"convene by" or "convene in"?

  • Such a meeting shall be convened by the secretary.
  • A three-judge panel is convened in such cases.
  • The newly-elected MPs will convene at a police academy in Mogadishu for the secret ballot.
  • The TWG on Normalization was convened for the first time.

propel by, into, through, from or on?

  • Propelled by jetplane-like engines, they don't drift -- they fly.
  • Soon the Maid of the Mist was propelled into the Whirlpool.
  • As the boat was propelled through the rapids, it quickly filled with water.
  • She pushed it back, but found that it was being propelled towards the door by an invisible force.

"unveil at" or "unveil in"?

  • The concept was unveiled at the Monaco boat show in September and exceptionally well received.
  • The first history board was unveiled in Harbour Grace on Oct.
  • The second generation of the iPad -- the iPad 2 -- was unveiled on March 2, 2011.
  • Some murderers could serve less than 10 years in prison under guidelines unveiled by the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, Lord Woolf.

sway by, in, from, to or at?

  • Don't get swayed by short-term volatility.
  • It really swayed in a storm and we feared it might break off and fall on a building.
  • The trees are swaying from side to side, And my heart, it's breaking.
  • Well, Chris I'd pretty swayed to the Nex 7.

gossip about, to, in, on or with?

  • Women of other nobles maliciously gossiped about this happening.
  • He has recently written a letter containing lies and gossip to the local newspaper.
  • Against all odds, they turned a deaf ear to gossip of clan and friends and moved to Baguio to raise a family.
  • The nosy neighbour gossiping over the fence has been replaced by twitter.

"legislate for" or "legislate against"?

  • You can not legislate for these moments.
  • You can't legislate against stupid.
  • What is the legal basis for this proposal? The EU's competence to legislate in gender equality matters dates back to 1957.
  • An European Court order dictates Ireland must legislate on abortion BECAUSE of its own supreme court ruling.

exhaust by, from, in, after or with?

  • Newlyweds exhausted by guests, details, alcohol, planning, parties and excitement might postpone sex.
  • I was too tired and exhausted from travelling and crossing time zones.
  • Half rate JB may continue to be paid in respect of days of unemployment only, until entitlement to JB exhausts in the normal way.
  • She looked tired and exhausted after her first run.

"slay in" or "slay by"?

  • For you are the monster that slays in the false name of justice.
  • He lived a quiet, content life until he found his father brutally slain by a British raiding party.
  • Cathasach, son of Ailell, King of Ulidia, was slain at Rath Bethech.
  • When the Lamb broke the fifth seal, John saw underneath the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God, and because of the testimony which they had maintained (6:9).

"assimilate into" or "assimilate to"?

  • Jie Han people assimilated into the last major.
  • Abu Bakr did not assimilate to this thought.
  • Did you assimilate with aboriginal people's culture.
  • This tends to lower pH as ammonium ions are assimilated by duckweed.