Prepositions after Verbs

Click a verb to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


"light by", "light in" or "light on"?

  • The room itself was still lit by the numerous torches.
  • S) below shares light on our plight in life.
  • You could smell the turf fires being lit in cozy little homes.
  • This area is lighted with LEDs at night.
  • An eclipse of the Moon is when the Earth blocks light from the Sun.
  • In Paris, gas lamps were lit for the first time in four years.
  • By the way, the showroom wasn't even lit at that time.
  • You can use your blog to bring those problems to light as well as offering solutions to those who need them.
  • The Brazilian schemer has already lit up Stamford Bridge during his short time in England, particularly in the Champions League with stunning goals against Juventus and Shakhtar Donetsk.
  • A sliver of green cord with just a touch of red is delicately lighted above the raving Phantom (upper right of image).
  • The inner sanctum had not been opened or lit after the curfew and the influx of refugees.
  • The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree was lit during the 80th annual tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center in New York last night, and I was watching like I do every year.
  • Along the way, stalls sell cakes and candyfloss, and candles for pilgrims to light inside the church.
  • One day he lit into Vanguard's index funds and almost instantly received a cease-and-desist letter from Vanguard's attorneys.
  • Guy Fawkes Day On the evening of November 5, bonfires are lit throughout England.
  • We could probably all use a bit of a fire lit under us on this issue.
  • At the time, I felt that 20 years of distance and the material's historical value was enough to warrant bringing it to light without contacting each individual.

lecture at, in, on, to or about?

  • De Gaulle lectured at the French War College where he worked closely with Henri-Philippe Petain.
  • I had been lecturing in consumer behaviour at DIT on Aungier Street.
  • She also lectures on ' Development Research Methodology '.
  • R-E-A-D and don't lecture to others if reading is a challenge.
  • That it is not enough to be lectured about the threat of Chinese colonisation the way his Secretary of State has become fond of doing.
  • If they are rich why should they need 20 hours of work permission per week? We are lectured by politicians like Chris Bryant of Labour that these non-EU students brings 13 billions to our economy.
  • What do you suggest? I do intend to go into the field of HR lecturing after 20 years of work experience in HR (doctorate perhaps on 17th year of work).
  • He is a constant media source as an industry expert and continues to lecture around the world including North America, Europe and the Middle East.
  • This is how we will effectively educate and support our peers, not by lecturing from the mountaintop.

"log into" or "log in"?

  • Go here to log into your EA account.
  • You have to log in every single time.
  • You can log onto our website at http: //www.
  • She asked me to log on my computer.
  • We did not store these for logged out users.
  • Log Navigator New See all the messages logged by your web page.
  • Issues can be logged with ground-based colleagues and solved while the flight is airborne.
  • In September 2012 spare capacity was logged at 510,000 bpd and it seems unlikely that Nigeria could call on that capacity at short notice.
  • All queries will be recorded and logged for audit purposes.
  • I logged over 430 hours in Ruby.

"land on" or "land in"?

  • Jonathan landed on the mattress.
  • This work landed in Firefox 16.
  • The 2nd Canadian Division landed at Dieppe.
  • They would land with bullet holes in the fuselage.
  • If the weather is good, then the pilot has no problem landing as the pilot can see the runway.
  • According to an informant, Hitler had landed by submarine in Majorca, and had holed up at the Hotel Formentor with a group of nuclear scientists.
  • He was not making an approach to land for the reasons stated above.
  • Live videos captured at the time of the attack show Israel soldiers landing from a helicopter, while Israel gunboats encircled the ship.
  • Eighty survivors came through a hurricane to land near Galveston, Texas.
  • Lent's one of the most ridiculous concepts ever landed upon those eejits who accept the doctrine of Catholicism.
  • The 32-year-old recovered well on the third with a brilliant chip from behind the bunker that landed within a couple of feet of the flag.

"lower to" or "lower from"?

  • Cystic acne can be lowered to a few bumps by taking zinc supplements each and every day.
  • Furthermore, the extracellular potassium concentration was lowered from 5.
  • Even if taxes are lowered in the U.
  • Cross the right leg behind the left leg and lower into a lunge.
  • When the mountain is lowered by a height of x, it loses some potential energy.
  • I also want to try attaching a pen to the body that can be raised and lowered on command.
  • Two overs later and another Jayawardene followed, this time Prasanna, coming in two places lower at No.
  • Morale in camp was lowered as a result.
  • The flag should then be raised to the top before it is lowered for the day.
  • A great chocolate-coloured pall lowered over heaven, but the wind was continually charging and routing these embattled vapours; so that as the cab crawled from street to street, Mr.
  • The sediments were deposited in valleys eroded in the delta when stream base level was lowered with lowered sea stand during the last glacial advance.
  • The fiber lost nearly 25% in May, as large hedge funds liquidated positions and speculators pushed prices lower amid concerns over the global economic outlook.
  • Salaries have not kept up with Cost of Living Allowances (COLA ), thus lowering of the economic position of journalists.
  • The first lifeboat was actually lowered until 12:45 a.
  • AUD gapped 50 points lower versus the US dollar to just below 1.

"lock in" or "lock into"?

  • Primo locks in the front headlock.
  • Instead you'd be locked into (If you stayed.
  • Your girl's locked to Drakeford in the bath.
  • Locked out of the house? Go to a cafe.
  • Sure they were locked at the time of the Famine too.
  • After hitting him, the terrorists started to kick the main gate of the hostel which was locked from the inside.
  • It will often lick with its eyes locked on your face.
  • Despite the fact that the location is now free, it can not be given back to the OS since it is locked by the other 9 objects.
  • Stewart was already past the point of no return with Sanders when their lips locked for the first time.
  • He said that the aircraft are locked inside the hangar with armed officers keeping watch outside.
  • USA: Yes, but in that instance Rapinoe's hand was low and locked against her body, whereas the handball against Marie-Eve Nault was called with her hands and arms up.
  • The most recent result of the relentless pressure tactics resulted in the Flathead valley being locked away from mining and exploration.
  • Fegan stood with his hands locked behind his head as a cop pulled at his clothes, probed his pockets, felt between his legs.
  • They were the pre-ordained promptings from the dark and locked off parts of his mind.
  • The woman's eyes opened and locked onto Duane's.
  • The owl's intelligent tawny eyes locked with his, and an unspoken wish to be safe was passed between them.
  • Men For Change Editors Note: It is an ongoing struggle to separate the wheat from the chafe, to find the truth locked within the pain of men's experience of violence.

levy on, for, by, against or at?

  • A 30% tax will be levied on items that exceed the above limits.
  • There is no charge levied for your stay.
  • Its trade was an economic mainstay of the Shabab when it controlled Kismayo, earning as much as $50m a year in the taxes levied by the militia, according to the UN.
  • He guesses that a battery of inspections and accusations levied against him in the 1990s hampered his company's growth.
  • It is levied at the rate of 4 percent of the basic and the excise duty on all imports.
  • How much will the scheme levy from investors? As a regulator, the PFRDA will only set a cap.
  • SECURITY The bonds are secured by ad valorem taxes to be levied without limitation as to rate or amount on all taxable property in the city.

"latch onto" or "latch on"?

  • But if it latches onto something watch out.
  • If there's new people sitting at the bar he latches on to them to try &; score a free drink.

languish in, at, on, for or near?

  • They languish in 14th position on the log.
  • Nationwide, the minimum wage has languished at $7.
  • Cases languish on an average of six years in the lower courts.
  • The country of 180 million people languishes near the bottom of the world literacy list, 159th out of 184 countries categorised by the UN Development Programme.
  • Though the Government has made some progress, we should NOT be languishing among the bottom EU states on this issue.
  • Rather than languishing around the departure lounges, if you have a significant amount of time to wait until your flight leaves it is well worth considering a visit to the Eiffel Tower.
  • However, we were then left to languish by both servers, each consumed with some meaningless task that rendered them too busy to help anyone but their favourite tables.
  • In Europe, economic growth is BELUM DISUNTING 19 NOVEMBER 2012 6 expected to languish with considerable downside risks.

"legislate for" or "legislate against"?

  • You can not legislate for these moments.
  • You can't legislate against stupid.
  • What is the legal basis for this proposal? The EU's competence to legislate in gender equality matters dates back to 1957.
  • An European Court order dictates Ireland must legislate on abortion BECAUSE of its own supreme court ruling.
  • These parties are formed along general guidelines and secure spots in congress to legislate according to the guidelines.
  • Of course the debt ceiling has always been legislated by the PTB since before i was born, i think.
  • The Jew is being legislated out of Russia.
  • The idea that government could legislate about dress sense is scary and is the ultimate betrayal of ' Australian Values '.
  • Although not legislated as an independent central bank, the fact that the finance ministry respects the views of the RBI is as good.
  • In particular, it aims to educate residents across Victoria of their right to establish a residents ' committee, which was recently been legislated through the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (Vic).

"lure by", "lure to" or "lure into"?

  • So what can the existing borrowers do? Those who were lured by teaser loans at 8-8.
  • Even nine-year-old girls are lured into sex by the occupying state forces.
  • She was lured to that room by one man.
  • Once she lured in someone, the Pontianak would then turn into something hideous.
  • But the chumming goes on daily, with big toothy fish continually being lured with food to cages filled with nervous human beings in wetsuits.
  • Closing in on 20 caps for Germany and could probably only be lured away from the Signal-Iduna-Park by the truly greatest sides in Europe.
  • Both Ramsey and Martin said they believe the missing intern was probably lured from her house by someone she knew.

loom in, on, over, as or at?

  • But additional challenges loom in parallel.
  • But today a new menace looms on the horizon.
  • The social and economic disaster that's looming over the next four years would incorrectly be blamed on capitalism.
  • Around the world, there are 70 plants now under construction, but shale gas also looms as a key factor in planning for the future.
  • A giant LCD screen with the most advanced scoreboard loomed at the center.
  • An insurmountable number of steps loomed before him.
  • Continuing weakness in the European economy, with little joy looming for the U.
  • He used to loom about all the time, but I got rid of him.
  • These trials will loom like great barricades.
  • The Western Breach - your route to the summit - with its stunning glaciers looms into view as we approach the camp.
  • A jungle of banana trees loomed to either side, leaves swiping the sides of the bus.
  • A UNESCO WH site the old city testified from his medieval past and fortifications dating from different centuries are looming above a small river valley.
  • There will be a showdown looming between AB &; NL in the 13 th draw if both teams (AB &; NL) win there next games.
  • You've got gunplay in the swamps, big monsters looming from the rivers, mad storms rocking the refinery.
  • Not only by the forbidding rocks looming off the coast, but by the culture that flourished there until 1953.
  • For outside distractions, Narberth Museum (**27;9150;TOOLONG ), which reopens in July, is just down the lane, while a ruined Norman castle looms opposite the B &B.

liberate from, by, in, during or after?

  • The nation should be liberated from this government.
  • According to big bang, great amount of energy liberate by which's influence our universe is spreading until now.
  • After Goa was liberated in 1961, Indian government took over Goa, Daman and Diu as an Union territory.
  • Unlike general Vibram FiveFingers Sprint shoes which bound feet in narrow room, people buy vibram five fingers can feel liberate during running.
  • Liberators ' aims and claims The East is said to be liberated after driving out the Liberation Tigers.

"leak to" or "leak from"?

  • The video was leaked to Mother Jones magazine.
  • Without ATP, calcium leaks from your muscle cells unchecked.
  • Maybe one product is a foreign film spring release, another is an Oscar contender leaked in fall.
  • Sometimes nutrients can leak into a river system.
  • Samantha Ryan after top secret information is leaked by someone on the inside.
  • The longer Angelos has been holding out, the more air leaks out of his balloon.
  • Am, Yorkshire Peugeot 107 2007 This car leaks like a sieve.
  • When fluid unintentionally leaks on your wooden floors, clean it off immediately.
  • Like, for example, the reality show judge trending on Twitter because a ' sex tape ' purporting to feature her has been leaked onto the internet.
  • While Owls have scored 5, a worringly large 10 have been leaked at the other end.
  • Gone are the days when the funds you funnel to our country will end up like water leaking through a broken pail.
  • That video leaked after Janet, Jermaine and Randy Jackson reportedly attempted to persuade Paris and Prince, 15, to leave Katherine's home on Monday.
  • A Dutch television presenter, Britt Dekker, did a nude photoshoot for Playboy, and a bunch of the images leaked ahead of the December, 2011 release of the magazine.
  • Now Radiator leaking due to it being rusty, it ’ s only done 29,000.
  • Two-stroke internal combustion engine is not allowed to leak throughout the body, if any leakage of the place, the engine hard to start.
  • Sometimes these valves are plumbed directly into a drain and may be leaking without your knowledge.

lag behind, in, from, on or by?

  • India's debt and currency markets lag behind its equity markets.
  • Hardware companies always seem to lag in providing drivers for new operating systems.
  • So we see that upfront the revenue lags from the time we perform the test.
  • I have found that Udacity videos lag on low speeds.
  • But, if I look at these pathogens and poisons from a ' bioterrorism ' point of view my academic and clinical knowledge lags like my senior colleagues.

"lodge in" or "lodge with"?

  • The bullet lodged in Fati's brain.
  • A Caveat (Improper Dealings) can now be lodged with Landgate.
  • Overnight in shepherds lodge at Bolstad.
  • You can then head north and stop at Ohau, lodge by a stunning lake and tekapo with roundhill or Mt Dobson ski ares nearby.
  • Bansal also admitted that some cases were lodged against Namdhari in Uttarakhand.
  • DAY 3 A dawn game drive, returning to the lodge for breakfast.
  • An FIR has been lodged under sections 302 and 34 of Pakistan Penal Code.
  • The claims for prizes can be lodged within two years after draw.
  • Lodging along this coast includes a wide variety of resort fashion lodges, seashore entrance chalets, and self catering flats to hire.
  • Will offer meals and lodging from the first to the last day of the program.

last for, from, until, in or through?

  • Yoga classes last for one hour.
  • First Asante War lasts from 1824 to1831.
  • This command lasted until 16 June 1749.
  • I met my true love, Michael, on May 8th last in Hub bar.
  • They have lasted through time, illness, marriage, and distant moves.
  • Well, you'd last about a microsecond in a kitchen.
  • That lasted between 1963 and ' 66.
  • The scent lasts into the next hour, until someone flushes of course.
  • Last on the list of Este Lauder review products are their nail polishes.
  • The meeting had lasted till late evening.
  • Falling Skies will not, I believe, last beyond next June.
  • The man didn't last past a few months, but I stayed nearly five years.
  • This can last throughout your entire pregnancy.
  • Who will last to the end credits is anyone's guess.
  • These seizures at times could last up to an over an hour or two.
  • Now, as you very well know, the furthest the boom can last with most of us is a week.
  • Maximum time it can last without fragmenting.

lurk in, behind, on, within or around?

  • It was pure tension that lurked in the heart of this film.
  • The outside looks pleasant but I can only imagine what lurks behind these prisons ' walls.
  • No ladies, TD is not a Spaniard lurking on dating sites.
  • You will mostly find her lurking around Goodreads or MDL in search of her new prey.
  • Something lurks at the bottom of our garden.
  • Still I wonder of what danger lurks within this jungle at night, and how would I deal with them if I ever had to.
  • Tar, that lurks beneath the ground, Uproots and kills without a sound.
  • I've been lurking for years, but glad I could share this with you.
  • But will Frankel be able to stretch his unbeaten run to ten races, or is there a surprise package lurking amongst the Lockinge entrants.
  • I imagined him fighting monsters, keeping his previous owner safe and sustaining a few battle wounds as he bravely took on the creatures that lurk under beds when it is dark.
  • What if someone really was lurking with a gun? Maybe it wasn? t just his imagination that the house had whispered Stay away.
  • The negatives are that a visit from Manchester United lurks along with having to face Shakhtar in two weeks ' time in an immediate return at Stamford Bridge.
  • Even though Slender Man is more terrifying, ambitious and skilled at night, he's still lurking during the day.
  • Creepy Guy shows Tawale as a man lurking outside of a window.

"leap to", "leap into" or "leap from"?

  • A girl with a strident voice leapt to her feet and used it.
  • And yet, Tapper doesn't leap from the pages as an omniscient critic raining down judgment.
  • Let me take a wild leap into the dark here.
  • As soon as the car parked, I leapt out of it and ran towards the building.
  • Thus, it only leaped in evolution, and didn't embody sin.
  • They'd leap off the mesh and onto the floor -- and then run for it.
  • After leaving that show, the spinning and leaping through our living room increased.
  • Fifteen of us leapt at the chance and headed off.
  • Before you leap on that, keep in mind that the DAC has a smaller effect on the sound than the amp, the speakers, and definitely less than the room itself.
  • As the mayhem builds, Piella flees by leaping onto the balloon and floating away.
  • Well not a bad idea except suddenly you may find that there is no bridge to cross and you may have to leap across the river.
  • A moment later they leap like startled lizards down the nearest corridor junction as the owners of the drumming feet suddenly hove into view directly in front of them.
  • However where Click Dimensions really leaps ahead of the pack is in its tight integration with Dynamics CRM, and their combined ability to build a truly 360 picture of your prospects.
  • You'd probably be running and have to leap over them and then keep running.
  • The economy shed 8,000 jobs in the September quarter, and New Zealand's unemployment rate leapt up to 7.

linger in, on, for, over or with?

  • They can't go home, so they linger in transit countries, waiting.
  • Musk is in a chatty mood and lingers on the street outside.
  • He lingered for a couple of weeks in a coma before dying.
  • I believe the anointing has lingered over Aimee's body.
  • While my guides set up our camp, I lingered with her in the shade.
  • Presided over by the house in which Marc Bolan had been born and brought up, it was not an area on which to linger at night.
  • The trace of these lives lingers like the smelliness of the inhabitants, the tang of urine and soot left in the half-ruin.
  • Clouds of dust lingered around them.
  • Therefore the question still lingers of the origin of the person who started the Black Banners before the Kaabah declaration.
  • Schwiensteiger is definitely not going to happen so it's best not to linger to that thought.
  • After a crying jag in the cemetery something happens to her, which she can't remember, but the after effects linger within her, pieces of it infusing her with the girl she.
  • At times, Chan lingered amid the hustle and bustle, the night still young.
  • Otherwise, the bulls we slaughter to celebrate the Obama victory will linger as the only testimony of fading ties that bind this clever American and the land of his ancestors.
  • No one really lingered due to the storm that was rolling in, so Hubby and I headed in to Portland where we were staying for the evening.
  • He desperately needs some rain to save the rest of it, and he's worried what will happen if the drought lingers into next year.
  • For unknown reasons, the matter lingered until November of 2007, when the parties jointly requested that the matter be held in abeyance.

license to, for, under, by or in?

  • She is not license to practice law in Massachusetts.
  • They told me that this facility had been licensed for 35 children.
  • This work is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.
  • The MCF technology is licensed by Trexel, Inc.
  • Abiraterone was licensed in the EU in September 2011.
  • Trained and licensed as a journalist in Brazil, she also holds a Master's degree in Literature and Linguistics.
  • Licenses to Content License from You Your Content remains yours.
  • Reputable rescue organizations should want to be registered and licensed on the state level for both tax reasons and credibility.
  • Law students have to put in 50 hrs under the supervision of a licensed attorney.
  • The number of investment projects licensed during the first quarter of 2012 dropped from 30 during the fourth quarter of 2011 to 15 in the first quarter of 2012.

lean on, towards, against, toward or to?

  • I'll need to lean on Kuhn fairly heavily though.
  • Bush reassured my leaning towards Democrat.
  • Contentedly I leaned against the old fence.
  • On top of that is the cultural leaning towards saving.
  • And among these, two currently lean to Obama, Ohio (+0.
  • She then leans over me and takes my bra off.
  • Their policies are left leaning in U.
  • But it also seemed to lean into the paranormal feel.
  • After leaning about the size of the event they agreed to send us 40 card readers (something that they said didn't not happen often).
  • Ian leaned across him to the large pocket on the left hand side of his coat and pulled at the greasy edge.
  • That might give you a little insight into why, Lean at its core, is a very, very strategic thing.
  • That was something I leaned from working on the X-Files.
  • If he was leaning out of his car window, it would never have happened.
  • In very short order, the other groups will lean upon this first group for guidance.
  • Lean with your back against an incline bench set almost at 90 degrees (straight up).

"lay on" or "lay in"?

  • I lay on the shores of a new world.
  • Ahmad lay in his bed fast asleep.
  • I got laid off from my job in December.
  • Sorry, this is all laid at Romney's feet.
  • The letter had been laid before him at the supper-table.
  • John Baptist's was laid by the Very Rev.
  • America, finally laid to rest, by her own traitorous Yanks.
  • So I asked him why I got to play with the fun stuff.
  • No charges will be laid against this man.
  • However the foundations are laid for future success.
  • It lay about 120 miles east of Mount Hua.
  • Get a mirror and put it on top of a cart so it lay across it.
  • Huge pieces of the figure lay along the harbor for centuries.
  • I keep this kit, two 50 foot polar extension cords (buy high quality cold weather capable, 14gauge extension cords specifically for the emergency kit, and forget all the rest laying around the house.
  • Laying behind them were deep notions of contentment.
  • Until Jurassic times, it lay beneath a shallow sea, dotted with volcanic islands.
  • I believe the majority still lay between Animals /Humans.
  • Simon Hughes himself was among the first to lay into Phil Woolas after the verdict.
  • The Ganesha Shankh is laid over a red colored cloth and placed on the altar.
  • How: I laid under the jump and motor-drived the action at 9fps.
  • Austere and cold thou deemest me - such is the love that I venture to lay upon thy shrine - thou canst receive it without a blush.

"label as" or "label with"?

  • So she started using the word gay, which led to her being labeled as a lesbian.
  • I store those items in a file folder labelled with the year.
  • It covers requirements for care labelling for clothing and textiles.
  • It plots the past 19 Congresses (93rd-111th) and a predicted value for the 112th (labeled in purple).
  • By using the returns label on the front of the delivery note there will be a 3.
  • Post-1971 has not been so easy, despite numerous achievements, the country has been negatively labeled by a group of people with their own motivations.
  • Apartheid is illegal by international law, and correctly afixing that label to Israel has legal implications.
  • In areas where grammar schools persists, this is how children are labelled at age 11, with the majority being in the second category.
  • Please enclose your delivery note within your parcel, peel off the Royal Mail returns label from the front and attach it to the front of your parcel ensuring any original delivery labels are covered.
  • What the diarist is describing is a man who liked labeling of food information until he discovered that Obama approved of it and put it in ' his ' healthcare bill.
  • Very few essential oils are distilled in Australia, most are imported, bottled and labelled under many different brand names (and prices ), even though they come from the same place.

load with, on, in, into or onto?

  • It is loaded with Android OS, v4.
  • I'd shocked how quick your blog loaded on my mobile.
  • That is, up to 5 images can be loaded in the carousel.
  • We were loaded into a few Black Marias.
  • Only if the software was loaded onto a phone would their patent be useful.
  • Becareful here, after it rebooted, you have to choose to load from hard-disk.
  • Everytime I load it, it is loaded at the bottom.
  • That picture is so loaded for me.
  • All photo submissions must be loaded to Hotel St Clair's Facebook page before December 14th 2012.
  • This CSS file is not loaded by the theme at all.
  • There are lots of sites that offer you load of discount coupons.

"locate in" or "locate on"?

  • It is located in Mirpur, Dhaka.
  • It is located on a plot of approx.
  • Gilbert Ntow located at 6824 Harper.
  • Kondapiddy is located near the bridge.
  • This property is located within 1.
  • Our house is located along the roadside.
  • Imperial Systems also uses the assistance of 10 sales representatives located across the country.
  • They are located around the perimeter of the navigation keys.
  • Around the 9th station are other several interesting sites, located behind the Holy Sepulcher.
  • It is located between 4th and 5th level (2100-2300m) of Mt.
  • Manila Hotel is located by the picturesque Manila Bay in the heart of Manila, Philippines.
  • Arrival will be in time for lunch at your lodge, located inside the Lake Nakuru National Park.
  • Watch the little spinner located next to your and your opponet's clock.
  • These rooms are located off spacious corridors on the top two floors.
  • Taxis are located outside the terminal building.
  • There are also nineteen liaison offices located throughout China.
  • Propellors are not always located to the rear of watercraft.

launch in, by, on, at or into?

  • We launched in October last year.
  • The book was officially launched by the Hon.
  • They rarely, ever, launch on time.
  • The tube was launched at 1:30 p.
  • She said yes, and launched into a performance of the song for me.
  • That is where your game code will be launched from.
  • The barrel was launched without interruption.
  • Probes have been launched against some of them.
  • A search has been launched for a female victim.
  • Supreme SAT 1 is launched as part of a collaborated project with China, and Sri Lanka claims majority of the ownership of the satellite.
  • The much awaited MTS is expected to be launched during the weekend by finance minister.
  • A month and a half ago the bond market started to discount the inflationary surge as commodities launched out of their three year cycle low.
  • Away from the circuit, the DB4GT, a high-performance version of the DB4, was launched to acclaim.
  • The barrel was launched without interruption.

lift from, off, by, in or out?

  • Let go of achieving and you will feel a weight lifted from your shoulders.
  • Spirits are lifted by the sight.
  • Gotye feels a weight lifted off himself.
  • But I discovered also that even the empty pots were too heavy for me to lift in the size I wanted.
  • Along the way, millions have been lifted out of feature phone poverty with a wide array of $99-style smartphones.
  • Something comes in on a truck, it is lifted to the correct position and bolted into place.
  • Next the roof is lifted into position on top of the ring beam.
  • The two men watched as the whole assembly lifted on tiny thrusters.
  • No grades are awarded to governments, and so there is no giant trophy to be lifted at the end of the Tour.
  • You should do some light weight lifting for tone but cardio is what will help you lose weight.
  • From there, about seven rescuers struggled to haul a basket carrying the man back up the cliff to a point where it could be lifted with ropes suspended from an aerial truck.
  • They need to have their sights lifted above the furtive plans and night launches of their despairing lives.
  • Mavado's manager, Julian Jones-Griffiths described the ban being lifted as a positive move.
  • Once the incisions are made, the skin is lifted away from the underlying bones and cartilages.
  • Lift through the top of the sternum but avoid pushing the front ribs forward, which only hardens the lower back.
  • The ban on Turkish people was not lifted until 1930.
  • And you, Capernaum, will you be lifted up to the skies? No, you will go down to the depths.

lend to, by, for, in or at?

  • Co-trustees may not lend to one of themselves 54.
  • They lend by creating deposits out of nothing.
  • Lending for regional cooperation and integration will rise as well during this period from $1.
  • He learned all he could about how money got borrowed and lent in America.
  • They were lending at rates as high as 8 to 12%.
  • No one was forced to lend on these subprime loans by any governmental agency.
  • Be a shame though to see rock bottom prices but no lender willing to lend against such poor security.
  • The banks in their lending operations are most concerned about the safe return of the principal lent along with the stipulated interest.
  • Lastly, as you say banks don't lend from deopists they merely create a new deposit from nothing.
  • These banks would match the savings of depositors who want to lend with people who want to borrow.

limit to, by, in, on or for?

  • This is not limited to Mormons.
  • Freedom of speech limited by law.
  • He is a little limited in that way.
  • You can set time limits on how long a person can stay online.
  • We desparately need term limits for Congress.
  • He's term limited at the Budget Committee, though those rules could be changed.
  • Since training time is often limited due to other commitments, players often look for improvement.
  • Iqbal Alimohamed has been the Director of National Foods Limited since 2008.
  • The Jets backup tailback had three-straight practices this week in which he was limited with an ankle injury.

link to, with, in, by or on?

  • Link to outside URLs with http.
  • Linked with Liverpool last month.
  • Hell, I'd not even linked in the blogroll.
  • Name servers are linked by pointers.
  • I watched the video link on Chemtrails.
  • APPLICATIONS: Applicants should go to the Jobs link at www.
  • Our mission is to build business links between America and Ireland.
  • Link for Google History: http: //history.
  • Check your backlinks from time to time.
  • The system links into Exchange, CRM and has full call centre handling for customer detail pop ups.

laugh at, with, about, in or for?

  • People were allowed to laugh at it.
  • They were laughing with relief.
  • Calder will just laugh about this idea.
  • Let me laugh in this line of reasoning.
  • She laughed for a good long time.
  • In variety shows, they make you laugh like hell.
  • If no one was hurt, I will just laugh off the rumors.
  • Some were laughing after seeing the shape of our Kayak as it was quite uncommon.
  • You can make fun of the fact that your ancestors could have owned mine and I'll laugh along with you.
  • People laugh as a reaction to when they get their pants pulled down, as you laugh when someone says something you can't handle.
  • I laughed during sad stories just to make people react.
  • An audience laughed on the television downstairs.
  • It is laughed out of people's minds.
  • My grandmother laughed through the parts of her body that were hard to bear.
  • And then I had to laugh to myself.

"lie in" or "lie to"?

  • You made your bed now lie in it.
  • I really dislike being lied to.
  • Please do not lie on the floor.
  • He lied about almost everything.
  • The fault lies with the people.
  • The first critical support lies at 1420.
  • But Kitty is like a constant shadow lying between them.
  • The secret of its success lies within its pantyhose tea.
  • Its not just Obama's poor relations with Netanyahu, which lie behind that.
  • This is what lies beneath the chatter.
  • The answers to our problems don't lie beyond our reach.
  • There are two ovaries that lie by the side of the uterus.
  • Bill Clinton would ask his wife to lie for him.
  • Its applicability does not lie outside these three categories.
  • Foner is lying through his teeth, tacking that sentence on the end of his other guff.
  • He said paradise lies under the feet of mothers.

lead to, by, up, in or from?

  • They lead to lost tax revenues.
  • This effort was led by the late, Mr.
  • Others have done so widely leading up to the elections.
  • Obama led in 19 polls, and two showed a tie.
  • All roads lead from KKB it seems.
  • This is the road leading into it.
  • This store, like most, led with produce.

"lose in" or "lose to"?

  • The island of Sardiniawas lost in 1016.
  • Especially if they lost to Fulham.
  • And that irony is not lost on Murray.
  • A state the former Governor lost by 23 points.
  • Everything may be lost at Read more.
  • It would have been a lose lose for Mitt.
  • We should ride a horse bridled, but not lose as to trample upon us.
  • Chandler may have lost due to left-Dems staying home.
  • You'll also be able to calculate the energy lost during the collision.
  • No energy would be lost from such an orbit.
  • Unfortunately, SYDNEY was later to be lost with all hands.
  • I literally lost about $136,512,456.
  • I hope the HD will be archived and not be lost after some years.
  • And they lose against portland.
  • I think he lost because of that.
  • No love was lost between the two men.
  • And the heat lost of the waste gas accounts for 30?? 50? of the heat capacity.
  • He lost over 5,000 leads for his company.
  • The same applies to any money lost through fraudulent bank transactions.
  • Instead, we are afraid of losing without fighting.

"learn from" or "learn about"?

  • In a nutshell, learn from life,.
  • I have to learn about it further.
  • My final thoughts that i've learnt in my life.
  • The reader will learn of his drug use.
  • If we learn by example, she is a good one to follow.
  • I wish everyone would learn to.
  • People have always learned at work.
  • Fothergill was learning on the job.
  • One can learn through reflection of oneself or others.
  • I'd just learning along the way.
  • No, I am still seeking and learning as an artist myself.
  • These are some of the major points to be learnt during Articleship.
  • Learn for yourself how to be saved.
  • I also learnt over the years that I needed to be my own harshest critic.
  • Preschool should motivate these to learn with interest.

leave in, for, with, to or on?

  • The people were left in misery.
  • Next day I left for Pinar Del Rio.
  • Period and now left with 2 kids.
  • Nothing was being left to chance.
  • They leave on October twenty-third.
  • NO Child Left Behind has ruined schools.
  • I were the only one left at home.
  • Like lime deposits left by very hard water.
  • Clinton Lied when he left office.
  • My Sister just left after a lovely.
  • Remove the tea leaves from the bag.
  • Chord tones may or may not be left out.
  • She left without checking our neighbourhood.
  • They want it to be left as a trust.
  • Problem was I would rarely leave before 6:00.
  • Clinton Lied when he left office.
  • But the decision was not left up to We, the People.

live in, with, on, up or at?

  • He lived in a cave upon a hill.
  • My father did not live with us.
  • You must live on another planet.
  • Daily specials live up to their name.
  • Living at warp speed is highly over-rated.
  • Sometimes she lived by herself.
  • Something to continue living for.
  • After this, he could live as a free man.
  • Live like there is no tomorrow.
  • Hall lives near Owen Sound, Ontario.
  • We was just living off the land you know.
  • Wow! My cousins living outside the US are right.
  • What helps me to live through hard times.
  • You may even live to see and seek your parting.
  • You live under terror all your life.
  • I will learn to live within my means.
  • I don't live without pain today.

let in, to, off, on or out?

  • And she needs to blow it out and let in the darkness.
  • It is let to Francis Elliott &; Henry Graham as yearly tenants.
  • With an outside play area to let off steam in.
  • He's the comedian they won't let on television.
  • As we arrived the children had just been let out of school.
  • Even when journalists are tweeting, they can do so impulsively, passing on incorrect information that they would never let into a story without double checking it.
  • The uniformity and reproducibility of beads was high letting for the bead identification accuracies of 99.
  • It is possible to view Liverpool to Let as an interpretation to the Biennial's over-arching theme of ' hospitality '.
  • No way should Norman be let near finance as it would be a death sentence for the Greens.
  • She never should have been let through the gates, bare as an egg, and here she 's, to be studied by all, we act like puppies, shameless.
  • A property that is let without the mortgagee's consent may be recovered by the mortgagee, and as a tenant you face the risk of being evicted within a fairly short period.
  • I think you're doing a fabulous job! I mean, I can't do any tricep dips let along 250 of them.
  • Also the Land Lord picks up the tab on mt properties they own, due to being unable to let due to excessive rents.
  • For example, there are some ahadith where the Prophet uses the medical knowledge known during the 7th century, such as curing a fever by allowing blood to let from the body.
  • You've already heard about the miserable jerk who prayed with his employees before letting over 100 of them go, but it's about to get better.
  • I think he was in mark Hughes plans for the game against reading but arriving late and not let past the barrier, make sense.

"like in" or "like about"?

  • Like in the incident in Colorado.
  • That's what I like about ultras.
  • Anything you'd like for ' em or.
  • Like with Josh, with you my heart now belongs.
  • He was like to Moses as a legislator.
  • I am not interested in nice lies (like on osho.
  • Like at Contract renewals for the current club.
  • Lannan is liked by his teammates.
  • It's a city I liked from the word go.
  • We're getting a lot more Facebook likes as a result of that.
  • Or if there's anything that you'd especially like during labour or after your baby is born.
  • He should be like unto Moses, only above him.
  • Movies like Without Limits or Chariots of Fire can also help up your desire to lace up.

"look at" or "look for"?

  • Let's look at Health Insurance.
  • Step One: Look for the lessons.
  • What you may want to look like.
  • It's now about looking after No.
  • Let us look into that more now.
  • We now look to our Asian neighbours.
  • We should look in our own backyard.
  • This is how it looks on my page.
  • Look through our existing available positions.
  • This is a woman I can look up to.
  • I guess I should look upon it as a surprise.

love for, about, to, by or in?

  • So much love for these two girls.
  • For me, that's what I love about acting.
  • Much peace and love to everyone.
  • He was loved by everyone and so caring.
  • Love in the words of Ghazali (R.
  • I have been married and divorced and do not believe in soul mate or love at first sight.
  • Love from Florida I went over to PatBravo.
  • May the Lord pour His grace and love on you and.
  • He remains loved with the media's unflagging effort.
  • There are t-shirts that everyone loves as well as jackets too.
  • It was love without sex, love without a question mark.
  • Love like that makes almost anything seem possible.
  • In return we could not love of even her share.
  • It is not love through some ' ism ' -- this community or that community -- no communities existed in Krita Yuga.