"in class" or "of class"?

Prepositions used with "class"

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In 33% of cases class in is used

Be unable to concentrate in class.

In Class class there is a getField (.

Mobile phones are a distraction in class.

Five years ago I saw a Jewish girl in class that I had liked, but never approached her.

In class, we had discussed the ayaat about taking a reminder immediately when it comes.

Milk belongs in Class 29 which concerns itself, inter alia, with milk and milk products.

He has difficulty in pronouncing my name properly and every time he calls out to me, the girls in class would giggle.

Before the class was finished, he proposed to me in class -- weirdest thing -- and I've seen some truly weird things.

On a related note, me by the way I won't be those parents who tell their kids that they were ALWAYS number one in class.

In Dar es Salaam, many back street video game shows are filled with students at a time they are supposed to be in class.

In 32% of cases class of is used

But Ghosh showed glimpses of class.

He couldn't think in terms of class.

Maybe it's just a question of class.

A world that rises above the limitations of class, caste, community, colour and gender.

This Centre gives students access to state of the art technology outside of class time.

Hundreds of students from two local high schools walked out of classes Thursday (Sept.

The first part deals with the centrality of class and the second part deals with the question of class consciousness.

In the grand scheme of thing it seems that the corporations that rule us love the idea of class and political strife.

Scan the room at the beginning of class and make sure it's set up in an orderly way, and that each student is visible.

So in the long run it'll be like school in terms of class size and you will get to know your class for better or worse.

In 14% of cases class to is used

Some probably never went to class.

She could not find her way to class.

Back to top Do I have to go to classes? No.

One week you may have to work late and won't have the time to go to class on a Tuesday.

Students have to rush from class to class, and freshman have the stress of getting lost.

I've cried so much that I can't even wear my contacts to class as my eyes are too puffy.

And still to this day, even as I drive toward the studio to class, a sense of peacefulness and joy starts to come over me.

Occasionally she balked about going to class, but that was mostly from fighting about the need for a nap earlier in the day.

I have used this book and recommended it to classes of martial arts students and health enthusiasts since it's publication.

In 5% of cases class for is used

We had lots of books and things to do for class.

I kept coming late for classes it wasn't even funny.

Equating for classes, men and women get equal grades.

If you're just reading straight from a textbook or novel for class, try reading aloud.

If however, your last PRSI contribution was at Class B your credits will be for Class B.

For example, if your last paid PRSI contribution was Class A your credits will be for Class A.

Central Board of Secondary Education has announced the dates for the optional proficiency test for class X students.

Joe Benson, a September callup for the Twins last year, homered for Class AA New Britain on Friday night but was hitting.

See the important information about changes for Class D drivers that result from a law that eliminates the Non-CDL Class C license.

The CBSE proficiency test for class X students is optional in nature and only those students who wish to take this test willingly may appear.

In 3% of cases class between is used

Between classes I work for the university.

Now it's time for me to enjoy the last hour of my break between classes at school.

I occupied my day between classes, studying, practices, and travel to play for my university.

All classes consist of entire major groups; no major group is split between classes of the variant.

Bring fruit, nuts, string cheese, whole-grain crackers or sliced vegetables from home to snack on between classes.

Ford cars are known for the excellence with which they strike at a balance between class, performance and durability.

The important distinction between class 2 a and 2b is the fact that the trust and confidence relationship must be proved.

With the success of The Only Way is Essex, Geordie Shore and Made in Chelsea it seems there's a gap in the market between classes.

So much for the lack of connecting links between classes! 56 Although Morris doesn't realize it, he is giving away the store with this concession.

So much for the lack of connecting links between classes! 56 Although Morris doesn't realize it, he is giving away the store with this concession.

In 3% of cases class during is used

She would collect a random scrap book and go over it during class.

The teacher would let me start it during class so I could play at lunch time.

You might try to sit close to her during class so that she'll see you everyday.

He is so sweet about it though that you don't mind the gallon of sweat you lose during class.

Arbas and Villas said students sometimes go to other websites or play games during classes.

It was awesome! He didn't distract me or anyone else during class, but I was close enough if he needed me.

In the second half, you will participate in deliberations of the civic issues reported during class to make informed decisions.

It's also a good opportunity to make an appointment to speak to your child's teacher since they can't see you during class time.

During classes I visited or taught myself, I was impressed at both the number and the lively participation of women studying at UCBC.

Every class, the cute boy with black curls would turn around and try to make me laugh - while getting in trouble for talking during class.

In 3% of cases class from is used

These videos are relevant for all students from Class I to XII.

Failure to act in an appropriate and safe manner may result in your removal from class.

Students have to rush from class to class, and freshman have the stress of getting lost.

There was upward social mobility, from Class II to Class I, but few made it from bottom to top.

Redding was pulled from class by a male vice principal, escorted to an office, where she denied the accusations.

You can get used to the fact that class Foo: means something subtly but significantly different from class Foo(object):.

Then John Lannan was called up from Class AAA to make a spot start and pitched a gem, and ever since then the Nats are 14-4.

If you do not have an MV-285, the DMV automatically changes your driver license from Class DJ to Class D on your 18th birthday.

The day was marked for science fair, where all students from class one to twelve showcased their science projects inside the class room.

As we lay there on the beach, trying to spot constellations remembered from Class 9 geography classes, we saw the hatchery on a corner of the beach.

In 3% of cases class with is used

They wear themselves with class almost every day.

She's all class and you 're, well we know what rhymes with class.

Back when it was glamorous and only wealthy people with class were able to travel.

Billick, a catcher with Class A Wilmington, tested positive for metabolites of Stanozolol.

She pushed us to be the best storytellers in the business and did it with class, elegance and grace.

You see this with classes where they specialize in specific skills and/or stats that're much greater than their others.

Rivera, a shortstop with Class A Burlington, tested positive for metabolites of Nandrolone, the commissioners office said.

Linda Ikeji Though many may find the blogger controversial, one thing is for sure, she handles every situation she encounters with class.

In 2% of cases class after is used

So after class Alan dropped a note on my desk and then quickly walked away.

If you have questions, ask the coach after class, or schedule a meeting time.

If you miss something, ask your teacher to go over facts with you after class.

I must admit to being one but do not get too close to anyone during or after class.

I began walking up and down my university's hilly compound for one to two hours everyday after class.

Too many students go home right after class instead of hanging out - socializing - with other students.

We drew our biggest crowds after class, though, when I opened my laptop outside to see if I could get online with my thumb drive modem.

She has been told that her school is hopeless, but the other day after class she went to the public library and typed up a letter to the people sitting in this room.

How I was so determined to master the knowledge, how was persistent in asking the teachers even after class hours, and how I was so enthusiastic to be the best in what I did.

In 2% of cases class into is used

I took my baby to campus with me but not into classes.

Certain players I think will not suddenly turn into class acts.

When you dip into class warfare rhetoric, you show your lack of knowledge of actual economics.

Mather is basically the same as Leverett, except they break their directory down into classes.

Compulsory education has drawn some children into classes who do not want to be there thereby lowering the quality of education as standards are reduced to meet the lowest common denominator.

Many times I've gone into class for a lesson, preparing for it while I'd walking there -- more impressive than Chinese poets having to compose their poems within whatever number of steps they take.