Prepositions after "terrified"

terrified of, about, at, by or for?

In 94% of cases "terrified of" is used

terrified of abandonment again.

I was terrified of the dentist.

I was pretty terrified of boys.

I am terrified of the very IDEA of being pregnant, giving birth or raising a child.

If I were a sea animal, I'd be constantly in fear because I'd terrified of the sea.

Even if it only cares about your destruction since it's too terrified of the world.

Just when you thought no-one could be more terrified of the creepy crawlies, heights and rats of I'd A Celebrity.

But I felt that it would cause me and my baby more harm if I was stressed out and terrified of the birth process.

So when the dentist told me that she was going to take out the tooth there and then i was terrified of the needle.

Not because I'd terrified of talking to people, not because if I leave the safety of my bedroom I will catch SARS.

In 1% of cases "terrified about" is used

Needless to say I was quite terrified about what I was getting myself in to.

Elmo gets very terrified about this, until some real firefighters come and tell him everything will be just fine.

We rested for the afternoon, eating what we could, drinking water and generally feeling terrified about what lay ahead.

It just convinces me that you - and whoever you are working for - are getting more an more terrified about the spread of Lawful Rebellion.

In 1% of cases "terrified at" is used

She feels terrified at times and also very excited.

Are smaller nations like the Dutch terrified at what will become of them without nukes and aircraft carriers? I doubt it.

For all of these reasons, and many more, I was beyond terrified at the idea of baring all at my first ' public ' underwear fitting.

It is fair to say that I was pretty terrified at that moment, having a fairly good guess that I had just had drugs planted in my backpack.

Nonetheless the sense that I had to make this change became very clear in my mind, although simultaneously I also was quite terrified at the thought of doing so.

There are probably children out there who are like the younger me, getting terrified at the idea than panthers are prowling in the wild and that ghosts lurk in the shadows.

In 1% of cases "terrified by" is used

I'd not terrified by what's to come.

Country people seem to be the most terrified by these new-fangled things.

For terrified by divinely inspired fear, the enemy had left off their siege shortly beforehand.

Liberal Senators said their colleagues in the House were too terrified by public opinion to raise legitimate objections about poorly framed legislation.

It is explained that this darkness of Sekari, the god who is pierced, wounded, cut in pieces, is caused by Sut ' the slayer, ' who has ' terrified by prostrating.

It didn't matter that those people actually living in Japan seemed far less terrified by events than those watching them from afar (as Sophie Knight describes on spiked today).

She doesn't mind that he wets the bed, and he is impressed rather than terrified by her rage-streak (a showdown with some renegade scouts proves her to be a ferocious warrior).

In 1% of cases "terrified for" is used

That makes me even more terrified for my children.

Thursday 5th: Texas is left terrified for her life.

This little pup was too terrified for me to touch it.

I went through hell and felt terrified for months on end.

She was terrified: terrified for her young children, all aged under ten, and terrified for herself.

In 1% of cases "terrified in" is used

A warm body in bed can feel good when you wake up terrified in the middle of the night.