expose to, by, in, as or for?

  • Go find a plant that is exposed to sun.
  • Embassy in Riyadh, now exposed by the rascals at WikiLeaks.
  • You have been exposed in the past and you know that.
  • There's nothing so exposing as a song recital.

"grant to" or "grant by"?

  • Grant to the Duke of Lennox (145).
  • Kaya you are taken for granted by other nations.
  • It has been taken for granted in all U.
  • However, this ratio is not granted for every bet.

steal from, by, in, at or for?

  • I can not buy the things you stole from me.
  • Nana Yaa Asantewaa's Stool stolen by the British.
  • I had a motor cycle stolen in CA.
  • My car got (= was) stolen at the weekend.

"matter to" or "matter in"?

  • I don't think it matters to much.
  • It doesn't matter in the slightest.
  • All of this matters for the future.
  • It really doesn't matter at this point.

"adjust to" or "adjust for"?

  • Lay flat and keep adjusting to size.
  • Earnings adjusted for items were $1.
  • The final score adjusted by the point spread determines the winner of the bet.
  • I adjusted according to what my weekly charts were showing me.

cook for, in, with, on or at?

  • Continue cooking for a few minutes.
  • Jimmy never cooked in his life.
  • I'd going to be the Mum who cooks with my son.
  • Cook on high heat for 2 minutes.

"conduct by" or "conduct in"?

  • A study conducted by Padeco Co.
  • The analysis was conducted in two phases.
  • If school broadcasts are conducted on these lines,.
  • The tuition programme, which is conducted at our centre, runs every Saturday from 10am to 12pm.

dress in, like, for, as or with?

  • Or how I like to dress in winter.
  • People do like dressing like this.
  • On safaris, dressing for comfort is fine.
  • Someone is dressed as a cardboard box.

dominate by, in, for, at or from?

  • The climate is grim, dominated by winter.
  • This shows that the agriculture sector dominate in terms of employment.
  • He said that's how he dominated for so long and that he had a one track mind for winning.
  • These trees gradually replace the dipterocarp trees that dominate at lower elevations.