"label as" or "label with"?

  • So she started using the word gay, which led to her being labeled as a lesbian.
  • I store those items in a file folder labelled with the year.
  • It covers requirements for care labelling for clothing and textiles.
  • It plots the past 19 Congresses (93rd-111th) and a predicted value for the 112th (labeled in purple).

lag behind, in, from, on or by?

  • India's debt and currency markets lag behind its equity markets.
  • Hardware companies always seem to lag in providing drivers for new operating systems.
  • So we see that upfront the revenue lags from the time we perform the test.
  • I have found that Udacity videos lag on low speeds.

"land on" or "land in"?

  • Jonathan landed on the mattress.
  • This work landed in Firefox 16.
  • The 2nd Canadian Division landed at Dieppe.
  • They would land with bullet holes in the fuselage.

languish in, at, on, for or near?

  • They languish in 14th position on the log.
  • Nationwide, the minimum wage has languished at $7.
  • Cases languish on an average of six years in the lower courts.
  • The country of 180 million people languishes near the bottom of the world literacy list, 159th out of 184 countries categorised by the UN Development Programme.

last for, from, until, in or through?

  • Yoga classes last for one hour.
  • First Asante War lasts from 1824 to1831.
  • This command lasted until 16 June 1749.
  • I met my true love, Michael, on May 8th last in Hub bar.

"latch onto" or "latch on"?

  • But if it latches onto something watch out.
  • If there's new people sitting at the bar he latches on to them to try &; score a free drink.

laugh at, with, about, in or for?

  • People were allowed to laugh at it.
  • They were laughing with relief.
  • Calder will just laugh about this idea.
  • Let me laugh in this line of reasoning.

launch in, by, on, at or into?

  • We launched in October last year.
  • The book was officially launched by the Hon.
  • They rarely, ever, launch on time.
  • The tube was launched at 1:30 p.

"lay on" or "lay in"?

  • I lay on the shores of a new world.
  • Ahmad lay in his bed fast asleep.
  • I got laid off from my job in December.
  • Sorry, this is all laid at Romney's feet.

lead to, by, up, in or from?

  • They lead to lost tax revenues.
  • This effort was led by the late, Mr.
  • Others have done so widely leading up to the elections.
  • Obama led in 19 polls, and two showed a tie.

"leak to" or "leak from"?

  • The video was leaked to Mother Jones magazine.
  • Without ATP, calcium leaks from your muscle cells unchecked.
  • Maybe one product is a foreign film spring release, another is an Oscar contender leaked in fall.
  • Sometimes nutrients can leak into a river system.

lean on, towards, against, toward or to?

  • I'll need to lean on Kuhn fairly heavily though.
  • Bush reassured my leaning towards Democrat.
  • Contentedly I leaned against the old fence.
  • On top of that is the cultural leaning towards saving.

"leap to", "leap into" or "leap from"?

  • A girl with a strident voice leapt to her feet and used it.
  • And yet, Tapper doesn't leap from the pages as an omniscient critic raining down judgment.
  • Let me take a wild leap into the dark here.
  • As soon as the car parked, I leapt out of it and ran towards the building.

"learn from" or "learn about"?

  • In a nutshell, learn from life,.
  • I have to learn about it further.
  • My final thoughts that i've learnt in my life.
  • The reader will learn of his drug use.

leave in, for, with, to or on?

  • The people were left in misery.
  • Next day I left for Pinar Del Rio.
  • Period and now left with 2 kids.
  • Nothing was being left to chance.

lecture at, in, on, to or about?

  • I had been lecturing in consumer behaviour at DIT on Aungier Street.
  • R-E-A-D and don't lecture to others if reading is a challenge.
  • That it is not enough to be lectured about the threat of Chinese colonisation the way his Secretary of State has become fond of doing.
  • If they are rich why should they need 20 hours of work permission per week? We are lectured by politicians like Chris Bryant of Labour that these non-EU students brings 13 billions to our economy.

"legislate for" or "legislate against"?

  • You can not legislate for these moments.
  • You can't legislate against stupid.
  • What is the legal basis for this proposal? The EU's competence to legislate in gender equality matters dates back to 1957.
  • An European Court order dictates Ireland must legislate on abortion BECAUSE of its own supreme court ruling.

lend to, by, for, in or at?

  • Co-trustees may not lend to one of themselves 54.
  • They lend by creating deposits out of nothing.
  • Lending for regional cooperation and integration will rise as well during this period from $1.
  • He learned all he could about how money got borrowed and lent in America.

let in, to, off, on or out?

  • And she needs to blow it out and let in the darkness.
  • It is let to Francis Elliott &; Henry Graham as yearly tenants.
  • With an outside play area to let off steam in.
  • He's the comedian they won't let on television.

levy on, for, by, against or at?

  • There is no charge levied for your stay.
  • Its trade was an economic mainstay of the Shabab when it controlled Kismayo, earning as much as $50m a year in the taxes levied by the militia, according to the UN.
  • He guesses that a battery of inspections and accusations levied against him in the 1990s hampered his company's growth.
  • It is levied at the rate of 4 percent of the basic and the excise duty on all imports.

liberate from, by, in, during or after?

  • The nation should be liberated from this government.
  • According to big bang, great amount of energy liberate by which's influence our universe is spreading until now.
  • After Goa was liberated in 1961, Indian government took over Goa, Daman and Diu as an Union territory.
  • Unlike general Vibram FiveFingers Sprint shoes which bound feet in narrow room, people buy vibram five fingers can feel liberate during running.

license to, for, under, by or in?

  • She is not license to practice law in Massachusetts.
  • They told me that this facility had been licensed for 35 children.
  • This work is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.
  • The MCF technology is licensed by Trexel, Inc.

"lie in" or "lie to"?

  • You made your bed now lie in it.
  • I really dislike being lied to.
  • Please do not lie on the floor.
  • He lied about almost everything.

lift from, off, by, in or out?

  • Let go of achieving and you will feel a weight lifted from your shoulders.
  • Gotye feels a weight lifted off himself.
  • Spirits are lifted by the sight.
  • But I discovered also that even the empty pots were too heavy for me to lift in the size I wanted.

"light by", "light in" or "light on"?

  • The room itself was still lit by the numerous torches.
  • S) below shares light on our plight in life.
  • You could smell the turf fires being lit in cozy little homes.
  • This area is lighted with LEDs at night.

"like in" or "like about"?

  • Like in the incident in Colorado.
  • That's what I like about ultras.
  • Anything you'd like for ' em or.
  • Like with Josh, with you my heart now belongs.

limit to, by, in, on or for?

  • This is not limited to Mormons.
  • Freedom of speech limited by law.
  • He is a little limited in that way.
  • You can set time limits on how long a person can stay online.

linger in, on, for, over or with?

  • They can't go home, so they linger in transit countries, waiting.
  • Musk is in a chatty mood and lingers on the street outside.
  • He lingered for a couple of weeks in a coma before dying.
  • I believe the anointing has lingered over Aimee's body.

link to, with, in, by or on?

  • Link to outside URLs with http.
  • Linked with Liverpool last month.
  • Hell, I'd not even linked in the blogroll.
  • Name servers are linked by pointers.

live in, with, on, up or at?

  • He lived in a cave upon a hill.
  • My father did not live with us.
  • You must live on another planet.
  • Daily specials live up to their name.

load with, on, in, into or onto?

  • It is loaded with Android OS, v4.
  • I'd shocked how quick your blog loaded on my mobile.
  • That is, up to 5 images can be loaded in the carousel.
  • We were loaded into a few Black Marias.

"locate in" or "locate on"?

  • It is located in Mirpur, Dhaka.
  • It is located on a plot of approx.
  • Gilbert Ntow located at 6824 Harper.
  • This property is located within 1.

"lock in" or "lock into"?

  • Primo locks in the front headlock.
  • Instead you'd be locked into (If you stayed.
  • Your girl's locked to Drakeford in the bath.
  • Locked out of the house? Go to a cafe.

"lodge in" or "lodge with"?

  • The bullet lodged in Fati's brain.
  • A Caveat (Improper Dealings) can now be lodged with Landgate.
  • Overnight in shepherds lodge at Bolstad.
  • You can then head north and stop at Ohau, lodge by a stunning lake and tekapo with roundhill or Mt Dobson ski ares nearby.

"log into" or "log in"?

  • Go here to log into your EA account.
  • You have to log in every single time.
  • You can log onto our website at http: //www.
  • She asked me to log on my computer.

"look at" or "look for"?

  • Let's look at Health Insurance.
  • Step One: Look for the lessons.
  • What you may want to look like.
  • It's now about looking after No.

loom in, on, over, as or at?

  • But additional challenges loom in parallel.
  • But today a new menace looms on the horizon.
  • The social and economic disaster that's looming over the next four years would incorrectly be blamed on capitalism.
  • Around the world, there are 70 plants now under construction, but shale gas also looms as a key factor in planning for the future.

"lose in" or "lose to"?

  • The island of Sardiniawas lost in 1016.
  • Especially if they lost to Fulham.
  • And that irony is not lost on Murray.
  • A state the former Governor lost by 23 points.

love for, about, to, by or in?

  • So much love for these two girls.
  • For me, that's what I love about acting.
  • Much peace and love to everyone.
  • He was loved by everyone and so caring.

"lower to" or "lower from"?

  • Cystic acne can be lowered to a few bumps by taking zinc supplements each and every day.
  • Furthermore, the extracellular potassium concentration was lowered from 5.
  • Even if taxes are lowered in the U.
  • Cross the right leg behind the left leg and lower into a lunge.

"lure by", "lure to" or "lure into"?

  • So what can the existing borrowers do? Those who were lured by teaser loans at 8-8.
  • Even nine-year-old girls are lured into sex by the occupying state forces.
  • She was lured to that room by one man.
  • Once she lured in someone, the Pontianak would then turn into something hideous.

lurk in, behind, on, within or around?

  • It was pure tension that lurked in the heart of this film.
  • The outside looks pleasant but I can only imagine what lurks behind these prisons ' walls.
  • No ladies, TD is not a Spaniard lurking on dating sites.
  • Still I wonder of what danger lurks within this jungle at night, and how would I deal with them if I ever had to.