Prepositions after Adjectives

Click an adjective to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


young of, in, for, at or to?

  • They will take the young of birds.
  • It is very young in all senses.
  • I was too young for the butler.
  • Some young, some young at heart.
  • From the very young to the very old.
  • All humans feed their young with milk.
  • He has become now young by treatment.
  • You can be forever young on a bike.
  • Under 26 years young as a team.
  • She should show that she is young from ideas.
  • Start to Teach all our Young about Renewable Energy Solar, Wind, and so on.
  • I was the youngest among them i guess.
  • We can not cast our young into the wild existence.
  • At the time I was young like you.

"year-on-year in" or "year-on-year to"?

  • The year-on-year inflation rate eased to 12.
  • Demand in China fell 8% year-on-year to 176.
  • Real GDP in Latvia grew year-on-year by 7.
  • Year-on-year for the past 5 years you have seen an increase in profit.
  • Net sales also dropped 19 per cent year-on-year from 8.
  • Chinese jewellery demand was 13% higher year-on-year at 131.
  • It is up an estimated 13% year-on-year on an underlying basis.
  • At the financial level, year-on-year during the first half we have grown revenues by 8.
  • Sales to the end of July show an increase of 5% year-on-year with huge investment being made to expand its industrial footprint even further in the UK, Spain and Russia.
  • She reported that year-on-year after this her income from employment increased.
  • Aragon-Gobio discloses that aggregate reservation sales of property developers have grown 58% year-on-year as of end-June, with reservation sales hitting a record US$1.
  • Video game retail sales have plummeted year-on-year over the course of 2012.

yellow in, for, with, on or to?

  • That's a yellow for the skipper.
  • There's a streak of yellow in ' em.
  • Some are yellow with black spots.
  • They have lots of yellow on them.
  • So the source looks yellow to me.
  • The ceiling was yellow from nicotine.
  • I started with yellow as the base.
  • I'd getting into yellow at the mo, don't know why.
  • The brave bid for yellow by Hawkins fell agonisingly short of succeeding.
  • It will be in the purple and yellow of Ostermark, the province of choice for my army.
  • Stools should start floating in a few days and urine should be yellow after one week.
  • Yellow against a neutral background has really fit the bill until now.
  • Yellow like the sun that brightens your day.
  • White bags do have this problem of getting yellow over time.