of, with, for, to or in hair?

  • It can be used on every type of hair.
  • There can also be problems with hair and make-up.
  • Minoxidil is the most common medication used for hair regrowth.
  • Many people suffer from dandruff, which eventually leads to hair fall.

in, at, on, of or to hand?

  • It all have to go hand in hand.
  • Surely some revelation is at hand.
  • Also on hand at the studio were Dr.
  • Thank God it wasnt out of hand.

"of head" or "as head"?

  • It leads to a lot of head scratching.
  • Taking leave from his position as head of the History Dept.
  • Love to dress up from head to toe.
  • There is a P50 per head fee to go on the island.

"of health", "for health" or "to health"?

  • Goh was with the Ministry of Health.
  • Not useful for health research.
  • Doctors have no say in health care either.

"of heart" or "at heart"?

  • Alice in the country of hearts.
  • He is still a PDP man at heart.
  • I would take PK's advice to heart.
  • The school-children learn them off by heart.

"for help" or "of help"?

  • Call the Support Line for help.
  • No one can be of help to anyone else.
  • Email me with help as this is really confusing me.
  • To Help Reduce the loss of Students.

"in history" or "of history"?

  • It all started in History class.
  • This is the testimony of history.
  • Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man.
  • The lessons from history are clear.

at, from, of, to or for home?

  • But she spend the nigh at home.
  • Presumably, he works from home.
  • A little piece of home right there.
  • Blake, now, he's close to home.

"in hospital" or "to hospital"?

  • Nine survivors are in hospital.
  • Stevens was rushed to hospital.
  • This may have a downside for the better management of hospitals.
  • The rate of childbirth at hospital has been raised to 63.

"of hotel" or "in hotel"?

  • Pick your choice of hotels based on TA reviews.
  • I only tried it once at Hotel Merlin (5.
  • Return to hotel for Overnight stay.
  • Revenue for hotel management services dropped 26 per cent to S$3.

"of house" or "in house"?

  • Which type of house do I have? A.
  • Similar situations arise in house buying.
  • Hence, there is no need for House Bill 4424.
  • The four of them regularly come to House of Hope.

with, of, to, between or for husband?

  • Khloe was clearly pleased to be back in her home town to be reunited with husband Lamar Odom.
  • You, though, have been given advance notice of what sort of husband this guy is.
  • Husband give money to the wife, wife give ahem2 to husband.
  • Vidya Sen thinks this tradition creates an unfortunate distance between husband and wife.