strip of, to, by, from or off?

  • All three were stripped to the bone.
  • I was violently stripped by them.
  • It was among the marble pieces stripped from the temple in the early 19th century.
  • Ramsey was stripped off his national team captaincy because he has nothing to offer in the game of football to his country.

stress about, to, on, in or by?

  • Try not to get stressed about the minor things.
  • Al had stressed to the class that it was better to almost always send the reverb on a bus.
  • Yet, I always stress on hardware fundamental.
  • Pay special attention to anything the teacher seemed to stress in class.

struggle with, for, in, against or at?

  • I struggle with pricing myself.
  • I saw it struggle for 5 seconds.
  • You see us struggling in the car.
  • Cook's men had struggled against pace and spin.

"pile on" or "pile into"?

  • My two allies take one each and I pile onto Orstein.
  • You have been piling into bonds, gold, and dividend funds.
  • It is even piled in little drifts on the tops of picture frames.
  • My two allies take one each and I pile onto Orstein.

cool to, in, for, as or off?

  • Let the cakes cool to room temperature.
  • When the cake is done, set it aside to cool in the tin.
  • Cool for an hour before unmolding.
  • When the earth cools as a result of more clouds, the albedo of the Arctic INCREASES- the clouds reflect more than the Arctic ice.

"filter by" or "filter through"?

  • Yes Mantano has a collections feature you can also filter by tags, publisher and other metadata.
  • News of his untimely death filtered through the media world ye.
  • The street lamps were off -- as opposed to usually filtering into his room through the window.
  • Singh said that the Forest Department will provide one lakh filters to tribals till December.

"light by", "light in" or "light on"?

  • The room itself was still lit by the numerous torches.
  • S) below shares light on our plight in life.
  • You could smell the turf fires being lit in cozy little homes.
  • This area is lighted with LEDs at night.

"wave at" or "wave to"?

  • She's waving at the person behind me.
  • The flag is still waving to this day.
  • Indeed, the ululations were a muted gesture of outstretched arms with splayed fingers waving in the air.
  • It has been a real boost having their support and seeing the New Zealand flag waving on the stages.

tailor to, for, from, toward or towards?

  • Our aid is tailored to each family's unique situation.
  • My wonderful husband and I used to do comedy shows tailored for seniors.
  • Ahead of we commence, let's evaluation some recommendations I tailored from Alchemist custom: Rule #1: As it is over, so it is beneath.
  • I did a newspaper article a while back for a college that had an entire program tailored toward helping women with children achieve their degrees.