"navigate to" or "navigate through"?

  • Swipe to the left to navigate to the next page.
  • Motorcycles navigate through traffic easier.
  • The site is simple enough to navigate with a simple white and orange theme.
  • For the Australians, Pizzati drove and was navigated by Page.

"interfere with" or "interfere in"?

  • It seriously interferes with reaction times.
  • Bhabo shouldn't interfere in the matter.

"unite in" or "unite with"?

  • It's time for citizens united in force.
  • For God; s sake unite with the spirit and stop focussing on trifles.
  • As people, we are united by our shared experiences.
  • All the forces of the world will unite against it.

unfold in, before, on, at or for?

  • What is continuing to unfold in Assam is soft Jihad.
  • The world unfolded before their gaze.
  • I thought it was interesting that it unfolded on air.
  • The days just seem to unfold at their own pace and I'd really enjoying doing things on a whim.

"accomplish by" or "accomplish in"?

  • Control is accomplished by sending pipe Messages.
  • This can be accomplished in two ways.
  • This is accomplished with a set of screens in various sizes.
  • All of this can be accomplished through NDA's or other contract products.

"originate from" or "originate in"?

  • Documents originate from overseas.
  • The Pavanne originated in Italy.
  • The homeowner originated with Countrywide in April 2003.
  • Thomas and Friends originated as a British children's television show in the mid-1980s.

"practise in" or "practise by"?

  • Letter Q being practised in middle.
  • There is a great variety of rites and ceremonies practised by the Kankanay.
  • Biathle Designed as a ' Sport for All ', Biathle has been practised for over 50 years.
  • The boy began practising with a new zeal, next day onwards.

reinforce by, with, in, at or for?

  • This is reinforced by populism in certain countries.
  • Employee confidence was reinforced with less than 20 percent of respondents having concerns that they might be laid off in 2012.
  • This is what Islam aims to instill and reinforce in the Islamic society.
  • The techniques are easy to learn and can therefore be reinforced at home between sessions with a professional.

"attain to" or "attain by"?

  • Those devotions are only means to attain to the end.
  • Green Cards to STEM degrees attained by foreign-nationals.
  • Self-government was attained in 1959.
  • This isn't to say that naturalists argue that a just society can be attained through legal mechanisms alone.