"saturate with" or "saturate in"?

  • My life was saturated with Parsis.
  • I suspect that Gen Y and X is nearly saturated in US, thus.
  • You could add therapy concerning a incredibly hot sitz bath combined with saturate for 20 models.
  • The ground will be saturated from the earlier rains and then a persistent atmosphere river just stays over us.

vacate by, for, on, to or as?

  • Angus King, an independent, won the Senate seat being vacated by Ms.
  • The Dutchman was able to turn past his counterpart and slide a pass into the space he just vacated for a central run by Young.
  • He was given a 30 day notice to vacate on the the 18th.
  • Diego Lopez, loyal servant for five years and one of the most dependable goalkeepers in the top flight, has already vacated to Sevilla for the grossly modest sum of 3 m.

"encroach on" or "encroach upon"?

  • They encroach on the rights of others.
  • And now Garzon encroached upon Henry Kissinger.
  • You should not also implement and you know, ensure the laws of the land encroach into private.
  • Riaboy's thoughts raced, incoherent, as panic encroached from the fringes of his mind.

scout for, by, in, about or around?

  • Our next task was to scout for a site for a new Rural Health Unit tent in Nawazabad.
  • I had been scouted by Oldham Ahtletic, then in the Premier League.
  • Scouting about the atlas this year I came across Puerto Rico, an unusual hybrid of Latin charm and US infrastructure (being as it is de facto territory of the United States).
  • Mostly, I love to scout with a Director or creatives to collaborate on their vision.

intrigue by, with, as, at or in?

  • I'd intrigued by the Tasmanian pepper.
  • I was intrigued with what the blogger was saying.
  • We arrive at T2's sleekly designed interior intrigued as to how these two traditions are brought together, only to discover, disappointingly, that they're not.
  • Like Opposition politicians, I'd intrigued at the Government's reluctance to tell us how well its boot camps are doing.

clear by, of, for, in or to?

  • It hopes to build on the lessons learned and ground cleared by others.
  • Very pleased to be cleared of any of that.
  • Al-Zabe, shamefully, was cleared for release in September 2004.
  • At repayments of 500 a month, this would be cleared in around 14 months and you would be debt free.

"animate by" or "animate in"?

  • Sam: Cars are animated by physics, not by artists.
  • Hobos and sexy veronica lake, animated in glorious fully hand drawn black and white.
  • Finally the foetus is animated with a human soul.
  • There's something so perfectly rounded and nicely animated about avatars.

"heap on" or "heap upon"?

  • Of course we had to heap on the gluttony with desert, something peanut butter based.
  • None of the praises you heap upon the PM or Sonia is true.

captivate by, for, with, from or in?

  • I found your blog and was immediatly captivated by it.
  • Beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay will keep you captivated for hours.
  • These tactics were invented by people just very similar to you personally and me who were captivated with setting up a distinction.
  • Imagine if that excitement were captivated in learning projects and learning games that will benefit them later.