Prepositions after Adjectives

Click an adjective to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


"liable for" or "liable to"?

  • A is not liable for subsequent misconduct of B.
  • You will be liable to the NPPR tax.
  • ICAL is not liable in any way,.
  • C is no longer liable on his guarantee.
  • Here B can be held liable under the Act.

"long before" or "long for"?

  • It wasn't too long before the U.
  • The storyline is too long for you.
  • It's not long in coming at all.
  • It was there long after the war.
  • The list is long of His greatness.
  • The tables are long with stools.
  • I had been very long on the road.
  • It's no longer about valuations.
  • It won't be long at all before.
  • All graves are 8ft long by 3ft wide.
  • Too bad it's too long to re-watch.
  • We use as/so long as in two ways.
  • It's even longer from the north rim.
  • This exposure is long over due.
  • They are long past the lost decade.
  • All night long without ever getting tired.

"late in" or "late for"?

  • It is too late in the afternoon.
  • Too late for a rerun I suppose.
  • Sorry a bit late on a response.
  • When I need a taxi late at night.
  • Sorry for the late of the text.
  • The Latest from Our Public Blog.
  • Sorry, that I am late by a day.
  • This does not extrapolate to 1.
  • And never be late with a Green.
  • I see the latest as a continuance of it.
  • I'd late into this North Korean awareness.

"large in" or "large of"?

  • Cities small and large in the U.
  • BTW, just how large of a middle.
  • The batch is too large for that.
  • Large on the canvas can be brown.
  • I would agree in large with Dr.
  • It will be half as large as the original.
  • The leak grew larger at 6:30 p.
  • Weta are large by insect standards.
  • Waits ' shadow looms large over.
  • In order from largest to smallest.
  • The share of women is much larger among U.
  • Its flowers are large relative to the foliage.

"likely to" or "likely in"?

  • It isn't likely to stop though.
  • But that's not likely in the cards.
  • The reason is likely due to security.
  • And not likely for much longer.
  • So we are likely at 60-65/35-40.
  • Here again, it is most likely from Yiddish.
  • It depends likely on the source.
  • This extra likely with a WIFI module.
  • They were most likely by design.
  • This becomes more likely as the scale of a U.
  • Most likely because of the starting staff.
  • Your silver is more than likely of this kind.
  • This looks less likely after Draghi's scheme.
  • Suicide is significantly more likely among males than females.
  • If so, judgment was likely before Christmas.
  • The most important area is likely during the interview process.
  • She's missing, most likely out of the accident.
  • You are most likely over the worst of it now.
  • Most likely through education, and increased economic status.
  • The drop was most likely under surveillance.
  • I rate this move: LIKELY WITHIN 10 YEARS.

loyal to, for, in or of?

  • Intensely loyal to the Bombers.
  • I've been loyal for over 11 years.
  • Of course, Vai was fiercely loyal in taking care of me.
  • I've been as loyal of a Madden fan as any.

"lucky for", "lucky with" or "lucky in"?

  • Joey: Well, lucky for you, Jen.
  • We were lucky in this election.
  • We were lucky with this result.
  • Hope I'll be lucky on that day.
  • Have we been lucky at times? I guess.
  • Miliband has been lucky as well as astute.
  • I am so lucky to call you my friend.
  • I was very lucky about when I grew up.
  • So maybe he is lucky after all.
  • In fact, they're lucky by comparison.
  • They've been lucky like that all season.
  • The luckiest of girls got eliminated.

"legal in" or "legal for"?

  • Currently, it is legal in the UK.
  • It is legal for them to do this.
  • All completely legal under CISPA.
  • Here in Britain it remains legal at the moment.
  • Recognised as legal by the UN and international community.
  • Borrower needs to be legal on age i.
  • There's nothing really legal to it.
  • I just wana know that is this Nikah legal according to our religion.
  • This behavior is corrupt and is probably not legal after all.
  • The issues are legal as well as moral.
  • NZ has a tremendous problem in separating the Legal from the Medical anyway.
  • He is also Director and Head of Legal of the CSB Group.
  • First of all, it's legal with a prescription so, um, don't be dumb.
  • How can that be legal within the framework of.
  • Online poker can be legal without being regulated.

lost in, of, on, at or for?

  • It does get lost in the detail a bit.
  • Second time is a lost of point.
  • Difficult to get lost on a grid.
  • I'll still get lost at Dhoby Ghaut.
  • I get lost for a couple of hours.
  • Got lost along the way a few times.
  • She was worried he would get lost among the sea of people.
  • We all made mistakes, got lost amongst all the screens and buttons.
  • I was at a lost as to what technology has cost us.
  • If you get lost during the movie, don't worry.
  • Obtain Tablet of the Lost from it.
  • It's a nice place to get lost into.
  • There's not a cent lost to a middle man.
  • I felt pretty lost with myself.

"little to", "little of" or "little in"?

  • I m a little to the plump side.
  • The thought made me a little indignant.
  • Again, you know little of Texas.
  • There is little for them to fear.
  • That's not little by any means.
  • There's very little about it I enjoy.
  • There is very little on the web.
  • Read a little outside your comfort zone.
  • Yes, only a little over one week went by.
  • We had forecasted a growth rate of little above 6.
  • Can we narrow the warning signs a little as to not turn people away.
  • I knew Victor only a little at the time.
  • The outcome was in the air as there was little between the sides.
  • Wanted a mig but the costs were little beyond me at the moment.
  • There is very little from before this period.
  • I think I died a little inside that day.
  • And when was it? When I was little like this.
  • I'd a little past my existential phase.
  • The bleeding is little with pink spots.

local to, in, as, for or with?

  • The songs on the CD are local to the area.
  • The largest teachers ' union local in the U.
  • All politics are local as the saying goes.
  • It was very local for many HK investors.
  • Met a local with a couple of dogs.
  • Buy local from your farmers market.
  • Hartley, a local of Centralia, Mo.
  • Oh and our local on Kareoke Saturday night.
  • The guy sitting outside the local at 3.
  • UTC converted to local by **25;14513;TOOLONG.
  • And all operators used local rather than foreign guides.
  • Foreigners told local about the direction.
  • The more you eat local, the more you are going to want to eat local after the harvest ends.
  • Every team puts 31% of local into the pot in MLB and gets about $40 million back.
  • The barmaids in my local like me.
  • I don't know McKinnon, but I've seen him at my local off license a few times.
  • But I often get a reply that they will prefer a local over an expat.
  • Only those who don't understand football dwell on local versus foreigner ridiculousness.

"live in" or "live on"?

  • Only pigeons live in there now.
  • Price v Harrison is live on Box.
  • I mean i can live with it, yes.
  • Recorded live at DragonCon 2010.
  • We don't report live from Somalia.
  • Watched this live for my b-day.
  • Proverbs 3:3-4 Words To Live By.
  • She sang live to half a billion.
  • And he has a lot to live up to.
  • We cant live without eachother.
  • So to live as a Christian, you actually have to be one.
  • Live Below the Line involves living on $2.
  • The homeless live like this everyday.
  • The live of a writer especially.
  • Shut off all power and go live off the land.
  • The hearing was streamed live over the Internet.
  • The linky will stay live through Wednesday.
  • Each talk was broadcast live via the Internet.

lesser of, in, for, on or to?

  • We must choose the lesser of two.
  • So the difference is lesser in h.
  • TAM will be the lesser for not having you there.
  • But lesser on M101//ROB and PF//RO.
  • This is lesser to a degree in the Indians I have met.

"lovely in", "lovely with" or "lovely for"?

  • You are so lovely in every way.
  • The terrace is lovely for groups too.
  • Would be lovely with mushrooms.
  • It was lovely of her to bother.
  • She sounded lovely on the phone.
  • Lovely to heard from you Sunni.
  • Aw, how lovely about the proposal.
  • Lovely as an introduction to poetry.
  • It is especially lovely at dusk.
  • The sausages were lovely by the way.
  • So lovely after a week of rain.
  • Each time there is a new addition of something lovely along the waterfront the cyclists are shafted.
  • Although it does nt have sea views the views were lovely from all rooms.
  • Florence was very lovely like Sadie, and Mrs.
  • Look, the morning star is lovely over there.
  • The Cabinteely's midfielder played a lovely through ball to the small blond striker.
  • Life in the urbane capital of Victoria is lovely without a car.

"low in", "low for" or "low on"?

  • This is a new low in the debate.
  • Tip ripped shawty low on this!!
  • I wanted to lie low for a week.
  • Markets tested a low of $ 8214.
  • The bear was low to the ground.
  • Next time you feel low at work.
  • This figure is lower by around 0.
  • Feeling low with tears in eyes.
  • But the traffic still low after that.
  • Round white clouds hang low against a blue sky.
  • That would be lowest among Canadian teams.
  • I've been laying low as of late.
  • Property values will be lower because of this.
  • Twitter only secret low down info.
  • My confidence gets low due to it.
  • Interest rates were not low during the 1920s.
  • Can we go lower from here? Sure.
  • Planes sweeping low over Gaza City.
  • That was its lowest since 1980.

ltd in, for, on, of or as?

  • Hoffman-La Roche Ltd in 1998 -- 1999.
  • Go to Inova Ltd for more information.
  • Arthur Pearson Ltd on 1 May 1908.
  • He joined Vanik Incorporation Ltd as Asst.
  • Ltd from 1 September 1973 to 31 August 1982.
  • B &K; Holdings (Pvt) Ltd of No.
  • Also you have bought the shares of XYZ Ltd at a rate of Rs.
  • These are all ltd to 1000 copies.
  • Also, Mojope Investment Ltd with one transaction valued at N1,110,049,444.
  • Mrs Kruthoffer worked for DRK Chartered Accountants Ltd since 2008.
  • He led the integration of Punjab Tractors Ltd after its acquisition in 2007.
  • Prior to that, he also held the post of General Manager in EM Services Pte Ltd between 1988 and 1997.
  • In law there is a difference between a company Ltd by guarantee and one which is not.
  • Ltd during the launch of whitedent school Squiz 2012 the program which will be aired on ITV/Radio One for nine episodes.
  • In order to assist PHAs who have been receiving LTD through private insurance, the individual's particular policy must be examined closely.
  • The Facts In 2007, 3M agreed to buy the entire shareholding of Acolyte Biomedica Ltd under an SPA.
  • Justice ABM Khairul Haque in BIMW Ltd vs.

lawful for, to, in, unto or under?

  • It is not lawful for me to fight.
  • Spoils have been made lawful to me.
  • This is lawful in the first degree.
  • As expected, the ESM was declared lawful by the ECJ.
  • These loans as described are lawful under the federal securities laws.
  • The spoils of war were made lawful unto me.
  • The justification of His disciples actions shows that works of necessity is lawful on Sabbath.
  • Thus his execution was lawful according to the rules in force.
  • Steel has substantial lawful as well as unlawful uses, and the mere fact that it could be misused does not prove that it was misused.
  • The use of IT Resources must be lawful at all times.
  • It puzzles me, too -- I think lots of MPs must assume a search is only lawful with a warrant and that they've been told the search was unlawful -- which of course they haven't.

"lonely at" or "lonely in"?

  • I do not feel lonely at school.
  • God sets the lonely in families.
  • They were lonely for their war.
  • I don't find myself lonely on purpose.
  • Re: I wandered lonely as a cloud.
  • Have I been lonely without you.
  • It looked so lonely with no magnets.
  • How many Canbots should I get? Your Canbot will get lonely by himself.
  • I feel lonely like never before.
  • There is something inherently sad and lonely about a motel room.
  • Things didn't feel so lonely after all.
  • She finally know what lonely because of a year.
  • I felt rather lonely during my first year and part of the second.
  • They are lonely from the start and desperately looking to make and keep friends.
  • Berlin can be the loneliest of places too.
  • I am lonely through no fault of my own.
  • He appeared pretty lonely to me.
  • I realized I was lonely within a month I was there.

lazy in, about, with, to or for?

  • Do not be lazy in your business 9.
  • We've been lazy about blogging.
  • It's like getting lazy with hygiene.
  • SOS felt completely lazy to me.
  • They are way too lazy for this.
  • Sadly, I am very lazy at the moment.
  • It is also hugely lazy of me to say.
  • Also, good programmers are lazy by nature.
  • Maybe Mitt was not totally lazy like W.
  • Too lazy on a Thursday evening.
  • One is about 1845 times as lazy as the other.
  • Sloth: I am lazy after excessive eating.
  • I don't call her lazy because of it.
  • Good luck! My cat is very lazy during the day.
  • Maybe everyone is lazy from lack of energy and from being sick.
  • Not everyone is lazy out of their own choice; some people just don't understand the social conventions which exist among people who live together.
  • She just seems to have gotten very lazy over the past while.

liberal in, with, on, for or to?

  • Jesus was a liberal in his day.
  • Quite liberal with the Greek mythology.
  • Maybe a liberal on some issues.
  • West is way too liberal for that.
  • Even the most liberal of women.
  • Once less liberal to corrupt our children.
  • There's nothing liberal about liberalisation.
  • I can be very liberal at times.
  • In Ontario they are Liberal by definition.
  • Obama, and by liberal as well as conservative judges.
  • That is why a small l liberal like Malcolm is so popular.
  • This isn't about liberal vs conservative.
  • But wait -- this insanity isn't from a Liberal after all.
  • Now of course, that excludes the most liberal among us.
  • Another liberal from the boys club.
  • The main difference this time is that, particularly in the United States, these intellectuals largely come from the liberal rather than the conservative side.
  • Canada is still very much liberal towards pot.
  • They don't know liberal versus conservative.

"limited in" or "limited to"?

  • Venture Nigeria Limited in 1984.
  • The trend isn't limited to America.
  • Their horizons are too limited for that.
  • Bomi Holdings Limited of Uganda with15% ownership of KURH.
  • They are limited by space and time.
  • My knowlage is very limited on this subject.
  • He is clearly not a limited over player.
  • I think they should add Limited with it too.
  • We are very limited as to what we can do.
  • Space will be very limited at a price of $6,395.
  • Glenn Dudley was the Managing Director of Metal Manufactures Limited from 1988-2000.
  • Varma has been a Board Director of Fermenta Biotech Limited since 2004.
  • In Germany the readiness is less limited because of our history.
  • My access to the net will be very limited due to a flaw in my computer.
  • Changes that individuals can make, in the practical sense, are very limited under the present systems.

"legitimate for" or "legitimate in"?

  • For this purpose, it is quite legitimate for Mrs.
  • And we are legitimate in these goals.
  • Some words are considered legitimate by both conservatives and liberals.
  • The lawsuits have gone from legitimate to.
  • Krespino The Raptors will never become legitimate under any conditions.
  • There's nothing legitimate about him.
  • NATO's actions in Bosnia were therefore legitimate as well as legal.
  • On reflection, this is sensible behavior: It is very difficult to distinguish the legitimate from the illegitimate.
  • Pretty legitimate of an answer.
  • Watson's criticisms were legitimate on a theoretical and practical level.
  • But alongside of those, government intervention is perfectly legitimate within the definition of a free market.
  • Pre-emptive strike is legitimate according to the CPS.
  • Corporate philanthropy, it would seem, is legitimate after all, as long as it increases social welfare.
  • Like claiming militants ' grievances ' are legitimate against the state, after condemning an unrelated mindless attack on minorities.
  • What is legitimate at one time may not be so at another.
  • This was perhaps legitimate because of the era duringwhich liberal Christianity also penetrated the ecclesiastical context of Asia.
  • Make sure a credit repair agency is legitimate before choosing to work with them.
  • This is legitimate with the lap band too.
  • However, the SGA recognizes that this data will not be as legitimate without responses from students.

"logical for", "logical in" or "logical to"?

  • Ignorance is too logical for that.
  • It doesn't sound logical to me.
  • That is simply logical in my view.
  • Just try and be logical about it.
  • As crazy as it seems now, it was very logical at the moment.
  • This seems logical on first sight.
  • The switches on the right side control the cruise control - very logical as opposed to hunting for it on the stalk.
  • The decision is logical from an economic standpoint.
  • I think Deism is the more logical of the two.
  • I'll admit I am very logical with how I look at things.
  • It's all logical by their lights, but.
  • Unfortunately, English Isn't required to be logical like that.
  • It is purely logical rather than invasive.
  • It's hard for me to seriously discuss a system that seems logical within itself, but is disconnected from the real world.

"light on" or "light in"?

  • Your a bit light on compassion.
  • I delight in spending time with.
  • There was light at the end of it.
  • It was too light for what I did.
  • H is the lightest of all elements.
  • The tea is light with full flavour.
  • NO! He was too light to trip the trap.
  • It is light as a feather but strong as steel.
  • The BMW 320i is still lighter by 8.
  • It could be light from any source.
  • There is always light after the tunnel.
  • More light into significantly less strength.
  • The one-piece wood was unearthly thick but light like feature.
  • You can't have light without darkness.

lyrical about, on, in, for or at?

  • So yes, let's wax-lyrical about that.
  • I can wax lyrical on history and politics.
  • Hensher is almost lyrical in his first person narrative.
  • Well, actually, my sixteen-year-old self is going to wax lyrical at you.
  • I then waxed lyrical for about ten minutes as to why I love working from home.
  • They have waxed lyrical over the second liberation struggle and environmental.
  • As might be expected, their styles range from lyrical to surreal to experimental.
  • Johnson hasn't been this lyrical with this prose since Jesus ' Son.
  • Poetry may be the most lyrical of literary genres, but its musicality is not derived from aesthetic principles.
  • You can be poetic and lyrical without excess.

"leading to" or "leading of"?

  • Where is this leading to? Data leak.
  • Obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • I know its leading up to something.
  • This leading from behind is a bad idea.
  • This is another close race, with Schilling leading in recent polls.
  • The lack of buzz leading into the last test match is true.
  • A child returning homeward craves no leading by the hand.
  • Fringe is also a leading off point for so many artists and their careers.
  • LV is undoubtedly an acronym for your leading on the planet of style.
  • The way she treated me and everything she did leading towards the breakup have caused me to lose a lot of trust and respect in her.
  • I can turn just fine leading with the puck.

"lax in", "lax on" or "lax about"?

  • Laws were lax in the early days.
  • Generally they're pretty lax about it.
  • I am going to the LAX on Sat 9.
  • Customs are fairly lax with foreigners.
  • The flight from LAX to Papeete was great.
  • We are flying in to LAX at 10 pm on Friday night.
  • The Flyaway at Union Station will get you to LAX for only $7.
  • Everyone's connective tissue at the midline is lax after childbirth.
  • They become intellectually lax as well as morally decadent.
  • Fortunately I had six hours in LAX before my onward flight so there was no stress except for waiting in line interminably.
  • However, travellers venturing to LAX by car between 11 a.
  • The job can be very challenging on busy days to very lax during morning/lunch shifts and easy.
  • From flying out to LAX from DIA with a loaded.
  • A wild rabbit terrine packed lots of flavour while a gravad lax of sea trout with beetroot was lighter and brighter.
  • Every morning, lean in to the mirror, and say I love you! -Robin Leach Admit it, Mom and Dad: You've gotten lax over the summer.
  • That was before Obama took office and at a time when regulations and taxation relatively lax under Bush.

lucrative for, in, to, of or with?

  • ON is definitely not lucrative for jobs.
  • The genre is by far the most lucrative in books.
  • I still believe he is only doing this to make them lucrative to privatization.
  • It was the most lucrative of his businesses.
  • Small purchases, like parking meters or a small pump of gas, become downright lucrative with Exclusives.
  • If and when the world goes to crap your programming job might not be so lucrative as the guy that makes heat for your home or water go down the drain.
  • This is girls-only empire building, and it is highly lucrative at that.
  • The resource was lying there in the sea and growing more lucrative by the day.
  • I do not agree with this authors predictions though they look pretty lucrative from the outlook!
  • Scamming is much more lucrative on the lending side of the equation.
  • What is the Remuneration in Health Management? Salaries are very lucrative across the globe.
  • Even judgements are sometimes tailor-made to attract lucrative after retirement benefits.
  • What is the remuneration in the NURSING PROFESSION?: Nursing salaries are very lucrative due to the current nursing shortage world over.
  • Constructing and advertising web sites will be extremely lucrative over the long term when executed correctly.
  • I spent every single second of my time researching the most expedient ways to create an online business and have it up and running and lucrative within 1 month.

"lingering in" or "lingering on"?

  • My love is lingering in the corridor.
  • I'd lingering on each phrase, each idea.
  • No one is really lingering over their coffee.
  • The dispute has been lingering for over two years.
  • Now I love lingering around my living room.
  • Only lingering at the back of the mind when it persists.
  • It's the one thing that's still lingering from all the announcements of last Aug.
  • There was no lingering about when zero hour came.
  • Get out there and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC! This morning we still had some showers lingering across the region.
  • It has a nice wok hei lingering after taste actually since I ate it without rice.
  • I was lingering among my doubts and weighing the pros and cons of an answer.
  • Lingering before his bathroom mirror, he catalogued the ravages.
  • The groups of infatuated girls continued to follow him, lingering behind bookcases and watching him.
  • The episode opened with a lot of tension still lingering between Bruce and Kris.
  • Towards Beyrout we now journeyed gently on; stopping and lingering by the way as our custom was.
  • This prevents the conversation from lingering into an awkward silence, shows that you're busy (i.
  • Didn't you know your crush's schedule in high school so you could be lingering near his locker? It's the same thing here.
  • And there's nothing more stressful than the perpetual lingering of an unfinished task.
  • Cut to: Go-dong lingering outside Lee Joon's office, sent to track down that cell phone.
  • GHD wish latter lingering with beautiful envelop.

leftover from, of, for, in or after?

  • A leftover from the Gilded Age.
  • He was the leftover of despot tribal chiefs who ruled by the sword.
  • There's a lot more juice leftover for slathering over steamed rice.
  • You'll probably have a little bit leftover in the bowl.
  • I make twice what he does, yet he always had more leftover after bills.
  • The hotel will refund any money leftover at the end of your stay.
  • Timber curved benches can be leftover by natural or be stained with 3 coats of water based stain, with the color of the choice.
  • Posted by: Leftover on November 17, 2012 11:17 AM 13.
  • Scoop two cups of cooked squash into a bowl and set aside (you'll have about 1 cup leftover depending on how big your squash is).
  • They might employ specified of the for defensive deal with Alan Branch or just save it and proceed the leftover into 2013.
  • Then the railway was a leftover with quaint steam transport, unprofitable and uneconomical.

leery of, about or over?

  • So, they're leery of hiring you.
  • First let me say I was so leery about going.
  • I'd optimistic on distance learning, but leery over the loss of personal interaction - the late night sessions where opinions were tested, honed, and strengthened.

left in, for, over, with or to?

  • There's no one left in Wilmette.
  • So i banned Left for failrping.
  • Keep going left over the spikes.
  • Nuttin left to do but send her.
  • So, what jobs are we left with.
  • Make the third left on MLK Blvd.
  • But then, what? s left of CSR --.
  • Not many left at the moment, though.
  • It just gets left by the wayside.
  • Plant on left from EMr treated field.
  • Hang a left after the Schoolhouse.
  • Ravana on the left as the head of the asuras.
  • No Child Left Behind is a good law.
  • There's nothing ' red ' left about him or his car, except his helmet.
  • There is endless hate speech from the left against the Republican Party in the US.
  • He cut in from the left before registering.
  • Take the first turn to the left into Talbot Place.
  • Not centrist left like is being claimed.
  • The hotel is on the left off Kim Seng Road.
  • Turn left onto Union Boulevard.
  • I was feeling left out of his life.
  • Take a left towards the leisure centre.
  • Bend gently to the left without straining.

"linked to" or "linked in"?

  • Some linked to cancer and neurotoxicity.
  • Same with Linked In and Facebook.
  • Frimpong linked with a loan to Charlton.
  • Please take the time to read the web site that luckypenny linked for you.
  • Through the internet and all kinds of mobile devices, we are becoming linked into a sprawling information network that is part human, part machine.

level with, in, of, on or at?

  • Norwich are level with Southampton.
  • And they were level in the 48th minute.
  • Base on? he level of professionalism.
  • All level on 93 after 100 shots.
  • Barca poor and lucky to be level at HT.
  • Staying over 16 level for a bit is a good sign.
  • Make sure the line is level by using a line level or a 4 ' level.
  • Wimbledon were level after 34 minutes.
  • Step 5 Check the bracket is level before final tightening.
  • The field is not level from the start.
  • It is delivered so that it is level to the understanding of the meanest.
  • The playing-field gets more level as the rewards diminish.
  • Eric, Why not say the NGDP trend was fairly level during the 1920s, and the policy mistake was allowing a huge (50%) drop in NGDP after 1929.
  • Typically though, and deservedly, Norwich were level within a minute.

locked in, into, down, out or up?

  • Apple has the most locked in ecosystem/users.
  • So they are ' locked into the environment '.
  • A possible reason is the locked down chassis spec that MS mandates.
  • Reimer skating with locked out Canucks? Big deal.
  • Getting locked up for instance.
  • Scores remain locked for most of the match.
  • It click- locked to the ground and my knees went weak.
  • Hurry up, the gate gets locked at 6pm and we don't have a key.
  • If the gel is then induced to shrink, the drug gets locked inside it.
  • I felt my toes being forced into the narrow toe box and the shoes locked on.
  • All picks locked with the first kickoff on Friday, June 11, 2010.
  • It is shot on a tripod and with a locked off camera.
  • When she tried to scramble off his lap, he tightened his arms around her, keeping her locked within his embrace.

literate in, about, by, to or on?

  • It was completely literate in English.
  • Jamaican people need to be more literate about life.
  • I send back my literate by sharper image, what a piece of junk and only holds a charge for a few hours.
  • These engaging young villagers are, to my ear, emotionally literate to an unbelievable degree.
  • Province-wise, Punjab is the most literate at 59.
  • Suspect that the writing was too literate for Cllr Driver; what's more he probably could n't.
  • The entrepreneur class is affluent and it has generally recognized the importance of being literate of a very high order.
  • I'd not very literate on economics, sadly.
  • At that time I was more numerate rather than literate with no idea of format or content so it was a stiff challenge.
  • Even today most literate among communities.
  • He was very literate as a person and a musician.
  • Nevertheless Langland seems to have been at least a different kind of literate from Chaucer.

labour in, for, with, on or to?

  • No mention of Labour in the story.
  • Well done Labour for your awful PFI.
  • I no longer trust Labour on the NHS.
  • But not to Labour with a capital L.
  • That broad approach carries over to Labour today.
  • This is also true for Labour at the moment.
  • But Labour as a party here has a dilemma.
  • He has managed to create bad headlines for Labour by.
  • Little distinguishes Labour from Labour lite.
  • I think the comments have galvanised Labour into thinking again.
  • Labour Of Love II, released in November of 1989.
  • I do understand the criticism of Labour over this issue.
  • But Labour under Clark is a consevative staus quo party.
  • Whoever leads Labour after that will have a very difficult job.
  • Sinn Fein need to hammer home the lies told by Labour before the election and really target their working class base.
  • Yan donated $5000 to both National and Labour during the 2005 election campaign.
  • But they haven't kept Labour out of power.
  • Clegg framed his attack on this negotiating position by focusing on Labour rather than Tory MPs.
  • I have the character to lead Labour through tough decisions and back to office.
  • One of Toynbee's main arguments is always that the right-wing media distort the truth and attack Labour without any sense of restraint or principle.

loaded with, for, in, on or onto?

  • And yes a Kindle loaded with books.
  • They (especially Merulla) came loaded for bear.
  • If you?? ve never seen the EndNote tools loaded in Word, please see this FAQ.
  • There were many big metal boxes ready to loaded on the ship.
  • The bus gets loaded onto a barge separately and then we meet it on the other side.
  • I thought about Loaded by The Velvet Underground.
  • Debt payments being off loaded from ship.
  • When the 1 bit arrives, the polynomial gets loaded into the register.
  • Lots of data, and data is easily up loaded to Strava.
  • Now you have clean fresh fluid ' loaded up ' to be run through the system.
  • During the post-EVA jettison operation, the spare DAC body was off loaded along with the ancillary stowage bag.

loose in, with, on, from or for?

  • The blade came loose in the bone.
  • Because you're loose with money.
  • I can set them loose on you too.
  • Wires would also work loose from Mr.
  • But it seem easy loose for the strings.
  • Focused and loose at the same time.
  • LUNTZ ON THE LOOSE By Bill Berkowitz, workingforchange.
  • He had kicked himself loose of the earth.
  • I went from 6s being really loose to 8s being snug.
  • All hell breaks loose after that.
  • Her arm is loose against his body, limp and weak.
  • My jeans are loose around my thighs.
  • I think you have to be loose as a goose.
  • He was very loose during that period.
  • And the asphalt scandal of 1941 broke loose into the open.
  • Get to know what negative messages are running loose like overheated flies inside your head.
  • Her stockings are loose over her ankles.
  • And lions and bears were let loose upon her.
  • We deserved better than to be blindsided and cut loose without warning.

living in, with, on, at or up?

  • More living in denial it seems.
  • And finally, we have Living with a Superstar.
  • We're a family of 3 living on one income.
  • I spent much of 2009 living at Hostel Hoff.
  • We like the Optimus Black despite it not quite living up to the hype, particularly where that super-bright display is concerned.
  • When 12 living among 78 it will have to be inlfuenced by the rules of natural justice.
  • Both the USA and Ireland have around 10% living below the poverty line for all different reasons.
  • I don't mean DP but rather living by the thoughts and feelings attached to it.
  • But I am preparing to announce at home that we have living for spiritual life and for physical life.
  • For many living from this power chakra is all about success and attaining ego power.
  • Almost 70 percent of Bhutan's population remains rural, with most living off subsistence farming.
  • The total population is 850 members, with 340 living outside the reserve.
  • The sight of still many living under dismal conditions in subdivided units and cramped private tenements reminds us that we have a lot to do in realising our housing vision.
  • Today there are approximately 10,000 people between the ages of 60 and 90 living within the Zone around Chernobyl.

"like for", "like with" or "like in"?

  • That's what it felt like for me.
  • I know what this like in a way.
  • It's like with drinking coffee.
  • I would like to concur with you.
  • What i like about this drama is.
  • More like on the street, you go, um.
  • He knows what it's like at km 45.
  • We've no idea what he's like as a Doctor.
  • It's like from the Dogg to the Lion.
  • The players he want to sell like of.
  • I wonder what happened at the end (or more like after the end).
  • I have never seen his like before and after him.
  • Generation is essentially the production of like by like.
  • Puts all the hoo-ha about wolf-whistles and the like into perspective.
  • It's like Over The Top meets Black Dog meets Breaking Bad.
  • And there is none like unto Him.
  • Imagine how that place would feel like without the pubic hairs.