Prepositions after Adjectives

Click an adjective to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


mad at, about, with, for or in?

  • They must so mad at the moment.
  • He'll be really mad about that.
  • I'd already getting mad with it.
  • They are mad for it over there.
  • They thought he was mad in the dell.
  • Driven by data vs driven mad by it.
  • He's mad on the Greek numerals.
  • Nancy Pelosi is mad as a hatter.
  • I am very mad after the beauty of women.
  • Mengele was a doctor who became mad because of the power he was given.
  • And we become mad from its humidity.
  • This man B S is mad like Prabakaran.
  • It was mad of me, but I asked Lady Brandon to introduce me to him.
  • Do not get mad over petty things.
  • Then I tried like mad to cope with it.

"married to" or "married for"?

  • Do not get married to this man.
  • I have been married for 25 yrs.
  • KC is married with 2 daughters.
  • Mr Suthakaran was married in a.
  • I got married at the age of 20.
  • They were married on 7-23-1696.
  • You say yourself that he was married before.
  • They were married by Brigham Young.

mindful of, about, in or with?

  • Be mindful of the Living Force.
  • Be mindful about your skill level.
  • I will be mindful in my prayer.
  • And we're quite mindful with our usage.

"mandatory for" or "mandatory in"?

  • It is mandatory for the subordinate.
  • English is mandatory in school.
  • Plain English is mandatory on the new GOV.
  • Empathy 101 should be mandatory at all school levels.
  • Air conditioning of accomodations is mandatory by law.
  • It is also mandatory to troll when you play Shaco.
  • Equality audits are now mandatory under new U.
  • Use of +1 867 was mandatory as of 26 April 1998.
  • According to the law, public survey is mandatory before increasing power price.
  • This is mandatory from July 2008.
  • Most of the death penalties are mandatory upon finding of guilt.
  • Faith in the State is mandatory with Obama.

"meaningful to" or "meaningful for"?

  • It has to be meaningful to you.
  • It was meaningful for its time.
  • Okay, clich, but meaningful in many ways.
  • And probably too late to do anything meaningful about it.
  • Seize the day and do something meaningful with it.
  • Here's one way he makes his limited time more meaningful as a father.
  • Our lives are sustained and made meaningful by love.
  • Perhaps the distinction is no longer meaningful at that level.
  • Places are meaningful because of the activities going on there.
  • I wouldn't expect anything meaningful from those slakers.
  • I feel a section of these people (including myself!) would not mind a pay cut, if they get a chance to get involved in something meaningful like DSE.
  • The next few lines are meaningful of this song.
  • Registration use case is meaningful on its own.
  • It's really critical to making anything meaningful out of this ridiculous discussion.
  • People voted MPs to make democracy meaningful through parliament.
  • Evil is only meaningful within a biblical context.
  • It is perhaps not so meaningful without knowing what is included in each category.

"modern in" or "modern with"?

  • He was very modern in his outlook.
  • My suit was modern with a kitchen.
  • Givings, that most modern of men.
  • Rooms are modern for Venetian standards, and clean.
  • Sure they do nt look very modern to me.
  • There was nothing as remotely modern as an electric bell.
  • They looked ancient and modern at the same time.
  • There is nothing modern about Qadiani Islam.
  • The town seemed positively modern by comparison.
  • That is now often proves to be the modern from the Prada Property.
  • You can see Fearful Symmetries at the Tate Modern on 21 and 22 August.
  • Cute cute dcor, colorful color and modern like furniture.
  • Modern plus rustic equals fabulous.
  • In this modern times these kind of things still happening.
  • The Zabeel Saray is Turkish in design, very elegant, modern up to to date rooms, Hi Def Channels (all).
  • Modern vs Past Ping-Pong Players There is no comparing the athletes of the 40s with the athletes of today.
  • It's modern without being rock-star skinny.

major in, for, with, at or to?

  • Why do you want to major in? 4.
  • But nothing major for us to cling to.
  • I am an accounting major with a 4.
  • Fulfilled the requirements of one major at B.
  • Don't major on your weaknesses.
  • It's like a Major to most of us Indians.
  • Brandon Bark is a classics major from Baton Rouge.
  • Three years later Macquarie was appointed major of brigade.
  • And that is a major plus point.
  • Palmer never won another major after the ager of 35.
  • It has found its role in almost all of the major as well as small niches.
  • What's your major by the way? Finish your studies.
  • That's a much more likely scenario than a major like Barrick Gold Corp.

"mid to" or "mid of"?

  • It is best on a mid to high tide.
  • From mid of 1986 to May of 2009.
  • Sehwag flicks the third ball to mid on for two runs.
  • Push lane and go mid for a countergank -No.
  • I started UNICOM mid in 2004 with Mr.
  • The MID at 3? months was approximately 6.
  • Hyhy decided to solo mid with Alchemist.

"miserable for" or "miserable in"?

  • I was miserable for five years.
  • Adam Dunn was miserable in 2011.
  • I was mostly miserable with him.
  • Don't be all miserable about life.
  • I'd not completely miserable at my day job.
  • You make me more miserable by saying this.
  • And they're miserable because of it.
  • Those months were the most miserable of my life.
  • Earlier in his career, Dirk was miserable on defense.
  • I would be miserable without it.
  • Dhoni is miserable as a Test Player itself forget about Captasincy.
  • The left seems miserable to me.
  • I was miserable after that loss in Paris.
  • It was hot, humid, and miserable during the day.
  • I was MISERABLE from the moment my eyes opened in the morning.
  • Get a dog and be miserable like us.
  • To be so miserable over something inane as this.
  • We can go complaining and miserable through life or we can go laughing.

"moderate to" or "moderate in"?

  • The prices are moderate to high.
  • He was moderate in all affairs.
  • Prices are really moderate for staying in Switzerland.
  • Become more moderate on social issues 3.
  • So, islam has moderate with time and adapt.
  • Obama is a moderate by any political science definition.
  • So is best to have moderate of everything.
  • There's nothing moderate about it.
  • We need to be more moderate as a nation.
  • The grade is quite even and moderate at 6.
  • Although the firing was heavy, the casualties were moderate during the following fortnight.
  • He is a luke warm moderate from the political establishment.
  • Even for a moderate like myself.
  • Graded as moderate over a distance of13 kilometres, 8 miles, and an estimated duration of 6 hours.
  • Your choice of moderate rather than luxurious accommodation, food, transportation, etc.

"meaningless to", "meaningless without" or "meaningless in"?

  • His stats are meaningless to me.
  • All meaningless in the big picture.
  • Faith is meaningless without love.
  • But this is meaningless for two reasons.
  • That interest relief will be meaningless by then.
  • It is meaningless as a political term.
  • National polls are meaningless at this point.
  • So: Frum may be right, but only in the silliest and most meaningless of ways.
  • The instructors repeat the same script which becomes meaningless after a while.
  • He had a big run that resulted in a touchdown that is now rendered completely meaningless because of the final score.
  • Yes, it's meaningless from physics standpoint.
  • While both figures are correct, they're meaningless on their own.
  • I think that life would be meaningless with out it.

memorable for, in, to, of or by?

  • It has been memorable for me too.
  • Each memorable in their own way.
  • Most memorable of all, we share success and failure.
  • It was memorable to a 4 year old.
  • Become memorable by telling people what you're up to.
  • Can't say it's not memorable as a first tour win.
  • Everything was memorable about them.
  • It's the rare book that only becomes more memorable with time.
  • Each name is memorable because of the associations it evokes.
  • One of my autumnal visits to Maer in 1827 was memorable from meeting there Sir J.
  • Service is memorable at this intimate hideaway tucked within lush jungle foliage.
  • Some of them are so special and memorable like my favorite writer Martin Wickramasingha.
  • MEMORABLE ON AIR MOMENT: When I got a tattoo live on the air.
  • A blog becomes memorable through the blogger's storytelling skill.

"massive in" or "massive for"?

  • Quick and massive in the middle.
  • Boy were they massive for IDR 21.
  • Alpha-2 is a single star about 13 times as massive as the sun.
  • The walls are very massive with a thickness of 2.
  • Player power is massive at Chelsea where you have blue bloods like Lampard, Terry and Drogba.
  • We have the most massive of markets.
  • Ibrox looks massive on the inside.
  • Using a sidewinder would be massive over kill.
  • The other foot, massive by comparison, had been squeezed into a court shoe.
  • Liberty St it would appear less massive from that direction.
  • Not massive like a mountain, but massive like a Tsunami.
  • Some friends were kind enough to give NATIVE INSTRUMENTS MASSIVE to him one day.
  • The expectations for Newton are massive after his explosive debut.
  • Massive down the line winner from Williams after she was put on the run by a fine Azarenka forehand.
  • Ease of Pipeline Integration Integrating Massive into a pipeline is fairly straightforward.
  • The Office hub is a massive plus point for me.
  • The Communist Party (CP ), under the leadership of Senior Minister DEW Gunesekara, has already laid the foundation for a massive pre poll campaign in the east.
  • Your influence is massive through your presence in South America.
  • The evaporation alone is massive under the old flooding method.
  • It's massive without being noisy and melodically solid.

"mean to" or "mean for"?

  • I donot want to be mean to you.
  • They're not just being mean for kicks.
  • But he found something mean in it.
  • Also, don't be mean about anyone.
  • I thought that was mean of her.
  • Conquer the mean by generosity.
  • She was mean as a snake and I chose to have nothing to do with her.
  • It strikes a mean between the two.
  • He could be meaner on a more consistent basis.
  • Data are presented as mean with SEM.
  • Let's take a mean at 55 billion.
  • The mean WTP can be computed by taking the mean from the entire sample.
  • Unless they are mean like Roberts.
  • It's harder to be mean over voice, I guess.

"modest in" or "modest about"?

  • Tanchangyas are modest in nature.
  • Yet he was modest about his talent.
  • Figures are more modest for trucking.
  • It just seems over modest to me.
  • A gifted man, Ahsanullah was modest by nature.
  • He was the most modest of all the Companions.
  • My model is modest at a factor of 1% in 20 trading days in a month.
  • Start modest with something like a to-do list.
  • Sadly, this has made the revenue growth look very modest as the 7.
  • The one that feels modest from one's self, will surely be modest before others.
  • If, on the contrary, he remains modest despite his merit, he makes himself beloved and wins the support necessary for carrying his work through to the end.
  • The one that feels modest from one's self, will surely be modest before others.
  • To each their own Messi is not so modest on the pitch, mind you.
  • Trade's effect on jobs and income, which was probably modest through the 1990 's, now seems to be growing much larger.

"misleading in", "misleading for" or "misleading to"?

  • You've been misleading in every way.
  • Their news is so misleading to the public.
  • This is misleading for two reasons.
  • I t is misleading as well as interesting.
  • It is you who are being misleading about the whole matter.
  • It is not the misleading of Nigeria.
  • This is misleading on two fronts.
  • The court's response: That is misleading by omission.
  • So stats can be misleading at times but not all the time.
  • That's a little misleading because of a downward trend over the last two-plus months.
  • Fareed, please stop being misleading with statistics, and stop bashing the US like you always do.
  • Overall form and style can also be misleading due to subsequent additions and alterations.
  • In no way is your contest misleading from my point of view.
  • It is an offence to make a statement or produce evidence that is false or misleading regarding proof-of-age.
  • This being so, a deva is not a God in the usual sense, and the word is apt to be misleading through its association with Western theism.
  • This is one of those comments I find questionably misleading without greater context.

"metric for" or "metric of"?

  • It is only a metric for growth.
  • Citizenship isn't a metric of trust.
  • That metric in itself tells the whole story.
  • This is the metric by which Talabach judges his daily performance.
  • This is what is called the usual metric on R.
  • This is a tricky metric to use.
  • Everything else is metric from buying apples to.
  • Attraction isn't the same for men and women, stop applying a female metric against a male reality.
  • If that blue tape has to have its size in Imperial, it should be marked in metric as well.
  • It's a calculator, built one metric at a time for a long period of time.
  • I wouldn't look at a single valuation metric like relative P/E ratio.
  • On any longer term metric such as Schillers PACE, stocks are 30% or so overvalued vs.
  • Now we combined the extended minkowski metric with the extended energy momentum equation.

military in, for, to, as or on?

  • The most expensive military in the world.
  • Military for self-defense purposes.
  • From the military to civilians.
  • If you choose the military as a career path,.
  • Arshavin has gone all military on us.
  • How dare you compare your military with us.
  • Look, we love the military at the show.
  • Military from 1898 to the war in Iraq.
  • BUILD-UP: Of the military by Beijing.
  • I served in the military during peace time.
  • Bales, who enlisted in the military after the Sept.
  • Either way Ottawa will continue to send Canada's military into harms.
  • The town of Weymouth put its military under arms.
  • BTW I was in the military about this time.
  • By force? Using our own military against us? MI: No.
  • We are about to see a mass exodus from the military because of it.
  • We also learn that Kiera was in the military before becoming a Protector.
  • How can you dress a military like Mr.
  • Both military officers and defense contractors were frequently implicated.
  • In fact, I'd leaving the military out of this.
  • Do a lot of people leave the military over it? Sure.
  • The PLA is CCP's military rather than the Chinese state's military.
  • Also stay involved with the military through your recruiter.
  • Gays can serve in the military without hiding their sexuality.

minimal in, to, of, for or with?

  • Should be minimal in primary grades.
  • Just a os with minimal to 0 features.
  • I have therefore set the launch price at a minimal of $5.
  • I keep things minimal for a reason.
  • The acting is minimal with a few familiar faces.
  • Harmful side effects are minimal on all products.
  • AVB's probalem at Chelski are minimal at WHL.
  • The results are minimal as regards things visible to the human eye.
  • Fraud is minimal by the Government's own figures - 0.
  • Travel costs were ususally minimal due to renting very close to place of employment.
  • Food was minimal during the week.
  • But when it comes to supercomputers, the computing reaches astronomical figures leaving us think minimal about our PCs.
  • Pain usually subsides in about two days and is minimal after one week.
  • Security checks are minimal because of the frequent power outages.
  • The CGI is entirely seamless, and, indeed, minimal considering the subject matter.
  • Growth is too minimal from year to year.
  • Rainfall over the next five days is expected to be minimal over the Lower Mississippi watershed.
  • The cost of the training would have been minimal relative to the total time I spent working there.

manifest in, to, by, from or on?

  • God is manifest in His creation.
  • He has always been manifest to them.
  • For all iniquity is made manifest by the light.
  • This is manifest from these words of the Book of Wisdom, chap.
  • Those names can be manifest only in a slave that disobeys.
  • All life becomes manifest through four stages; so does Time.
  • There?? s never looking manifest as a You.
  • All three powers are manifest at all times.
  • She is now made manifest for all the world to see.
  • But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as theirs also was.
  • See 1Co 1:17 2:04 His revealed knowledge had been manifest among them.
  • Proh dolor! Likewise also the good works of some are manifest before hand,.
  • Our solutions are not manifest of this world, but spiritual in nature.
  • The insult is even more manifest with these so-called Nollywood movies.
  • I feel manifest within me the prognostics of indigestion.

magical about, in, for, to or with?

  • There's nothing magical about it.
  • Christmas is magical in the city.
  • This year has been magical for us.
  • The film was just magical to me.
  • It's probably more magical with dry socks.
  • They look especially magical at sunset.
  • Most magical of all though was the moment that I saw a family being born.
  • Make your grandchild's Christmas magical by sending a Letter from Santa.
  • The Black and Gold is magical on Valentines day.
  • Now, the landlord had spied the stick and he thought it must be magical as the cloth and the ram had been.
  • And it's all the more magical because of that, all the more enigmatic and beautiful.
  • The holidays are magical from some and stressful for others.
  • I do not expect brendan to do anything magical like rafa used to do.
  • Human beings have the capacity to create, innovate and make something magical out of nothing.

muslim in, from, by, for or on?

  • There are all sorts of Muslim in PAS.
  • I am an Ahmadi Muslim from the.
  • She knew I was Muslim by my hijab.
  • However, I have been Muslim for 30 years.
  • There are rights of a Muslim on his Muslim brother.
  • Dear Atty, I married a Muslim with 2 daughters.
  • His wife was a Muslim at heart.
  • There was zero Muslim to Steve Jobs.
  • What is takfeer? It is labeling a Muslim as a kafir.
  • Anyone who doesn't have faith in the Imamate is not a Muslim according to the Shi'as.
  • No one can become Muslim after this.
  • And they can be Muslim without being clannish.
  • There's not much Muslim about this.
  • Fourthly: warning a Muslim against some evil.
  • I love Muslim because of brotherhood.
  • No Muslim before him was bestowed these honorable posts.
  • Walhamdulilah **30;9512;TOOLONG People who became Muslim Due to 9/11 (i.
  • The Hindu has converted into the Muslim during liberation war for the sake of life.
  • Allowing any professing Muslim into our country is a horrible decision.
  • They wanted me to become a Muslim like them.
  • In the great family of mankind, Muslim of the present day has also acquired his share of this extra-inquisitiveness.
  • This is the smallest right of one Muslim over another.
  • No person became a Muslim under compulsion.
  • Anyone can be a Muslim upon accepting Islam is n't? Everyone should carry the burden of their own.
  • Tahiri neglects to mention the increasing Muslim vs.

merciful to, of, towards, unto or with?

  • He was kind and merciful to us.
  • O most Merciful of the merciful.
  • Truly He is Ever Most Merciful towards you.
  • Lo! Allah is ever Merciful unto you.
  • Be merciful with us and enjoy your ride.
  • Allah bestows His Mercy on the merciful among His slaves.
  • Visceral in its affliction and merciful in its respite.
  • I saw them (in such a state) and felt merciful on them.
  • He is the most merciful for a reason.
  • Yet life can be merciful as well as cruel.
  • Allah is All Mighty, All Powerful and All Merciful at the same time.
  • Even the rack-renting of Ireland, which so stirred our indignation a little while ago, was merciful by comparison.
  • Indeed, Allah is the most merciful toward his servant.
  • Kindly give up your anger, be merciful upon me, and please smile upon me with loving attachment.

"moral to", "moral for" or "moral in"?

  • There's no moral to this story.
  • There is a moral in that story.
  • It's moral for them to be married.
  • So, moral of the story: be like Goku.
  • These are moral as well as criminal.
  • There is nothing moral about letting someone suffer.
  • If it's moral abroad it's moral at home.
  • You can draw your own moral from this story.
  • But that was a moral rather than a strictly legal argument.
  • It says we can't be moral without big brother.
  • There is no moral behind the lyrics.
  • I am making a truth claim about what is moral by advancing the position I am advancing.
  • He always has moral on his side.
  • Nick Clegg over both his questions played a similar line to Cameron -- going for the simple moral against Brown's technocratic pontification.
  • The percentage who disagreed, who upheld the moral over national allegiance, is shown here: Again, Americans were least likely to stand up against the group, in this case, the nation.
  • It's under manned and turnover kills moral with non-stop replacement and retraining.
  • If we ever feel comfortable, if we ever feel easy, then something deeply and profoundly moral within our own humanity has been shattered and lost.
  • Other determinants of moral worth evidently come into play.

"motionless in" or "motionless on"?

  • He later lay motionless in a dazed position.
  • Trains motionless on the tracks.
  • He remained motionless for an instant.
  • It stood fixed and motionless at the centre of creation.
  • Each lay motionless with an arrow though its heart.
  • Sitting motionless as a rock, turn next to stillness of mind.
  • But the government did not stay motionless during these months.
  • Sometimes rays, squids, and sea snakes lay motionless among the flip-flopping fish.
  • Frozen in time, the same group of men huddled motionless around the chessboard.
  • Meanwhile, in the dark of the house, Pandora stood motionless before the box.
  • Dean walked down the stairs half expecting to see the butler standing motionless behind the desk, but no.
  • This, he said, was motionless by a classification of ministers that done a recommendation in 2001 after a Kargil war.
  • They alternated between gaping and screeching, twittering softly, and squatting silent and motionless like little lumps of ugly.
  • Great white clouds hang motionless over the city.
  • In a Force Balance Accelerometer, an inertial mass is held nearly motionless relative to a frame by an electronic negative feedback loop.
  • I motionless to cranky a overpass when we get to it.
  • The toddlers were motionless under the blankets.
  • Gymnasts must land in a way that the rotation is all accounted for to remain motionless upon landing.

"mature in" or "mature for"?

  • You are mature in your thinking.
  • Narrator's too mature for that.
  • He was way more mature about it.
  • PCM is the most mature at the moment, said Park.
  • Thats real mature of you David.
  • She is mature beyond her years.
  • I am stronger and more mature with decisions.
  • He is the one who has helped me mature as an artiste.
  • Young women do not become mature by being cut, but by education.
  • Anyone who knows him will tell you that he is mature on and off the pitch.
  • Lets hope the team is mature to enough to handle it and bounce back.
  • Bamboo becomes mature after 4-6 years, unlike hardwoods that may take decades.
  • I learned a lot from them and in the process got closer to Cupid, whom I considered the most mature among them.
  • They need to be mature before releasing a healthy egg.
  • The game is rated M for mature due to blood and gore, intense violence, strong language, suggestive themes and use of drugs.
  • Protecht will become more mature from this experience.
  • Hopefully we'll see it mature into a must-watch series.
  • Man becomes mature like that, develops and returns to etrnity.
  • I really love how you can see someone mature through his/her blog.

"manageable for", "manageable in" or "manageable by"?

  • And, that is manageable for three days.
  • The road condition was manageable by a van.
  • The naomhg was much handier and more manageable in many ways.
  • The rest should be manageable with decent stock knowledge.
  • The crowd is indeed very manageable on both days.
  • Or I comment on someone's blog This helps to make it more manageable to me.
  • I said they were and no worse than before and manageable without any form of pain relief (I had popped 2 paracetemol about 7am but that was it).
  • Simplify the idea until it's manageable as an early stage venture.
  • The flaws I've been mentioning are distinctly manageable at this point.
  • The cramping is totally more manageable during PCP.
  • It all seemed more tame and manageable from the shoreline.
  • All this is easily manageable through our user-friendly web-portal.
  • I think this route is manageable within 6 hours.
  • Life is still manageable after al.
  • It seems that many of the cabal around the late Mills also thought that Amissah Arthur would be the most manageable amongst the names being then speculated about for the job.
  • What's more, the data is easily manageable because of the synchronization.
  • Federal Reserve action has been a key factor in keeping rates low, allowing the US to keep its interest bill manageable despite increases in debt levels.
  • This can help to make stress more manageable over the course of the day.
  • Schools knew that, if they wanted students, they needed to keep costs manageable under this pay-as-you-go scheme.

minor in, to, for, at or under?

  • Cons (all minor in my view ): 1.
  • Switch your minor to your major.
  • That is minor for children or adults.
  • You can then choose a major or minor at another time.
  • Kennedy seem minor by comparison.
  • You can perform the most minor of updates - going from 2.
  • We should neither major on the minor nor minor on the major.
  • It's pretty minor under the law.
  • But it was really minor with only some zits and bumps.
  • There are also those with minor as well as major cases.
  • It's A minor from beginning to end.
  • So I guess it's not so minor after all.
  • Also heard of ppl failing to get their license becos they hav past records, from criminal to less minor like traffic fines (No relationship but still rejected).
  • However, a few things could be done, in my opinion, but these are minor such as: 1.
  • I personally would not do a reading for a minor without parental consent.

magnificent in, with, of, for or at?

  • Looks magnificent in the house.
  • This thing is magnificent with tuba.
  • Robbie has been magnificent for us this season.
  • South Dakota really is the most magnificent of places.
  • It is even more magnificent at this time as it is totally empty.
  • TTF sounded magnificent on ESPN.
  • What I find so magnificent about this country is hundreds of millions of people share a limited geographic space.
  • Javier Bardem on the other hand is magnificent as the villain here.
  • The castle itself was magnificent from the outside.
  • Lobbe 8 was magnificent against Wales, pick a real 6.
  • Together they have been magnificent to me.
  • The sunset from this region is magnificent beyond words and is a must not miss for anyone visiting Phuket.
  • The segment is magnificent by the National Forestry Authority for historical, aesthetic and recreational reasons.
  • Chelsea was truly magnificent during the first half.
  • Some of these are big potatoes like Phil Beadle, Geoff Barton and Tom Bennett whilst others are quietly magnificent like Darren Meade, Helene O'Shea and Matt Bebbington.
  • Ramos was IMO magnificent over the whole tournament and especially against Germany.
  • He's been magnificent since taking over the captaincy.
  • You were magnificent throughout the Rogers Cup.

"mild to" or "mild in"?

  • CKD ranges from mild to severe.
  • This one was mild in comparison.
  • This is the mildest of examples.
  • The winter months are mild with cold nights.
  • I hope the rash turns out mild for you.
  • That means temperatures will again be mild on Wednesday.
  • Calling them trolls seems mild by comparison.
  • From what we DO know about her needs, they are pretty mild at this point.
  • And there's nothing mild about the peril they contain.
  • At the rear of him or her the actual existence anxiously waited; comforting him or her, mocking him or her, each mild as well as harmful.
  • I hear ideally the weather is milder during November to February which is the dry season.
  • The climate is mild throughout most of the year.

"mighty in" or "mighty of"?

  • And his pen was mighty in the slaying.
  • He was the mightiest of heroes.
  • All that is mighty about Dempsey Dempsey is on this album.
  • The craic would be mighty for me! Ah fer jaysus.
  • He casts the mighty from their thrones and raises the lowly.
  • He did not ride high and mighty on a strutting steed.
  • They included the high and mighty like Good Governance minister (President's Office ), Mathias Chikawe, who was the guest of honour.
  • Spiritual, therefore, and mighty through God, not carnal (2 Corinthians 10:4).
  • You must come from your high horse to interview everybody from the high and mighty to the lowly.
  • So don't get all high and mighty with us.
  • From street, from cage and from kennel, From jungles and stall, the wail Of my tortured kin proclaims the sin Of the mighty Against the frail.
  • Garutman One who is Mighty by nature.
  • They say, If we return to Madina, the mightier among us will surely drive out the more lowly.
  • Humility applies to the great and the mighty as well as to the ordinary person.
  • SEO- is often considered the Holy Grail for anyone who wants to sit high and mighty at the top of search engine results.
  • Wilks, sure, and he come mighty near getting here in time.
  • And this oath is mighty over them And through it they are preserved and their paths are preserved, And their course is not destroyed.
  • His seed shall be mighty upon earth: the generation of the upright shall be blessed.
  • In the Name of Allah Who is Mighty without having to derive His might from His creation.

"mainstream in", "mainstream with" or "mainstream for"?

  • Start ups are mainstream in US.
  • Ian Harris is mainstream for many of us.
  • Online MLM is going mainstream with social media.
  • MT will be mainstream by the end of 2015.
  • The evolution from a mainstream to Latin market was gradual, Jordan said.
  • That seems like a decidedly mainstream as opposed to fundie concern to me.
  • Apple are in serious danger of becoming mainstream at the moment.
  • Buchanan is mainstream on immigration.
  • They scare the mainstream from the movement.
  • The most mainstream of these theories is of course the one being floated by Palin and Co.
  • With companies like FeedBurner, RSS feeds have become mainstream within blogging circles.
  • The likely way we will see ammonia hit the mainstream without giving it a nudge is through fuel cells and a shift to electric motors.
  • Tell me what is mainstream about RP's foriegn policy.
  • This generalized usage began to go mainstream after the Internet population explosion of 1993-1994.
  • Pentecostal belief as a mainstream among Protestantism demands a more accurate definition from us.
  • Now it is very much in the mainstream because of the new developments in endothelial grafting.
  • We should have been mainstream before that anyway, that kind of music.
  • Meanwhile, touch interfaces and speech recognition have become mainstream due to consumer adoption.
  • The magneto system was in place until the 1920s however its use dwindled from the mainstream into private networks.
  • Others have not come into the mainstream like personal fuel cells and nanocomputing are still on the horizon.
  • Two-Factor Authentication has jumped into the mainstream over the last few months.
  • They both thought big: hip-hop heroes for the mainstream rather than the cognoscenti.
  • The IVRS/IWRS systems have become mainstream since then.
  • Android market kept its worth on the mainstream through out the year.

"meticulous in" or "meticulous about"?

  • They were meticulous in the process.
  • Be meticulous about your personal grooming.
  • He is meticulous with details and a strong negotiator.
  • They are usually meticulous of their looks.
  • The planning was meticulous on the choreography with Jerry Reeve.
  • Thank you all, you lot are a superb team - very professional and meticulous to the very core.
  • You are also going to become meticulous at tracking your spending.
  • That is not a bad way to invest but I would be extra careful and meticulous before investing my money in such kind of funds.

middle of, to, aged, for or on?

  • They're middle of the pack right now.
  • Many of them are middle to upper class.
  • I cope with that but I have been surprised at how middle aged my body has become; the Toyota's hard suspension really highlighting any excess weight as I judder over the road surface.
  • When a game is instigated someone usually calls ' Middle for diddle ', meaning ' whoever throws a single dart nearest the middle of the board (the Bulls-eye) gets to start the game proper.
  • Good wages As you can see, good wages isn't top but middle on the list.

must-read for, in, on or of?

  • It is a must-read for all ages.
  • This scary story should be a must-read in journalism schools.
  • Fully available from Vital Signs Publishing in 2010, THE TRUTH AGENDA is becoming the must-read of its genre.

monthly for, in, to, from or with?

  • Groups meet monthly for four hours.
  • Payments are made monthly in U.
  • Contributions are remitted monthly to PPF.
  • Income taxes are paid monthly by deposits.
  • A Deputy Mayor is chosen monthly from among the Councillors.
  • I can pay monthly on this to get it back now.
  • Organise 4 interactive sessions monthly with target population i.
  • The first 49-day CD, repricing monthly at 0.
  • You can earn good money monthly depending on time spent on the job.
  • Monthly during the warmer months.
  • They feel no remorse or dishonor on the number of frustrated dead pensioners recorded monthly across the country.
  • She intends to put out another plank in two weeks, and twice monthly after that until the race concludes in April.
  • You can enter up to three scenarios at a time to see how much you'll have to pay monthly along with the interest you'll pay over the life of your student loan.
  • We offer monthly as well as weekly stays at our locations.
  • Are the data aggregated into monthly before sending? 5.
  • I was paying monthly between $35 to $50 in fees compared to $3.
  • And they pay us monthly instead of yearly or biannually.
  • Payments are made monthly into your Paypal, e-gold or Moneybookers account.
  • Payments were to be made monthly over a three-year period.
  • This can also change to a monthly rather than a weekly system to help them learn about budgeting.
  • The group has met monthly since 1987.
  • Both the proposer and seconder must be paid monthly through the University payroll.
  • These are held monthly throughout the Auckland CBD and NorthShore.
  • The Board continues to meet monthly under the chairmanship of Mr John Morgan.
  • You will be invoiced monthly via email for any fees charged to your account.
  • What is a periodic tenancy? A periodic tenancy renews or continues weekly or monthly without notice.

messed up or with?

  • I am too messed up in the head.
  • At each stage it gets messed with.

maturing of, in, as, from or into?

  • What you are witnessing is the maturing of the Lib Dems.
  • There has been a maturing in his game and his personality.
  • I continue to be pleasantly surprise by your maturing as an Editor.
  • Through their maturing from boys to men, they sang? Up Santaclausian? and? Adisadel On the Hill?, pledging their allegiance for the school's great name.
  • There is a gradual maturing over time.
  • The Kenyan flower industry has gone through a significant maturing since 1990.

magic in, for, to, on or with?

  • He found there was magic in words.
  • Jurassic Park was magic for me.
  • Together they were magic on air.
  • My ipod would be magic to anyone pre-Edison.
  • Magic by definition is not based on anything we can measure or readily grasp.
  • You are magic with words and lan-guage.
  • There was nothing magic about it.
  • There had been magic at Grammy's house.
  • This is Magic of the first order.
  • Compression doesn't just magic up free space, though.
  • I resent the portrayal of Magic as a cult game.
  • I use Ripples Magic from Redfield.
  • Compression is not magic after all.
  • The author put too much stock into tuesday nights game against the Magic during which the Knicks cooled off substantially.
  • Getting Your Magic Into Bookstores By: Dr.
  • A good dose of almonds makes you feel pretty full for absolutely ages, they are magic like that.
  • John has covered the Magic since 1997.
  • First Liar, now Magic Under Glass.
  • You remember watching Magic vs.
  • That includes the examples of magic without specific rules.