"of job" or "for job"?

  • On the issue of job creation, Mr.
  • Start asking for jobs in your niche.
  • Growth in job numbers has clearly slumped.
  • I have to go to job interviews.

"of journey" or "for journey"?

  • DH: Do you think this kind of journey is a common one for writers? EB: Yes, probably.
  • For journeys costing over 60, always get a railcard.
  • Ted iPad, iPhone, free A brilliant accompaniment on journeys when you're not in the mood for reading.
  • The gifts of our colors may be different, but God has so placed us as to journey in the same path.

"of justice", "for justice" or "to justice"?

  • Full story: Ministry of Justice.
  • Time for justice and compensation.
  • Speedy access to justice is important.
  • The invalidity of the Act has also been assumed by Justices of this Court.