"espouse by" or "espouse in"?

  • It is the false monoculturalism espoused by Alois and his ilk which is unhealthy and destructive.
  • This also could justify the theory of rapture as espoused in the ' Holy ' books.
  • You, Rob, are conflating the same statements to make up a position that Hume never espoused to having.
  • No one is forcing you to become a Muslim, they are just seeking to partake of that freedom that you espouse as a great virtue of this country.

"punch in" or "punch above"?

  • Women being beaten (punched in the face).
  • We're in 4th place at present and perhaps punching above our weight but there we have it.
  • He has all the shots in the book, be it punching through cover or hitting it on the rise past mid-on.
  • Normally, the aggressive characters must be punched by Shujinko before they react by assaulting him back.

"designate by" or "designate as"?

  • This theme is designated by the learners.
  • Links purchased for advertising should be designated as such.
  • That doesn't mind if you outgrow the space that it's designated for you.
  • Persons designated in writing for the purposes of section 185 C.

"span from" or "span across"?

  • The early modern period spans from the mid-16th century to the late 18th century.
  • The theme-based learning programme will span across subjects.
  • As the UK continues to endure a sour recession that has spanned for more than three years, the BoE is determined to assess the current state of such a critical facet of the economic spectrum.
  • The functionality of this module spans through the entire system? making information available anywhere? anytime.

grieve for, at, by, over or about?

  • I grieve for that dog every day.
  • He was deeply grieved at the sights he saw.
  • And truly we are deeply grieved by your departure, O Ibrahim.
  • You do grieve about it, but you have to accept it and say, this is the way my child is, and we're going to be the best at this that we can possibly be.

disturb by, at, in, with or about?

  • But I wasn't disturbed by the bell either.
  • I am deeply disturbed at seeing Mumbai react as it did.
  • It sounded like a high plaintive whistle, disturbing in its sound.
  • Going back with Clara, she is so disturbed with her grandmother - Lupe David (Gina Pareno) being so noisy.

clash with, in, on, at or against?

  • However, he said he would not entertain a clash with him.
  • Aleksandar Karakasevic and Kenta Matsudaira clashed in the second match.
  • Both nations clash on the pitch at 5:30 p.
  • Needless to say my degree and my dreams are clashing at the moment.

erase from, in, by, out or as?

  • His entire family was erased from the face of the earth.
  • Social stigmatization, once set in, is a difficult stain to erase in a deeply conformist and communal society.
  • Nothing has been done since, it is as though the proof submitted was so dangerous that those moments in time have been erased by a mysterious g-dlike power.
  • I have been told during the same time when Nellie occurred that non-Assamese villages in remote areas were erased out of existence.

awaken to, by, from, in or at?

  • Yet every so often, our soul awakens to its true nature.
  • Shortly before sk I was awakened by the bells on the horses.
  • Victoria said she was awakened from a very bad dream.
  • His real purpose though was to awaken in them a longing for the spiritual life.