Prepositions before Nouns

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at, from, of, to or for home?

  • But she spend the nigh at home.
  • Presumably, he works from home.
  • A little piece of home right there.
  • Blake, now, he's close to home.
  • I finished it before we'd left for home.
  • Dessert is generally not served in homes.
  • My partner is big on home theater.
  • This, could never feel like home.
  • That is par for the course with home improvement.

"of health", "for health" or "to health"?

  • Goh was with the Ministry of Health.
  • Not useful for health research.
  • Doctors have no say in health care either.
  • The overspending is mainly on Health and Social Welfare.
  • Let's talk for a bit about health.
  • May God bless you both with health and happiness.
  • Termination of placement by health board.
  • That would be cool if there was a deductable amount from health insurance.
  • About 30 per cent of the business is in the public sector, in areas such as health care.

in, at, on, of or to hand?

  • It all have to go hand in hand.
  • Surely some revelation is at hand.
  • Also on hand at the studio were Dr.
  • Thank God it wasnt out of hand.
  • There are local guides to hand.
  • They have to be counted by hand.
  • I read about it about a week before hand.
  • So those who eat meat are animals, but with hands.
  • They were well within the Ryanair weight limits for hand luggage.
  • Some individuals who lived from hand to mouth are now? millionaires? following their entry into politics.

"in history" or "of history"?

  • It all started in History class.
  • This is the testimony of history.
  • Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man.
  • The lessons from history are clear.
  • Republishing to History for Kossacks.
  • For history tells a different story.
  • But argue with history if you'd like.
  • Read below about History of scuba diving.
  • The current borders are a mess driven by history.
  • Mark, 2009-12-01 07:31 I ordered an essay on history.

"of house" or "in house"?

  • Which type of house do I have? A.
  • Similar situations arise in house buying.
  • Hence, there is no need for House Bill 4424.
  • The four of them regularly come to House of Hope.
  • Techno comes from house, we never forget that.
  • No information on house type will be included (e.
  • Still this army kept you under house arrest for almost 16 years.
  • I help my parents and my brother and help with house chores.
  • I have no kids or anyone at house.
  • We went in house by house, banging on the door at two in the morning.

"of heart" or "at heart"?

  • Alice in the country of hearts.
  • He is still a PDP man at heart.
  • I would take PK's advice to heart.
  • The school-children learn them off by heart.
  • She didn't know that we were very painful in heart.
  • E -- exercise -- 20mins with heart rate >20bpm >5x / week.
  • However, I was talking mainly about the delay for Heart of the Swarm.
  • He had died from heart failure an hour or two before.
  • Comment on what effect exercise has on heart rate.
  • Obesity leads to a myriad of illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and erectile dysfunction.

"of head" or "as head"?

  • It leads to a lot of head scratching.
  • Taking leave from his position as head of the History Dept.
  • Love to dress up from head to toe.
  • There is a P50 per head fee to go on the island.
  • And with head erect he walked out to share hunger and privation with his loved ones.
  • You have to keep in head that more common doesn't mean good.
  • The list shall be made available to Heads of Department accordingly.
  • I have a wee bag for my hikes with spare batteries for head torch and phone.
  • Country after country, he was welcomed as a state guest, often welcomed by heads of states at airports.
  • Feeling invisible pressure on head or body.

with, of, to, between or for husband?

  • Khloe was clearly pleased to be back in her home town to be reunited with husband Lamar Odom.
  • You, though, have been given advance notice of what sort of husband this guy is.
  • Husband give money to the wife, wife give ahem2 to husband.
  • Vidya Sen thinks this tradition creates an unfortunate distance between husband and wife.
  • Do you think all women are hungry for husbands, Mr.
  • It is not just that she was beaten and raped by husband on a regular basis.
  • Ads designed to provoke women's shame about grimy collars on husband's shirts, and spots on glasses.
  • It was more common for mothers to talk about the lack of support that they felt from husbands than to talk about receiving support.
  • Foreign individuals (including husband and wife) however, can only purchase up to 2 residential properties of which at least one property must be a condominium.

"of hotel" or "in hotel"?

  • Pick your choice of hotels based on TA reviews.
  • However for Bachelor in Hotel management, it takes 4 years.
  • I only tried it once at Hotel Merlin (5.
  • Return to hotel for Overnight stay.
  • Revenue for hotel management services dropped 26 per cent to S$3.
  • Buy ice cream only from hotels and reputable shops.
  • I don't think they are affiliated with hotel.
  • This is an inspering article about hotel management.
  • Additionally, clients are subject to any cancellation fees assessed by the suppliers of services including hotels or airlines used in the itinerary.
  • Really its fantastic article on Hotel management.

"for help" or "of help"?

  • Call the Support Line for help.
  • No one can be of help to anyone else.
  • Email me with help as this is really confusing me.
  • To Help Reduce the loss of Students.
  • All our products are designed to entertain as well as help your child learn the basics of the Swahili language.
  • But he stood straight, without help.
  • Does this mean i am beyond help?? http: //www.
  • That and having live in help during the week, and a true partner for a spouse.
  • In order to mitigate its impact, the community largely relies on help from external agencies.

of, with, for, to or in hair?

  • It can be used on every type of hair.
  • There can also be problems with hair and make-up.
  • Minoxidil is the most common medication used for hair regrowth.
  • Many people suffer from dandruff, which eventually leads to hair fall.
  • Many salons now only specialize in two safe Tapes in hair extensions products.
  • There are different kinds of hair care products on the market that suit different hair types such as hair care products from Pauls Hair World.
  • They respond to air movements and ground vibrations which are detected by hairs on the body and cerci.
  • You will see signs like hair falling all over the pillow or strands falling even when you touch your hair.
  • You may select more than one option * Arrange an appointment for advice on hair loss.
  • This is different from hair fall as you may have understood.

"in hospital" or "to hospital"?

  • Nine survivors are in hospital.
  • Stevens was rushed to hospital.
  • This may have a downside for the better management of hospitals.
  • The rate of childbirth at hospital has been raised to 63.
  • They do little to decrease the rising costs from hospitals and doctors.
  • The same process is in store for hospitals.
  • Most people go into hospital to have haemodialysis.
  • These findings encouraged the enhancement of medical environments, such as hospitals and sanatoriums, through a nature-based design.
  • It is also about trying to make senior managers aware of the impact of alcohol on hospital services.
  • All I know that if I was older and not in good health etc, I would want to be in an urban area with hospitals, and museums, galleries.

"of hope" or "in hope"?

  • But these were tears of hope and joy.
  • Many people gamble in hopes of winning some money.
  • With hope you can survive calamities.
  • There is every reason for hope.
  • I know that I can rely on hope.
  • They are without hope and can not rely upon God.
  • We must hope against hope that he will.
  • Both flats I've had in the last decade were from running over sharp debris that shredded the tyre beyond hope of repair.
  • In spite of everything, we are here in the land of our birth, constantly buoyed by hope that things will get better.
  • Victor suggested that Sharon take Adam to Hope's farm in Kansas.

"to hell", "in hell" or "of hell"?

  • To hell with your sales quotas.
  • He died and was reborn in hell.
  • Save me from the fire of hell, lol.
  • Some are looking for souls to save from hell.
  • He's got to clamp down and yank like hell.
  • It wants to push the person into hell fire.
  • I put Dell through hell while buying this laptop.
  • All I can say about HELL is Ouch, Ouch and more Ouch.
  • Cena says he hopes to see Punk at Hell in a Cell.
  • And he probably qualifies for hell too +0.

on, for, of, during or from holiday?

  • The Chinese aren't big on holidays.
  • This is the best place for holiday spending.
  • Each beach offering a different type of holiday experience.
  • Special outings are during holidays or long weekends.
  • Will follow up with physchiarist on my return from holidays.
  • Stay in Holiday Rental Accommodation.
  • At Holiday Inn Melaka, they tell you to take it SLOW.
  • Paintball, ice skating, eat out daily, movies, go to holidays.
  • A week's rental of an economy-size vehicle from San Diego airport with Holiday Autos (0871 472 5229; www.
  • It's not all about holiday homes.

of, in, for, from or with heat?

  • General arts students take a lot of heat.
  • All men are not animals in heat, but rapists are.
  • Our ancestors burned animal dung for heat to keep warm and to cook food.
  • Led by De Niro's Neil McCauley from Heat.
  • The city is shimmering with heat.
  • It was destroyed by heat exposure.
  • The vet concluded that she was on heat and that a mate should be found.
  • At the centre the pressure, as well as heat, both are at their highest.
  • I also understand the rather more subtle difference between heat and enthalpy.
  • Fret got her power back Monday but was still without heat and hot water.

of, for, with, on or to horse?

  • Follow the smell of horse manure.
  • Let's be honest: a fancy name for Horse Tricks.
  • Obama appears to be on the money with horses.
  • Athletes compete on horses provided by the organisers, which are selected from a random draw.
  • Adding non-horse elements to horses.
  • Lameness in horses can predict the future of your horse.
  • Rich people travelled by horse or on long journeys by covered wagon.
  • It's all about horses for courses.
  • I do not believe that it can be caught from horses.
  • They don't go crazy like horses can.

of, with, to, by or from host?

  • These guys are going to run out of hosts to suck dry.
  • These structures are used to establish contact with host cells.
  • Her optimism continued as she arrived at the Trial and spoke to hosts Ant and Dec.
  • So, how to catch this custom kick host AND how the player has been kick by host wan show the proof when he being.
  • AMQ9208 Error on receive from host &3.
  • Must not have obtained residency status in Host Country.
  • Check the &4; listener program has been started on host &3.
  • Assam are up against hosts Kerala, who languish at the bottom of Group C with one point.
  • It may also be possible that the listening program at host ' &3'; was not running.

of, for, to, in or per household?

  • Around 70% of households are owners.
  • Dogs are not striving, in other words, for household domination.
  • Thereafter they like to settle down to household activities.
  • Three out of four teenage suicides occur in households where a parent has been absent.
  • The average press budget per household is US$132.
  • You can adjust your own study time to suit your job along with household schedule.
  • The pollution is mainly from household solid wastes and wastewater.
  • He said these unsustainable schemes were shifting enormous costs on households that do not have solar.
  • Instead it has galvanised joint action by the student movement and the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes to force a retreat.
  • Locality by Locality The Holy Spirit also works household by household.

in, of, to, from or into heaven?

  • So it's a match made in heaven.
  • I'd riding somewhere south of heaven.
  • Our sweet, sweet baby went to heaven.
  • Nama from heaven -- that it is.
  • God caught Him up into Heaven and sat on His Throne.
  • Don't be stupid for heavens sake.
  • They had placed him in a cell with a Maltese, who was one of the greatest scoundrels under heaven.
  • My back felt like heaven, by then I had become so thirsty that I couldn't relax.
  • Daily, we are called to reflect on heaven.
  • Now we are drifting toward heaven.

of, to, for, with or in happiness?

  • There is the cause of happiness.
  • Let's reclaim our right to life, liberty and the pursuit to happiness.
  • The time for happiness is NOW, not later.
  • He almost burst with happiness.
  • And what I lost in income, I gained in happiness.
  • We have learned to destress our house and focus on happiness.
  • Try and show them to always think about happiness, don't think about the past that is sad.
  • To learn that money can buy everything but happiness.
  • My life was saved by happiness.
  • Similarly they knew, as complete men, overloaded with power and thus necessarily active, they must not separate action from happiness.

"of humanity" or "against humanity"?

  • The Innocence of Humanity is misused.
  • They refused to investigate this crime against humanity.
  • Thus, the highest point for humanity is beyond good.
  • They call it ' service to humanity.
  • It's like a vote of confidence in humanity.
  • Then you talk about humanity, kindness, evil, etc.
  • What a blight on humanity that man is.
  • Favor indicates how much ' pull ' you have with humanity.
  • It should be owned by humanity as well as used by it.
  • Fresh ideas from humanity serve the whole community.

"of hole" or "with hole"?

  • Other times, their business model is full of holes.
  • She built a good house with the roof shot with holes.
  • Through hole in the lid, add half the sugar, 1 tsp at a time during the last minute.
  • People lived in holes in the ground.
  • Any hole is to dig and how hole X differs from hole Y is not important so long as each can be dug.
  • The lamp base has two small dowel pins that protrude into holes in the roof to hold it into position so it won't slide off.
  • By 10 August the ROK 3rd Division, outflanked on its landward side, had been forced to hole up at Chongha, ten miles north of Pohang, where it was surrounded.
  • And I have worked on those pieces until they have a sense of completion -- they fit in without holes.

"of hall" or "in hall"?

  • IBC's record attendance and the change of halls for Vizrt to the more broadcasting centric hall 7 meant the booth was always busy.
  • Come and meet our experts in Hall 6, booth # G078.
  • Suburbs took on a meaning rooted in connotations of class and social standing (see return for Hall of Ardeevin Road in Dalkey).
  • According to Hall, research has found that electoral fraud seems to pop up more frequently in winner-take-all systems - since there's more at stake for the candidates.
  • Turnbull was perhaps best known as Hall of Famer Borje Salming's partner with the Leafs for much of the 1970s.
  • It is packed with photographs and mementos including gold discs and posters from when he used to wrestle at halls around the country.
  • The quantized plateau with Hall conductance (1/3) (e 2 /h) is observed when the magnetic field strength corresponds to three quanta of magnetic flux for each electron in the two-dimensional system.

"in height" or "of height"?

  • It is stout plant over 3m in height.
  • Measurement = 26 cm height = 181 cm 1/7 of height = 25.
  • Prayer will reveal hidden secrets and take you to heights unknown.
  • Capsule at height of 127,811 ft.
  • Time to go for players with height, raw grit and endless workrate.
  • How do you know he's still growing? 18 is pretty old for height growth.
  • This requires the name and date of birth, as well other identifying details such as height and race.
  • Rank Ranking is determined by height to the structural top of the building (see above).
  • The campaign highlights that falls from height are the most common cause of work-related deaths.
  • Those pageants often put a premium on height.

"of health-care" or "in health-care"?

  • More stark is the failure of healthcare.
  • Everyone in our industry is in healthcare.
  • I am for healthcare for every one.
  • Everyone in the world should have FREE access to healthcare.
  • On the plus side, Germany only spends about 10%-11% of GDP on healthcare vs.
  • This is not about healthcare, its about taking freedom away from US citizens.
  • We routinely assist the media with healthcare topics.
  • If profit is removed from healthcare my career is in the crapper.
  • The national debate over health-care reform aside, one thing remains the same this season.
  • The HSE also called on people visiting older residents of nursing homes, including healthcare staff, to ensure their vaccinations for influenza are up to date.

"of housing" or "for housing"?

  • The handing over of housing, including garages and annexes.
  • For housing, however, it joined with Minneapolis, St.
  • It is a requirement also immediate that the right to housing.
  • The right mix In 1989 I got my first job in housing.
  • People are spending more and more of their income on housing.
  • Those fees, including housing and food for a student, are only about USD 2,000 a year.
  • No one listened to Sheila Bair about housing in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, until after she retired in 2011.
  • The growing population of many Pacific countries puts pressure on limited resources and infrastructure such as housing.
  • With property prices falling, younger people generally prefer renting than put their money into housing.
  • Bligh Government assistance with housing has been purely token, just enough to make it look good.

"of hero" or "for hero"?

  • During its first half-century Weatherfield has seen plenty of heroes, villains, delights and disasters.
  • It is the MoD, not Help for Heroes, that is the gatekeeper.
  • Is where youth change their life from zero to hero.
  • They have too much power and if you put all of your eggs in that basket you can go from hero to zero overnight.
  • Still, working with heroes and getting some Jamaican sun seems to have done him some good.
  • Director has not provided any info about hero's clairvoyance! Mr Nothing even controls the police officers as if he were their chief.
  • What is, however, worrying is the fact that the gravity of the crime notwithstanding, the bandits have, all along, been regarded as heroes in society.
  • When culture heroes are transformed into quasi-messiahs, it becomes near-impossible to translate their truths to our day, especially among those who are most invested in hero worship.
  • I'd not into hero worship, especially of dubious proto-blueshirts like Collins.

of, in, on, for or with hardware?

  • Keyboard: A piece of hardware connected.
  • Yes, I do understand in hardware compatibility issue.
  • Yet, I always stress on hardware fundamental.
  • For hardware resale, the value in VAR seems to go the vendor and the VAR itself.
  • No major backing with hardware manufacturers.
  • We talk about hardware, circuit, programming, applications and news.
  • To my mind, internet evolution is now being driven by hardware capacity for personalization and mobility and the API is a key to that growth.
  • You can purchase these types of from hardware stores and drug stores.
  • Developers can combine filters and animate changes between them, while tapping into hardware acceleration for fast, smooth rendering.
  • But the rivalry in this emerging platform is not confined to hardware.

of, in, for, on or to heritage?

  • My Catholicism is more a matter of heritage than actual belief.
  • It is home to a number of restaurants, cafs and galleries, many of which are located in heritage buildings.
  • Meanwhile, funding for heritage projects has almost dried up.
  • There are also museums on Heritage Port where you can enjoy river cruises and even visit the dolphin sanctuary.
  • The German Saturday School of Knoxville seeks to provide opportunity to heritage learners and non-native students of German to develop their individual skill levels.
  • Petraeus also came out unambiguously in his talk at Heritage for opening communications with America?? s adversaries, a position McCain is attacking Obama for endorsing.
  • The major tourist spots in the state are diverse in nature such as heritage sites having Dravidian temples and architecture.
  • Type There are a few kinds of turkeys you can get, like heritage, organic, or just a regular turkey.
  • The second issue is supporting an elitist agenda through Heritage Canada.

of, by, in, on or to habit?

  • That's a lot of habit to break.
  • By habit, I now call the mobile phone of the person at the store selling me the SIM card.
  • I guess it would be a snowball method we used or just change in habit and discipline.
  • Don? t get me started on habits.
  • It comes down to habit and what you're used to.
  • She is free now to talk about how she helped to crack the German U-boat code, but decades of imposed silence have calcified into habit.
  • Many have already habituated with habit of taking sleeping pills which are usually known as diazepam or lorazepam.

"of harm", "in harm" or "from harm"?

  • The calls for due attention to other forms of harm are noted.
  • These people, while playing socialist politics, have placed themselves in harms way.
  • It is to protect them from harm.
  • Environmentalists argue that evidence for harm is too strong to permit delay.
  • When a property owner or government makes entry onto that property contingent upon waiving that Right, they imply they will in return defend you against harm.
  • It can not do otherwise! And thus it must now also exert itself at last to dominate spiritually in full consciousness, unless it wishes to bring nothing but harm.
  • Is it this time, as Mark gets into harm's way again? Next time, when the rockets are bigger and more accurate? I do not know and I would hate to be the one to make that call.
  • I have just read yor posts on a website related to harms of Black magic.

"of hill" or "down hill"?

  • This portion of Hill's journey was successful.
  • From version 8 onwards it has gone down hill.
  • On hill 677 you fought so hard.
  • Mgbidi is naturally disenabled by its topography that is straggled by hills.
  • Any time I am in Hill End I will be staying here for sure.
  • You can do this out hacking too, up hill is great.
  • Jaflong is also a scenic spot nearby amidst tea gardens and rare beauty of rolling stones from hills.
  • We were half way, with a further sixty kilometres to Hill End.
  • It depicts a rural road, disappearing into a horizon cramped with hills.

of, for, to, in or on hearing?

  • Your audiologist is not able to register any individual as hard of hearing or deaf.
  • This entails compatible technology for hearing aids, TTYs and facilitated listening devices.
  • But this is not something I am used to hearing.
  • He had difficulty in hearing and could not walk.
  • On hearing of Guy Kewney's passing (thanks D Guy - another different Guy.
  • You can only see solutions through the Word of God! Fear comes by hearing and hear the words of men.
  • The part concerned with hearing lacks the intricate internal structure found in higher vertebrate.
  • In the 32 years since Back In Black the band has become a colossus -- with really only one album worth hearing.
  • Upon hearing of the fall of Jerusalem, al Afdal, the grand vizier in Cairo hastened to recapture the city.
  • I have entered Islam after hearing and believing the Words of Allah written in Qur'an.

"of horror" or "in horror"?

  • I have always been a fan of horror movies.
  • Citizens stampeded in horror! At 9:06 p.
  • It was implied, although not directly stated, that readers should react with horror.
  • This is his triumphant return to horror in a whole new medium.
  • Kiefer Sutherland! *drools* I am actually 25 with a well rounded love for horror movies.
  • It is still rife today, as we know from horror stories on the news.
  • Michael, I know you like metal, and I thought you were into horror film.
  • That's where the story starts -- combination siya ng suspense, action, at horror.
  • The art's different too, and quite beautiful, I think (inspired in part by horror manga.
  • Developers are slowly but surely cutting down on horror elements and replacing them with action-heavy set-pieces, advocating spectacle for substance.

of, to, in, for or with hat?

  • We had a tiny pile of hats after a few hours.
  • If the (non) buyer did not understand that and is comparing that to hat prices, that is just plain stupid and classless of the (non) buyer.
  • Some are in hats, some in fur caps, some with coats and some without.
  • This book is my bible for hats and headpieces.
  • Westerners also drive poorly, do we ban drivers with hats.
  • However, if you do not sell that hat, you don't get paid.
  • Elemental Zones lead will include collectible items such as hats or treasure chests.
  • Then take a bus or minibus from Hat Yai to Krabi.
  • A restaurant car is attached between Hat Yai and Bangkok.
  • In Wednesday of every week and every month he prepares excess Handia (1 quintal rice) to meet the need of people on Hata day, which is held on every Saturday at Dhenkikote.

"of hatred", "to hatred" or "with hatred"?

  • An avalanche of hatred poured forth.
  • We are all upset at what is happening but abandoning ourselves to hatred will do no good.
  • Love binds people together, unfortunately the same is true with hatred.
  • The threat is from within, from the people who use religion as a front for hatred and fear.
  • Ah, demonic madness! Such a self wants to be itself in hatred towards existence, to be itself according to its own misery.
  • When the elder inadvertently brushed his robe against the ear of that monk his grudge grew into hatred.
  • I think a lot of the broad support for base broadening is based on hatred of the mortgage interest deduction.
  • He thrive at hatred He will answer for his deed.
  • How would he know he's not even human and feels nothing but hatred.
  • On an emotional roller-coaster ride, you were forced to switch feelings; from hatred to sympathy, in an instant.