Prepositions after Verbs

Click a verb to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


"question by", "question in" or "question about"?

  • Hunter was then questioned by Mr.
  • Asking everyone questions about me watching My little girl.
  • We were not taught to question in school.
  • He was never questioned on that one.
  • I was strip searched and questioned for two hours in Tel Aviv airport.
  • He can not be questioned as to what He does, while they will be questioned.
  • This was not the first time accounting has been questioned at Olam.
  • I suggest you take this questions to the forums.
  • Terry made that point again as he was questioned before the court Tuesday.
  • Basic questions have been questioned concerning Church growth, questions just like how people might be attracted to be arrive church members willingly, not only to increase the typical attendants.
  • The judge has to decide the question of law and the jury to question of fact.
  • Scotland Yard confirmed a man and woman held at the airport last night after flying in from Egypt will be questioned over the kidnapping of a British photojournalist in Syria.
  • In France, 64 women with schizophrenia and 26 women with bipolar disorder were carefully questioned regarding their sexual histories.
  • Beware, every one of you is a guardian and every one of shall be questioned with regard to his trust.

quarrel with, over, among, for or in?

  • That's where I have always quarreled with you.
  • The Iraq war? Aphrodite spurs Hephaestus and Ares to quarrel over Athena.
  • After the victory, the Spanish emirs quarreled among themselves over the spoils of war.
  • In life too, we live happily and sometimes quarrel for the property.
  • Quarreling in front of the children It is natural for couples to have occasional arguments, sometimes even heated and bitter ones.
  • He would pray, pray and pray but two spirits will be quarrelling inside him.

queue for, at, in, on or up?

  • We still had to queue for about 30 mins.
  • Datagrams destined for a port are queued at the port until some process reads them, and each service has its own mailbox.
  • Unfortunately, there may be thousands of bytes of data already queued in the connection between the remote process and the local terminal.
  • That is if you can actually get them to not queue on the cycle lane.
  • This has been realized all over the world and many of the people all over the world are queuing up to Bangladesh.
  • Admittedly, most of us manage to buy shoes and sneakers without queuing around the corner, but for ' sneaker heads ' all over the world this is part of the game.
  • Fans queued from early in the morning.
  • Observers were stunned when around 200,000 people queued outside Milan's cathedral to pay their tribute to the remains of the deceased cardinal last weekend.
  • The Releasing Print Jobs popup window displays the jobs submitted and date queued under your Onyen.

quit in, on, as, after or at?

  • When the Who first called it quits in 1982, Pete Townshend was 37.
  • It would be nice if he quits on his own.
  • So just go quit as of this writing and draw attention away from your New Year's resolution alive, 7 day slimming pill reviews.
  • He should have quit after the Cain beating.
  • But the transmission quit at 68,000 miles, just before the warranty ran out.
  • Of the cohort who were smoking at baseline, 28% reported they had quit smoking at a one year follow up and 5% had been quit for an entire year.
  • But right here is exactly where these anti-Santa individuals quit with the compliments.
  • Your child care provider phones in sick, or quits without a moment's notice.
  • If you are quitting by yourself, it is recommended that you stop smoking completely on your quit date.
  • Tonio Borg from Malta is up for the job after his predecessor John Dalli quit due to a lobbying scandal.
  • Mr Entwistle quit over Newsnight's reporting of north Wales child abuse and a shelved report on abuse by ex-BBC DJ Jimmy Savile.
  • I have a good feeling that teachers are quitting like nobody's business nowadays.
  • To be eligible, callers had to be calling for themselves, aged 18 years or older, and had to be current smokers or recent quitters (defined as having quit within the past week).
  • He was the lead singer and guitarist of the John Smyth Band and toured small cities for two years before suddenly quitting ahead of the release of a first album in 1997.
  • This represents nearly one third of the total number of smokers, and a 200% increase on the number of smokers who are actively trying to quit from the previous year.
  • And could a man, while on earth, be wholly quit of self-will and ownership, and stand up free and at large in God's true light, and continue therein, he would be sure of the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • His love of the sport and his money he had no reason to quit other than as mentioned in the article, his very visible reactions to getting hit.
  • Had he quit prior to the election, then the Dems could have appointed someone to run in his place.
  • However, if you were a smoker and have quit since taking out your original policy,.
  • They ought to not quit upon failure, that confidence inside them is needed.

qualify for, as, in, by or from?

  • If your Child does not qualify for U.
  • He then qualified as a Civil Engineer.
  • About half the 1% qualify in both categories.
  • You can also qualify by combining your experience and education.
  • I read all the fine print and I didn't qualify from the outset.
  • If your insurance is self pay, it may not qualify under new IRS guidelines, starting in 2014.
  • After a minimum amount of practice in the car he qualified at 166.
  • Certain fields qualify on that score -- e.
  • But I believe the boys will have an equal chance to qualify to the world finals.
  • Can Ireland still qualify with four points? Yes, it's still possible.

"quote from" or "quote in"?

  • I think he quoted from the Qur'an.
  • Quoted in The Man and His Message, pg.
  • As a writer quoted by Guillaume on p.
  • Back to the number quoted on my dispatch note.
  • I quote for time allowed, excess is billable.
  • If gold quotes at $1,600 per ounce (around 31.
  • One reason is that intrade prices are quoted to 3 digit precision -- viz.
  • Nowadays he is quoted as an expert.
  • And there are numerous examples I can quote of strange English idioms.
  • Hah! And now, paradoxically, you are saying that verse above is quoted out of context.