Prepositions after "valid"

valid for, in, on, from or at?

In 59% of cases "valid for" is used

valid for daily admission only.

valid for new connections only.

Tickets are valid for two days.

The First Aid card must also be valid for the entire hockey season September to April.

Any other ground recognized as valid for the dissolution of marriage under Muslim law.

The card is valid for the financial year, and the card's colour will change each year.

Your partner and dependent children may also apply for further visas valid for the same length of time as your visa.

For example, a ticket valid for travel from 15 June will expire at the end of services for 14 July (3am on 15 July).

This offer is valid for the first six months of the opening period (from September 30th 2012 ending June 30th 2013).

Since its a constant at this temperature then it will be valid for the equilibrium mixture and the stressed mixture.

In 12% of cases "valid in" is used

It is valid in Carnot heat engines.

These permits are not valid in all.

The provision was valid in Georgia.

Claims that are timely filed are considered as prima facie valid in the amount claimed.

The EHIC is valid in all European Economic Area (EEA) countries, including Switzerland.

Cause if you think only about peaceful life then this question is valid in front of you.

I find the many points made here, both in the article and in the comments thus far, to be valid in their own respect.

When a person stares at the picture, it will often seem to flip back and forth between the two valid interpretations.

I think that non-standard grammars are valid in their own way, because it they didn't work, people wouldn't use them.

In 4% of cases "valid on" is used

valid on option purchased only.

valid on Tuesdays only, all day.

Not valid on the day of purchase.

This applies to tickets which are valid on one train only (' train-specific tickets ').

Subscription offer is valid on New Gold Sports, New Diamond and Platinum HD packs only.

It is only valid on off-shore supply vessels and not on vessels such as diesel ferries.

Merseytravel prepaid tickets, National Concessionary bus passes and Arriva day tickets are all valid on this service.

By all means catch an earlier train, your ticket is valid on any train, and the ship starts boarding from around 20:00.

The pass is valid on Fullers ferry services between the Devonport or Bayswater wharves and the Downtown Ferry Terminal.

What bothers me, is that climatologists blindly apply black-body law irrelevant of the scale that it should be valid on.

In 3% of cases "valid from" is used

Promotion valid from 8 November.

This offer is valid from 9:01 p.

Motorists must also remember that the Portmore discount is valid from Friday to Friday.

I found this moving and provocative and certainly valid from an atheist's point of view.

Day passes bought at Underground stations cover both Tubes and Buses and are valid from 9.

Legal positivism does not serve to distinguish between a good or bad law but differentiates valid from invalid laws.

What's a Rail day A travel rail day is valid from midnight to midnight on the date of use indicated on the calendar.

Brazilian side of the Falls When you arrive in Argentina, they give you a 90 day visa, valid from the day you arrive.

Enjoy this hot deal with family and friends! Deal Terms: Voucher is valid from 9th November 2012 to 8th January 2013.

In 2% of cases "valid as" is used

This price was valid as of publishing time.

Previous usernames are no longer valid as of Feb.

But the payment is in any case valid as to the creditor who has accepted it.

Q 14: Are these fares guaranteed? A14: Airfares posted on the website are valid as of today.

Note that these routes and prices are valid as of September 2011, and may change before 2014.

But the quote from WAPO highlights something that I think is as equally valid as the military engagement in Afghanistan.

That's right -- all their trees are $20 -- and you get a $20 off $75 Ikea coupon valid as of January 2nd until March 2009.

Accordingly, nothing had to be registered under section 80(1) of CO and the Agreement was valid as against the Liquidators.

Data valid as of: June 2012 Within the corps there is a community of acceptance and celebration of our unique perspectives.

In 2% of cases "valid at" is used

valid at all Cathay Cineplexes.

valid at participating locations.

All ideas are valid at this stage.

Assumptions valid at the data link layer do not necessarily hold at the transport Layer.

As was suggested quite early on, this discussion is only valid at the level of vyavahAra.

valid at all Cineworld cinemas in the UK and Ireland and excludes London West End cinemas.

If we look at other kinds of creative activity we can see how various forms can all exist and be valid at the same time.

General Metting Forum of Members 16 No General Meeting shall be valid at which less than fifteen members shall be present.

It can be mathematically derived from the more general expression by Einstein which is valid at both low and very high speeds.

Links to supporting information is valid at the time of publication, but they are not maintained or changed after publication.

In 2% of cases "valid to" is used

This law is still valid to date.

They are valid to their application.

Tour prices are valid to December 31, 2012.

What my Mother and Father (RIP) instilled in me were and are the valid to the present day.

Realize that the other person's point of view is as valid to him or her as yours is to you.

This is a brief commentary, no doubt with some flaws, but it also is valid to a high degree.

It would help if they explained what the question meant to them and whether it was valid to the questionnaire or not.

Where a person pledges goods in which he has only a limited interest, the pledge is valid to the extent of that interest.

I'd sure you can make a good argument that would be absolutely valid to someone less biased, but it would be wasted on me.

In 2% of cases "valid with" is used

valid with stylist Sylvia only.

Not valid with any other offers.

Not valid with any other deal or offer.

Acts of worship only become real and valid with the feeling and awareness of their Object.

Not valid with any other promotions, 3D movies, credit card discounts, vouchers and passes.

Tried on PS3, Vita and on the SEN website with 3 different credit cards (all of which are valid with enough funds).

The other names mentioned in the article are all valid with the exception of Blauds ' buddies Tim Murphy and Mark Whipple.

If you come up with sufficient numbers of models, one of them will likely look valid with out-of-sample data by pure chance.

In 1% of cases "valid according" is used

It must be valid according to its applicable law (see below, Section 6.

Hence testaments are valid according to mere natural right (sunt juris naturae).

This often forces them to blame the parents if they are not valid according to the idealized image they have.

The point that you make is well, not valid according to my understanding of the gospel and conventional wisdom.

Replace bytes or sequences of bytes that are not valid according to the charset with a single U+FFFD character Unicode.

The requirements of section 12 (1) (a) were satisfied because the marriage between the parties was valid according to Saudi law.

Custom must not contravene the terms of a valid agreement (valid according to Shari'ah) There is difference between Urf and Ijma.

Despite popular assumption, even if an XML page is perfectly valid according to some validators, it still might not be well-formed.

An absolute majority shall be also required in both instances for a decision to be valid according to the By-laws of the Association.

If it is neither witnessed nor announced, then it is invalid according to most scholars; even if some held a different view, they are very few.

In 1% of cases "valid after" is used

That term no longer valid after 2011.

That stack area will not be valid after the return.

What he made in his time is still valid after so many years.

All Travelcards purchased with a 1 day, 2 day or 3 day London Pass are now valid after 9.

A debit / credit card used must have an expiry date that is valid after the date of stay.

I recall Carl's words: ' the whole concept of 7+6=13 is no longer valid after the shift '.

On July 2012, the plan was officially announced valid after the final approval by the regional planning committee.

No instrument appointing a proxy shall be valid after the expiration of twelve months from the date of its execution.

This program is expected to be valid after the release of SIGMA SD1 Merrill and last until the end of this year, 2012.

The provisions of the Terms that are intended to survive termination of your registration remain valid after termination.

In 1% of cases "valid by" is used

Cancellation is not valid by any other method.

Later, three other systems were considered equally valid by some.

This passage would still register as being valid by the pathfinder.

That you're most likely in peril from flawed most of these valid by way of the first photo.

This is exactly really valid by means of charm bracelets and additionally silver supplements.

All Orthodox liturgies, sacraments and ordinations are considered entirely valid by Catholics.

We decide if your complaint is valid by looking at the facts of the case -- not at how well you present your complaint.

The Ombudsman will decide if your complaint is valid by looking at the facts of the case, and insurers must obey its decisions.

As a result, these tools (although utilized by administration in decision-making) are not valued or considered valid by nurses.

In 1% of cases "valid till" is used

The offer is valid till Sunday.

Offer valid till 14 August 2012.

It remains valid till next year.

My mom came to UK as a tourist and her UK tourist visa in UK is valid till december 2011.

Hi, I am in India with H1B valid till 31-Mar-2011, means only 14 days and it will expire.

George Brown accepted me unconditionally with the last score which is valid till July 2012.

The amnesty, according to the officials, will start from December 4 th, 2012, and remain valid till February 3 rd, 2013.

Tour highlights (Some sites are subject to time and weather condition barriers) Above rates valid till 30th November 2010.

COST EXCLUDES: MINIMUM NUMBER OF PAX 02 AND PACKAGE valid till 31ST MARCH 2013 **** Above fares are based on cash payment.

June 1: The Union Government extended the suspension of operations against the NDFB for six months- valid till November 30.

In 1% of cases "valid under" is used

Are these terms valid under the law? 5.

If there is no will, or the will is deemed invalid under B.

Preventive detention is still valid under other written laws.

Btw, torrents/file sharing per se is valid under our rights to freedom of expression.

What makes a request valid? To be valid under the Act, the request must: be in writing.

Unless some factor has been applied, these distances are only valid under similar runway conditions.

The parties had not obtained the necessary licence before the ceremony, so it was not valid under Californian law.

Even if a request is not valid under the Freedom of Information Act, this does not necessarily mean you can ignore it.

You may have to provide good evidence that this was the case and, therefore, that the divorce is valid under Irish law.

An applicant for probate applies to the court to prove a will by confirming it as valid under the laws of British Columbia.

In 1% of cases "valid until" is used

valid until March 31, 2012 only.

The license is valid until 2016.

The approval is valid until 2052.

Rate may vary depending on hotel check-in date and valid until January 31, 2013 only.

This one had an expiration date, found in the space after gltig bis (? valid until?).

To join the club, click here Membership renewals will be valid until October 31, 2013.

Mr Wu said their bid bond was valid until December 3, 2012 and thereafter for a further 35 days for action by ZPC.

The respective spectrum was already allocated to Velcom at the end of 2009, and the 3G licence is valid until 2017.

I am planning to go my home country(India) with valid OPT (valid until Jan 2013) and same time I have applied for h1.

The coupon is still valid until December of this year, and I haven't quite identified yet what I want to get with the coupon.

In 1% of cases "valid within" is used

Only valid within the Republic of Ireland.

The visa is valid within three months of the issue date.

Concluding: Your proof is valid within a few micron range.

For all nonnuclear changes the law remains valid within our ability to measure such changes.

The discount coupon is only valid within 3 days of redemption during the race pack collection.

Period of validity An InterRail pass is valid within the overall time period indicated on the pass.

For concepts and ideas which are generally accepted as valid within your specialism, there is no need to provide a reference.

Irrespective of the intellectual merit of an approach, all approaches are considered valid within academic, on an apriori basis.

You may be able to track down subtle nuances between them, but even in that case, both are equally valid within their respective domains.

This implies that you can make any number of proofs that are valid within your system, but you can never know if the system itself is valid.

In 1% of cases "valid without" is used

A marriage is not valid without mahr.

Their nikah is not valid without a wali.

Solat is not valid without purification.

My opinions are just as valid without my last name or what part of town I live in.

This is because Hajj and ' Umrah are not valid without entering the state of ihram.

The answer to this is Salat is valid without wearing a top garment (shirt, kamees etc) i.

In other words, the authentication of the third party can not be valid without the publicity, fairness and justice.

You will have a simple time figuring out if your coupons are expired or valid without removing them from the holder.

On this basis they conclude that where there exists no danger of dispute, the Nikah will be valid without witnesses.

You can delete and bounce them back to the spammer as though your email is not valid without having to download them.