Prepositions after "well-suited"

"well-suited to" or "well-suited for"?

In 57% of cases "well-suited to" is used

However, it still isn't well-suited to power users.

John O's voice is well-suited to the more moody numbers.

Succulent plants are well-suited to a living wall frame.

It's a field that comes with its own set of dangers but we are well-suited to it.

However, at 16 I came to the realization that I am very well-suited to translation.

She is well-suited to the part, conveying a grown-up maturity inside a child's body.

All of these are questions about the performance of functions, and so are well-suited to reductive explanation.

Because supersets don't allow you to use maximal weights, they are not always well-suited to building strength.

Traditional citation measures are not well-suited to assessing the impact of these non-traditional content forms.

Southern interior valleys, principally the Okanagan, are well-suited to the production of tree fruits and grapes.

In 41% of cases "well-suited for" is used

I believe I am well-suited for the job.

The dancers were well-suited for one another.

AccountServer is well-suited for all kind of small.

They are good cruising cars and are particularly well-suited for a summer jaunts.

It requires the wisdom of Solomon, and Yair Miller is well-suited for this position.

It's really well-suited for automated layout algorithms for CMSes and other web apps.

While Garnett is clearly more well-suited for hooping than public speaking or catering your next dinner party.

Johnston has good films in his blood, but I'd say his record is a bit spotty and not well-suited for Star Wars.

For a younger India, itching for change, a 40-year-old Prime Minister appeared to be well-suited for the times.

In 1% of cases "well-suited as" is used

And the dish is well-suited as an appetizer.

Therefore logic-based representation languages are well-suited as a foundation of policy languages.

In 1% of cases "well-suited with" is used

It is well-suited with all type of technologies.

It is well-suited with insecticides and most fungicides therefore can be used in a conventional crop protection programme.