Prepositions after "void"

void of, in, for, on or as?

In 64% of cases "void of" is used

The troops were void of emotions.

He was singularly void of ambition.

His heart is void of understanding.

This denigrates both men and women to a sense of self that is void of Divine connection.

They seem to lack this capacity to be genuine and many of them seem so void of feelings.

If such a thing takes place, we will live in a universe void of galaxies, except our own.

If you will not or can not pick up this mantle, then your presidency is entirely void of its substance and legitimacy.

And what do they do with these things totally void of any educational value? Use them to bait new, overpaying suckers.

The world will never be devoid of the opposites like vice and virtue, greed and satisfaction, war and peace and so on.

As we noticed of late, there was no exit strategy, it's void of any pragmatism, and when things crash, they crash big.

In 6% of cases "void for" is used

Agreements void for uncertainty 29.

Note that 18248 is so void for vague.

The agreement is void for uncertainty.

I agree that laws should be applied equally or be void for violating the basic rule of law.

And note that The Ottomans ' period was successful militarily but culturally void for Muslim history.

In some civil law countries, including France, a potestative term is void for lack of mutuality of obligation.

At worst, omission may cause the patent application (and subsequent patent) to be void for material misrepresentation.

Rules must be certain and if a council retains a subjective discretion within a rule then that rule may be void for uncertainty.

The learned judge ruled that the Will of the late poet, John O'Donoghue, was void for uncertainty, thus giving it no legal effect.

I also expect the property to be void for 4 weeks which needs to be accounted for from the cashflow hence the void box at the end.

In 6% of cases "void in" is used

Horoscopes are void in the first place.

Those canons are void in South Carolina.

Minor: An agreement by a minor is void in India.

Wherefore, despite demur and counter-speech, Confess thou must there is a void in things.

The offer is void in all jurisdictions where prohibited by State, Federal or International law.

Offers by offshore sportsbooks advertising on this site are void in states where prohibited by law.

Quasi Contract: A quasi contract is an obligation that is imposed by the courts to avoid injustice or unjust enrichment.

North leads the King of Diamonds, then, seeing that Dummy is now void in Diamonds, leads the trump Ace followed by a small trump.

During the last week I soak them multiple times until they no longer void in the water About 2-3 weeks before hibernation I get the fridge setup.

In 4% of cases "void on" is used

The agreement is void on the ground of impossibility.

Furthermore, you split the stamp duty in half, so her argument is void on that account as well.

However, letters of hypothecation can be construed as a charge or bills of sale (in the case of individuals) which if not registered are void on the insolvency of the customer.

If the thing, which can be used for lawful purpose, is sold with the intention of putting it to unlawful use, the transaction is unlawful, rather void on the basis of precaution.

The Kings Bench hearing Wilkes's appeal against outlawry declared it void on a technical error, again discovered by Mansfield and this time all over England their was uncontrolled mass celebration.

In 3% of cases "void as" is used

A term fixing unreasonably large liquidated damages is void as a penalty.

Secondly, they argued that if a contract was thereby created, it was void as a wagering contract.

When declaring anything else than void as a return type, we are forcing our self to return something.

In the absence of registration, the charge was void as against the liquidators under section 80(1) of CO.

The plaintiffs claiming to be collaterals of Fateh Singh pleaded that as such collaterals the land being ancestral property the gift was void as against them.

They further pleaded that even if the land was not ancestral they excluded tha daughter from self-acquired property and therefore the gift was void as against them.

In 3% of cases "void under" is used

So Samsung's patent would be void under this scenario.

The impugned Act Was also challenged on the ground that it was discriminatory and thus void under Art.

A true penalty would likely be void under unconscionability, while a fair or efficient penalty would be enforced.

If any of the above provisions are void under governing law, our liability shall be limited to the extent permitted by law.

Illustration A by his will bequeaths certain legacies, of which one is void under section 118, and another lapses by the death of the legatee.

The intention of the testator can not take effect to its full extent because the gift to the hospital is void under section 118, but it will take.

This court, while disposing of the question only as it affected public work, held that the Kansas statute was not void under the Fourteenth Amendment.

To the extent that any Kenyan law violates Kenya's voluntary or involuntary obligations under international law, the law is arguably void under Article 2.

The bequest to B is intended to take effect upon failure of the bequest to such of A's sons as shall first attain the age of 25, which bequest is void under section 114.

In 2% of cases "void against" is used

Failure to register such security renders it void against other creditors and any appointed liquidator (Section 80 Companies Ordinance (Cap.

Please note however that a claim for repayment or enforcement of loan will be void against a liquidator for any amount above the value for which stamp duties was paid.

Failure to register the charge within 21 days of its creation has the effect of making the charge void against a liquidator of the company and any creditor of the company.

Floating charges In addition to a floating charge being void against the liquidator and creditors of the company if applicable registration periods are not complied with (see question 1.

If a transfer in a defined (generally 6 months) period prior to bankruptcy had the effect of giving a creditor a preference over other creditors, then that transfer will be void against the trustee.

In 2% of cases "void by" is used

Once he advised two men to break fast because they rendered it void by backbiting.

Should the Legislature enact any enabling laws in anticipation of this amendment, no such law shall be void by reason of its anticipatory nature.

For example, written consent may be required from all of the partners otherwise the transfer is considered to be void by the terms of the agreement.

The Pharisees, by dividing the law into greater and lesser precepts, made no small part of it void by their traditions and divisions, Matthew 23:23; Matthew 15:3-6.

Therefore, it is likely to be argued that, although a contract had been formed by virtue of the online communication, the contract would be void by mistake (Adams, A.

Whoever, having a husband or wife living, marries in any case in which such marriage is void by reason of its taking for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine.

In 2% of cases "void from" is used

A void contract is void from the beginning and the normal remedy.

The key question is whether the marriage was void from the beginning.

The others agreed which meant that they were void from the game and have no score on the score board.

For example, if they are brother and sister, or one party is under 16, any marriage ceremony that takes place will be void from the start.

Big hits are all but void from the conversation and there has been little controversy or interesting quotes for the media and the fans to debate.

So what, because I think religion isn't really relevant to lots people any more and I think the author is arguing a moot point i'd void from commenting.

The law recognizes that they are legal, although the same law states that by virtue of the annulment, the marriage is void ab initio or void from the beginning.

Like LUV many of the festival's films, which came from filmmakers worldwide, aimed to create dialogue and spread messages often void from the mainstream silver screen.

A void contract is void from the beginning (ab initio - see the Latin terms below) and the normal remedy, if possible, is to put things back to where they were before the contract.

In 2% of cases "void to" is used

Any term which attempts to do this will be void to the extent that it is inconsistent with the provisions of the distance Selling Regulations.

If members transfer funds with another payment processor other than Payza, any disputes resulting from that effect are void to Payza's resolution and risk management process.

In 1% of cases "void according" is used

If a non-existent item has been sold, even by mutual consent, the sale is void according to Shari'ah.

If a non-existent thing has been sold, though by mutual consent, the sale is void according to Shariah.

If ever the case is otherwise and the woman is coerced into marriage, that marriage is void according to Islam and she has no responsibility to persist in it.

In 1% of cases "void at" is used

The eighteen realms are void at this very moment.

If they lack capacity under any heading the marriage would be void at law in Ireland.

Certain types of contracts are void at common law, being contrary to the public good.

If they lack capacity under any heading the civil partnership would be void at law in Ireland.

What it means is simply that this is the first amount of riba which is being declared as void at that occasion of the last sermon.

However, the court has the power to declare the dissolution of a company to be void at any time within two years after the date of dissolution.

In 1% of cases "void due" is used

Otherwise, your application will be completely void due to strict E.

Godbless! Joyce: Based on the factors you mentioned, it seems that your marriage may be void due to the lack of marriage license.

And whatever agreement the US made to free those hostages is void due to the fact that Iran were holding those diplomats illegally in the first place.

In 1% of cases "void without" is used

Akukonda (He Loves You) God is Love; His character is void without love.

Hence if the apparent and general meaning is taken then the nikah of an adult male will also be void without a wali, thus going against the opinion of Imam Shafi'i.