to, of, by, till or from date?

  • That is Obama's record to date.
  • Concerning standardisation of date citation.
  • Julias use by date has come and gone.
  • History of what you browsed till date.

of, to, for, with or on daughter?

  • Relationships among families are built on the flow of daughters in marriage.
  • He left the talking to daughter Tamara who helped organise the event.
  • Smart parents, huh? Daughter, Make Sure the Guy will Buy You a House How about for daughters? It's the opposite.
  • You went to prep school in Cambridge, With daughters and sons of the privileged elite.

"to deal" or "of deal"?

  • Ten Ways on How to Deal with a Bad Boss Do a self-check.
  • Some form of deal gives a the word brand for yourself.
  • Sign up for deals whenever possible.
  • TIP! Sign up for an online community that shares information on deals.

"of death" or "to death"?

  • Time of death not made public yet.
  • Watkins had bored them to death.
  • It is a place where one may go after death.
  • I also saw her in Death Note as well.

"of debate" or "for debate"?

  • The standard of debate was high.
  • That is currently up for debate.
  • He was fearless -- and peerless -- in debate.
  • However, it is certainly open to debate.

"of debt" or "in debt"?

  • We got into a little bit of debt.
  • My bills are paid, not in debt.
  • The only thing you should into debt for is a house.
  • The trouble with debt is that it is a dibilitating handicap.

"of decision" or "in decision"?

  • None of it is yet a set of decisions.
  • Boards must be flexible and practical in decisions made.
  • Overall time limit for decision 130(10.
  • It's aimed mainly at staff new to HSE and those new to decision making.

"of degree", "by degree" or "in degree"?

  • It is always a matter of degree.
  • Thus is public life coarsened by degree.
  • To a certain degree, FDR got lucky.
  • This gives those with degrees in STEM subjects an advantage.

"of department" or "in department"?

  • Our Head of Department for IP Program, Mr.
  • Some discuss it in department meetings every day.
  • Nevertheless this experience will naturally discourage the Prince from sending further missives to departments.
  • Our special forces rescue craft is licensed by Dept Of Marine.

"of design", "in design" or "by design"?

  • The great principle of design have faded.
  • In design, as in art, small things matter.
  • They were most likely by design.
  • I would use them for design ideas only.

"of development" or "for development"?

  • Langkawi has actually a lot of development.
  • The NGO Women for Development / www.
  • Degrees in Development Studies.
  • Karan Thapar: Let's come to developments in Burma.

of, for, to, about or by difference?

  • It's made a world of difference.
  • We should go for commonalities amongst us instead of going for differences.
  • Your article looks at the combined total of polar sea ice without regard to differences at each pole.
  • Gandhi talked at some length about differences between American and Russian relations with India.

"of direction", "for direction" or "in direction"?

  • I move it in all kinds of directions.
  • He uses MapQuest for directions.
  • We truly do need a fundamental change in direction.
  • Issue remits back with direction to decides on the basis of above mention judgment.

of, by, with, for or to director?

  • Appointment of Director of the Bureau 25.
  • They have been replaced by director Stephen Castagne with 87.
  • You first worked with director Rian Johnson on 2005? s Brick.
  • Simultaneously the actor has got his Maatraan project rolling for director KV Anand.

"of discussion" or "for discussion"?

  • Topic of discussion: The Cloud.
  • This suggestion is still open for discussion.
  • He talked very little, never joined in discussions.
  • Only three topics remained under discussion in those visits: i.

"of disease" or "for disease"?

  • A similar tree is provided of diseases.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • It prunes humanity to diseases and early death.
  • To die over and over from disease which could have cures.

of, to, by, for or in doctor?

  • Cemeteries are full of doctors ' mistakes.
  • What has happened to Doctor Who?
  • Required by doctor for clinical studies.
  • I used to work for doctors in the early 1980s.

of, to, on, with or from door?

  • Three different sizes of doors.
  • It is door to door delivery service.
  • They won't get out and knock on doors, help better candidates, etc.
  • She went on practicing at home with door closed.