Prepositions after "well-known"

"well-known for" or "well-known in"?

In 41% of cases "well-known for" is used

He was well-known for his valor.

He was well-known for his music.

He was well-known for his piety.

The Moody Blues, for example, are well-known for their use of symphonic elements.

The writer Scott Fitzgerald is well-known for his exceptional style and eloquence.

He said that Sri Lanka's wildlife was well-known for the elephant and the leopard.

As for the sweet dessert you ate is called bougatsa and it is something my city Thessaloniki is well-known for.

They produce some of New Zealand's most respected products and are well-known for their pioneering wine brands.

It is well-known for a local sheep breed: close encounters with flocks of sheep are very common near the house.

Faber is well-known for his contrarian investment approach and is a regular speaker at events around the world.

In 18% of cases "well-known in" is used

It was well-known in the outfit that.

Neither sport is well-known in China.

However they are well-known in China.

His wife also worked in the shop and both of them were well-known in the community.

It was generally well-known in the United States (and much more so than in Britain).

Bakunin and Kropotkin also presented similar visions, again long before syndicalism become well-known in English.

Even though they are not well-known in the western countries, I'd like to recommend them to the ' unknown world '.

In 12% of cases "well-known to" is used

Fife is well-known to teachers, Mr.

The hero is well-known to the villains.

These veterans are quite well-known to us.

The tuber would not quickly become well-known to Europeans, nor popular as a food.

Her father said it was a Lesula, well-known to hunters in that part of the forest.

Poddala is well-known to the Embassy, and has been a key contact for PAS for years.

Media is the one who controls whict facts will be fed to public, and which book should become wellknown to public.

The second chapter is a rundown of the touring side - some of them well-known to English spectators, some less so.

FitFlop shoes are well-known to its improvements which provide improved securing and also tightening of your quads.

Delaware was the first state of the Union, yet perhaps it is the least well-known to those of us who live elsewhere.

In 7% of cases "well-known as" is used

It was well-known as the walled city.

Doolin is well-known as the Irish music capital.

He had become well-known as an anti-imperialist.

The newspaper is well-known as a Jewish mouth-piece which blindly supports Israel.

ATD: Although you are well-known as an Italian chef, you're not ethnically Italian.

This form of government is well-known as a fraud, and was denounced as such by Hegel.

He became well-known as a public lecturer, traveling around the country promoting his ideas (and his questions).

Glenn McGrath Although well-known as an Australian cricketer, Glenn McGrath originally hails from farming stock.

His distinctive brand of piping can often be heard on Edinburgh's Princes Street where he well-known as a busker.

Monica Hunter Wilson is well-known as the author of a number of detailed studies of the Nyakyusa of Central Africa.

In 3% of cases "well-known by" is used

Students are well-known by adults.

It has been well-known by sportsmen.

That way you will become well-known by name.

I have vast experience and my name is well-known by a lot of people in the market.

Her beauty was also well-known by the young men about town, despite her diminutive size.

Because of its size it was well-known by this name, as is mentioned in the books of hadith.

Yes, Japan did it (though some have convoluted this information ), but sure, it was calculated and well-known by America.

It was well-known by his relatives and friends since he had been a student in Holy Najaf, the capital of knowledge and religion.

He narrated this tradition in many different ways, as it was well-known by the researchers, who inquired the books of Sunna and Hadith.

Online influence attracts employers, who are increasingly looking to hire professionals who are already well-known by their target audience.

In 3% of cases "well-known of" is used

Perhaps the most well-known of them is the U.

The most well-known of football Expos is called Soccerex.

Religious rehabilitation is the most well-known of them all.

The most well-known of these are: The Qur'an which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad.

The third nameplate was to get to be the most well-known of autos to result from Auburn.

Gordon is the least well-known of the three, but is apparently well-respected in hockey circles.

They're trying to build a division around her, as she's the most well-known of the female fighters they can get.

The Crowd: Repulse Bay is a tourist-friendly spot and probably the most well-known of all the beaches in Hong Kong.

The most well-known of the commentaries is Riyad al-salikin by al-Sayyid ' Alikhan al-Husayn al-Hasan al-Shirazi (d.

Age: 24 Why? Possibly the less well-known of all 10, but a lil ' Eurasian blood in the mansion would be a nice touch.

In 2% of cases "well-known among" is used

My own views are well-known among my students.

Her love of art and music is well-known among her clients.

Since China is not particularly well-known among the peopl.

A Moncler outdoor jackets are truly well-known among men's as well as children.

Aneesa Dhody Mehta's parents are well-known among Mumbai's elite and fashionable.

The Elephant Monk believes he was an elephant in a past life and is well-known among mahouts.

Mr Gervois said he was surprised to find that Australia was very well-known among Chinese people for its wine.

The most well-known among these is the Tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang, with the Terracotta Warriors and chariot.

Sex-related words that you consider well-known are most likely NOT well-known among non-native English speakers.

It's well-known among us, but we don't talk about it and perhaps not all of us even acknowledge it to ourselves.

In 1% of cases "well-known amongst" is used

Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise is a resort well-known amongst locals.

Sa'd is the most well-known amongst the few of Muhammad's apostatized disciples.

A sahih hadith related by Abu Da'wud, at-Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah &; Ahmad, and well-known amongst the people.

Ceramic braces are very well-known amongst adolescents and adults and consist of brackets created from ceramic.

Hal (State) and Maqam (Position ): well-known amongst the terms of ' irfan are hal (state) and maqam (position).

There exists no low-cost mentor purses query as to why these specified footwear are so well-known amongst ladies.

They are quite well-known amongst the women as they love to bath with it and exact same goes with the young children too.

At the time of Hasan al-Askari's death, the Hadith in regards to the twelve Caliphs was well-known amongst the Muslim masses.

He was very well-known amongst the town people for his amiable behavior and for the extreme love that he shared for all the children of the town.

In 1% of cases "well-known around" is used

He was well-known around Howick.

Nason is well-known around the Kenneth C.

Our meat products are well-known around the World.

Justin is well-known around the world and will be a great help to broadening our reach.

I am absolutely puzzled that the Oz version of ' Masterchef ' seems to be so wellknown around the world.

Many of them became prominent and well-known around the world like President Kim Dae Jung, Prime Minister Jong Pil Kim.

Located in the Airport World Trade Centre Club, The Terrace well-known around town as the Airport Private Kitchen (????????).

They are probably more well-known around the world than other Japanese artistes/bands and have small fanbases outside of Japan.

He is made quite a few educational content material articles on diverse cheap moncler down jacketswhich is well-known around the globe.

In 1% of cases "well-known at" is used

Fred sic Zindler, well-known atheist, on a state-wide TV broadcast.

These families bore the names well-known at the local chipper today.

Coach outlet had become more popular and well-known at the home and abroad market.

Although such facts were well-known at the United Nations, no action with remedial consequences had been taken.

Steps within a surgical procedure when they really are well-known at this moment were definitely undertaken for 100 B.

One of the most salient facts not well-known at all by the general public comes out of the rock-solid work by Reinhart and Rogoff.

Similar to Pop Montreal, as it features plenty of good up and coming acts as well as ones more well-known at many venues over several days.

Godwin was well-known at Kanduboda, and his best friend had earlier ordained there and had become famous as the English Meditation Instructor, Ven.

ANDREA YU: Yes, you could say that, but you could only say that if you knew who my company was and we are fairly, I would say, not very well-known at this stage.

They're likely going to aim for more of the Chris Evans type (fairly well-known at the time and not overly expensive) than say, Chris Hemsworth (totally unknown at the time).

In 1% of cases "well-known because" is used

It's well-known because of its cozy as well as classy.

What ' much more, Chanel is within add-on well-known because of its gear, such as, mugs as well as lady ' carriers.

The newspaper is reader-oriented and become well-known because of its authoritativeness, practicality, readability.

In accessory a new specifically hot artistic, cheap red shoes can also be instantaneously well-known because of their really brightly red-lacquered examiner.

He's well-known because of his success as CIO and then CEO at ASB Bank and its parent company Commonwealth Bank; but that absolutely demonstrates to all CIOs that it's possible.

But that's just the starting, as Nike mens polo shirt in addition to their other golf products would likely turn into much more well-known because of a single really wise advertising move.

Given that which hallmark is really well-known because of its excellent characteristic and as well substantial designs, and its particular high quality and as well aspect are generally confident.

It is well-known because of historical significance and mourning for the martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of the Islamic prophet Muhammad at the Battle of Karbala in the year 61 AH (AD 680).

In 1% of cases "well-known from" is used

Run by Dan Shadrake, well-known from movies and television.

The director has used the sound effects well-known from Nigerian movies, which.

The director has used the sound effects well-known from Nigerian movies, which I found interesting.

He is well-known from different sources and had a distinguished career both in Italy and the Holy Land.

They're also well-known from the classic 1980s Nick Kamen Levis advert -- those white boxers are Sunspel.

Early efforts concentrated on materials whose energy-level structures already were well-known from spectroscopic studies.

Scherzo is also well-known from the prodigiously difficult transcription for solo piano by Rachmaninove, made in a single take.

This succession of events is well-known from other records, and the coldest periods in Antarctica are the times when we had ice ages.

In fact, it is likely that the Delphian omphalos originally was a baetyl, a ' house of god ' that is well-known from the ancient Near East.

It is well-known from the work on currency crises of Paul Krugman, the Nobel laureate, that speculators can bet safely against a fund known to be too small to stabilise a market.

In 1% of cases "well-known on" is used

Early End These problems were well-known on the island but not abroad.

They seem to be well-known on the Malaysia and Singapore swinger scene.

Kishore lives in Bangalore and is well-known on the Indian crossword circuit.

I was prepared to go to higher densities but he was not and he made himself well-known on that point.

There are many games in casino houses, although the video slot is the most well-known on line casino sport.

This type includes grow to be because of this well-known on the whole due to the an improved levels high quality of their products.

The publishers are keeping mum on who the author is except to say that she is already well-known on the South African literary scene.

Often the search rankings follow from the fact that you're getting to be well-known on the web completely outside the sphere of search.

Fellini wanted him in the film because Vidal had been living in Rome since the early 1960s and become well-known on the literary scene.

Products by utilizing design brand tend to be well-known on crucial style urban centers such as Milan, Paris, france plus The big apple.

In 1% of cases "well-known outside" is used

Humphrys ' qualities are already legendary, but Mair is less well-known outside BBC Radio.

John Hiatt wasn't well-known outside of select music industry circles at the time of this recording (1983?).

And finally there is an international version by Thomas Wood which is the most well-known outside of Australia.

So after decades of huffing and puffing, most members of this trade will never be well-known outside their field.

Australia is well-known outside its borders for its bargain bottles of shiraz, but some of the best are only distributed domestically.

Upon hearing it, our comedy consultant pointed out that the legendary comic-book writer really wasn't very well-known outside of graphic-novel fan-boy-dom.

Newell, who spent 13 years at Microsoft working on Windows, is not well-known outside of the videogame industry, but the company he has built in Bellevue, Wash.

Because stars like Namie, Ayumi and Utada, have been so famous in Asia for quite a number of years now, they are still much more well-known outside Japan, than AKB48.

In 1% of cases "well-known throughout" is used

So they are well-known throughout the country.

The Australian Tennis Open is well-known throughout the planet.

This area of the country is not well-known throughout the world.

The old idea of the English cricket test is well-known throughout the commonwealth.

David Yonggi Cho and the Yoido Full Gospel Church is well-known throughout the world.

The super-sweet ' Baklava ' is well-known throughout Greece, Turkey and surrounding countries.

He was well-known throughout the province as a certified gunsmith, and a provincial champion trap shooter.

Located in Zhada County, the ruins are well-known throughout the world and are under key protection of the State.

Mr Watt is well-known throughout Australia's international education circles and a sought after conference speaker.

The deal, in which the kidnapped Israeli soldier was exchanged for 1027 prisoners, made him well-known throughout the world.

In 1% of cases "well-known with" is used

This plan is incredibly well-known with men.

Our services are well-known with their high quality and.

But Retro Roundup's 10 favourites mixes the well-known with the somewhat obscure.

Travel with these procedures is now progressively well-known with people trying to cut costs.

With designs using them, certain tip needed to be well-known with regard to the baseball bat.

If you are not well-known with these changes, you perhaps end up wearing styles that have gone out of fashion ages ago.

All over some around Pyramid, is a most well-known with Sphinx, that it was made over Hafra, is likewise your Hafra for any manner.

He may not have been the leading light of IPTA for there are many other names that were more well-known with solid contributions to their credit.

Their repertoire combines the well-known with the unique and different, and romantic and individuality of each occasion is core to their musical philosophy.

Rome is also well-known with the pilgrims with the catholic faith who take a look at the St Peter's Basilica for particular calendar events within their faith.

In 1% of cases "well-known within" is used

Tony and his wife had two daughters and were well-known within the financial industry.

She is well-known within the field of nutrition, but not so much to the general public.

Question a blog that is well-known within your market to post the link on their blog site.

Most senior level executives have moved from company to company and are well-known within their industries.

Some, like Ada Luk (profiled today ), are well-known within a segment of the community and virtually unknown outside it.

He endorsed the formula as a very good one, by no means revolutionary, but well-known within Chinese medicine and very effective.

The Irish development sector is small and becoming well-known within it is an easy and important strategy in increasing your employability.

Though well-known within the industry and a friendly and ebullient character in person, Graham on the whole avoids consumer media opportunities.

The most valuable locations for businesses are those in areas with high visibility, and which are popular and well-known within the city of London.

Mafioso impact on, particularly and also chiefly inspired from the 1983 redo model connected with Scar face, started to be well-known within hip hop.