"wild in" or "wild with"?

  • Let her run wild in the garden.
  • They almost go wild with grief.
  • You can't get this wild on a press trip.
  • The crowd goes wild for our win.

"demographic of" or "demographic in"?

  • The demographic of Reddit in the U.
  • They are no longer in the demographic in question.
  • Proton, please widen your demographic for buyers.
  • The fastest growing demographic on Facebook is women over.

"cute in", "cute for" or "cute with"?

  • She looked cute in the T-shirt.
  • SuperNezumi Sooo cute with the wig.
  • They are cute for all of one minute.
  • It looks really cute on her though.

internal to, as, in, of or rather?

  • One is internal to the company.
  • Im a little internal as? you describe.
  • The external joins the internal in unison in Salah.
  • Do the opposite -- be the most internal of internal departments.

ineligible for, by, due, to or under?

  • Many places IMGs are ineligible for it.
  • Those who are deemed ineligible by definition can not win.
  • Once widowed mother become ineligible due to her marriage next become eligible.
  • He's still ineligible to practice law in California.

"hesitant about" or "hesitant in"?

  • I was hesitant about trying PGX.
  • Her father was hesitant in going back.
  • We were very hesitant to post it.
  • Hesitant on the fringes of the battle.

"impatient with" or "impatient for"?

  • I am impatient with most officials.
  • He also became impatient for a sign.
  • They are impatient of all restraint.
  • I am patient and impatient at the same time.

"ordinary in" or "ordinary for"?

  • It's not ordinary in that sense.
  • Turn to the ordinary for inspiration.
  • It's so ordinary to me now that it's tedious.
  • Cotton, the Ordinary of Newgate.