mad at, about, with, for or in?

  • They must so mad at the moment.
  • He'll be really mad about that.
  • I'd already getting mad with it.
  • They are mad for it over there.

magic in, for, to, on or with?

  • He found there was magic in words.
  • Jurassic Park was magic for me.
  • My ipod would be magic to anyone pre-Edison.
  • Together they were magic on air.

magical about, in, for, to or with?

  • There's nothing magical about it.
  • Christmas is magical in the city.
  • This year has been magical for us.
  • The film was just magical to me.

magnificent in, with, of, for or at?

  • Looks magnificent in the house.
  • This thing is magnificent with tuba.
  • South Dakota really is the most magnificent of places.
  • Robbie has been magnificent for us this season.

"mainstream in", "mainstream with" or "mainstream for"?

  • Start ups are mainstream in US.
  • Ian Harris is mainstream for many of us.
  • Online MLM is going mainstream with social media.
  • MT will be mainstream by the end of 2015.

major in, for, with, at or to?

  • Why do you want to major in? 4.
  • But nothing major for us to cling to.
  • I am an accounting major with a 4.
  • Fulfilled the requirements of one major at B.

"manageable for", "manageable in" or "manageable by"?

  • And, that is manageable for three days.
  • The road condition was manageable by a van.
  • The rest should be manageable with decent stock knowledge.
  • The crowd is indeed very manageable on both days.

"mandatory for" or "mandatory in"?

  • It is mandatory for the subordinate.
  • English is mandatory in school.
  • Plain English is mandatory on the new GOV.
  • Empathy 101 should be mandatory at all school levels.

manifest in, to, by, from or on?

  • God is manifest in His creation.
  • He has always been manifest to them.
  • For all iniquity is made manifest by the light.
  • This is manifest from these words of the Book of Wisdom, chap.

"married to" or "married for"?

  • Do not get married to this man.
  • I have been married for 25 yrs.
  • KC is married with 2 daughters.
  • Mr Suthakaran was married in a.

"massive in" or "massive for"?

  • Quick and massive in the middle.
  • Boy were they massive for IDR 21.
  • Alpha-2 is a single star about 13 times as massive as the sun.
  • The walls are very massive with a thickness of 2.

"mature in" or "mature for"?

  • You are mature in your thinking.
  • Narrator's too mature for that.
  • He was way more mature about it.
  • PCM is the most mature at the moment, said Park.

maturing of, in, as, from or into?

  • What you are witnessing is the maturing of the Lib Dems.
  • There has been a maturing in his game and his personality.
  • I continue to be pleasantly surprise by your maturing as an Editor.
  • Through their maturing from boys to men, they sang? Up Santaclausian? and? Adisadel On the Hill?, pledging their allegiance for the school's great name.

"mean to" or "mean for"?

  • I donot want to be mean to you.
  • They're not just being mean for kicks.
  • But he found something mean in it.
  • I thought that was mean of her.

"meaningful to" or "meaningful for"?

  • It has to be meaningful to you.
  • It was meaningful for its time.
  • Okay, clich, but meaningful in many ways.
  • And probably too late to do anything meaningful about it.

"meaningless to", "meaningless without" or "meaningless in"?

  • His stats are meaningless to me.
  • All meaningless in the big picture.
  • Faith is meaningless without love.
  • But this is meaningless for two reasons.

memorable for, in, to, of or by?

  • It has been memorable for me too.
  • Each memorable in their own way.
  • It was memorable to a 4 year old.
  • Most memorable of all, we share success and failure.

merciful to, of, towards, unto or with?

  • He was kind and merciful to us.
  • O most Merciful of the merciful.
  • Truly He is Ever Most Merciful towards you.
  • Lo! Allah is ever Merciful unto you.

messed up or with?

  • I am too messed up in the head.
  • At each stage it gets messed with.

"meticulous in" or "meticulous about"?

  • They were meticulous in the process.
  • Be meticulous about your personal grooming.
  • He is meticulous with details and a strong negotiator.
  • They are usually meticulous of their looks.

"metric for" or "metric of"?

  • It is only a metric for growth.
  • Citizenship isn't a metric of trust.
  • That metric in itself tells the whole story.
  • This is a tricky metric to use.

"mid to" or "mid of"?

  • It is best on a mid to high tide.
  • From mid of 1986 to May of 2009.
  • Sehwag flicks the third ball to mid on for two runs.
  • Push lane and go mid for a countergank -No.

middle of, to, aged, for or on?

  • They're middle of the pack right now.
  • Many of them are middle to upper class.
  • I cope with that but I have been surprised at how middle aged my body has become; the Toyota's hard suspension really highlighting any excess weight as I judder over the road surface.
  • When a game is instigated someone usually calls ' Middle for diddle ', meaning ' whoever throws a single dart nearest the middle of the board (the Bulls-eye) gets to start the game proper.

"mighty in" or "mighty of"?

  • And his pen was mighty in the slaying.
  • He was the mightiest of heroes.
  • All that is mighty about Dempsey Dempsey is on this album.
  • He did not ride high and mighty on a strutting steed.

"mild to" or "mild in"?

  • CKD ranges from mild to severe.
  • This one was mild in comparison.
  • This is the mildest of examples.
  • The winter months are mild with cold nights.

military in, for, to, as or on?

  • The most expensive military in the world.
  • Military for self-defense purposes.
  • From the military to civilians.
  • Arshavin has gone all military on us.

mindful of, about, in or with?

  • Be mindful of the Living Force.
  • Be mindful about your skill level.
  • I will be mindful in my prayer.
  • And we're quite mindful with our usage.

minimal in, to, of, for or with?

  • Should be minimal in primary grades.
  • Just a os with minimal to 0 features.
  • I have therefore set the launch price at a minimal of $5.
  • I keep things minimal for a reason.

minor in, to, for, at or under?

  • Cons (all minor in my view ): 1.
  • Switch your minor to your major.
  • That is minor for children or adults.
  • You can then choose a major or minor at another time.

"miserable for" or "miserable in"?

  • I was miserable for five years.
  • Adam Dunn was miserable in 2011.
  • I was mostly miserable with him.
  • Don't be all miserable about life.

"misleading in", "misleading for" or "misleading to"?

  • You've been misleading in every way.
  • Their news is so misleading to the public.
  • This is misleading for two reasons.
  • I t is misleading as well as interesting.

"moderate to" or "moderate in"?

  • The prices are moderate to high.
  • He was moderate in all affairs.
  • Become more moderate on social issues 3.
  • Prices are really moderate for staying in Switzerland.

"modern in" or "modern with"?

  • He was very modern in his outlook.
  • My suit was modern with a kitchen.
  • Givings, that most modern of men.
  • Rooms are modern for Venetian standards, and clean.

"modest in" or "modest about"?

  • Tanchangyas are modest in nature.
  • Yet he was modest about his talent.
  • It just seems over modest to me.
  • Figures are more modest for trucking.

monthly for, in, to, from or with?

  • Groups meet monthly for four hours.
  • Payments are made monthly in U.
  • Contributions are remitted monthly to PPF.
  • A Deputy Mayor is chosen monthly from among the Councillors.

"moral to", "moral for" or "moral in"?

  • There's no moral to this story.
  • There is a moral in that story.
  • It's moral for them to be married.
  • So, moral of the story: be like Goku.

"motionless in" or "motionless on"?

  • He later lay motionless in a dazed position.
  • Trains motionless on the tracks.
  • He remained motionless for an instant.
  • It stood fixed and motionless at the centre of creation.

muslim in, from, by, for or on?

  • There are all sorts of Muslim in PAS.
  • I am an Ahmadi Muslim from the.
  • She knew I was Muslim by my hijab.
  • However, I have been Muslim for 30 years.

must-read for, in, on or of?

  • It is a must-read for all ages.
  • This scary story should be a must-read in journalism schools.
  • Fully available from Vital Signs Publishing in 2010, THE TRUTH AGENDA is becoming the must-read of its genre.