Prepositions after Adjectives

Click an adjective to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


jealous of, about, for, by or in?

  • Katie will be jealous of the baby.
  • Others may feel jealous about it.
  • Is the Almighty jealous for us? Yes.
  • I'd jealous at the same time though.
  • You can also make your girl jealous by making new aquaintences.
  • Because he throws jealous in each other.
  • Re: Are Greeks jealous on Altay tank? They might not be so jealous about the products they see.
  • Men and women get jealous over different things.
  • Carolina sounds a little jealous to me.
  • Maxie attempts to make Matt jealous with Spinelli.

"justifiable in" or "justifiable for"?

  • That is not justifiable in my view.
  • Or it is justifiable for the people who are below poverty line.
  • Private atheism is justifiable on grounds of truth.
  • That racialism is unjustifiable by 21st century moral standards is not a view I invented.
  • The excuse is good though and justifiable to many.
  • What they did is not justifiable under any situation.
  • A message of hate can be as theologically justifiable as a message of love.
  • Perhaps justifiable from an aesthetic perspective but tampering with the natural order made things much worse.
  • I agree with Manish, the premium is justifiable at that age.
  • Lets say our level of spending is justifiable because of the dangers we face and in view the cost of our responses to those dangers.
  • The only problem is that there is nothing scientific or conclusively justifiable about these.
  • The other causes of divorce discussed are not valid and justifiable according to God.
  • It may possibly be justifiable depending on what it is spent.
  • Anything is justifiable with such a free spirit You have touched a topic that is so close to my heart.

jam-packed with, into, for, from or in?

  • Jam-packed with expert advice on.
  • Also, the electricity jam-packed into the tune is really entertaining.
  • Felele was jampacked by a huge crowd of sympathisers, politicians, top government functionaries and the ordinary people.
  • In big cities like Karachi and Lahore, restaurants of all types and sizes are jam-packed during opening hours.
  • Anything longer is pointless and there is nothing more daunting for a recruiter than to receive a three, four, or five page CV, jam-packed from top to bottom with a wall of words.
  • If you eat the tinned variety search for those jam-packed in spring water.
  • Be jam-packed of confidence and enormous breakthrough will be your mainstream in life all the time.
  • Instant messaging surprised by how slow your web site jam-packed on my little cellular.
  • According to the media, there are approximately about 10,000 people in attendance -- stadium was jam-packed to the max.

"junior in" or "junior at"?

  • Eric Haun is a junior in finance.
  • Trayvon, who was a junior at Dr.
  • I was junior to them by a few years.
  • And nothing would prepare Junior for what was to follow.
  • Wilson, a junior from Tulare, Calif.
  • I was a junior on April 20, 1999.
  • After dinner, Mommy helps Junior with homework.
  • Mr Patwardhan junior of Ahmednagar was there.
  • A colleague of mine viewed his junior as a ' lightweight '.
  • Initially Sartre praised Camus his junior by eight years.
  • Kris tells Junior about Kerry's plans for her in Europe.
  • He wanted to have everybody talking about Roy Jones Junior after the show.
  • Modano spent another year in junior before joining the big club.
  • HanGeng's not coming back, and I can't imagine Super Junior without their leader.

"joint in" or "joint with"?

  • Every joint in my body started aching.
  • Wrap the joint with an elastic bandage.
  • Rafael's -- a little Mexican joint on Pico.
  • Most people consider a joint at a party to be fine.
  • We cooked the joint for 7 hours.
  • The joint between hand and arm is termed the ' wrist '.
  • Here is the joint by joint in a nutshell.
  • Pass the joint from the front to the back.
  • He passes the joint to Virginia.
  • If he should resign then anyone who smoked one joint as a teen or had a DUI should be automatically fired as well.
  • These days you'll see lions chowing down on a rabbit or joint of beef.
  • It is a 24-hour joint after all.
  • I believe you needed to smoke another joint before your last two paragraphs.
  • Osteoarthritis is often the result of severe stress in the joint due to the weight, or repeated injury or damage.
  • Cannot move the joint during the cure.
  • The disc splits the joint into two separate joints.
  • Semilunar, found in-between the joint like the middle of a sandwich.
  • Readers in Europe look out for Cameron at a joint near you.
  • And with that, he takes a joint out of his pocket.
  • He held the joint over Crandall's head.
  • The accessory movement takes the joint through what would be the normal physiological movement of the joint.
  • The one who ' worked that joint under the boardwalk, she was always the girl you saw boppin ' down the beach with the radio.
  • He lifts the whole joint up to a new level.
  • It's basically one big area of the city that you can to smoke a joint without fear of getting arrested.

just for, outside, in, like or of?

  • But if its just for popularity.
  • She's waiting to see her just outside the door.
  • That is juster in Allah's sight.
  • But for some reason I just liked Cyrus more.
  • You are the most just of judges.
  • For H/M this divergence started just before our predictions began (i.
  • Turn right on Highway 607 just past the French River Trading Post.
  • Spot gold <XAU=> was trading near $980 an ounce just after midday on Wednesday.
  • Both of the above, IMO, require some justification, rather than just assertions.
  • You will never fail to find one just round the corner.
  • And he said have you got a date and i said no its just with friends.
  • If you have a disease that has mostly long term complications, why care about treatment if the solution is just around the corner.
  • Dark-skinned American citizens do not owe anything to white Americans just because they exist.
  • I can't really blame you, your just following the Obamacratic play book.
  • No length of time can separate the souls of the just from their Maker.
  • The drive eventually resulted in a 4th and 1 just inside New Orleans territory.
  • Just on a TV and you can get the latest updates from throughout the world.
  • They taste best just out of the pan -- totally worth the blisters on your tongue.
  • In the just over auction the government had kept the reserve price for Delhi at Rs 693.
  • It was the limbo of the just to which Christ's soul descended.