Prepositions after "vulnerable"

vulnerable to, in, at, on or among?

In 75% of cases "vulnerable to" is used

vulnerable to ups and downs of the market.

Assange dangerously vulnerable to the Swedish-U.

ISPs are especially vulnerable to the libel laws.

Like many other small island states, Tonga is highly vulnerable to climate change.

vulnerable to pathogens, prone to warts and cancer, an infection risk to partners.

Janos ' heart was the only thing that had made him vulnerable to the staff's magic.

The writing of any medieval biography is of course vulnerable to the dictates of scarce and tendentious sources.

For sex to be truly satisfying to both partners, each has to risk being totally open and vulnerable to the other.

Older people working in trades industries are particularly vulnerable to the lack of income protection insurance.

Learn about the nature of trauma and what makes some people more vulnerable to the longer term effects of trauma.

In 10% of cases "vulnerable in" is used

But many of the most vulnerable in the.

Are Electric Railways vulnerable in War.

Abortion clinics are vulnerable in the U.

We have become vulnerable in his absence as we had always grown under his shelter.

Young girls are particularly vulnerable in the face of this widespread chauvinism.

It's okay to be vulnerable in a relationship but for goodness sake, don't be dumb.

It was pretty rough in that area, and I felt vulnerable in the hot sun with cars honking at me and people staring.

Anastasia Bavuga is not alone in this situation, but she is among the most vulnerable in the Nyiragongo territory.

Her life is vulnerable in all parts of Bangladesh since a big chunk of the nation has trodden the path to Islamism.

Because of the tigers stupidity and their armed culture Tamils are vulnerable in a propaganda level after the 11/9.

In 2% of cases "vulnerable at" is used

You are most vulnerable at this point.

Feeling very vulnerable at this moment.

Still defensively vulnerable at times 2.

This is not vulnerable at all to the objection having to do with mere relativities.

All of this makes me feel vulnerable at the best of times, let alone now I'd diffed.

Taute is vulnerable at 13 because he doesn't know the defensive lines, de Jongh does.

In fact, the ' playing card ' shape is more appropriate to the latter which were very vulnerable at the corners.

In any case, all systems are vulnerable at some level, and all systems depend on the user not doing stupid stuff.

Like all shotmakers, he s vulnerable at the start of an innings - but if he gets going hell thrill a lot of people.

I felt vulnerable at the time and honestly thought the vets would do or suggestion everything in her best interest.

In 2% of cases "vulnerable on" is used

He's vulnerable on every subject.

Obama is vulnerable on this issue.

Iva looked vulnerable on the stage.

We need to remember that our own diaspora was once vulnerable on both those counts.

Here's the key: Corrupt power is housed on a pile of sand; vulnerable on all sides.

That makes 10 and 11 year old GAMP students particularly vulnerable on mass transit.

Both Santorum and Gingrich successfully targeted Romney and showed that he was very vulnerable on certain areas.

It is listed as vulnerable on the IUCN's Red List of Threatened Species and as Threatened in the UK Red Data Book.

The Seahawks may be vulnerable on the road, but the Jets are in the unfortunate position of facing them in Seattle.

Mark Udall looks very vulnerable on paper, but we're going to need the right kind of Colorado Republican to face him.

In 1% of cases "vulnerable among" is used

Especially when you think of the most vulnerable among us.

They can help create a more prosperous future for the most vulnerable among us.

Lehavot pointed out the identifying the most vulnerable among this group is critical.

When I think of women and children, my thoughts go first to the most vulnerable among us.

For others she represents the failure of society to take care of the most vulnerable among us.

Some say that a society will be judged by the way they treat the weakest and most vulnerable among them.

For these reasons it is said that the people are also most vulnerable among the other indigenous people.

No one had dared come out and said what was really going on with the little children and vulnerable among us.

We would not be wrong in saying that these categories of humans are proving to be the most vulnerable among us.

Regressive policies and corporate control oppress people on the margins and disenfranchise the vulnerable among us.

In 1% of cases "vulnerable as" is used

Men are a lot more vulnerable as a gender than they'll admit.

They are also vulnerable as regards drug use (and not just injected drugs).

Whereas the likes of Arsenal and Spurs are exciting but vulnerable as a result.

A willingness to help the vulnerable as well as allowing oneself to be vulnerable.

To do so is to be exposed and vulnerable as? a naked man / fleeing across the roofs?

He stressed the need to remember those who were vulnerable as well as those who were successful.

Over 80% of these small holder farmers are women who are most vulnerable as a result of such inaccessible markets.

You are just vulnerable as well as needy if you choose this, and this could keep him your ex lover rather than re-gaining him.

Sighs What was it like for you personally, staying in the border towns? In Ciudad Jurez? You really feel vulnerable as a woman.

Being vulnerable as a leader means staying totally open to everyone else, without hiding anything, and refusing to defend oneself.

In 1% of cases "vulnerable because" is used

Arjuna becomes vulnerable because of his actions.

He felt vulnerable because of his lack of English.

Norman says that he is vulnerable because of his disability.

Rick Perry is vulnerable because of his long tenure in Texas political offices.

Ftry56 Considering he was more vulnerable because of his wider head gear matt did well.

Others still are vulnerable because of their lifestyle, their gender, their sexuality or their working conditions, etc.

It's good that your mother is mentally sharp but she may well be feeling vulnerable because of her physical limitations.

It's not pleasant knowing that women feel vulnerable because of the behaviour of a -- substantial -- minority of my gender.

Communism is ultimately vulnerable because of this point, but wrapped itself in ' ideology ' instead of calling it ' theology '.

In 1% of cases "vulnerable by" is used

We're more vulnerable by the minute.

Have the courage to be vulnerable by being personal.

A tourists, now vulnerable by means of global absences.

Leadership also ensures that those made vulnerable by the disease are also protected.

Yet the company is left vulnerable by the action, both financially and reputationally.

Children with epilepsy are often seen as very precious and vulnerable by their families.

But all the time checking myself, and I know I'd making myself vulnerable by doing this, but I'd doing it anyway.

If the SIM cards in Android phones also get vulnerable by this virus, then it can really hurt the Android market.

Dugongs were listed as vulnerable by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) way back in 2002.

Young people are vulnerable by the age delusions of ' bulletproof state ' and have a tendency to ignore the obvious.

In 1% of cases "vulnerable due" is used

She was especially vulnerable due to her age.

They were vulnerable due to their youth and Parker's menstruation.

Some such as Amethyst may well be more vulnerable due to heart conditions.

Health already vulnerable due to malnutrition, hard work and violence suffers even more.

Those would be the most vulnerable due to them becoming commonplace and forgotten about.

Poor / Rural people is the group those who are most vulnerable due to these kind of cases.

Among those who signed the cards are people who are very vulnerable due to poor health, isolation, or low income.

This form of concentration revealed that her physical had become vulnerable due to a failure in her immune defences.

Women are the main producers as small scale farmers and this is why they ecome more vulnerable due to climate change.

Sun bears are very vulnerable due to the rapid destruction of their tropical forest habitat for palm oil plantations.

In 1% of cases "vulnerable for" is used

However, you may be vulnerable for other reasons.

So therefore we are more vulnerable for lightning.

They are lost or vulnerable for their own reasons, with.

Use it only in direct assaults: It? s simply too vulnerable for other situations.

The whole earth, for the first time, has become vulnerable for the luxuries of a few.

The security experts told ProPakistani that PKNIC has been vulnerable for a long time.

The next table shows all microcontrollers I have already tested and found them vulnerable for non-invasive attacks.

Though it is convenient, but it is quite vulnerable for getting hacked by the hackers and cyber criminals or masterminds.

Consequently Africa became more vulnerable for the cold warriors, unequal international power relations, debt crisis, etc.

It leaves you vulnerable for a few seconds you are casting this skill as you will stay still while you are using this skill.

In 1% of cases "vulnerable from" is used

You are most vulnerable from behind.

It can't be easily cut or broken but they are not completely vulnerable from scratches.

Something that has clearly made us vulnerable from both a security and economic standpoint.

Gambling strips you off your finances and keeps you vulnerable from the threats of bankruptcy.

We have also failed in the duty to protect the weak and vulnerable from the rich and powerful.

We deserve to lose all of our liberties if we will not defend the vulnerable from being murdered.

Someone who knows how to detect ambiguous signals will not leave the company vulnerable from rivals.

Madina was more vulnerable from this side because there were very few natural obstacles in this part.

The idea behind public provisioning is to shield the most vulnerable from the downward spiral of poverty.

Every year he saves proportionally fewer shots than other keepers, and is especially vulnerable from distance.

In 1% of cases "vulnerable of" is used

The most vulnerable of the vulnerable.

These are the most vulnerable of women.

They are more vulnerable of catching flu.

Democrats should fight for the most vulnerable of our society and the middle class.

Above all, existing polyps in the colon is vulnerable of becoming a cancerous mass.

But that doesn't mean we shouldn't care what happens to the vulnerable of our world.

If a law can not protect the most vulnerable of our fellow human beings, then I say it is quite simply a bad law.

In addition, it leaves out the entire CA coast, the east coast of FL, and the most vulnerable of the Alaska fields.

It ensures that these most vulnerable of patients are treated with dignity and respect in their last days and hours.

As Islam or its culture is devoid of any profound life-philosophy or spirituality, it is the most vulnerable of all.

In 1% of cases "vulnerable with" is used

I am more vulnerable with them.

He was being so vulnerable with her.

Danika, thank you for being vulnerable with us.

A key concern is reaching and including the most vulnerable with new technologies.

From then on, the welfare state would house the vulnerable with nowhere else to go.

On the face of it, Lewis may seem rather vulnerable with regard to impossible worlds.

This is in the case where a woman is frightened by the thought of opening up and being truly vulnerable with a man.

I think it's fair to say that most of us probably feel a little anxious being sexually vulnerable with someone new.

It's the person who you don't mind being vulnerable with, because you trust that you induce the same feelings in them.