qualify for, as, in, by or from?

  • If your Child does not qualify for U.
  • He then qualified as a Civil Engineer.
  • About half the 1% qualify in both categories.
  • You can also qualify by combining your experience and education.

quarrel with, over, among, for or in?

  • That's where I have always quarreled with you.
  • The Iraq war? Aphrodite spurs Hephaestus and Ares to quarrel over Athena.
  • After the victory, the Spanish emirs quarreled among themselves over the spoils of war.
  • In life too, we live happily and sometimes quarrel for the property.

"question by", "question in" or "question about"?

  • Hunter was then questioned by Mr.
  • Asking everyone questions about me watching My little girl.
  • We were not taught to question in school.
  • He was never questioned on that one.

queue for, at, in, on or up?

  • We still had to queue for about 30 mins.
  • Datagrams destined for a port are queued at the port until some process reads them, and each service has its own mailbox.
  • Unfortunately, there may be thousands of bytes of data already queued in the connection between the remote process and the local terminal.
  • That is if you can actually get them to not queue on the cycle lane.

quit in, on, as, after or at?

  • When the Who first called it quits in 1982, Pete Townshend was 37.
  • It would be nice if he quits on his own.
  • So just go quit as of this writing and draw attention away from your New Year's resolution alive, 7 day slimming pill reviews.
  • He should have quit after the Cain beating.

"quote from" or "quote in"?

  • I think he quoted from the Qur'an.
  • Quoted in The Man and His Message, pg.
  • As a writer quoted by Guillaume on p.
  • Back to the number quoted on my dispatch note.