Prepositions before Nouns

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"of development" or "for development"?

  • Langkawi has actually a lot of development.
  • The NGO Women for Development / www.
  • Degrees in Development Studies.
  • Karan Thapar: Let's come to developments in Burma.
  • Paul Tigga has vast knowledge on development activities.
  • S I will keep you updated with developments.
  • We are not discouraged by developments in Europe.
  • Excellent guide from Mark Pilgrim, still under development.
  • I didn't hear enough in your talk about development.
  • Not an easy task, to be sure, but quite different from development.

"of death" or "to death"?

  • Time of death not made public yet.
  • Watkins had bored them to death.
  • It is a place where one may go after death.
  • I also saw her in Death Note as well.
  • He also became familiar with death.
  • For the other 4 bad ' directions, do watch out for Death and Disaster lines.
  • QUESTION: My question is about DEATH.
  • We can not escape the pain from death.
  • He had spent 18 years on death row.
  • Still punishable, but not by death.

"of decision" or "in decision"?

  • None of it is yet a set of decisions.
  • Boards must be flexible and practical in decisions made.
  • Overall time limit for decision 130(10.
  • It's aimed mainly at staff new to HSE and those new to decision making.
  • Stay in touch with decision makers if you can.
  • However, it would have no impact on decisions already made.
  • It's a game about decisions and you can't go back and say what if.
  • Dylan pulls out another victory here by decision.
  • Appeals from decisions * of the three-judge district court go directly to the United States Supreme Court.
  • But of course Olivia's illness meant everyone got rather emotional, and it forced them into Decisions - even if not necessarily the Right Ones.

of, for, to, about or by difference?

  • It's made a world of difference.
  • We should go for commonalities amongst us instead of going for differences.
  • Your article looks at the combined total of polar sea ice without regard to differences at each pole.
  • Gandhi talked at some length about differences between American and Russian relations with India.
  • The problem was accentuated by differences of language.
  • Let's set ourselves up for Success rather than concentrating our efforts on differences.
  • People come into marriage with difference expectations which are not consciously expressed.
  • Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that despite differences with political parties, the PPP pursued the policy of reconciliation.
  • Mars changes colour in difference seasons.
  • Some comes from differences in parenting skills, which may be enhanced through practice, effort or training.

"of design", "in design" or "by design"?

  • The great principle of design have faded.
  • In design, as in art, small things matter.
  • They were most likely by design.
  • I would use them for design ideas only.
  • A Fashion designer should be artistic and creative.
  • At present, everybody is in love with design.
  • Part of the solution is about design.
  • From Design for how the world is to Design for how the world could be.
  • But it's a great design and the win is certainly justified.
  • From Design for how the world is to Design for how the world could be.

to, of, by, till or from date?

  • That is Obama's record to date.
  • Concerning standardisation of date citation.
  • Julias use by date has come and gone.
  • History of what you browsed till date.
  • Credit purchases are 30 days from date of invoice, eg.
  • They played golf, went to the pictures and took girls on dates.
  • For example he said there is a case with date of crime 30/2/2000.
  • Behind me a group of 20-something women is laughing between stories about dates, work and social escapades.
  • Any unused value on the Gift Card expires 2 years after date of issue.
  • WEEK (date, mode) This function returns the week number for date.

"of debt" or "in debt"?

  • We got into a little bit of debt.
  • My bills are paid, not in debt.
  • The only thing you should into debt for is a house.
  • The trouble with debt is that it is a dibilitating handicap.
  • Don't pay a fee for debt counselling.
  • It certainly is tempting to bail on debt.
  • Death by debt, economic enslavement/warfare etc.
  • The only thing you should into debt for is a house.
  • Lcsx, you are absolutely right about debt there.
  • An opportunity and a challenge Una Farrell, from debt charity CCCS, confirmed this.

of, to, on, with or from door?

  • Three different sizes of doors.
  • It is door to door delivery service.
  • They won't get out and knock on doors, help better candidates, etc.
  • She went on practicing at home with door closed.
  • From door to door, it was a ride of 14 miles.
  • Who raided (the place )? A raid involves acts of ransacking, kicking in doors, and throwing things around.
  • Also, the rear light has been replaced due to water seepage as well as door traps on 30k.
  • At door posts they stand, returning to their old homes.
  • The amount of collar fiddling and dirty work and dirty threats behind doors that go on is already very considerable and makes all sorts of coverage very difficult, ' he said.
  • The sleeve for Doors was made of Plasticine clay, carefully sculpted into letters and placed on coloured card.

"of degree", "by degree" or "in degree"?

  • It is always a matter of degree.
  • Thus is public life coarsened by degree.
  • To a certain degree, FDR got lucky.
  • This gives those with degrees in STEM subjects an advantage.
  • Angle unit identifiers are: ' deg ' (for degrees ), ' grad ' (for grads ), and ' rad ' (for radians).
  • I would switch to degrees mode and try again.
  • It has been my desire to study law at degree level since the age of fifteen.
  • Ask them about degrees, subjects, internships, scholarships, alternate entry and employment prospects.
  • Yes-Frank, the gap between degree programs at Uni.
  • For information on degree programs and career advice for international as well as local employment please contact Jani on 0777 517517.

"of discussion" or "for discussion"?

  • Topic of discussion: The Cloud.
  • This suggestion is still open for discussion.
  • He talked very little, never joined in discussions.
  • Only three topics remained under discussion in those visits: i.
  • It's definitely open to discussion.
  • I do not want to get into discussion or debate around this today.
  • Stay AWAY from discussion of drugs and animal rights etc.
  • Gives you a different perspective on discussion.
  • Through discussion artists found their creative voices again.
  • Another method is looking for IP addresses connected with discussion forum postings.

"to deal" or "of deal"?

  • Ten Ways on How to Deal with a Bad Boss Do a self-check.
  • Some form of deal gives a the word brand for yourself.
  • Sign up for deals whenever possible.
  • TIP! Sign up for an online community that shares information on deals.
  • Business A will also attract tie in deals and sponsorship opportunities worth y amount p/a.
  • Some sites are truly global, with deals for practically every country worldwide, while others specialise at a continental, regional or national level.
  • For instance, we need to train health and education professionals to identify girls at risk as well as deal with health complications of girls who have already been subjected to FGM.
  • People like deals, and Ebay is a name that you can trust, so people will have no problem buying a product through your ebay affiliate link if you can provide them with what they want.

"of debate" or "for debate"?

  • The standard of debate was high.
  • That is currently up for debate.
  • He was fearless -- and peerless -- in debate.
  • However, it is certainly open to debate.
  • The notion that Obama is running around recklessly targeting people is a silly diversionary tactic injected into debates to hornswoggle the unwary.
  • Investor protection is set as one of the tasks of the new Civil code now under debate in Duma.
  • Democracy does not end with debate and common sense.
  • We are also not going to be having folks insulting each other during debates.
  • Going through debates and articles of Ali Sina, I realized the real evil of Islam and it gave me much strength to carry on my own research.

of, by, with, for or to director?

  • Appointment of Director of the Bureau 25.
  • They have been replaced by director Stephen Castagne with 87.
  • You first worked with director Rian Johnson on 2005? s Brick.
  • Simultaneously the actor has got his Maatraan project rolling for director KV Anand.
  • Note to directors: chaotic first meetups are so old, and so unlifelike.
  • A director may, but need not be a member or policyholder of the insurer of which he is acting as director.
  • I understand the technological challenges they face, along with the financial pressure they are under from directors and shareholders.
  • But Broadway producer David Stone discounts the role of gender in director choices, and the same thing could be said for sexuality: it's simply a question of relationships.
  • The story is based on director Whit Stillman? s personal experience of being humiliated in the past.

"of department" or "in department"?

  • Our Head of Department for IP Program, Mr.
  • Some discuss it in department meetings every day.
  • Nevertheless this experience will naturally discourage the Prince from sending further missives to departments.
  • Our special forces rescue craft is licensed by Dept Of Marine.
  • He also designed a line of affordable coats for department store V &D; for the the second year now.
  • They buy bedding collections from department stores when they are out of season or no longer available.
  • Sales at department stores rose 1.
  • Reviewing the Framework 140 The SSC reviews the Framework, including fee levels, through regular surveys and through ongoing contact with departments.
  • Such as dept of justice or immgiration statistics.
  • The makeup of geomatics programmes varies between departments.

of, to, for, with or on daughter?

  • Relationships among families are built on the flow of daughters in marriage.
  • He left the talking to daughter Tamara who helped organise the event.
  • Smart parents, huh? Daughter, Make Sure the Guy will Buy You a House How about for daughters? It's the opposite.
  • You went to prep school in Cambridge, With daughters and sons of the privileged elite.
  • Sons were preferred on daughters.
  • The Yoruba words in Daughters are italicised, which sets them apart as a foreign language, and some readers questioned her decision to alienate her mother tongue.

"of direction", "for direction" or "in direction"?

  • I move it in all kinds of directions.
  • He uses MapQuest for directions.
  • We truly do need a fundamental change in direction.
  • Issue remits back with direction to decides on the basis of above mention judgment.
  • Race launching has priority over boat recovery, subject to direction by the Dockmaster.
  • As the Crown has the right of an appeal against an acquittal by direction full reasons should be given at the time of the acquittal or immediately thereafter.
  • I am not saying everyone in his team is naxalite, I can't say it for Kiran Bedi, but most of them are naxalite and they are working on direction of Sonia Gandhi.
  • Now, it should be obvious that this says nothing about directions.
  • She said they are hospital staff and they are to be sent to doctor's room on priority/out of turn as per directions of higher ups.
  • It was Billy Talent without direction.

"of disease" or "for disease"?

  • A similar tree is provided of diseases.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • It prunes humanity to diseases and early death.
  • To die over and over from disease which could have cures.
  • There are chances of getting affected by diseases.
  • Above all other remedies, it is useful in diseases caused by fear or anger.
  • You will need to offer with disease from each angles, not simply one.
  • This is the scary thing about disease outbreaks.
  • Laughter strengthens your respiratory system and increases the secretion of hormones which fights against diseases.
  • Likewise, when we examine the general field of natural medicine, we'll see that the focus is almost entirely not on disease, but instead on correcting imbalances.

of, to, by, for or in doctor?

  • Cemeteries are full of doctors ' mistakes.
  • What has happened to Doctor Who?
  • Required by doctor for clinical studies.
  • I used to work for doctors in the early 1980s.
  • I'd like that hat in Doctor Who '.
  • It is manufactured in accordance with doctors ' recommendations.
  • These machines also afforded more dignity to gentlemen such as doctors and clergymen.
  • One Internet site provides frequently asked medical questions with answers from doctors.
  • A common trait for the villains on Doctor Who.
  • Very few people just like Doctor Who.

of, to, on, for or in device?

  • This is a new category of device.
  • The drive is set to device 0, just as it should be.
  • Turn on devices ' energy management settings.
  • This feature is only available for devices powered by Android 4.
  • The DOP work couples with an interest in device reliability.
  • Perhaps even worse is that it is only compatible with devices running Android 4.
  • Therefore CSS pixels are a useful relative unit across device types.
  • Early tests have also shown the speeds obtained varied between devices too.
  • Only Messages from Devices or Controllers with a matching DeviceID Attribute are suppressed.
  • I have pointed out that under 250 most school districts don't require a special dispensation per device permission.

"of dog", "for dog" or "with dog"?

  • The Love of Dog is, indeed, real.
  • Go for dog tags and a beady chain.
  • You practically grew up with dogs in your house.
  • Most people like dogs more than the cats.
  • And don't restrict to dogs and cats.
  • Dogs can be placed in dog kennels.
  • Suzy, I just wanted to reply to your note on dog poop.
  • I didn't grow up in a family that cared about dogs, (why didn't they? ), so what little I could learn from the pets of friends and relatives was spotty, vicarious, start and stop.
  • She also said a dozen chickens had been mauled to death by dogs.
  • There is a frightening list of diseases humans can get from dogs.

"in demand", "of demand" or "on demand"?

  • Promotion, of course, is still in demand.
  • I am in no position to be of demand.
  • We aim to deliver video on demand.
  • With an excess of apartments relative to demand, prices of apartments will fall.
  • With demands coming in for overseas.
  • The Google Play store was swamped by demand for the 4.
  • Also, a point about demand for PCs.
  • Everyday new apartments are bobbing up to bridge the gap between demand and supply.
  • For demand to stay strong, business travelers need to continue to fly.

of, on, for, to or with drug?

  • Regarding rajneesh's use of drugs.
  • He wasn't on drugs, he was scared.
  • No need for drugs to think imaginatively.
  • Say no to drugs, and teach your children well.
  • I'd foggy with drugs or concussion, can't tell which.
  • People lived immersed in drugs and alcohol.
  • He would never write a song about drugs.
  • Nor that terrorists are funded by drug trafficking outside of Afghanistan and Colombia.
  • His hep c is service related not from drugs.
  • They think I do bad things like drugs to make money.

"of distance" or "to distance"?

  • They are those of distance and time.
  • Proportional to distance of course.
  • Massimo Ambrosini blasted off target from distance after the restart.
  • Centre of mass is determined by distance and gravity by the square of separation.
  • Collimation refers to the degree to which the beam remains parallel with distance.
  • These small nocturnal mammals glide between trees for distances up to 135 m.
  • For these species a change in distance should mean less in shifting immigration rates.
  • The preceding action had been brutal in a fascinating contrast of styles, Chisora bullying at close range while Haye wanted to keep the fight at distance.
  • It was easy for me to select a provider based on distance.
  • Or you can achieve this degree through distance learning system.

"of democracy" or "for democracy"?

  • Law of democracy -- majority rules.
  • We already have Wealth Too Big For Democracy.
  • When it comes to democracy in China, I am an optimist.
  • Unfortunately this is a major ' grey area ' in democracy.
  • I also think we need some lateral thinking on democracy.
  • We're not talking about democracy.
  • GONGOs, needless to say, have nothing to do with democracy promotion.
  • It is well said because the well-being of the rakyat derives from democracy and progress.
  • After all, don't forget Burma was working towards democracy when the army coup in 1962 took place.

"of driver" or "for driver"?

  • Wow, what a lot of driver-bashing going on.
  • This would make it easier for drivers to become owners.
  • Taxi and Livery, Class E: Issued to drivers age 18 or over.
  • As a rider, I have experienced every single one of the points above, from drivers of cars to lorries, from buses and other bikers.
  • Many of these crashes are caused by driver error or delayed reactions due to inattention, distraction and impairment by alcohol, drugs or fatigue.
  • Look two ways or make eye contact with drivers.
  • Read about the graduated driver license law and restrictions on drivers under age 18.
  • After the first year had engine oil leak, followed by break lights failing and constant rattle in drivers door.
  • About Drivers ' license permit, honestly, I think you should be eligible.
  • The tribunal will, from next year, be free to hear disputes between drivers and operators, and operators and their clients.

"of damage" or "for damage"?

  • The amount of damage is only slight.
  • Do not approach them as they can ram you for damage.
  • The rise in damages is not included in the Act.
  • You shouldn't need to remove the head, only to damage the brain.
  • You must protect it from damage.
  • That last question is all about damages, did Samsung willfully copy the software design of Apple's devices.
  • The brain has many, many, many defenses against damage.
  • The Jamaican Ministry of Health does not have data on damage caused by skin-bleaching agents, though dermatologists and other health officials say they have been seeing more cases.
  • This section deals with damages.
  • For instance, how war may be continued over long periods without damage to its warriors.

"of dream" or "in dream"?

  • The signature set on the theme of dreams.
  • Even the ego will react in dream.
  • If he has trouble with dream recall, he needs 25 to 50 mg.
  • Maraniss's findings about Dreams from My Father throw considerable light on one aspect of Obama's public presentation since 2009.
  • One that tested the effect on dreams of viewing an erotic movie before sleep brought lots of media attention.
  • And then every time the survivors go to sleep they are beset by dreams about an old woman and a tall dark man.
  • Modern, prog-influenced acts like Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree can sell out midsized venues.
  • Therefore I implore us to Dream, dare to Dream, live the Dream.
  • Until, as ever, the man walks back through dreams of place.
  • Often, he did not even wake between dreams anymore, yet he could still remember both quite clearly.

for, to, at, after or before dinner?

  • Invite them for dinner occasionally.
  • It may be our last call to dinner.
  • At dinner my parents mentioned him, quietly.
  • There usually isn't dessert after dinner.
  • Dessert BEFORE dinner? Knock yourself out.
  • I told them all about your Order during dinner.
  • The hostess then serves everyone with a portion of dinner.
  • Tonight: Have an important discussion over dinner.
  • At last we were done with dinner.
  • Spending 30 minutes on dinner is ridiculous to me.

of, with, by, from or to desire?

  • It is ignored by voice of desire.
  • It is like a kalpataru to those, who read with desires.
  • But neither Wisdom nor Renunciation are attracted or lured by Desire who is not only turned away but also disfigured by Lakshmana.
  • You can find prior to all the wish in addition to desire.
  • The moment you are without desire and just pine for Him, He will be there in front of you and the entire world of desire shall run after you.
  • Erminia, suspended between desire and anguish, looks raptly at the prone figure of Tancred in Vafrino's arms and takes his sword to her long golden hair.
  • Enthusiasm was waning like the moon, casting its shadow over Desire.

"of duty" or "on duty"?

  • It's Call Of Duty: Mancunian Warfare.
  • Policemen never got killed on duty.
  • Brereton was posted to duty elsewhere.
  • This is used for duties that involves fatigue i.
  • Absence from duty for a few hours.
  • Two of them were off duty cops from yet another town, working security there.
  • He bought a Series 3a in duty free.
  • After a year and a half of labor, he went back to the conservatory but by then, he could only get a job as an ordinary worker with duties such as cooking and repairing instrument.

"of delivery" or "for delivery"?

  • Phoned and assured of delivery on 15th Sat.
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
  • Discount is not available on delivery charges.
  • This took 3 months to delivery.
  • They were incredibly fast with delivery.
  • His mother died two weeks after delivery, and his father is missing.
  • Any anomalies found at delivery (e.
  • What was he afraid off? I used to work in deliveries, so I know the pressure the drivers are under.
  • In-Correct Goods: It is your responsibility to notify us of any in-correct goods supplied within 7 days from delivery.

of, in, for, to or on document?


by, of, for, in or agreed-upon definition?

  • Winners by definition can not lose.
  • This poses great problems of definition and concept.
  • The infinite universe doesn't require a center for definition.
  • It's easier to see in examples than in definitions.
  • The ICA makes no mention of ' strategic industries ' and it is not clear that an agreed-upon definition exists.
  • Sexual assault is different from definitions of physical assault.
  • These artworks were represented like drawings that lacked in color and concentrated more on definition, depth and form.
  • But before we turn to definition and argument, it will be helpful, and enjoyable, to have examples to work with.
  • Without an agreed upon definition of ice-free there is nothing to discuss.
  • We want to use our size and influence to work with the industry and NGOs to come up with definitions of sustainable beef.

in, for, of, to or with detail?

  • Osho instructed Sheela in detail.
  • Check their website for details.
  • Lots of details of the hand gestures.
  • Having high attention to details.
  • The soul tablets are inscribed with details of the deceased.
  • Goaltending - No need to go into detail on this one.
  • Of course, I will home in on details and solo them.
  • According to him, people with bad grammar don't care about details.
  • Every agency has a publically available budget information as well as details on historical purchases.
  • Cookies contain information including details of the pages you visit.

"in doubt", "without doubt" or "of doubt"?

  • If in doubt, get it in writing.
  • The boy is a genius, without doubt.
  • He's caught in a state of doubt.
  • I think it also almost beyond doubt.
  • Don't spoil your gaming experience with doubt.
  • Now we are going for a victory that leaves room for doubt.
  • In the written papers he did well, but being overwhelmed by doubts he thought that he would not secure sufficient marks for passing.
  • Doubts regarding my motivation have lingered and evolved into doubts regarding my capability.

"of district" or "in district"?

  • District Shimla Arki Sub-Division of District Solan 4.
  • The jail will be established in District Swabi.
  • Court of Session to send copy of finding and sentence to District Magistrate 373.
  • President Zardari earlier announced several development projects for district Mandi Bahauddin.
  • Senators and representatives shall be elected from districts established by law.
  • Such courts and tribunals spread all over the country at district levels.
  • Suckers! I don't know why EVs aren't handed out by district like in Nebraska and Maine.
  • Because there are generally more close votes on district levels than states as whole, district elections increase the opportunity for error.
  • Similarly, there is a total absence of guidance as to the standard of proof necessary to establish abuse and, therefore, practice varies as between District Court areas.
  • But till recently, he was found sharing the dais with district president Anubrata Mondal and minister Chandranath Sinha.

of, in, on, with or about diet?

  • I have heard of diet soda's causing hair loss.
  • A change in diet may have a placebo effect.
  • Rolls is the author of Volumetrics, a best-selling book on diet.
  • Fibroid has nothing to do with diet; it will come when and if it wants to come.
  • The 4 Cycle Solution This is what SUCKS about diets.
  • Factors such as diet, exercise and smoking habits were taken into account.
  • To study the interrelation between diet and personality traits, an experiment was conducted on prisoners at Gwalior jail.
  • I was all set to marry that bowl of guacamole, but I'd already married to Diet Dr Pepper and we all know I'd not leaving Diet Dr Pepper if I don't have to.
  • Gooch 's, and with it Sandy Gooch and her head for diet supplements and the merchandising of meat.
  • You can do this through exercise alone or through diet and exercise.

"of distribution" or "for distribution"?

  • Iron Law of Distribution: Them what has -- gets.
  • I presume ABC cables for distribution.
  • Pay no commission or get huge savings in distribution costs of the product.
  • This would also be a help with distribution.
  • The chapter also looks into the preparedness aspect of the state that had an impact on distribution at the time disaster.
  • We've helped cook meals and gathered donations to distribution centers.
  • Relief efforts such as distribution of food and clothing by government and non-government organisations as well as individuals continued for a second day yesterday.
  • So I sort of do all of that and then at the same time, we've recently gotten into distribution; so I'd heavily involved in the distribution and the picking up of films.
  • Transmission Once generated the power goes to the major substation where the voltage is increased mainly before distribution.
  • Typical of many artistes who emerged in the late 1960s, Lewis gained a following in Europe through distribution of his songs by British labels like Island Records and Trojan.

"of defence" or "in defence"?

  • Tun Abdullah is also the Minister of Defence.
  • Our final ' problem ' is cover in defence.
  • Most peaceful countries allocate 2% to 4% on GDP on defence.
  • Dr Yeo Ning Hong Was Minister for Defence Got Plenty Money Dr.
  • They were not represented by defence lawyers and were granted bail of S$10,000 each.
  • In broad brush terms, Devo Max is actually a very straightforward concept -- everything is devolved apart from defence and foreign affairs.
  • The average ' ' flyaway price ' ' for each of the first 14 JSFs, according to Defence, is about $95million.
  • Key hasn't quite learnt this with defence matters, he has with intelligence matters.
  • For example the Minister for Defence works with the Department of Defence to implement laws about defence matters.
  • He served in various ministries such as Defence, the Public Service Commission,.

"of defense" or "in defense"?

  • Department of Defense, or the U.
  • In defense of the Mayor's charity.
  • On defense, Pittsburgh has also dominated.
  • Obviously if it had been stopped it was not necessary for defense.
  • When DC go back from atack to defense they are runing backward?! and allways slower than rival attackers.
  • How could they discuss with me about politics? We usually meet and speak about defense issues.
  • Over time, because Cal stresses it, he will get better at defense.
  • But the Tamil National Alliance is clinging on to it and dancing, which I can not comprehend was stated by Defense Secretary Gottabaya Rajapakse with much annoyance.
  • Half of that would come from defense.
  • With Defense portfolio Kwankwaso has nothing to offer to his state.

"in danger" or "of danger"?

  • You put people's lives in danger.
  • Obamacare is now out of danger.
  • She can not move herself away from danger and can not use words to communicate her needs.
  • Coping with danger is stressful.
  • Silva July 31, 2012 Study points to dangers of not taking time off from work.
  • Meaning the potential for danger is always there.
  • Some blame could be attributed to Lindegaard parrying it back into danger, but it was a tough shot to handle from Bale though I do think he could have done better.
  • He saved his own soul, perhaps, and without danger, but in a hard selfishness.

"beyond description" or "of description"?

  • New Zealand is beautiful beyond description.
  • Beyond the power of description perverse.
  • Take a look at the links for descriptions of them.
  • Pay close attention to descriptions as you pin and personalize them whenever possible.
  • Moreover, numerous other digital technologies would also be broad in description.
  • But none of them really came with descriptions.
  • On local business pages, your local information is shown instead of an About description.
  • Descriptions of the parts inherit information from descriptions of the whole.
  • These are marked on the map and on descriptions.

"of disaster" or "for disaster"?

  • Their litany of disasters is unmatched.
  • Using the cloud for disaster recovery.
  • To disaster that strikes our city, our community.
  • The media plays a major role in disasters.
  • Romney also has a record on disaster relief.
  • Allah Ta'aala redeems His human servants from disasters for their sake.
  • Obama has had his plate over flowing with disasters.
  • Share what they know about disaster aid and its providers.
  • It was an era marked by disaster fears.
  • The theory of countries having natural resources turning into disasters is a stark reality.

"of drive" or "to drive"?

  • And it turns out that their method works on all types of drives.
  • Naturally, Ariza tries to drive left.
  • You played the lead in Drive recently.
  • The busy nightlife, shopping and bars of chaweng or lamai are both 5 mins away by drive.
  • There after drive west to view point and down the escarpment to the Rift Valley floor heading for the famous for Lake Nakuru National park.
  • My husband and I met at the track and he used to work there plus drive one of the trucks (ugh!).
  • It has two sets of card slots and 4 eSATA connectors for drives, and can maintain myltiple copies simo.
  • Bollywood gossip mongers are on over drive and she has become a laughing stock everywhere and everyone knows.

of, in, for, to or without drama?

  • Lot and lot of drama going on there girl! SO SO much drama.
  • It's usually what happens in dramas.
  • Most school assembly halls have a traditional proscenium stage that may be used for drama.
  • There's more to drama reconstruction than the blurry, home movie look.
  • But the morning was not without drama.
  • Indeed, in most secondary schools the last day of national exams is marked with drama and pomp.
  • The content had comedy as well as drama and the reality of women dealing with AIDS was very heart felt.
  • Anyhoo, I haven't had much time to catch up on dramas this year but I did find time for 5 remarkable KDramas.
  • Move It - and Don't Forget Your Lines Movement is fundamental to conveying meaning through drama.

"for dad" or "with dad"?

  • No time for Dad and Mommy to sing me lullabies.
  • That was something that I did with Dad.
  • I always felt that was a sign from Dad letting me know he was with me.
  • You were freaking out about what kind of dad you'd be.
  • Daughter pipes up with ' In Dads wardrobe '.
  • Now MS is looking old fashioned and jaded like Dad at a teen party.
  • She explained she had come over to check on Dad since his line was busy.
  • And throwing a few I Love Yous to dad.
  • Graham McCann is a great choice as Le Mesurier's biographer, as he's already written a gem of a book about Dad's Army as well as several other sensitive but balanced studies of other popular actors.
  • I tried not to frown too much at dad.

of, for, with, to or in domain?

  • The Advantages of Domain Name Flipping 1.
  • Instead of just opting for domain parking, put ads on your domain name.
  • As mentioned before, it is very simple to earn cash with domain name flipping.
  • The DNS links data objects called resource records (RRs) to domain names.
  • Here are nine tips that you can use in domain name marketing.
  • But few people know about domain name flipping.
  • The best offers on domain names includes.
  • This benefits our customers, so that the waiting time at domain registration with One.
  • However, a fruitful future area of research may be to investigate how domain specific languages (including domain specific embedded languages 6) can integrate similar functionality.
  • The promotion, in the form of a coupon code, would donate $1 per domain transferred to Namecheap.

of, with, from, for or to depression?

  • Do not be afraid of depression.
  • Yes, I struggle with depression.
  • I can't plan my recovery from depression.
  • Neither treated me for depression.
  • All had links to depression and anxiety.
  • What to do about depression? What about natural medication treatments.
  • Harilal spent most of his life in depression.
  • Grief can evolve into depression under certain conditions.
  • Brain Obesity increases brain diseases like depression and chances of brain strokes also increases.
  • Miller and Raison's theory could also guide future research on depression.

"of difficulty" or "with difficulty"?

  • Landmine victims face a lifetime of difficulties.
  • How Can it be Treated? With difficulty.
  • They increase in difficulty as the week progresses.
  • He won re-election twice, though not without difficulty.
  • Three people were rescued from a yacht which got into difficulties.
  • Allah intends every facility for you; He does not want to put you to difficulties.
  • Dyslexia is a distinct learning disability characterized by difficulties in decoding individual words.
  • I believe it struck a chord with people cause I think we're all going through difficulty in our lives like that.
  • The women talk about difficulties on their farms, problems in their families, the recent flooding of a nearby river and plans for their farms.
  • Despite difficulties, the AFP has moved into the multimedia age beginning in 1997, with a rapid intensification in 1999-2000.

on, for, of, about or at display?

  • Flip Flopper, was on display tonight.
  • We are not Christians just for display or for nothing.
  • They take up a lot of display real estate.
  • At present, more than anything else, people talk about display quality of their smartphones.
  • In the walk-through part, you can rent a golf cart+driver to take you around from display to display.
  • There is the constant presence of the idols on billboards and in display ads.
  • Pay attention to displays of anger, intense frustration or attempts to pressure or control you.
  • If bloggers can't make money with display ads, how can they make money? Businesses need to evolve.

"of destruction" or "to destruction"?

  • America is on the verge of destruction.
  • Then I test them to destruction.
  • He asked again, what is the best means of deliverance from destruction, Imam said,? Trust in God?
  • Between 1975 and 1979, over 2 million Cambodians were targeted for destruction.
  • I heard the Lord All-Powerful threaten the whole country with destruction.
  • The land was still beautiful, although now achingly so, as it was marked by destruction.
  • Temptation ends in frustration, frustration ends in destruction.
  • Funniest thing is that the more he is writing about the movie, the more IBNLive is heading towards destruction.
  • Overall, this is certainly a story that hinges on destruction; but, perhaps more importantly, it's also a story about what comes next.

"of destination" or "to destination"?

  • What are your holiday plans? Being pregnant may affect your choice of destination.
  • Over 30 groups of students have traveled to destinations in.
  • The 2013 Cube goes up by $180, now starting at $16,760 before $790 for destination and handling.
  • That migratory (shifting from destination for a yet another) trip worth mentioning wild birds signal the start of slide.
  • Weddings in Italy by Regency - Weddings in Italy specializes in destination weddings in Italy.
  • They have no central information about destinations or schedules.
  • It's may be hard to imagine, but the offerings in public transit here versus driving and parking at destination make it an absolute no brainer.
  • Travel time between destinations can be a major factor.
  • I am passionate about cruising and have enjoyed many voyages to and around destinations such as Alaska, Mexico, South Pacific, Asia and New Zealand.

"of division" or "in division"?

  • It is a symbol of division if anything.
  • In division 1, they don't have such problems.
  • Assimilation is giving way to division.
  • Working with Grade 5 students over the past 25 years, I noticed many students had great difficulty with division.
  • Seems you're moving up in the world, you've been requested by Division.
  • Deeply dug bulbs divide more slowly and have to be retrieved for division less frequently.
  • It is without division or boundary.
  • So any melodrama in the last round of matches must come from Division Two, where three clubs vie for two promotion places.
  • It would appear that despite the progress of the peace process there are still those in NI who thrive on division and would seek to trap us in the past.

"in depth" or "of depth"?

  • It taught us in depth about the concepts.
  • It takes about 30 minutes per inch of depth.
  • Thus your size increases with depth.
  • But neither Twitter nor other aggregating technologies do a great job at depth.
  • Certainly the Heat could use another player along the front line for depth.
  • They were interested and engaged; the report was well-written and went into depth on several key issues.
  • Comments on blogs may move us further along the continuum to depth.
  • What makes them so good is a synthesis between depth of content and depth of execution.
  • But it's surprising how easily some forget the fact that top sides can stage comebacks from depths of despair.
  • The control has no meaningful effect on depth of field.

"of dialogue" or "in dialogue"?

  • There is a quantum of dialogue.
  • I would be happy to engage in dialogue with you.
  • I think there is need for dialogue to resolve things.
  • I will be glad to dialogue, and acquaintance.
  • The desire to resolve conflicts through dialogue must be of paramount importance.
  • Theatre then becomes an extraordinary tool for transforming monologue into dialogue.
  • Considering ' romantic comedy ' is a genre known for its reliance on dialogue, this is very impressive.
  • I mean, you're sitting there writing a book and you're going along for months with dialogue and scenes, and you want to bring it up to a point where you can get some release as well.
  • Even though it was a trip about dialogue, I valued the occasion as a tourist.
  • Najib said the elevation of Asean-US relationship from dialogue to strategic partnership was also another.

of, in, for, as or from database?

  • The RBU was followed by other kinds of databases.
  • Career Development: The course will provide you with an opportunity to develop your career in database administration further.
  • A database module to provide a database independant mechanism for database access.
  • This is good news for content creators, such as database curators, who use dedicated text-mining tools.
  • First I lost all my referrals because of they lost some information from database.
  • It should be noted that any changes to physical files will cause changes to database entries, for example, file closure.
  • Codeigniter uses an active query method to interact with databases.
  • It describes options on database level.
  • First, a quick note about database indexes.
  • State court case briefs and appearances also are not captured by databases to the extent of federal cases.

"of designer" or "for designer"?

  • In my study I identified that a lot of designers are applying alligator skins.
  • I mean do something for designers.
  • With designer shoes enjoy discount price.
  • Recently, a film by designer and social activist Carlos Tovar Samanez was brought to my attention.
  • Sophia Max-Brown opened with clothing from designers such as Michael Kors.
  • Also, I've noticed this designer dress trend and don't really see what all the hype is about when it comes to designer clothing.
  • Here</a> for the best in designer accessories.
  • Undeniably Christian Louboutin Sale, some of those tend to be thinking about designer.
  • Prada Outlet Store supply all of the authentic Prada products such as Designer Shoes, Prada Handbags, Prada Sunglasses and so on.
  • Decide on designer precious jewelry, many of us consider 316l rock formulation.

in, of, to, on or about deficit?

  • For US -- reduction in deficits through depreciation and global growth.
  • It does not give a realistic or fair assessment of deficits and their sources.
  • The answer to deficits is higher taxation.
  • Officially, the congressional Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, also known as the super committee, has until Nov.
  • So their alarmist talk about deficits is hollow.
  • The results? Gross over spending, deficit after deficit, huge debt to China, and a massive economic collapse.
  • This would reduce the gross cost and, so, feed into deficit reduction.
  • The economic numbers are being goosed by deficit spending that now totals a trillion dollars every year -- an amount no economist thinks is sustainable.

"in decline" or "of decline"?

  • And those numbers are in decline.
  • After that I went into a bit of decline.
  • The fact is, our economy did not fall into decline overnight.
  • Many indigenous arts such as yoga, ayurveda are on decline because they are not given much importance.
  • The evidence for decline lies in increased difficulties agencies have in defending the cost of planning in procurement discussions.
  • Next to decline will be higher grade paper followed by government debt itself.

"of dance", "in dance" or "for dance"?

  • For me it was the cartoon version of Dances With Wolves.
  • All of the pieces in dance reached the reginal finals.
  • We entered the regional finals for dance with three pieces.
  • Growing up going to dance school your body and looks were everything.
  • Like this: At the heart of today's readings are two dances, two VERY different stories about dance.
  • And that's a totally common thing to happen at dance gigs.
  • That made me fall in love with dance all over again.
  • Hobbies such as dance are excellent ways to get kids moving.
  • My knees were squint and by the time anyone noticed (again -- through dance classes) it was too late to do anything about it.
  • He went to buy ice, because the sale of drinks was the means of earning money from dance sessions.

"of dress" or "in dress"?

  • Nowadays the manner of dress is more casual.
  • Colourful in dress and metaphorically too.
  • And dressing modestly with dresses that hit my knees was not a bad thing either.
  • Brocade and lace are certainly in the forefront for dress detail.
  • Ghiba in relation to dress is saying his dress is dirty, torn, old, long or short.
  • What about dressing of christian nuns and priests.
  • Most people are looking for a certain Korean fashion store which can offer them all they need from dresses, tops, shorts, skirts, and other forms of clothing and apparels.
  • Decisions over dress, the ' look and feel ' portion of Apple's claims, hit on nearly every Samsung device outside of the Samsung Galaxy Tab models.

"of discipline" or "to discipline"?

  • Because of lack of discipline,.
  • The family unit in the UK when it comes to discipline is very lax.
  • Measurement of these costs across disciplines can reveal useful insights.
  • Good practice entails a number of stages in discipline and grievance handling.
  • It includes core professional studies in education and key curriculum areas, along with discipline studies and some.
  • And here is just the perfect place for discipline and it's not a boot camp at all, it's more of a course.
  • Even the way I take my dance company -- that's about discipline.
  • He found connections between disciplines that fascinated him.
  • What interests me is, where does the SWP stand on this? We know that the SWP leadership are extremely hot on discipline.

"of diversity" or "in diversity"?

  • I name = name ' s index of diversity.
  • Unity in diversity is its Aha! effect.
  • Adding tokens for diversity won't be any worse.
  • Isn't it wonderful that this world operates on diversity? I think so.
  • I think that's to do with diversity.
  • Figure 9 - An alternative view of characteristics of species contributing to diversity on Kapingamarangi atoll.
  • Single celled critters are the most successful things on Earth, measured by diversity, numbers and biomass.
  • Our partners in the EU can provide strength through diversity.

"by default", "in default" or "of default"?

  • By default this option is hidden.
  • Imprisonment in default of security 123.
  • The contract also should outline the rights of all parties in the event of default.
  • They wouldn't lets us apply for anything til we got into default.
  • Costs incurred after default: Utilities: Arrears that form a lien on property, taken over by a lender, are eligible costs.
  • These loans are guaranteed against default by the federal government.
  • However, there may be instances where the costs incurred before default are eligible.
  • There are consequences for default - this is not a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
  • Thus as interest rates move and spreads change, one can maintain a delta hedged position and be sufficiently covered from default.
  • And that will come -- it MUST come -- with defaults on at least a portion of the debt.

of, for, to, in or on discovery?

  • In terms of discoveries this is tiny.
  • There would be no room for discovery.
  • Simply put, the diagnosis of mesothelioma is the first step on a road to discovery.
  • You could request this in discovery.
  • I saw a show on Discovery Health about this and I was intrigued.
  • MP: i launched the Curators Code, about discovery and the ethics of attribution.
  • The gap between discovery and production has widened since.
  • One of the biggest benefits for you to proceed would be the opportunity to get into Discovery.
  • The overall experience is one filled with discovery and delight as you explore.
  • Another, the Boseto copper mine, is owned by Discovery Metals and is one of the largest in Botswana.

"to debut" or "on debut"?

  • I am extremely excited to debut the platform.
  • Quiney should make way despite his wonderful 9 on debut.
  • Stepping into their seventh year of debut, Big Bang has now created a distinguishable territory in the K-pop scene.
  • She won the first annual Japan Mystery Suspense Award for debut talent in 1988 and the prestigious Naoki Prize for excellence in popular fiction in 1996.
  • Whether or not you've already tried Open Outreach, please have a look at the new release with RedHen (and mapping, via Debut Location) built in.
  • Two years later Aiden has managed to come back fighting with debut album ' Misty Eye ' along with an intimate UK tour that's drawn enough interest to sell out a number of dates.

"with disability" or "of disability"?

  • People with disabilities make great employees.
  • The definition of disability can be confusing to people.
  • Vorn for his work on disability.
  • I have stopped working and think I might qualify for disability benefits.
  • A miniscule 11 per cent, only, supported cuts to disability.
  • I was put in disability not long after that, few years after my husband left, he was tired of me been sick.
  • Those with disabilities still enjoy the same things as those without disabilities.
  • If you are concerned about disability insurance for doctors.
  • Availability of subsidies and discounts for people with special needs (such as disabilities) and other frequent users.

of, to, from, about or without discrimination?

  • Life is full of discrimination.
  • Hate speech amounts to discrimination.
  • To be free from discrimination; 4.
  • Gentleman asked about discrimination.
  • A culture may accept orphans and integrate them in the society without discrimination.
  • I am not against discrimination in any way what so ever.
  • Recommend And the liberals only blame conservatives for discrimination.
  • Critics of the controversial expulsions are examining the internal memo to establish whether it breaks international human rights laws on discrimination.
  • No one should be blamed or blame themselves for having been affected by discrimination.
  • The cortex seems to be involved in discrimination while the latter two areas are involved in long term memory.

"of determination", "with determination" or "for determination"?

  • Also known as the coefficient of determination.
  • Ustilov's face became grim with determination and he took his stance.
  • The schematic diagram for determination of q/m is shown elsewhere.
  • To summarize the discussion, it was based on determination, focus, passion, flexibility, unity &; oneness.
  • When fasteners in adjacent rows are staggered but close together, they may have to be treated as a single row in determination of Cg.
  • Young as he was, Yunfeng achieved the marvelous transformation of Marco Polo through determination and persistence.
  • So it's all about determination to believe that with God, all things are possible and that you can succeed.

of, in, to, for or by documentary?


"of drink" or "for drink"?

  • This is not a set amount of drinks.
  • Another maiden, and time for drinks.
  • Timing was perfect as we got a capsule to ourselves with drinks and all.
  • The regret oozed out in drink and adultery.
  • Premiums have had to be substantially increased over the years to cover the claims resulting from drink driving related incidents.
  • The reality is that most of these people send their kids to private school and roll down up? the windows in black neighborhoods, and they will tell you so over drinks.
  • A bit like inviting two completely different groups of people to drinks -- when you thought the twain never would meet.
  • It means when you're out at drinks with your girlfriends gossiping about your favorite sex position, I have no idea what you're talking about.
  • We will be providing private tours of the space, followed by drinks on our 21/F terrace.

of, with, to, in or for dna?

  • And this is the magic of DNA test.
  • So yeah it has nothing to do with DNA.
  • Those viruses, in turn, often lead to tumors because of the disruption to DNA.
  • IT is about storing binary data in DNA using the 4 base pairs.
  • Chahine is the senior vice-president for DNA at the popular Ancestry.
  • Nigella sativa revealed inhibitory effects only on DNA damage (day 34) in the AOM-treated rat group.
  • Through DNA testing people come to know more about a personality and his race.
  • We now know from DNA sequencing data that many identifiable bacteria were not being isolated.
  • Of particular significance is the imaging of biological samples like DNA which should be kept wet.

of, to, with, for or by drop?

  • Let-ters of drop caps are not cen-tred inside their box.
  • Corollary (Klipstein ): The most delicate component will be the one to drop.
  • It's the same thing he did when he found 4 states with drops in IDEA.
  • The Anthem 29er has a super long chainstays which make it terrible for drops and tight stuff.
  • Lots of clears followed by drop shots, net play, and then more clears mean that in order to win the rallies, you'll have to hang in there.
  • Much cheaper than Europe or Canada and much more vertical per drop.
  • To withdraw from a course, use myUFV (Student **33;436;TOOLONG from Classes-choose withdrawal option from drop down menu).
  • They come in drops for infants, liquid for toddlers, and chewable tablets for older children.
  • Sweet thoughts and dreams, Like drops of rain on rippling streams That wind and bend, Rivers with no end, Flowing on the other side of me.

"of draft", "in draft" or "on draft"?

  • Introduction of Draft Resolutions SIRODJIDIN M.
  • In draft form -- FSM bless the WordPress app.
  • Knowing all your fantasy football player ratings will help you greatly on draft day.
  • But to have been satisfied with Draft No.
  • Along with many transcripts, I offer step-by-step ' genetic closereadings ' that look at drafts layer-by-layer, trying to trace all possible notes used in each layer.
  • During draft day last spring in one of my late rounds I chose Adam Dunn.
  • Others of Note Sam Selman (SP) - Selman was the Royals ' 2 nd round draft pick this year, and proceeded to make Rookie League hitters look silly to the tune of 89 strikeouts in 60 innings pitched.
  • Will players still have to opt-in to Draft? No.

"of darkness" or "in darkness"?

  • Bait al-Dhulma (House of Darkness).
  • Everywhere else was in darkness.
  • The world was plummeted into darkness.
  • But it was there alright, where the river emerged from darkness, shimmying in the fast current.
  • Theynove lit up a civilisine and vanished to give locine to darkness as soon as.
  • With darkness quickly falling, a frantic search.
  • The ship was swallowed up, leaving nothing but darkness and silence in its wake.
  • They will come surrounded by darkness.
  • The study of this biological need for darkness is called scotobiology.

"in dispute" or "of dispute"?

  • Ebal is not in dispute, here is where Zertal believes Mt.
  • In case of disputes, the wording and.
  • To do so, a tenant must file an Application for Dispute Resolution with the Residential Tenancy Branch.
  • Douglas, much of what you write is beyond dispute.
  • This just isn't an issue on which energy should be spent on dispute.
  • First, it leads to disputes and name calling.
  • No statesman could have altered the sheer fact of Russian having million of troops on the ground, all across most of the territories under dispute.
  • Dealing with disputes Disagreements may arise between residents and providers/agents about rent, rent increases or rent arrears.

of, to, by, with or as deputy?

  • The appointment of Deputy Mary Coughlan as Minister of.
  • According to Deputy Consul General Orontes Castro Jr.
  • Malaysia is represented by Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and Bangladesh by Foreign Minister Dipo Moni.
  • He served as Deputy Chairman of the Singapore Sports Council.
  • A meeting scheduled between Deputy PM Uhuru Kenyatta of The National Alliance (TNA) and Mr Mudavadi of the United Democratic Forum (UDF) failed to take place after the former was held up in Gatundu.
  • The inaugural meeting of the council would be on October 26, and his recommendations for deputy and chairmen and women would go before a council vote at that meeting.
  • An autopsy report from deputy state pathologist Dr Michael Curtis, noted that the victim's skull was 1mm thick in parts compared to the norm of 2-4mm.
  • She also expressed regret at deputy inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar's statement that burger sellers were free to do business in front of her house.

"with distinction" or "of distinction"?

  • They served loyally and with distinction.
  • It is a mark of distinction in chief assemblies.
  • The Grand Lodge upholds the equality of both Men and Women as practising Masons, without distinction of race, creed, colour, gender or social condition.
  • It thirsts and burns for distinction; and, if possible, it will have it, whether at the expense of emancipating slaves, or enslaving freemen.
  • This pathway to distinction also needs to have some sense of a clear goal and milestones.
  • Seems like distinction of roles crucial for orgs clear on what is needed, EXACTLY what to optimize.

"of departure" or "before departure"?

  • The place of supply is the place of departure.
  • Reservations open one month before departure.
  • The balance is due 35 days prior to departure date.
  • You would then be transfered to the airport for departure.
  • The bonded firearms will be returned on departure.
  • The next day was the beginning of my train journey to Perth, but with departure not scheduled until 6pm I had all day in Adelaide.
  • I cry when my parents drop me off at departures because I know after that I'd on my own until I reach the other end.
  • Unlike the two earlier peaks, the most recent peak in departures to Australia did not coincide with a recession in New Zealand.
  • They will be kept in custody until departure.

of, from, into, with or for dust?

  • Clouds of dust lingered around them.
  • If atheist want to believe we came from dust go ahead.
  • Whatsoever you touch, even if it is gold, it is immediately turned into dust.
  • Ball of mushroom with dust of corn.
  • You have to be equipped for dust storms and heavy rains.
  • The bread van appeared at the beginning covered in dust, so must have stood for a while.
  • Think about dust, you will have a different viewpoint about mankind.
  • Allergens such as dust and pollen can bring on an asthma attack at any time.
  • Frequently in addition to dust, make good use of silicone grease and other.

"with dignity" or "of dignity"?

  • You know, dying with dignity etc.
  • Some do it with a measure of dignity.
  • The prophet here predicted that the mountain which bore the temple of Jehovah, and therefore was already in dignity the most exalted of all mountains, would.
  • Not only do they not understand the nature of democracy, they fail to recognise one basic right and that is the right to dignity and TRUTH.
  • We were fighting for dignity and democracy.
  • So why complain? No, it is about dignity, real dignity to all barring none.
  • I love the way that CTC focuses on dignity.
  • By killing your Imam you have committed a singularly evil act of rebellious behaviour and heedlessness towards dignity.
  • They have been degraded to simple factors of production, without dignity nor right, having turned into a mere object of consumption for many people.

of, to, in, from or with disorder?

  • There are plenty of disorders with no victim.
  • It said that officers have been arresting people linked to disorder in the area earlier in the week.
  • It is about finding an order in disorder.
  • The treatment of rambunctious boys in the classroom as suffering from disorders is an example.
  • So you probably grew up with little experience of how to cope with disorder and confusion.
  • I am a mental health professional, and know many other people who have suffered with this often not talked about disorder.
  • The decision between Disorder in the Court and The Geong Xi is a Vamp was made on which show had a flaw of smaller magnitude.
  • Symbolically, as well, its plunge into disorder is now representative of the New World Disorder in the time of Bush junior.

"of diabetes" or "with diabetes"?

  • Too much sugar in the blood is a hallmark of diabetes.
  • Anyone with diabetes can do it.
  • This is an indication for diabetes.
  • Eventually the constant up and down leads to diabetes.
  • Therefore, they can usually avoid diseases that encourage cancer, such as diabetes.
  • My father suffered from diabetes most of his life.
  • I distinctly remember a lecture about diabetes in first year.
  • Earlier, however, Banting had become deeply interested in diabetes.
  • Almost 30% of such stories are connected with a problem like diabetes.
  • Drugs This covers the effects of ' mainstream ' drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol, on diabetes control including how to work out your insulin: alcohol ratio.