Prepositions after "gay"

gay in, for, to, with or by?

In 34% of cases "gay in" is used

He wasn't gay in the background.

gay in 2011 had a season best 9.

You can live being gay in Moscow.

Ian exclaimed that I was both an atheist AND gay in Jamaica, and we laughed then moved on.

Hipocresy is an awfull thing take it from the word of a woman who marry a gay in the closet!

Book Description Release Date: May 11, 1993 The classic account of growing up gay in America.

In fact I recall someone a long time ago, during his stint with the show Amen, whispering that he was gay in real life.

She said: ' I was talking to Out about gays and choice, and the view that you can just choose not to be gay in some way.

Indeed, if you aren't part of the wealthy and privileged Beirut elite, being gay in Lebanon can still prove treacherous.

Cruz makes a career out of boxing and always tries his best, people will forget that he's gay in about five minutes flat.

In 11% of cases "gay for" is used

Lesbian for female and gay for male.

Who would you turn gay for? Me: thinking.

Now was I gay for saying that? Don't know.

This guy is odd Yes and he made another reference to Edward being gay for the next movie.

My friend had no idea whereas all of us who knew both of them knew his son was gay for years.

Ill take getting called a nerd over getting called gay for calling it SYFY Lee Richards Okay.

Being gay for Duy isn't always going to be easy, but it doesn't have to be awful either, and that's largely up to him.

I saw the Helensville flyer that Farrar got so upset about (because it said the Quisling Key is too gay for Helensville).

Gay friends I have known over the years have all pretty much known or at least suspected that they are gay for a long time.

Video Games Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater: This is pretty much the source of the Everyone Is gay for Big Boss meme on 4chan.

In 7% of cases "gay to" is used

Yep, doesn't sound too gay to me.

I was tempted to find the gay to straight pill.

He seems gay to me, has anyone else noticed that.

In January 2009, Kurek came out as gay to everyone in his life: friends, family and church.

Of course, I came across many pages ridiculing the very idea of change from gay to straight.

When I came out as gay to the Exclusive Brethren priests in August 2007, they didn't know what to do.

They didn't seem gay to me, but they had wispy body hair, narrow shoulder, paunchy abdomens, and higher-pitched voices.

But for my generation, the big question has shifted from the right to be gay to the struggle over the right way to be gay.

I don't confuse or equal gay to paedophiles, this man did not did not say that he was abused by a woman, may be a bi sexual.

Announcing that I was gay to my closest friends and family has hands down been one of the most challenging moments of my life.

In 6% of cases "gay by" is used

Many people aren't gay by choice.

Gay people are created gay by God.

Gore Vidal agrees, likely gay by today's standards.

It had a most home-like and comfortable quality, and it was made gayer by abundant flags.

In most cases these persons do not feel they have become gay by a set of deliberate choices.

No one said that manji cant be Muslim, but she cant justify gay by the literal meaning of the book.

Never mind the fact that superheroes, with their notoriously contour-hugging apparel, are usually assumed gay by default.

Mr Romney also supposedly mocked another student who was a closeted gay by shouting ' Atta girl! ' when he tried to speak in class.

For a few years, he tried to condition himself out of being gay by snapping his wrist with a rubber band whenever he thought of boys.

The gay people I know and am friends with would still be my friends whether they were gay by choice or gay due to some biological factor.

In 6% of cases "gay with" is used

Philadelphia was gay with them.

Maybe he'll attack a gay with a baby.

The horses ' harness was also gay with flowers.

Unless it now is, then I find it hard for more people just being born gay with no reason.

I learned about his corruption and the fact that he is a closet gay with a beard (Michelle).

A mob surrounded the church and attacked people thought to be gay with knives, stones and bottles.

And when the Mahanoma-grove, gay with: blossoms at an unwonted season, was accepted by the Buddha the great earth quaked.

There are over 5,000 people in that group remembering the good and the bad times from when Sydney really was gay with a capital G.

Her arm gay with a white shell, and wearing a dark blue woollen cloth, like the river Yamun?, with its dark blue water and its wreath of foam.

In 5% of cases "gay at" is used

We all appear gay at worship services.

He didn't know that he was gay at the.

I'd not more gay at 46 now than I was at 5.

He was around our age, but he wasn't post-gay, he was barely even able to call himself gay at all.

Myself and 2 friends went up there in the 88 89 we were straight but B Dunnes seemed gay at that time.

Steve was courageously openly gay at a very young age, at a time when this was still a rarity even in the Labour party.

Hendricks, who was born and raised in a deeply religious Muslim household in South Africa, realised he was gay at the age of 12.

They even played small, with gay at power forward, for long stretches of the Miami game, and they looked quick and effective in doing so.

In 1979, for example, he performed Glad to be gay at The Secret Policeman's Ball -- the annual Amnesty International Benefit in London (below).

In 5% of cases "gay on" is used

I celebrate being gay on my own terms.

The Office is gayest on Friday nights.

Easiest way to get away from them is to go all gay on them.

But do nt you want a gay on the show? Youve always needed a gay Housewife.

The swimming pool at Shangri-La Hotel can be gay on some Sunday afternoons.

In other words, be a gay on your own time, away from innocent African publics.

Spastica - not to go gay on you but you are one of the better posters here on ZH.

But the milestone of a Republican openly gay on their election will be one to mark.

Especially when you consider how rare it is for two siblings from one family to turn out gay on top of this.

Of course, the article totally ignores the fact that it isn't gay on one side separated by a wide gulf from hetero.

In 4% of cases "gay as" is used

Now imagine being gay as a player on the team.

I have always been gay as long as I can remember.

You are as cute as can be, and also as gay as can be.

Whether he Recognized he Was gay as a Child No, am I gay? First of all, I hate that word.

Justin had someone apologize to him for his own regular use of the word gay as an insult.

Hussein's enter establishment in DC are all gay as the proverbial tu tu wearing Rahm and.

That wasnt how my parents told me how to deal with it when I was bullied at school for BEING gay as opposed to having gay parents.

I don't think that the fact she was so stunning didn't make it any more mysterious if the groom was overtly gay as the media suggest.

I don't come with being gay as the first thing on my resume, you know? MCs hear something you've done, they like it, and they reach out.

In 3% of cases "gay from" is used

I am hiding the fact that I am gay from my family.

He says he knew he was gay from about the age of 12.

What DADT barred was the openly gay from serving in the military, i.

People need to be able to separate being gay from sex, starting with you Daniel Villarreal.

He was sexually abused as a kid yes but that doesn't mean that he has become gay from that.

Some of them do become gay, and people would describe them as being potentially gay from before.

Dan, I am so glad that you have done this, but I am also sorry that you are excluding anyone who is not gay from participation.

As opposed to the character Bobby Fowler in my story, who knew he was gay from a very young age, I was eighteen when I finally found out.

I would have though that Nevada City police chief, who is certainly gay from the video, would have more understanding about the oppressed.

Christopher De Troy of America, whom he hoodwinked into parting with $1,000 via Western Union when he presented himself as a gay from the Republic of Benin.

In 3% of cases "gay like" is used

She is really sad to know that her son is also gay like Wah.

If it gives you a gay like feeling then do nt worry about it.

Friday, January 07, 2005 gay like Me - Installment 4 Years had passed.

Then I was befriended by two other guys of my own age who were not gay like me.

They are hybrid creatures, neither gay like butterflies nor sombre like their own species.

And I know it's hard for you to believe since you're gay, but not everyone is gay like you.

If he hears anyone says anything about being gay like it is something bad, he is to run and get us immediately.

I have been wondering can a gay like me find a lover who is manly/masculine? duh!!! Or are we gays just limited in the circle of soft guys? =.

Friday, February 11, 2005 gay like Me - Installment 5 This encounter was very much different than any other encounter that I had previously had.

Anne-Marie and Fiona got in touch with the show to share their views and comments about the nine year old boy who is starting to exhibit gay like traits.

In 2% of cases "gay about" is used

He is a real gentleman, I could not even sniff out anything gay about him.

I think many men here feel - whether they're aware of it or not - that there's something gay about dressing well.

There is, therefore, nothing particularly gay about the work he does at the moment; he has transcended those categories.

When will these people realize we are all in this game called life together blacks whites males females straight and gay about.

Here's what Chesterton has to say about it: The mass of men have been forced to be gay about the little things, but sad about the big ones.

When people talk about a gay club they don't actually mean that there is anything intrinsically gay about the club, they just mean it's a club where gay men tend to congregate.

In 2% of cases "gay after" is used

He came out as gay after high school.

Michael in My Family came out as gay after nine seasons of being straight.

To become objectionable because they are gay after the couple had travelled a long distance is unreasonable.

I have tried to forgive my ex-husband who told me he was gay after being together for 12 years but I can not.

I know people who've come out as gay after living a straight life, and then who've later come out as bisexual.

He shaved her head and she was gay? I'd sure she was traumatized into becoming gay after what Barry did to her.

The movie is about Remington (played by Mart Escudero) who was cursed to be gay after making fun of every gay he sees.

I once briefly dated a male stripper (turns out that some of them aren't gay after all) who was just drop-dead gorgeous.

You mean to tell me this man has been Elmo for 27 years and around kids? he probably turned gay after messing with one of those children.

More recently, Prince Edward in 1990 was forced to emphatically deny he was gay after being confronted by a deluge of media speculation in Britain and across the Atlantic.

In 2% of cases "gay because" is used

She thinks they are gay because of a prank by Elaine.

Maybe you avoid other people who might be gay because of what people will think.

Played straight with Tedd, who has often denied being gay because of his appearance.

I know how it is in Jamaica where people hide being gay because they could get beaten up.

Everyone since I was small called me gay because of the way I dressed and who I hung out with.

Most of the claims of gay people are that some of them are gay because of biological accidents.

Gay by Definite Choice Some people become gay because of benefits, as well as comfort and self-acceptance.

gay because of hip surgery and Mullings and Rodgers because of failed doping tests within days of each other.

If I despised people who are gay because of what I believe to be sin, I would have to despise myself as I am far from perfect.

The religious right isn't really deathly afraid that these children will all turn gay because they once heard a nice story about a same-sex couple.

In 2% of cases "gay of" is used

Teacher and I have been very gay of late.

The gayest of them all were Village People.

Wole is one of the people that propagate this gay of a thing.

gay of the SDSU men's basketball team held the honor back in May.

The Catholic Church, in effect, accuses lesbian and gay of child abuse.

In 1% of cases "gay before" is used

People were gay before then too, and in many societies, said gays got married.

We have to sift and see if the man of interest is also gay before making a move.

Also, for the record, my wife read Dumbledore as being gay before JK Rowling came out and said it.

Being gay before its widespread acceptance, he was persecuted by authorities which led to his suicide at the age of 42.

Olympic inspiration: Megan Rapinoe not only saved the game against Canada with some very impressive skills, she came out as gay before the Olympics.

Yet he had the ' audacity ' to come out as gay before the last olympics (and his gold medal, I might add) yet he finds it nigh on impossible to get sponsors.

In 1% of cases "gay despite" is used

Plus some stay gay despite graduation.

For in a stroke of injustice, I was 5% of the population who is gay despite not wanting it.

gay despite being outwardly self effacing, is both talented, technically consistent and hungry for glory.

God loves everyone, whether straight or gay despite the fact that we all do things that he doesn't approve of.

It took a long time for me to realise I was gay despite having gay friends because of my sporadic attractions for men.

Notably there were reports of translators and other experts not being welcome for being openly gay despite the demand which existed for these specialists.

In 1% of cases "gay during" is used

Also actor Tim Campbell was not openly gay during his time on Home &; Away.

Walden's relationship with Zoey may turn for the worse since he contemplates about being gay during a night out with Alan.

For me, part of coming to terms with being gay during high school was dealing with these religious people who make vitriolic attacks on us.

Rowling didn't declare Dumbledore to be gay during the books because of the outcry and massive rejection such a plot twist would have produced.

In 1% of cases "gay out" is used

I didn't say he was gay outright, I just said there was a lot of evidence that suggested he was gay.

But he was able to find pardon and escaped that horrible place, where he says people are gay out of no choice of theirs.

In 1% of cases "gay without" is used

The few moments they got to be gay without fear or shame horning in probably did make them happy.

And ends up kissing the blind date in the elevator to check if she herself might be gay without knowing.

Now, it's possible for public figures to be openly gay without that fact playing any part in their public statements or -- if a politician -- their policy decisions.