Prepositions after "viral"

"viral on" or "viral in"?

In 43% of cases "viral on" is used

U had gone viral on YouTube too.

The picture went viral on Monday.

The post went viral on Facebook,.

A picture taken from behind RiRi and Chris at Barclays Center is viral on the internet.

The fashion photos have gone viral on Weibo and Taobao and are posted on Yecco's cover.

A video of an errant voting machine taken by a Pennsylvania voter went viral on YouTube.

This time for a leaked raunchy MMS video that has gone viral on You Tube and other video sharing websites now-a-days.

After Tonight has gone viral on Youtube, mainly in Europe, racking up nearly 300-thousand views in just under two weeks.

She has also created a few short videos on math concepts, which went viral on YouTube and now have over a million views.

I personally think Sarkodie goofed with the ' irish cream ' line which went viral on social media soon after its release.

In 19% of cases "viral in" is used

It's almost viral in this regard.

Your video will go viral in minutes.

He can spread the word and be viral in minutes.

Last fall, our opt-out message went viral in Calgary generating 100 tweets in 48 hours.

The essay, on the Op-Ed page of The Times, went viral in the financial world and beyond.

Separated by a border, two very different videos went viral in the last two months of 2011.

A heartbreaking letter, allegedly penned by an unsupportive father to his gay son, has gone viral in the blogosphere.

This is a great option, not only because it will be viral in the short term, but it could get traffic for a long time.

That my blog piece has gone viral in the way that it has came as a shock to me, and was absolutely never my intention.

Since it surfaced on the internet in early March, the 30-minute video has become one of the most viral in history with.

In 7% of cases "viral with" is used

We could then go viral with it.

Within 24 hours, the video went viral with four million views.

The video went viral with over 12 million hits and still counting.

A video of him parading around went viral with dozens of comments in support of the what she did.

The couple's photos have begun going viral with even the Weather Channel requesting the snapshots.

This is something I pulled off from a Facebook status update and couldn't resist going viral with it.

Overnight ' Gillard ' was among the highest trending Twitter terms and the YouTube clip quickly went viral with some 2.

These kinds of MMS, BBM and Whatsapp messages are spreading across like a viral with no proven source or concrete evidence.

Earn Money using Twitter Advertising Advertisers are looking forward to bring their campaign go viral with twitter advertising.

Back in April when Instagram sold for $1bil, I posted a Tweet that ended up going viral with 5,500 RTs (https: **54;42189;TOOLONG).

In 3% of cases "viral for" is used

It has become viral for many users and bein.

Viral videos are viral for SOME of these reasons: 1.

I've uploaded a video that went viral for about 10 minutes.

You wouldn't want your content to go viral for the wrong reasons and become a negative meme.

Of course, when going viral, you want it to go viral for positive reasons and not negative ones.

In fact, airline promo fares are indeed viral for them to await especially the piso(php1) fares.

Carbohydrates help in maintenance of the energy level of the body that is viral for performing the daily activities.

From Kenyans 4kenyas which was viral for weeks as Kenyans raised funds to help the hunger stricken folks of Turkana region.

This is one legend that spreads around the community for quite some time, it was quite viral for a while because he is totally not scared of being reported.

If a video goes viral it likely may go viral for 1) the wrong reason 2) attract too many poor quality leads 3) possibly even cause site and bandwidth issues.

In 2% of cases "viral after" is used

Depending on the size of your prize the retweets could go viral after a while.

This week a review of a TV chef's restaurant in the New York Times went viral after a slamming from critic Pete Wells (below).

The advantage of it is actually that if you had a great offer and it went viral after this you could get a lot of likes in a short period of time.

The resignation letter apparently written by worker from Toronto, who stayed anonymous, went viral after being posted on popular blog Gawker last year.

Pierre also got support from CBC comedian Rick Mercer, whose recent anti-bullying rant video on his show went viral after airing on the Rick Mercer Report.

But the backlash to the backlash has begun: anti-Applebee's sentiment has gone viral after Tankel's comments, write Janean Chun and Alice Hines of the HuffPost.

The video to ' Gangnam Style ' went viral after its July release, becoming the second most viewed clip in YouTube history, where it has notched up more than 650.

The fight went viral after publicists for actress Dong Jie used weibo to accuse her now estranged husband Pan Yueming of having a gambling problem and a foul temper.

Two straight women kissing one another in front of a group of anti-marriage-equality protestors in Marseille, France, have gone viral after the moment was captured on camera by a French photographer.

In 2% of cases "viral around" is used

A new company has launched that is making videos go viral around the clock.

One of their music video going viral around the ' Interwebs ' is Enter The Ninja.

It went viral around the globe within minutes and sparked a series of tweets condemning it.

People who cowered in fear have discovered freedom from fear, a discovery that has gone viral around the world.

The speech went viral around the world, with the feminist groups getting all excited and agitated at her masterful performance.

Wait, it actually started as a swine flu risk in Japan a few weeks ago and now it's almost viral around this part of the world.

The BBC refuse to take down their libel so they are to be taken to court for harassment as their story went viral around the world.

Since then, the Transition idea has gone viral around the world, from Italian villages and Brazilian favelas to universities and London neighbourhoods.

In 2% of cases "viral by" is used

Her posts went viral by morning.

Join Free viral by performing the setup steps.

Forget Burberry and its internet pioneering, these two had gone viral by 1962.

It just happened to be interesting to people and this article got linked to and went viral by other reporters.

If the truth of my work has resonated with YOU, help the truth go viral by linking to this site in YOUR comments.

It understands what's getting hot, what's being shared quickly, and what's going viral by country, region, and city.

You can make your video go viral by asking viewers to share it on social media websites where it will be further viewed and shared.

An ad that taps into the emotional center of a person, will likely go viral by powerfully informing, inspiring, or moving one to action.

Having performed in many radio shows, the band is now at work releasing their first music video, which will go viral by the end of the month.

Get over yourself! As a Digital Marketing Strategist myself, I've been in meetings with company executives who still believe you can force something to go viral by throwing enough money at it.

In 2% of cases "viral from" is used

The struggle went viral from school to university, to streets and then to other nations.

viral from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann goes from being the hero's rival to being The Lancer.

On the plus side, the internet can also spread positive messages, as evidenced by a recent video viral from the University of Toronto.

However, we've been reading a few blog posts and advice about making videos go viral from those who claim to know something about it and have shared their wisdom.

Whether it be comments, ratings, etc, and then coming to an abrupt, sudden stall is an indicator, particularly when seen on a viral video, that became viral from the start.

In 2% of cases "viral of" is used

See why it's our viral of the week below.

See why it's our video viral of the week below.

See why it's out video viral of the week below.

Check out this Nike viral of USWNT star Megan Rapinoe.

So recently in Alberta a video went viral of trumpets supposedly playing from the sky.

Disease is a skin of the control of the exposure and viral of whether it has been raised with role.

A photo went viral of Mr Medvedev in the coat juxtaposed with a photo of supermodel Kate Moss in a similar number.

You may have noticed the huge amount of empty space in the park in the video that went viral of the Mayor stuck on the zip wire.

Talking about the internet, the response was insane, by the second day after its release, it was in the Guardian's top ' viral of the week ' list.

Hmmm LATEST UPDATE: (8:39am) The Jamaica Commissioner of Police have falsified the claims that have gone viral of Kartel having escaped from prison.

In 2% of cases "viral over" is used

In a mere few days, an image of the painting went viral over Facebook.

Thanks for visiting! The pictures of Honda Brio Sedan have gone viral over the Internet.

I won't type here full character details but this comic character (Please) went viral over Facebook.

If the above incidents captures our imagination and goes viral over the media, doomsday is not far away.

But fact of the matter is that the video of her show had gone viral over the internet in couple of days of its airing.

The golf shot photo instantly went viral over the internet with about 300,000 followers of Verlander reacting on his predicament.

Customers love to see their name in lights, and these great pieces of art will help promote your company and may even become viral over time.

Launched with positive press from the likes of TechCrunch and Hacker News, Piccsy's sleek and fluid web-based pitch deck went viral over the weekend.

Back then you could make a page, and get the word out by posting a link to your page to some friends and from there it would more then likey go viral over night.

In 2% of cases "viral through" is used

Here are a few ways to help your posts go viral through social media.

The gospel went viral through flesh and blood not silicon and megabytes.

This has the potential to allow your marketing to go viral through Google+ users.

We will be declaring it over while it is going viral through the next generation of voters.

Shaving cream as exciting and cool? Plus the opportunity to go viral through word of mouth? Ah, yes.

It turns out when you look at the numbers for the video, it went completely viral through an older age group.

Simple messages that went viral through the social networking websites had the power to move the fellow countrymen to support a common cause.

Additionally, many charities went viral through platforms such as Facebook &; Twitter, allowing for extremely quick growth and high involvement.

In 2% of cases "viral within" is used

Consider a strategy for going viral within a specific, relevant community.

The image was shared thousands of times and went viral within hours and it wasn't the first time.

It'd all be viral within hours, and Roosevelt would be having to run around to get in front of the parade demanding war now.

The very least we expect of our politicians is that they are literate, and Palin's gaffe went viral within minutes, despite her swift deletion of the offending post.

In 1% of cases "viral about" is used

I am overjoyed to see that people are speaking out and going viral about what this government is doing to our beautiful country, Canada.

Every now and then a story will break out and go viral about Amazon -- for some reason it always seems to be Amazon -- revoking somebody's right to read the books they thought they had bought.

In 1% of cases "viral across" is used

A day later it went viral across Weibo.

Spoof copy-cat pictures mocking the smear attempt have gone viral across the web.

Yesterday, news about Zenith bank sacking 300 IT Staff went viral across the internet.

Within an afternoon, news of Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day had gone viral across the web.

Once we broadcasted the news it goes viral across the net and is picked up by every major newspaper and radio board in the world.

Celebrating its first anniversary yesterday, the Cork based company said its not-for-profit ' movement ' has gone viral across the globe.

Friday, October 12, 2012 This photo has gone viral across the Interwebs because it shows a baby drinking whisky that he was accidentally served in a restaurant somewhere in Wales.

In 1% of cases "viral among" is used

It's going viral among my friends.

Decide if your idea has the potential to be viral among a small group of people.

Pictures of the image have gone viral among local Christians on Facebook and large.

The news of this alleged encounter goes viral among the girls, many of whom whisper words of condemnation for the actions of this.

Disgust - Content that evokes disgust may become viral among small groups, but generally does not appeal to the masses and is best to be avoided.

And of course there was Count von Count, the warm vampire with an infectious love of numbers and went counting viral among children around the world.

In 1% of cases "viral as" is used

Our gossip goes viral as a matter of rote.

The video of it went viral as well as being in the news.

The fuel subsidy crisis went viral as a result of the social media explosion.

At his young age he has gone viral as a person who might turn violent at any time.

Myrrh, Goldenseal, Neem and a host of others are anti viral as well as antibacterial without damage to intestinal flora.

In 1% of cases "viral at" is used

Building in viral at Pre Signup.

Oak Cliff's triumph went viral at the word-of-mouth speed of a Korean taco.

It felt to me, like suddenly all my clients had a secret recording of me that could go viral at any moment.

I'd did it almost to prove to myself that I had it in me, to make something go viral at 4:30 in the morning before the world wakes up.

I guess China will make a sweet profit churning out those smartphones, all the while making sure the revolution doesn't go viral at home.

The photo went viral at the beginning of the week and has resulted in anonymous donations for laser treatments and Schoep's vet visits etc.

His Aqueous work has become very collectable in recent years and the series ' Aqueous Fluoreau ' (from which the TPT artwork is taken) went viral at the beginning of 2012.

In 1% of cases "viral before" is used

Messages can go viral before the total story is released.

Still, you need to verify first if the bacteria is not viral before taking this medication.

It would be great if the Tylers and ZeroHedge readers would help the CAB scams go viral before the election.

In 1% of cases "viral during" is used

Campaigns that went viral during the last few months.

Videos of the sermons went viral during the Iowa primaries, almost costing Obama the Democratic presidential nomination, RTT news reports.

Winner of the $10,000 second-place prize, Qabila Media Productions, took off when its crowd-sources video services went viral during the Egyptian uprising.

As far as this stuff going viral during Obama's campaign - I have been rather horrified for several years now - since 9/11 actually - by a really antisemitic thrust to the discussion about I/P.

In 1% of cases "viral throughout" is used

It then went viral throughout the world.

By then, an Islamophobic video had gone viral throughout the Arab world.

This news went viral throughout the world, since such activity was unheard of in that tightly controlled island.

We know now that it was the self-serving pundit who lost - and his inability to process that loss has gone viral throughout the world.

As sovereign theories go viral throughout the nation's prison systems and among people who are unemployed and desperate in a punishing recession, this number is likely to grow.

In 1% of cases "viral to" is used

These features help in making your messages viral to a large extent.

Ring (Ringu- Japanese version) The film that took the word viral to a whole new level.

If this goes viral to a similar circle of people who know them, they will be embarrassed.

Now it's gone viral to zillions of voters in a way that the original would never have done.

The email went viral to 60 million people after he forwarded it to all his friends and Claire became one of the first big victims of the lack of privacy in the new social media world.

In 1% of cases "viral via" is used

A video simply can? t go viral via flash video player on your own site.

We should have them on TV, on radio and going viral via YouTube and Twitter.

This was largely possible because of the Internet, since the song went viral via mobile phones and computers, on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Eg stopping cars, searching for maps or any kind of merch relating to it all but these days, no one cares till it goes viral via social media network.

I migrated to the Unites States in 1989 after graduating from high school and since then I have amassed several parodies and sketches that have been viral via email and the Internet.

In 1% of cases "viral without" is used

Sometimes your content goes viral without much effort.

The content that are humorous, controversial, and unique go viral without any doubt.

Conclusion Of course, there's no magic solution to a viral piece of content and sometimes, a viral piece of content will go viral without having to do any of this but it will narrow your chances.