"on basis" or "of basis"?

  • Randomised on basis of uncertainty principle.
  • The group of basis functions will be sited on the nominated centre(s).
  • I have, of course, read his books, so the accusations were not without basis.
  • This can be via an increase in basis salary and/or other staff benefit.

"of career", "for career" or "in career"?

  • Bentley scored highest in the area of Career Development.
  • Such reckless bravery was not for career purposes.
  • It is very important in career change.
  • I no longer spend all my time on career.

of, for, with, to or on player?

  • I think a lot of players deserve it.
  • For players who are earning more than $1.
  • Experimenting with players and formation 3.
  • Anyone pay attention to players well.

"of application", "for application" or "on application"?

  • A call for applications for the.
  • Terms and conditions are available on application.
  • Filled in Application Forms - download 2.

in, of, to, from or by region?

  • The productivity of the sea decreases in the Arctic and increases in regions nearer the Atlantic.
  • The Company has been a sponsor of region orphanage? 3 for many years.
  • The page is subdivided into regions.
  • We offer a wide range of wine from regions all around the world.

"in reality" or "of reality"?

  • Then you are living in reality.
  • Systems are any part of reality.
  • My beliefs are irrelevant to reality.
  • All this is possible but far from reality.

"of design", "in design" or "by design"?

  • The great principle of design have faded.
  • In design, as in art, small things matter.
  • They were most likely by design.
  • I would use them for design ideas only.

"of president" or "for president"?

  • The publication of President Benigno S.
  • Vote for Jill Stein for President.
  • He was defeated by President Obama on Nov.
  • We explained this to President Cowley.

"of plan", "to plan" or "with plan"?

  • Leave that Resultant Group of Plan eyeport.
  • I already have my seeds ready to plant.
  • Life in this case is inextricably linked with plans.
  • It is rectangular in plan with thick walls constructed of dry stone.