authorise by, in, for, under or as?

Prepositions after "authorise"

In 69% of cases authorise by is used

Changes authorised by this section include.

The Second Temple, authorised by Cyrus the Great, was built in 515 B.

This report was made by the Doctrine Commission, authorised by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Provided that this subsection shall not apply to any act or omission which is expressly authorised by.

The trustee sells such security for some purpose not authorised by the terms of the instrument of trust.

As a manager you can only spend what is authorised by the club and those in charge of financial affairs.

I can't imagine that that was authorised by anyone, especially since Cole isn't actually allowed to negotiate with other clubs until January.

Retrospective delegated legislation Delegated legislation that has retrospective effect must be expressly authorised by the empowering statute.

In 14% of cases authorise in is used

Except as authorised in writing by SkillsTrain you agree not to modify, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute or create derivative works bases on the Website.

During the hours of the curfews all persons within the boundaries are required to remain within their premises unless otherwise authorised in writing by the members of.

In 4% of cases authorise for is used

For this you need to refer to the aforementioned regulator website to check out exactly what products that they are authorised for.

In the event that your card has not been authorised for payment please ensure that your card details and personal information has been entered in correctly.

Casino developments to encourage tourism However, in recent years, many casinos in the US and Australia were authorised for the explicit purpose of encouraging tourism development.

In 3% of cases authorise under is used

In 2% of cases authorise as is used

In 2% of cases authorise at is used

There must be proper authority -- any intrusion must be authorised at a sufficiently senior level and with appropriate oversight.

In 2% of cases authorise to is used

Travel agencies are not authorised to book and issue Jet Awards.

In 1% of cases authorise on is used

In 1% of cases authorise subject is used

Under the new pharmacovigilance provisions some medicinal products for human use are authorised subject to additional monitoring for reasons of their specific safety profile.

In 1% of cases authorise through is used

In 1% of cases authorise V.S. is used

In 1% of cases authorise with is used

There is a need to identify the site which has to be authorised with a waste permit or with an EPA licence.