"gain from" or "gain by"?

  • What I have gained from gambling is twofold.
  • Advantage gained by fiduciary 88.
  • That's what they gain in a week.
  • The Big Bang Theory is based on data gained through observation and physics.

"gamble on" or "gamble with"?

  • The scene is a riot for anyone who has ever gambled on a fairly big level.
  • The UK is definitely gambling with it's policy.
  • Many people gamble in hopes of winning some money.
  • Or you could gamble for a crit.

"gasp for" or "gasp in"?

  • Gasping for air is not a good sign.
  • When Elladan's lips met his, Faramir could not help but gasp in surprise.
  • One of which is a glimpse of and gasp at something otherwise inexpressible.
  • Gasping with disgust, she confessed that her decision had changed.

"gather in" or "gather at"?

  • The teams gather in the holosuite.
  • We gathered at the house for lunch.
  • Some 1400 Socialists gathered from around the global.
  • These depended on figures gathered by geographical area.

"gaze at" or "gaze into"?

  • A lovely doll! And she had gazed at Heiny.
  • She gazed into the tongues of flame.
  • Arbaces gazed upon her a moment.
  • Attract all the gorgeous guys I wanted and be able to look at something beautiful every time I gazed in the mirror.

generate by, from, in, for or at?

  • Media advertising is generated by time.
  • Figure 2: Paid clicks generated from adverts.
  • Some employment was generated in the camp.
  • INChI Identifiers generated for selected species described in Figure 6.

get to, into, in, out or on?

  • Those boxes did not get tossed.
  • Myriam took longer to get into.
  • Do not get in strangers ' cars.
  • Get out of there while you can.

giggle at, to, about, like or with?

  • She giggled at his comment of being married to his work.
  • Over and over Shyam repeated her joke, giggling to himself.
  • They giggle about it at conferences, like tweenagers who think they've one-upped the adults in the room.
  • At no time does this little bit of comedy brilliance ever fail to have me giggling like a little girl at my desk at work while I have Ballz Radio through my headphones.

"give to", "give in" or "give by"?

  • Receive from him, give to them.
  • A phallic origin is given by H.
  • Possible clues are given in ink.
  • No discount is given for children.

glance at, through, around, over or in?

  • Then I glanced at the last spot.
  • Take a few seconds to glance through the content, and save a file only if it's relevant to your work activity.
  • Without standing, he glanced around the bridge.
  • It killed me every time I would glance over the see the perfectly taped lines.

glare at, from, after, before or in?

  • I glare at anyone in a Barca shirt.
  • The ambiguity of the US role was glaring after a deal with Tokyo on Monday to build a new anti-missile radar shield -- ostensibly against North Korea.
  • I glared in silence for what felt like an eternity.

glean from, by, in, at or for?

  • Here are a raft of stats, gleaned from around the web.
  • Information gleaned by the CCN is that about 1:30 p.
  • Now that you have the glossy shine (or otherwise) that you like, you should apply a thin layer of lacquer with a clean brush or even cotton wool, which will help keep the glean for longer.
  • His willingness to help in whatever way he can is a precious rarity and he shares most freely the knowledge and contacts he has gleaned over the years without either a second or a selfish thought.

"glow in" or "glow with"?

  • She would love the fact it glows in the.
  • The pictures of Jessica show a face glowing with pure joy; only the look of someone who loves Jesus.
  • They just appear to glow like a normal LED.
  • To her natural levity of disposition, her enterprise brought less of terror than of pleasurable excitement; above all, she glowed at the thought of her coming triumph over the hated Neapolitan.

glue to, on, in, into or onto?

  • I'd still fairly glued to Homeland.
  • Once this was achieved the front brackets were glued in place.
  • Floating Floors Floating floors are in the engineered flooring application where the tongue and groove have been glued with an adhesive.
  • It will keep you glued from page one.

go to, through, for, into or on?

  • Afterwards they go to the dead.
  • Jitters went through my system.
  • We decided to go for a break up.
  • You now have to go into ircII2.

"google for" or "google Plus"?

  • Google for both cities and browse by items of your interest.
  • The week ending July 25th Google plus had 21.
  • The survey also throws light on the cities across the globe that have the best chance of producing the next IT giants like Microsoft or Google in the coming years.
  • One of those benefits is that people will keep using Google as their search engine of choice.

gossip about, to, in, on or with?

  • Women of other nobles maliciously gossiped about this happening.
  • He has recently written a letter containing lies and gossip to the local newspaper.
  • Against all odds, they turned a deaf ear to gossip of clan and friends and moved to Baguio to raise a family.
  • The nosy neighbour gossiping over the fence has been replaced by twitter.

govern by, in, with, for or according?

  • This website and shop is governed by, and is.
  • Remember, he governs in a blue state.
  • Our job is to govern with a sense of responsibility.
  • It's about governing for the good of the nation too, more so in fact.

grab onto, at, for, by or on?

  • They grab onto both praise and blame.
  • Anything thread they can grab at to avoid paying.
  • He grabs for Kwang-soo and Jong-kook bolts.
  • The top slot has been grabbed by Tijuana in Mexico.

"graduate from" or "graduate with"?

  • Mr Wallace graduated from the U.
  • I went on to graduate with honors.
  • She plans to graduate in December.
  • In time, it graduated to a brawl.

"grant to" or "grant by"?

  • Grant to the Duke of Lennox (145).
  • Kaya you are taken for granted by other nations.
  • It has been taken for granted in all U.
  • However, this ratio is not granted for every bet.

"grasp at" or "grasp by"?

  • Athletes will grasp at anything that gives them an edge.
  • That is, it is too powerful and mysterious to be fully defined or grasped by any of us.
  • Little men grasping for power often scramble for personal advantages.
  • The scale of the DDR issue also needs to be grasped in planning DDR programmes.

"gravitate towards", "gravitate toward" or "gravitate to"?

  • It's why you will gravitate towards other entrepreneurs.
  • The great unwashed before the Yellow Card gravitated to the capitalist.
  • When you're doing what you love, people naturally gravitate toward you.

"graze on" or "graze in"?

  • Let's see the top40 grazing on 35 000 first.
  • In that day your cattle will graze in broad meadows.
  • Grassland, swollen with the mounds of extinct volcanoes, is grazed by cattle and roaming posses of wild horses.
  • He attributed the change to the increase in grazing for sheep and cows, the need for firewood, and the building boom.

"greet by" or "greet with"?

  • There, he is greeted by a server.
  • Consumers were greeted with a wall of silence.
  • She was greeted at the Tower by the constable, Sir William Kingston.

grieve for, at, by, over or about?

  • I grieve for that dog every day.
  • He was deeply grieved at the sights he saw.
  • And truly we are deeply grieved by your departure, O Ibrahim.
  • You do grieve about it, but you have to accept it and say, this is the way my child is, and we're going to be the best at this that we can possibly be.

grind to, into, in, with or against?

  • Outside Rhode Island, abandoned machinery begins grinding to a halt.
  • In that year the Catholics of Ireland were ground into the very dust.
  • I got it ground in the flour mill.
  • Matthew 24:41 Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left.

"grip by" or "grip with"?

  • In 1348 the city was gripped by the Black Death.
  • She is gripped with immense sadness and weeps like there's no tomorrow.
  • Notwithstanding, we can not help cheer for the partners when they at long last grip in strife-torn activist Kashmir.
  • It recognizes the opportunity immediately and grips onto its handy work, climbing to about the same height as me, its claws crushing the branches that it hangs onto.

grow in, by, at, to or into?

  • I grow in TRUST in the waiting.
  • Industrial production grew by 4.
  • No country can grow at 10% forever.
  • Operating expenses also grew to $3.

grumble about, from, after, against or among?

  • Lately I'd hearing a lot of grumbling about unfair assessments.
  • The stones were very slippy beneath our feet and my tightening grip on his arm caused even more grumbling from himself.
  • Grumbling against each other (James 4:12; 5:9).
  • Also apparently, there are several senior colleagues who openly grumble during staff meetings that it isn't fair that she gets special consideration just for being pregnant.

guarantee by, for, in, to or on?

  • This oath must be guaranteed by others.
  • The area is blessed with good weather virtually guaranteed for 10 month of the year.
  • None of this is guaranteed in cyberspace.
  • But once a privilege is guaranteed to a non-Muslim, it can not be withdrawn.

"guard against" or "guard by"?

  • Such products help hair dry faster and guard against split ends.
  • I walked over land guarded by the UPDF.
  • There is also a guard inside the right building.
  • I have been guarded with my heart.

"guess at" or "guess in"?

  • I'd guessing at Leviticus here.
  • I guess in this case the characters came first and last.
  • As you may guess from this picture I love cycling in the woods.
  • I guess for your work it is the same.

"guide by" or "guide to"?

  • So we are guided by an American.
  • Chapter 10: Guide to Our Services The U.
  • For the June quarter, we have guided for a 4.
  • Some of that info should guide in the acceptance testing.