Prepositions after Verbs

Click a verb to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


"gaze at" or "gaze into"?

  • A lovely doll! And she had gazed at Heiny.
  • She gazed into the tongues of flame.
  • Arbaces gazed upon her a moment.
  • Attract all the gorgeous guys I wanted and be able to look at something beautiful every time I gazed in the mirror.
  • Before their ouster, the Taliban also destroyed Bamian's most famous landmarks, two giant Buddhas that had gazed across the rough plains from their honeycomb sandstone hills for 1,500 years.
  • We gazed through the menu to find some standouts.
  • I probably should have paid more attention than I did, but I was too busy gazing around the room.
  • I was gazing out of the window at the steady October rain.
  • Yet the eyes never tire gazing over the endless swathes of arid land and into the distant mountains.
  • Sometimes, he just sits, gazing like an incarcerated animal.
  • It is also possible that the person who is staring at you wants to initiate a conversation with you and hence keeps gazing towards you to see whether you reciprocate the stare or not.

glare at, from, after, before or in?

  • I glare at anyone in a Barca shirt.
  • The ambiguity of the US role was glaring after a deal with Tokyo on Monday to build a new anti-missile radar shield -- ostensibly against North Korea.
  • I glared in silence for what felt like an eternity.

glean from, by, in, at or for?

  • Here are a raft of stats, gleaned from around the web.
  • Information gleaned by the CCN is that about 1:30 p.
  • Now that you have the glossy shine (or otherwise) that you like, you should apply a thin layer of lacquer with a clean brush or even cotton wool, which will help keep the glean for longer.
  • His willingness to help in whatever way he can is a precious rarity and he shares most freely the knowledge and contacts he has gleaned over the years without either a second or a selfish thought.

"gasp for" or "gasp in"?

  • Gasping for air is not a good sign.
  • When Elladan's lips met his, Faramir could not help but gasp in surprise.
  • One of which is a glimpse of and gasp at something otherwise inexpressible.
  • Gasping with disgust, she confessed that her decision had changed.
  • At six o'clock the wave of the working day breaks and recedes, leaving me stranded and gasping on the sofa in the sort of exuberant starfish position commonly associated with the passage of Wile E.
  • Gasping under a pile of twisted corpses were two half-comatose survivors.

grumble about, from, after, against or among?

  • Lately I'd hearing a lot of grumbling about unfair assessments.
  • The stones were very slippy beneath our feet and my tightening grip on his arm caused even more grumbling from himself.
  • Grumbling against each other (James 4:12; 5:9).
  • Also apparently, there are several senior colleagues who openly grumble during staff meetings that it isn't fair that she gets special consideration just for being pregnant.
  • Several patrons grumbled in annoyance while Erich's soldiers seemed to grab for their hidden weapons.
  • National Daily sources said that senior officers and some of their junior colleagues have been grumbling over the new Harmonized Terms and Conditions of Service (HTACOS).
  • In a mood of complete despondency I grumbled to Elizabeth Robins.

giggle at, to, about, like or with?

  • She giggled at his comment of being married to his work.
  • Over and over Shyam repeated her joke, giggling to himself.
  • They giggle about it at conferences, like tweenagers who think they've one-upped the adults in the room.
  • At no time does this little bit of comedy brilliance ever fail to have me giggling like a little girl at my desk at work while I have Ballz Radio through my headphones.
  • She'll giggle with all of her friends.
  • And then there was arguing in the back seat and giggling from me in the front seat.
  • When the really lively ones played enthusiastically with the toy he waved in front of them, he actually giggled into his microphone.
  • In spite of resolving not to embarrass Elly, the friends are excited and can't resist teasing Ahmad and giggling behind Elly's back.
  • The vision of your guy trying to bowl a strike without pants on will have you giggling for months.
  • The girl reporters giggled on cue, as Vince laid bare his prejudices and outlined his -fantasy of himself.

"gamble on" or "gamble with"?

  • The scene is a riot for anyone who has ever gambled on a fairly big level.
  • The UK is definitely gambling with it's policy.
  • Many people gamble in hopes of winning some money.
  • Or you could gamble for a crit.
  • They may have made some money up the highlands gambling at the slot machine! who knows.
  • Being a Man City fan is a thankless task at the best of times but yesterday was horrific and I was in no mood to gamble after seeing.
  • That's why these are exciting times to perfect because you are not gambling like before.

"glow in" or "glow with"?

  • She would love the fact it glows in the.
  • The pictures of Jessica show a face glowing with pure joy; only the look of someone who loves Jesus.
  • They just appear to glow like a normal LED.
  • To her natural levity of disposition, her enterprise brought less of terror than of pleasurable excitement; above all, she glowed at the thought of her coming triumph over the hated Neapolitan.
  • The beauty glows from deep within.
  • Whilst Kratos paused to marvel at the grandiose building, a statue behind him began to glow before speaking.
  • There before me, glowing on the display, was a solid mass with thousands of tiny white speckles.

gossip about, to, in, on or with?

  • Women of other nobles maliciously gossiped about this happening.
  • He has recently written a letter containing lies and gossip to the local newspaper.
  • Against all odds, they turned a deaf ear to gossip of clan and friends and moved to Baguio to raise a family.
  • The nosy neighbour gossiping over the fence has been replaced by twitter.
  • It was a small town in two steel structures, where kids ruled the block, and parents sat on the steps of the pool gossiping until the sun went down.

"grip by" or "grip with"?

  • In 1348 the city was gripped by the Black Death.
  • She is gripped with immense sadness and weeps like there's no tomorrow.
  • Notwithstanding, we can not help cheer for the partners when they at long last grip in strife-torn activist Kashmir.
  • It recognizes the opportunity immediately and grips onto its handy work, climbing to about the same height as me, its claws crushing the branches that it hangs onto.
  • When a person finishes college and university, He even practiced the mans grip at a WWE (In the past WWE winner) Together with american footbal (Nufactured to find mn Vikings).
  • Thank god for spares (although it was a space saver that had zero grip despite never being used before) I had two BMW minis with run-flats and naturally no spare.
  • It takes a particularly determined, strong and manic person to kill with bare hands, holding that grip for a minimum of 40 seconds but usually for more than three minutes.
  • Her toes curled in, her fingers gripped into claws, and her chest convulsed.
  • Grip out of the water? Very good indeed indeed! Way ahead of felt soles.
  • This extremely dense foam can be found in many commercial applications from handle grips to flotation safety devices to sports safety equipment.

"gravitate towards", "gravitate toward" or "gravitate to"?

  • It's why you will gravitate towards other entrepreneurs.
  • The great unwashed before the Yellow Card gravitated to the capitalist.
  • When you're doing what you love, people naturally gravitate toward you.

glue to, on, in, into or onto?

  • I'd still fairly glued to Homeland.
  • Once this was achieved the front brackets were glued in place.
  • Floating Floors Floating floors are in the engineered flooring application where the tongue and groove have been glued with an adhesive.
  • It will keep you glued from page one.
  • If so, why are they glued like limpets to their offices, sharing with Sinn Fein in the day-to-day administration of Northern Ireland.
  • The round search loop needs to be glued of fixed to a wooden/plastic handle, With the circuit board inside a small plastic box at the other end for balance.

"graze on" or "graze in"?

  • Let's see the top40 grazing on 35 000 first.
  • In that day your cattle will graze in broad meadows.
  • Grassland, swollen with the mounds of extinct volcanoes, is grazed by cattle and roaming posses of wild horses.
  • He attributed the change to the increase in grazing for sheep and cows, the need for firewood, and the building boom.
  • Generally, however, horses and ponies intensively grazed with others require regular 6-weekly worm control.
  • Yet, like the Thoroughbred horses that graze near his Lexington, Kentucky hometown, he can sprint.
  • Villagers bring their cows to graze outside the classrooms.
  • Modifying riverbanks and livestock grazing up to the edge of streams wrecks the habitat, and leaves the vulnerable wee whitebait eggs out to dry.

glance at, through, around, over or in?

  • Then I glanced at the last spot.
  • Take a few seconds to glance through the content, and save a file only if it's relevant to your work activity.
  • Without standing, he glanced around the bridge.
  • It killed me every time I would glance over the see the perfectly taped lines.
  • Directions are really large so you can see them well if you need to quickly glance in the car.
  • She sighed, glancing to the door.
  • The whole process of the hunter seeking out his victim was played out through convincing body language, gestures and glances by the cast of four men including Newson.
  • Race organizer, Graham Berry occasionally glances down the road, as if willing the riders up the hill and over the line.
  • He glanced into the living room, where his journal was resting on the couch, waiting to be filled with all the thoughts that were swimming around in his mind.
  • Right, I'd driving along the Loch side, glancing out of the window.
  • Miss Fink glanced round the great, deserted kitchen.
  • Glancing up the hill, I saw several Germans filling the road.

grind to, into, in, with or against?

  • Outside Rhode Island, abandoned machinery begins grinding to a halt.
  • In that year the Catholics of Ireland were ground into the very dust.
  • I got it ground in the flour mill.
  • Matthew 24:41 Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left.
  • IMHO chromatic and diatonic are really the two great linear forces at work in music and I love to watch them bump and grind against each other.
  • If she does not want to share her man with another, then it sounds to me this is ground for engagement-termination due to irreconcilable differences.
  • He holds her waist, and with a massive force he starts to grind on her.
  • It was concluded that there appeared to be no advantage in grinding prior to welding and the practice could cease without any significant effect on weld quality.

grieve for, at, by, over or about?

  • I grieve for that dog every day.
  • He was deeply grieved at the sights he saw.
  • And truly we are deeply grieved by your departure, O Ibrahim.
  • You do grieve about it, but you have to accept it and say, this is the way my child is, and we're going to be the best at this that we can possibly be.
  • Then a curtain was drawn between the ladies of the house and those present, so that people could grieve on the calamities of Imam Husain (a.
  • In September 2010 I was relieved that there was no loss of life, In February 2011 I grieved along with the nation as two people I knew perished amongst the 182 fatalities.
  • Families and communities grieved following the loss of so many men, and women increasingly assumed the physical and financial burden of caring for families.
  • For days I was sad to see Geraldine grieve from afar.

"guard against" or "guard by"?

  • Such products help hair dry faster and guard against split ends.
  • I walked over land guarded by the UPDF.
  • There is also a guard inside the right building.
  • I have been guarded with my heart.
  • While Lin was guarded about the impact of China's dominance on the sport, Chong Wei pulled no punches.
  • The 100 or so guards from outside have almost taken over the village.
  • In Photo: A Syrian rebel stands guard at an oil well near Shahel, Syria, on November 20.
  • He was a stranger, but he did not find any barrier or guard between him and the Prophet (s.
  • Self requires guarding a position, and then guarding beyond a position, too.
  • He was, however, guarded over the issue insisting it was not clear on what mandate they would undertake the task.
  • Round the clock security Mr Mbithi said that the airwing, based at Hangar 27 at Wilson Airport in Nairobi, is usually guarded round the clock.

"grasp at" or "grasp by"?

  • Athletes will grasp at anything that gives them an edge.
  • That is, it is too powerful and mysterious to be fully defined or grasped by any of us.
  • Little men grasping for power often scramble for personal advantages.
  • The scale of the DDR issue also needs to be grasped in planning DDR programmes.
  • You set yourself free and give others a life line from which to grasp onto their own truth with more courage and willingness.
  • The rest are really grasping on the old verities and offering very little new.
  • The chances of the customer positively responding to this call are very high, simply because the bank has grasped upon the right time to sell the right product to the right customer.
  • Good ergonomic principles can help, such as: Picking up books or files with straight fingers or between palms rather than grasping with bent fingers.
  • What I want you to grasp about that story is the how I did it.
  • I have a friend whose suspension of disbelief CAN NOT grasp of a world where Batman and Superman could co-exist.
  • Well admittedly, much is down to advancements in mobile technology; however the power of the internet can nonetheless be grasped through using what is now referred to as a smartphone.

"greet by" or "greet with"?

  • There, he is greeted by a server.
  • Consumers were greeted with a wall of silence.
  • She was greeted at the Tower by the constable, Sir William Kingston.

"graduate from" or "graduate with"?

  • Mr Wallace graduated from the U.
  • I went on to graduate with honors.
  • She plans to graduate in December.
  • In time, it graduated to a brawl.
  • It's better to graduate at the top of a top 50 school instead.
  • In 2008/9 I joined School of Ministry and graduated as a minister of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • It was our birthright to graduate into change, innovation and higher levels of praxis.
  • These people have a sense that they did everything right: good schools, decent grades, graduating on time.
  • Most of the youth either drop out of school or graduate without necessary skills for self-employment.

govern by, in, with, for or according?

  • This website and shop is governed by, and is.
  • Remember, he governs in a blue state.
  • Our job is to govern with a sense of responsibility.
  • It's about governing for the good of the nation too, more so in fact.
  • Africans gladly accept inventions like eyeglasses, cars, televisions, planes and such like but they would be out of their minds to govern according to socialist, democratic fancies.
  • While it is no longer the case, New Zealand was once governed as a part of the territory of New South Wales (later a part of Australia).
  • Griffin governed at a point in the late 1950s when the state was undergoing a profound political transition from a rural-dominated, segregationist culture to a more urban landscape.
  • Governments claim to be governing on behalf of everybody but in reality they represent only the capitalists.
  • The United Kingdom is Governed under Common Law.

"guide by" or "guide to"?

  • So we are guided by an American.
  • Chapter 10: Guide to Our Services The U.
  • For the June quarter, we have guided for a 4.
  • Some of that info should guide in the acceptance testing.
  • This will be guided through many good sites.
  • They need to be specifically guided on what to do next.
  • I stumbled and fell quite a bit and, eventually, had to be guided with a guide and pal at either elbow.
  • In addition, a reward like that of the ones who are guided at her hands will also be given to her, as the Prophet (s.
  • This is who America should be and would be, had others stood up and been had they listened to their forefathers who tried to guide into them down the right paths.

"google for" or "google Plus"?

  • Google for both cities and browse by items of your interest.
  • The week ending July 25th Google plus had 21.
  • The survey also throws light on the cities across the globe that have the best chance of producing the next IT giants like Microsoft or Google in the coming years.
  • One of those benefits is that people will keep using Google as their search engine of choice.
  • Roger Smith, watchmaker extraordinary on the Isle of Man (google on him ), gets 5000 views as of this date.
  • Google after users enter particular search order in which pages appear on terms) may essentially change the point is that with the facebook web services advent of caffeine page rankings (the.
  • Science student my foot, do you know that removing any layer from your skin prons you to diseases like cancer? Just google beyond bleaching and see what will come up.
  • If you decide to look up something online, you Google instead of search for it.

"grant to" or "grant by"?

  • Grant to the Duke of Lennox (145).
  • Kaya you are taken for granted by other nations.
  • It has been taken for granted in all U.
  • However, this ratio is not granted for every bet.
  • This motion was granted on December 5, 2007.
  • They get big donations, and grants from the government, charity, churches, etc.
  • Granted under your scenario they wouldn't have.
  • It can not do any of the other things that we take for granted with our legs, like sitting or even speeding up our gait.
  • Visas for research will only be granted after the applicant have been cleared by the Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH ): P.
  • As such, any subsequent court demand issued for that purpose has been known as a ' Norwich Pharmacal order ', and it is one of those that Brookes has been granted against Facebook.
  • Those rights are being granted as the Boomers ' children become voting adults.
  • Tax relief is granted at your marginal rate, which means the higher your tax rate, the better deal a pension is for you.
  • Reservation of Rights All rights not expressly granted pursuant to this Agreement in respect of the Stamp OnNet Website Materials are reserved by HKP or its licensors.
  • Such a right was granted through agreements.
  • Postgraduate program (Comparative Study of Chinese and Foreign Languages and Cultures) is offered and MA degrees will be granted upon graduation.
  • No license to use the trademarks is granted without the express written permission of the CTC.

guarantee by, for, in, to or on?

  • This oath must be guaranteed by others.
  • The area is blessed with good weather virtually guaranteed for 10 month of the year.
  • None of this is guaranteed in cyberspace.
  • But once a privilege is guaranteed to a non-Muslim, it can not be withdrawn.
  • Guarantees on behalf of Residents of Pakistan in favour of Non-residents.
  • Our way of life is guaranteed under the Basic Law.
  • But I guarantee at the end of it you would be no closer to hitting the jackpot.
  • Remember to perpetuate the site and you will be guaranteed of a good profit.
  • An international minority would be a group or community whose rights and privileges are to be guaranteed through international instruments.
  • Once the full payment on room charges are settled with our agency, we make the necessary payment to the hotel in turn, and our client is guaranteed with hotel room confirmations.
  • It depends on which hostel that she gets so I can't guarantee about that:) yeah the extra-curricular activities are awesome! There are a bunch of activities to be chosen from.
  • These loans are guaranteed against default by the federal government.
  • A 40-hour week is not guaranteed during pre- or post-season work.
  • Without such an interest, Unite argues, it does not have the leverage to seek a jobs guarantee from talks.

grab onto, at, for, by or on?

  • They grab onto both praise and blame.
  • Anything thread they can grab at to avoid paying.
  • He grabs for Kwang-soo and Jong-kook bolts.
  • The top slot has been grabbed by Tijuana in Mexico.
  • Without wastage of time and energy you can grab on the best things right from your home.
  • Generally a box you grab from a bike shop will be from a pretty standard (and definitely not a loaded) bike.
  • From what I heard of the incident, pamphlets were grabbed off the table when the attendant was passing on information to someone else.
  • She considers her options quickly and grabs with her an oak bow before moving on.
  • Lebron not impressed by new layout Gameplay &; Modes: This is, by far, one of the best sports games to grab because of the gameplay and variety of modes.
  • For those who like their breakfast less stodgy than a full English, get to GRAB before 10.
  • No matter the reason, it can be easy to get grabbed in the payday loan entice after you element in the finance cost you need to pay.
  • That meant my habit of just throwing whatever I grabbed into the same box was not going to work.
  • When onstreet parking got stupid-dangerous due to vandalisim/smash and grabs near Cobo Hall, the Chief advised people ' not to do that '.

generate by, from, in, for or at?

  • Media advertising is generated by time.
  • Figure 2: Paid clicks generated from adverts.
  • Some employment was generated in the camp.
  • INChI Identifiers generated for selected species described in Figure 6.
  • This is usually because of the family environment generated at our club.
  • A new type of power device generated on a wireless technology.
  • Payments are generated through Facebook's platform, which so far is mostly thanks to Zynga (Nasdaq: ZNGA).
  • Maybe the discussion about high rate tax is a smoke screen as it generates about 0.
  • The loan was generated as a 80/20 which was a lie.
  • The drawback is in the concentration of waste generated during the drilling process.
  • To have hope, one needs courage, and courage is generated out of relationship.
  • Out of now there, you actually tore raft, raise anchor a strong airship plus generate to your website to your secret, mist-cloaked region.
  • Public since 50% of electricity is generated with coal vs.

"gather in" or "gather at"?

  • The teams gather in the holosuite.
  • We gathered at the house for lunch.
  • Some 1400 Socialists gathered from around the global.
  • These depended on figures gathered by geographical area.
  • He told those gathered for the park's launch that he knows he wo n't.
  • In postpress, the printed Sheets are gathered on a pile.
  • Retirees gathered around the Wii.
  • Police arrested the boys and a crowd of angry residents gathered outside the police station.
  • These insights are gathered into this figure.
  • Curious pedestrians gathered round them to learn the event.
  • Locals of all ages gathered to the unveiling for a stroll around the 1.
  • Share the information you have gathered with them privately.
  • No further information could be gathered about Ms.
  • Consequently the people gathered before his house and repeated their demands.
  • The only information we gather during general browsing is from standard server logs.
  • Sikh devotees often gather near the border fence and offer prayers while looking at Gurudwara Kartarpur Sahib in Pakistan.
  • Interestingly, as the clouds gathered over centre court, a sunny cheer spread in the crowd.
  • An inquest has been halted and may never be held because evidence gathered through covert methods, can't be heard.
  • People of all ages, races and nationality gathered under some big trees, waiting patiently.

"gain from" or "gain by"?

  • What I have gained from gambling is twofold.
  • Advantage gained by fiduciary 88.
  • That's what they gain in a week.
  • The Big Bang Theory is based on data gained through observation and physics.
  • What I want to gain for the people is a far bigger reward.
  • May be the timing is the issue; otherwise, we stand to gain as a nation in the long run.
  • Pippa has considerable broad-ranging experience gained at a senior level and brings.
  • I'd told by the Careers Service at my Uni that many people with sparkly new PhDs, coming to the job market, find it hard to articulate the skills that they've gained during their candidature.
  • There is really nothing to gain on your end.
  • You will only hike a short while and gain over 1000 feet in elevation.
  • Once there, that author's experience and knowledge gained with their self-published book will stand them in good stead.
  • By week 34 your total weight gain to date should be between 22-28 pounds, gaining about a pound a week for the remainder of your labour.
  • The above information was gained after submitting a letter to the Freedom of Information request.
  • The Euro has now gained against the dollar for five consecutive days, reaching its highest level in over a month.
  • I want you to gain out of this effort.
  • The two polls move NY-19 from a weak DEM gain to a mod GOP hold.
  • Back in 1885 Dr Herman Ebbinghaus showed that knowledge gained without context is lost very quickly (about 50% is forgotten within an hour).

grow in, by, at, to or into?

  • I grow in TRUST in the waiting.
  • Industrial production grew by 4.
  • No country can grow at 10% forever.
  • Interest grows into true belief.
  • Operating expenses also grew to $3.
  • OPEC NGL production has grown from 3.
  • They rarely grow on mucosal surfaces.
  • Eventually, you grow out of it.
  • I know it will slowly grow with what I have put into it.
  • The audience grew as the book progressed.
  • They have continued to grow over the past five to 10 million years.
  • Set it to use GPT so it can grow beyond 2TB.
  • We also use the food we grow for meals in our caf.
  • Our entire country was growing like Dubai.
  • I think we all genuinely love to grow through learning.
  • Yeddyurappa too had grown under Mr.
  • He grew up to normal parents, not musicians.
  • For my own point of view, if I own a reastaurant, I can't keep grow without support from the servers.

"guess at" or "guess in"?

  • I'd guessing at Leviticus here.
  • I guess in this case the characters came first and last.
  • As you may guess from this picture I love cycling in the woods.
  • I guess for your work it is the same.
  • She kept everyone guessing about which song she would sing.
  • The pressure from being second guessed by the beautiful, unambiguous graphic on the broadcast became irresistible.
  • So I guess on that level I do miss those reviews.
  • I guess to these reds, tho, there is no such thing as morality, only politics.
  • It is embedded in some people to be wicked and idiotic, i guess like you.
  • Guess after more so many years in teaching, something just had to go as we made the decision to focus on the children.
  • One can only guess as to what books were stocked in her book shelf.
  • What mattered were the guesses of the bystanders.
  • I guess with benefits for all (this view might be biased, though).
  • So I guess around November he decided that telling his father was not an option.
  • For some reason, I guess because of the story Mother was telling me -- and because I was somewhat mischievous -- I told him we were going to California and I was going to be in the movies.
  • If I had guessed before doing the math, I would have thought that there would be at least a hundred thousand girls out there that fit my criteria.
  • I guess behind what it sounds like, it really does have some big meaning.
  • I guess besides the money that's saved, it's also instilled as a good habit.
  • I guess depending on your personality that could work one of two ways.
  • Expect some second guessing over that.
  • Guess post shaking her booty on her own name Bipasha Bipasha, a mujra is what will make her list of item songs complete.
  • Who said, In the Manor of the Ghost is a suspense filled story that kept me guessing until the end.

"give to", "give in" or "give by"?

  • Receive from him, give to them.
  • A phallic origin is given by H.
  • Possible clues are given in ink.
  • No discount is given for children.
  • Third, give at the right place.
  • These were given as a special gift.
  • This motivates me to give of my best.
  • This course is given once a month.
  • Various philosophical explanations are given about the vahanas.
  • Pain killers will need to be given before treating.
  • Rather the suggestions are given from the writers point of view.
  • He needs to stop giving into her every demand.
  • GIVEN under my Official Seal, this 4th day of May, 1995.
  • I gave with compassion, and kindness.

go to, through, for, into or on?

  • Afterwards they go to the dead.
  • We decided to go for a break up.
  • You now have to go into ircII2.
  • Jitters went through my system.
  • The neighbouring will go on foot.
  • Go with the iPhone 4 unlocked,.
  • And you go from this incredible.
  • He can't go in a hospital gown.
  • Both are fine ways to go about it.
  • Come on, 28 years have gone by.
  • But it's okay to go after a week.
  • If it does go against me so be it.
  • No, I don't go along with this.
  • You almost had to go at every pin.
  • But it rarely goes beyond that.
  • They deserve to go out of business.
  • We went over the Ballymena In N.
  • Go up the stairs and take a right.
  • Sidney's upgrade went without a hitch.

get to, into, in, out or on?

  • Those boxes did not get tossed.
  • Myriam took longer to get into.
  • Do not get in strangers ' cars.
  • Get out of there while you can.
  • We get on one another's nerves.
  • I'd supposed to get from the closet.
  • I'll get over this in a minute.
  • How can you get through the storm?
  • Do any work you get at this age.
  • Get away from me for a long while.
  • I had to get off the phone with him.
  • Two ways to get around the problem.
  • I really wanted to get behind it.
  • So in the end that kind of got by.
  • What can they get for each of these guys.
  • So many people trying to get onto the metro.
  • If you love her, get past this.
  • This dude knows what I get up to.
  • I need to get with the times!).