-to-face for more than one and a half hours.

The two sides have not traded proposals or met face-to-face for a formal bargaining session in over two weeks.

You have a professor at Harvard or Amite University delivering his content face-to-face for 45 hours in a Semester.

Day Three wasn't strictly conference, but was the first official Face-To-Face for the FOSS4G 2013 Organising Committee.

The follow-up calls have gone really well and you're now faced with the challenge of getting ready to meet face-to-face for the first time.

I hadn't visited with Bill face-to-face for a while, but we visited on the telephone as recently as sometime during the past couple of years.

More unusually these days, cold calling can also refer to calling face-to-face for the first time without an appointment at commercial premises or households.

More unusually these days, cold calling can also refer to calling face-to-face for the first time without an appointment at commercial promises or households.

I was delighted to be able to meet you face-to-face for the first time this week along with so many other #dementiachallengers -- and that Simona was there, shortlisted.

Whilst there, I was also lucky enough to meet face-to-face for the first time with VBL Community member Mike Stankavich -- was a pleasure meeting you and your lovely family, Mike.

In 2% of cases face-to-face to is used

We celebrate faith by coming face-to-face to the Qiblah of our prayers.

Every small interaction can go from face-to-face to global in a matter of hours.

He was on sufficiently good terms with Gershom Scholem to admit his slip up face-to-face to him.

MEYER: Let's shift for a minute and talk about how assessment changes when you move from face-to-face to online.

I was in the Orchestra Section Row D Seats 25/26 which is face-to-face to the Ladies in Bikinis and Men with Six Packs.

Most importantly for your Pozible campaign, it lets you tell your story face-to-face to your fans, creating trust and an instant personal connection.

Hoping to appeal face-to-face to a physically present person, look him in the eye and establish a sense of trust, I walked into a local B of A branch.

As the archeological dig progressed we found three Bacon paintings: one was attached to another canvas, stuck face-to-face to another canvas, and we had to prise them apart.

Listening face-to-face to what they say they need to do a better job and giving it to them to their satisfaction if it makes sense is the only way to treat them with great respect.

What I did was devote much of my time to listening face-to-face to employee complaints, suggestions, and questions and responding to them to the satisfaction or better of employees.

In 1% of cases face-to-face about is used

Have the talk: Talk to the other person face-to-face about the problem.

In each survey, 26 751 respondents were interviewed face-to-face about their perceptions of.

Possibly he could fly to Florida and explain to them face-to-face about their limits and their correct part-time roles, which they have no hope of ever rising above.

It's important to keep in touch with all sectors of society and have a conversation face-to-face about pressing issues such as deep sea oil drilling off the coast of New Zealand.

In 1% of cases face-to-face as is used

Discrimination happens face-to-face as well as online.

Visibility means being out and about creating rapport with people face-to-face as well as in front of your computer screen.

The big difference was that existing medical evidence was treated with a bit more respect, and far fewer people had face-to-face assessments.

Personal -- Must be presentable and able to engage in appropriate and professional communications with people both face-to-face as well as via electronic channels.

Members of a group may have to relate and communicate in a number of ways: face-to-face as a whole group, through phone links, via email or other electronic communication, or a combination of these.

In 1% of cases face-to-face by is used

The principals of the schools were equally interviewed face-to-face by the researcher.

I have been wooed with words face-to-face by gays here in Lagos before Yaradua and GEJ had been installed.

I bet you ca n't, and the reason why is because you are dealing with your fear face-to-face by trying to trigger an attack.

Just as we solidify bonds with people face-to-face by chatting about the mundane aspects of our lives, we sometimes do that online.

The estimated 6 million users of homeopathy in Britain can not be expected to be supplied medicines face-to-face by less than five licensed premises.

An unusual feature of his work is that different audiences read different messages when they are confronted face-to-face by his large prints on a gallery wall.

All interviews were conducted face-to-face by a female psychiatrist, except two at T3 (one by telephone, one by mail) and nine at T4 (eight by telephone, one by mail).

A new study by a nonprofit think tank, Ithaka S+R, compared two versions of an introductory statistics course, one taught face-to-face by professors and one mostly taught online.

In 1% of cases face-to-face on is used

That is dealing with patients, face-to-face on a daily basis.

The woman removed her clothes and sat face-to-face on the man's lap.

But I can't imagine actually having to deal with you face-to-face on a day-to-day basis.

Socio-cultural activities are also included in the three-week face-to-face on campus component.

However, there's a conflict between that idea of face-to-face on demand and the distance learning model.

Natives of Haiku-Pauwela, Hawaii, on the island of Maui, the Scott brothers came face-to-face on the field during the 2011 U.

Firstly, the transaction takes place face-to-face on the doorstep between members of the public and a supporter of Christian Aid.

I'll do 48 x 30 minute slots around the clock working on the phone, over skype or face-to-face on the StartUp Britain bus for the day.

Kennedy agreed to make presidential campaign history by flying together from town to town and debating each other face-to-face on the same stage.

It will also leave India poorer as a culture and civilization, in which the reel free trade takes place face-to-face on our streets and in our haats and bazaars.

In 1% of cases face-to-face over is used

Interviews were conducted face-to-face over the period 1st April to 7th April, 2011.

It's a lot harder to be rude to someone you know, and especially face-to-face over coffee or a meal.

In 1% of cases face-to-face rather is used

Contact your creditor by letter, email, fax or face-to-face rather than by the phone.

Whenever you can, attempt to acquire a payday advance coming from a lender face-to-face rather than on the web.

It is always good for a blogger who works from home to chat with colleagues in the press face-to-face rather than by email.

A recent study showed that overall 84% of Americans prefer to speak with their friends, family, teachers, colleagues face-to-face rather than on the phone.

Categories range from the ' Always On ' adult who prefers chatting online to ' Conventional ' adults, who prefer meeting face-to-face rather than using new technologies.

Although I agree with you, if you're poised enough (which you are) to handle such grossly inane inquiries, better to be able to handle it face-to-face rather than the gossip being behind your back.