Prepositions after "tolerant"

tolerant of, to, in, towards or about?

In 73% of cases "tolerant of" is used

tolerant of yet another excess.

We are just more tolerant of the former.

Louis was less tolerant of the Huguenots.

No, I do not agree with Islam, but I am also tolerant of other religions and faiths.

Maybe if I'd been a little more tolerant of his behaviour things would be different.

One common factor is perhaps that people in general would be tolerant of your culture, and expect the same of you.

This is a Good Thing; users tend to be just a little bit more tolerant of the kind of failures newbies often have.

London welcomes all nations and is tolerant of all national eccentricities, so long as they don't scare the horses.

In 12% of cases "tolerant to" is used

Eggplant is tolerant to drought.

It is tolerant to poor drainage.

It is tolerant to soil salinity.

Besides that pluralism also can be construed as being open and tolerant to apostasy.

People who speak foreign languages tend to be more tolerant to other different people.

It is highly tolerant to black rot disease and withstands long distance transportation.

And if this religion wasn't trying oppress everyone, then one could be somewhat tolerant to their religious views.

The tree grows incredibly fast and is very tolerant to droughts, perfect for the weather in the Mexican highlands.

For rice, we are developing varieties that are tolerant to drought and salinity with high nitrogen-use efficiencies.

Yet, Freemasonry demands that each Freemason be tolerant to the beliefs of others no matter how different they may be.

In 3% of cases "tolerant in" is used

Yes, we are tolerant in Britain.

Be very tolerant in all situations.

There is no need to be tolerant in that situation.

The Kaurava brothers were not tolerant in any manner whatsoever towards the Pandavas.

He was tolerant in every field, whether it was a matter of religion or personal grudge.

They were actually pretty tolerant in governance and matters of religion when unchallenged.

The base I am presenting represents the one that was the easiest to build, and most tolerant in cutting and bending.

Even those of you who are tolerant in your acceptance of sin are shocked at the levels of depravity you are forced to witness.

The enemies of the Church are tolerant in principle because they do not believe; they are intolerant in practice because love.

The Romans were very tolerant in matters of religion and it seems unlikely that they would have condemned Jesus for blasphemy.

In 3% of cases "tolerant towards" is used

The country is tolerant towards gay travellers.

He was very kind and tolerant towards his wives.

You can be tolerant towards people who are different to you.

The Catholic Church is driving away people who are tolerant towards LGBT people.

Dara Shikoh was both an intellectual and liberally tolerant towards other religions.

You see, dear friends, unbelief is not tolerant towards Christ and the Christian faith.

But I also understand that most people are religious and I am, therefore, tolerant towards anybody's religion.

I did, however, become a little less tolerant towards those that demanded access, regardless of the situation.

It is not as if traditionally those who are on this side have been the most tolerant towards gay people now is it.

While few people faint on hearing this news, others are more tolerant towards it and might actually forgive their partners.

In 2% of cases "tolerant about" is used

The system is less tolerant about it.

I am told that the police are tolerant about it.

The Mongol rulers were tolerant about religions, however.

I have seen a big mosque at nearby city where people are tolerant about their faith.

The people of Goa are very tolerant about religion and often participate in each others festival s.

I have cat crap all over my garden at Third House and I don't feel the least kindly and tolerant about it.

I have always found Kate pretty tolerant about allowing for dissenting voices and I agree that this is an excellent site.

If we are tolerant about other people, it will automatically help us to respect others and help us appreciate that everyone is important.

Men of my experience seem pretty tolerant about 2nd spouse relationships with first familiy children -- particularly as the children get older.

In 2% of cases "tolerant with" is used

Brazil is very tolerant with sex as a country.

It's a matter of being tolerant with each other.

Show your love by being tolerant with one another.

Be patient and tolerant with yourself and avoid people who are impatient with you.

It is funny how they will justify any behavioir and be so tolerant with one of their own.

Be tolerant with their behaviours -- this may be the only way they can show how they feel.

Funny how the libs want tolerance of their ideals, but are less than tolerant with ideals they don't agree with.

Parents who are tolerant with alcohol end up providing alcohol to children whose parents do not want this to happen.

Somehow he has been so tolerant with me thru all my mood swings, tirades and stupid situations that i get myself into.

I want to be able to appreciate what I have in my life and be more tolerant with people in order to form relationships.

In 1% of cases "tolerant for" is used

We didn't get any tolerant for our works.

They've been tolerant for a much longer time.

For His Glory Secondly, God is tolerant for his glory.

They've been tolerant for a much longer time, ' ' she said.

He is tolerant now because he knows he doesn't have to be tolerant forever.

No one is tolerant for their own own errors along along with the other people.

The King could not be a matter of headache for America had he been tolerant for Free-Tibet.

Ms Cheong could have been allowed to continue in her post, hopefully wiser and more tolerant for the experience.

Older consumers may be too tolerant for their own good A study into consumer reactions to faulty products has shown older people are more tolerant than young when things go wrong.

In 1% of cases "tolerant on" is used

You would be surprise how tolerant on grammar clients are when you work on a global level.

No-one judge you on this so I hope you can try to be more tolerant on these touchy issues.

This country is WAY too tolerant on these people and that is why we have such a high re-offence rate.

Clegg and his colleagues have been remarkably tolerant on this, given wide public support for the 50p rate.

Hanif Abbasi was very tolerant on Awais Lagharis continued interruptions and it shows a good sign of maturity.

This is exactly how oldschool RPG fans are feeling right now, so perhaps you should try to be more tolerant on that aspect.

Oh and please, spare me the tales of how historically ' tolerant ' Islam can be because it is only tolerant on its own very narrow terms.

As a consequence, the public opinion, which has been very conservative, is becoming more tolerant on gaming as citizens realise the benefits of legalisation.

In general, asynchronous communication is much more important because it allows archives to be created and it's more tolerant on the volunteer nature of the various communities.

According to African scholar Ali Mazrui, Of the three principal religious legacies of Africa (indigenous, Islamic, and Christian ), the most tolerant on record must be the indigenous tradition.

In 1% of cases "tolerant toward" is used

Even some religions are not tolerant toward deaf people.

Liberals must show that they're tough, and not tolerant toward right-wing criminals.

Westerners are taught to be open and tolerant toward other cultures, races, religions, etc.

In this sense, Ghannoushi's rhetorical question as to whether whites are genuinely tolerant toward Muslims can be recast.

Americans have been remarkably tolerant toward Muslims, considering they account for over 80% of all terrorism convictions in America.