Prepositions after "operative"

operative in, for, with, on or at?

In 41% of cases "operative in" is used

That clich? is no longer operative in Canada.

A similar dynamic is operative in a vocation to priesthood.

Every MB operative in the WH/Al-Quaida is filled with glee right now.

We've got an operative in Mexico, two in Brazil and four South American scouts now.

Self-respect and self-esteem grow from the weak bonds operative in the world market.

While the District Plan became operative in 2002, it was originally notified in 1998.

This current regime operative in New Zealand is fundamentally different from the proposed civil detention orders.

It also appears he was becoming non-cooperative in covering up Osama's murder in December 2001 (see next section).

Another factor that may be operative in such situations is the child's model of what a loving relationship should be.

This is a universal law which is operative in all cases except when there is an obstacle standing against the response.

In 14% of cases "operative for" is used

The Alien Act, operative for workers.

I think you're an operative for Perry.

I am not a flak-in-disguise or a covert operative for Sony.

However, this is a longer-term tendency and has been operative for some years now.

He was an operative for the CIA and is deeply involved in the Savings and Loan scandals.

He was a lawyer for Mohammed Qatanani, an admitted operative for the muslim brotherhood.

An operative for Her Majesty's Secret Service had been impressed by my calmness under pressure and quick thinking.

The most likely and probable means by which this would be true is if freentn is an operative for the Perry campaign.

Shriver pronounced he had a pleasure of meaningful Murtha when a congressman began operative for a Department of Defense.

Still, whatever he decides to do, he certainly does not have to worry about operative for a vital again? He seems doubtful.

In 8% of cases "operative with" is used

He is an anti-American operative with blood on his hands.

He was afterwards operative with a Seventh Adventist Hospital in Ottapalam, Kerala.

What was it like operative with a immature talent during his prime? It was a fun in a beginning.

A Hezbollah operative with a Spanish name who learns to speak Spanish well can be difficult for a U.

On Crimewatch we gifted initial palm a outrageous advantages of operative with a media to solve crime.

A high-level operative with the group was supposed to be attending a ' graduation ceremony ' of militants from a camp.

Sternberger is a recovering/relapsing political operative with campaign experience in southwestern and south central PA.

Grandpa Joe is a savvy political operative with foreign policy experience who could grab the tiller if things get stormy.

As a midgrade retired operative with a number of years in the middle east as well as combat tours, LIBYA STINKS with coverup.

Unfortunately, one of the merchandise had an overzealous father who happened to be a retired CIA operative with an uncanny sense of timing.

In 7% of cases "operative on" is used

The new grandma is operative on a sequel.

The World-Idea is operative on every level.

These Rules became operative on 1 January 1998.

Deloitte say this is for those who do so with win, quite than operative on your own.

When he was not divided working, he was mostly seen operative on a automobile in his garage.

This command is not operative on machines using a memory cache, and results in an error message.

Once you're operative on a Track with other friends or family, you'll also have a real-time activity feed as cinema get added.

In 2009, I was hanging out at a pool in Jupiter, FL, and heard a top GOP operative on the phone regarding speakers for an event.

The Federal Government's proposal through the Ministerial Council on Consumer Affairs was for this legislation to become operative on 1 July.

The Section's first base at Port Hedland became operative on October 10 of that year, and the first medical flight was made on the opening day.

In 6% of cases "operative at" is used

Nostalgia is operative at all times.

Hopefully the operative at the newsstand would know what to do.

More than one of these processes can be operative at a given locale.

In such cases, the decisions shall become operative at a date fixed by the Congress.

There aren't any exercises that will be operative at reducing fat if you're taking in too many calories.

Once that is done he would get in touch with the operative at whose behest the transaction has been done.

The major conclusions of this theory are: In an individual, more than one need may be operative at the same time.

Often, though, the real task of persuasion is not operative at the level of specifics, but at the level of principles.

That our unrefined psyche is at work and operative at all times and at all tiers is a gospel truth; be it uniform or otherwise.

These provisions are operative at all times and it is arguable that lenders are exposed to environmental liabilities at all times.

In 5% of cases "operative from" is used

A purely gold exchange standard became operative from 1898.

The movement was operative from 1903 to sometime around 1920.

A lot of people ask how we conduct with everybody operative from home in opposite places.

To properly understand what follows, it is necessary to be familiar with several other laws operative from the Torah.

One overt operative who was Howard Hunt, and one covert, who was James McCord a CIA operative from their Office of Security.

Alas, the names were not the same and only the inspired check had prevented the operative from eliminating the wrong target.

The new provision of MASB - 6 is issued and made operative from July 1, 1999 superseding MASB approved accounting standards IAS - 21.

Where the council and the panel agree, the plan will become operative from that point, subject to appeals to the High Court on points of law.

Created on January 1, 1995, it is the successor to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT ), which was operative from 1948 to 1994.

March 27 An IM operative from the Bihar module, Assadullah Rehman alias Dilkash was arrested from his Karawal Nagar hideout in northeast Delhi.

In 3% of cases "operative within" is used

It is anticipated that most, if not all of the Plan provisions will become operative within 3 years.

Auckland Council has confirmed its desire that the Unitary Plan be made operative within a reasonable timeframe.

Since Ruknuddin had been granted a self- conduct which was operative within the territories of Iran only, therefore,.

Furthermore MI6 have no operative within a thousand miles of me and certainly no expertise that can come close to my own in making this assessment.

The moral values become operative within this system, or in other words this system provides that sound base on which the edifice of these moral values is established.

Why should our government lie? -Jimmy Carter try to fit humans who are obviously not operative within the political system, aka, political operatives, into the categories they want them to.

In 2% of cases "operative as" is used

It is operative as regards any of the children B, C or D, who attains the age of 25 within 18 years after A's death.

In fact there is no concept that has been operative as a determinant of the Muslim civilization in all its aspects to the same extent as ' ilm.

As soon as the ' Soviet threat ' receded, it was interesting how quickly the threat of ' militant Islam ' became operative as a strategic adversary.

However, the question is: how much is gained by denouncing capitalism as unreal? Not because capitalism is not a fake, but because it is clearly highly operative as such.

In 2% of cases "operative by" is used

These projects, likely to become operative by 2017, will also tremendously contribute to easing the energy crisis.

Wihtin the unon of india and within in each such State making up for the said Union, welfare goverenments came to be operative by the people through elections.

The case of the police against Gulzar Ganai and Amin Hajam a government employee was that they were closely associated with a Lashkar-e-Tayiba operative by the name ABu Tahir.

Government is, in effect, using the force of private incentives; its only role is to see that those private incentives are operative by ensuring that the firm has enough of its own wealth at stake.

After nearly a four-year-long legal battle, on August 29, the Supreme Court had confirmed the death penalty awarded to the LeT operative by the trial court and later upheld by the Bombay High Court.

In 2% of cases "operative to" is used

It is perceptible and operative to a degree which descends almost to caricature.

This transition from operative to Speculative Masonry took several decades to complete.

The idea of law still exists, yet it is not operative to the extent or in the manner as it was in the past.

Although KSM never referred to Moussaoui by name, Binalshibh understood he was speaking of the operative to whom Binalshibh had wired money.

One reason this is an interesting question, I think, is that it seems likely that these motivations may be operative to a higher degree in real assessment situations than in test situations.

In 1% of cases "operative after" is used

The direction became operative after four months.

In 1% of cases "operative during" is used

At age 19, she began bare displaying to assistance compensate lease while operative during a Blockbuster in San Diego.

Before she started stripping -- both online and off -- Domino was a suit: operative during a Fortune 500 association as a striking designer.

Tom emigrated to America to find work at an early age, taking a position as an explosives operative during construction work on Staten Island.

Known as Dasha, Miss Pytlickova, 31, had been in New Zealand given January, many recently operative during a vineyard in Cromwell in Central Otago.

In 1% of cases "operative since" is used

The ELV Regulations are designed to implement the EU Directive on end-of-life vehicles in Ireland and have been operative since January 2007.

For the time being two geothermal stations operate on Kamchatka, drawing energy from Mutnovsky volcano: Verkhne-Mutnovsky, operative since 1999 and Mutnovsky geo station, since 2002.

It is significant to note that TADA ceased to be operative since May 1995 as the Indian State did not dare to renew it because of massive opposition as this law was being widely misused.

In 1% of cases "operative throughout" is used

These psychological factors are operative throughout our society, to varying degrees of intensity.

In 1% of cases "operative upon" is used

This guarantee shall become operative upon receipt of the Retention Monies.

The scientists operative upon showing have been personification a cat-and-mouse diversion with a scientists looking for improved ways to censor a data.

This guarantee shall become operative upon receipt of the Retention Monies (less retention monies held on nominated subcontractors not bound by the retention bond agreement) by the Applicant.

In 1% of cases "operative without" is used

I assume it's not operative without the court's approval.

Nauru would never have been operative without the support of the Labor Party in Opposition.

Finally he announced that no law would become operative without the approval of a new organization called the Duma.