Prepositions before Nouns

Click a word to see what prepositions are usually used before it in English


"of job" or "for job"?

  • On the issue of job creation, Mr.
  • Start asking for jobs in your niche.
  • Growth in job numbers has clearly slumped.
  • I have to go to job interviews.
  • I can identify with Job to a degree.
  • Face it, Obama's record on job creation simply does not exist.
  • Ask them about job opportunites.
  • I've gone from job to job with no game plan, just doing it to get money to pay bills.
  • Having a great job is a never ending process.
  • By Job Function Upcoming MBA Events.

"of justice", "for justice" or "to justice"?

  • Full story: Ministry of Justice.
  • Time for justice and compensation.
  • Speedy access to justice is important.
  • The invalidity of the Act has also been assumed by Justices of this Court.
  • So establish weight with justice and fall not short in the balance.
  • I said earlier that this is about justice.
  • Ecojustice lawyer Albert Koehl began his prosecution before Justice of the Peace William G.
  • The UN report accuses Rwanda of shielding Ntaganda from justice.
  • I'd not involved in Justice League.
  • The Pharisees were not much on justice and mercy and faithfulness to God.

"of journey" or "for journey"?

  • DH: Do you think this kind of journey is a common one for writers? EB: Yes, probably.
  • For journeys costing over 60, always get a railcard.
  • Ted iPad, iPhone, free A brilliant accompaniment on journeys when you're not in the mood for reading.
  • The gifts of our colors may be different, but God has so placed us as to journey in the same path.
  • This care for the Maghrib Sunnah rak'ahs has been marked during residing at home as well as during journey.
  • Of course, the passengar charter will only compensate for delays in excess of 1 hour per journey undertaken.
  • Journey after journey, down 99, from the Pacific Northwest to San Francisco.
  • You do a lot of driving with Young in Journeys.
  • Our lives are dotted with journeys of various sorts.

"of joy" or "with joy"?

  • You really are a bundle of joy too.
  • Babangida said beaming with joy.
  • This makes my heart jump for joy and this applies to you also.
  • Allows for the transformation of struggle to joy.
  • We wish to reach the same effect in joy.
  • In the immediate future he would still love to be at Joy FM at least part time if not full time.
  • It was one of the last tracks to be recorded by Joy Division -- and one of the last songs that the irreplaceable Ian Curtis would go on to pen.
  • Speaking on Elections Platform on Joy FM Monday, Mrs.
  • There is sadness as well as joy.
  • And possibly think of changing your name from Joy to Misery-its more accurate sic.

of, by, for, to or with judge?

  • What? Yes, the case of Judge Baum.
  • Passing off is common law tort created by judges.
  • The current security system is not adequate for judges.
  • At least according to Judge Posner.
  • Both programs are popular with judges.
  • There should be a similar commission for dealing with complaints against judges.
  • A completely new awareness is developing among judges that they belong to an international judiciary community, as informal as it is real.
  • The verdict in the second trial, which began in April 2012, is expected from Judge Melvyn Green on December 4, 2012.
  • We're acting as judge, jury and executioner now.
  • In Judges, He gives power to fight battles.

of, in, to, for or on judgment?

  • It is also a day of judgment (Jud 1:6).
  • That there are 12 people walking around who may one day sit in judgment of Mr.
  • Certainly there's a lot of rushing to judgment in this volume and the previous one, and it's always a bad call.
  • He has established His throne for judgment.
  • The focus of chapter fourteen is on judgment.
  • Give it back and pick up your Bible- it? s much lighter! In this context the Bible is given to us as a gift to feast on, rather than a project to complete before judgment day.
  • The Old Testament also associates silence with judgment: Be silent.
  • Just flow with it without judgment or thoughts about anything being good or bad.
  • His tortured body taking every blow of judgment after judgment because He knew that condemnation is a sword that Fear uses to kill our hope.

"of journalist" or "for journalist"?

  • Game devs don't need to be afraid of journalists.
  • Then again, I suppose that's not unusual for journalists.
  • Their work is media (as opposed to journalist) focused.
  • Often, these stories are done by journalists like yourself.
  • So with journalists who won't question or investigate, they got away with it.
  • Actually, there have been no criminal charges against journalists for stolen information for decades, period.
  • You've seen comments from journalists saying they don't like Gore.
  • He called on Journalists to consider national security in their reporting.
  • The public website is primarily aimed at journalists and translators, students and teachers, historians and researchers in genealogy.
  • Seeing highly educated people, including journalists, fall for The Yes Men's pranks should help us to realize that those in power are not necessarily more knowledgeable.

"of journal" or "in journal"?

  • Choice of journal is irrelevant.
  • That's why they publish in journals, you know.
  • So, many of us will take help on referring to journals and present the article in completion.
  • The work they do for that report is very like their work in reviewing papers for journals.
  • We show by example how a model for a chemical semantic web can be constructed using machine-processed data and information from journal articles.
  • You can refine your quick search to limit your search results with Journals, Books, Bibliographic Databases or Site Pages.
  • That would make the differences between journals even smaller than by using the median.
  • Then he works incredibly hard to get it into journals.
  • Their layout is dictated not by chemical practice but the requirement to use two columns in a width-limited display constrained by journal paper sizes.
  • The product is also advertised on the major medical media like Journal of Korean Medical Science to raise its fame and reputation.

of, for, inside, on or with joke?

  • There's a plethora of jokes for the kids and adults alike.
  • For jokes are vital to his art - not only his poetry but his novels and short stories.
  • That's because its actually a critique and (an) inside joke.
  • Even his delivery on jokes can feel stilted and unnatural.
  • Not everyone knows how to deal with joke But a range of the people need to panic about Namely, Caroline.
  • Joke after joke after joke! No apology, no nothing.
  • If I knew I was writing the vows just for John's consumption, they would have been very different, full of in jokes, and our own private way of communicating that nobody else would understand.

"of journalism" or "in journalism"?

  • It is not a question of journalism.
  • BA in Journalism (GY119) at NUI Galway.
  • They're not forms for journalism.
  • Whatever happened to journalism at ABC.
  • I never had the chance to get into journalism.
  • And I thought this blog would be a good way for me to share some of the news articles and commentaries on journalism that I come across with my students.
  • Two classic films about journalism.
  • Those who excel in linguistic intelligence do well in careers such as journalism, editing, public speaking, acquisition of foreign languages, etc.
  • This book goes through all aspects of fashion writing, from journalism to PR and everything in between.
  • How do you reconcile this with journalism, which is about trying to make sense of what is happening in the world? There is a conflict.

of, to, in, with or from jurisdiction?

  • Local limits of jurisdiction 20.
  • The declaratory judgment route remains available to jurisdictions even after the Attorney General interposes an objection.
  • However, in jurisdictions such as Quebec,.
  • The Partiarch of Constantinople had claimed to be the Universal Bishop, with jurisdiction over all the other bishops of.
  • With this development various different types and forms of lease have emerged, whose legal effect can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
  • Regulations are subject to change and may vary across jurisdictions.
  • It also wants the G20 to agree on a truly multilateral deal on automatic exchange of tax information between jurisdictions with strong sanctions against those that won't cooperate.
  • If not, why does it matter whether they agree to anything? That's one of the really messy things, it greatly depends on jurisdiction.
  • Warrant forwarded for execution outside jurisdiction 83.
  • The method adopted by CBI is unwarranted and without jurisdiction.

of, in, for, on or to judgement?

  • Everyone has some sort of judgement to vocalise.
  • What a serious lapse in judgement.
  • There are many souls outside the Tribunal waiting for judgement.
  • Decision would be held on judgement day after this world finishes.
  • After a short time these comparisons usually give way to judgements about the leader's performance.
  • Imagine if you did it without judgement.
  • Then when you die you are going to come up before God at judgement.
  • But only with judgement, do the facts acquire real value.