Prepositions after Verbs

Click a verb to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


"debate in", "debate on" or "debate with"?

  • The matter was debated in parliament.
  • No need to debate with that sort of mindset further.
  • If you want to debate on Hinduism and caste system I am game for it.
  • You can debate about it all day.
  • Bush II refused public challenges to debate by Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Ralph Nader.
  • It's certainly worth debating at the very least.
  • Quantum Theory The nature of light had been debated for many years.
  • The study adds to debate over the impact of green tea on cancer risks.
  • The history of the Beta Israel's rescue is at times open to debate regarding the heroes of the Ethiopian Jewry movement.
  • That's been debated to death in the Old School vs.
  • By Stephen Fry National treasure Stephen Fry joined provocateur extraordinaire Christopher Hitchens to debate against Ann Widdicome and the Archbishop of Abuja, John Onaiyekan.
  • It's debated as to whether or not the US was the first country to introduce decimalized currency; some accounts give Russia credit with this.
  • They both propose possible solutions to our real problems, and we debate between those possible solutions.
  • The truth is more than any single issue debated during a presidential campaign.
  • This is because you debate like a child.
  • The Cyprus legislation on the administration of companies, along with a set of add-on legal and financial services, was seriously debated since 2006.
  • It is possible to debate without engaging in personal attacks.

"design for" or "design by"?

  • It's designed for stylish figure.
  • It was designed by architect, I.
  • It is designed with a funnel collar.
  • Policies designed in this sort of environment rarely work.
  • It's a setup designed to Trap us.
  • Basically our site has designed as an open option.
  • From the top down, these vivastations have been designed around you.
  • But it's also been designed from the ground up with parallel computing in mind.
  • I wouldn't use a tool designed like that.
  • A template is often designed on one computer and then used on several other computers.

destine for, to, by, in or into?

  • The drugs are destined for Britain's streets.
  • That way is forever destined to failure.
  • Yly#xh5 ugg boots outlet Zyw#mz Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be destined by the Terms of Use.
  • Your future is destined in God to be far greater than your past! Don't let your past ruin your future.
  • To be mentioned that all terminated calls destined towards subscribers ' original number will be automatically diverted to the assigned number.

drench in, with, by, at or from?

  • I was drenched in my own blood.
  • AN EROTIC ELEMENT? Ray's work is drenched with erotic elements and he does not apologise for it.
  • Our answers varied -- No, we were scuba-diving, only we forgot to change clothes; No, we were up in the sky too high and got drenched by the clouds; No, we are Argentinean pearl fishers.
  • We then proceeded to get drenched at the bottom of the Devil's Throat then walk back along the riverside path to the first bus stop opposite the pink hotel.
  • Drenched from our underground explorations.

"dupe into" or "dupe by"?

  • So Mendes rang Atltico, a club easily duped into buying.
  • Don't blame other people you guys were duped by Murray.

daydream about, for, in, of or on?

  • Thanks to Ford, who knows what I like and it's daydreaming about rocketing off this craphole.
  • Personally, I can't really think of anything that costs $1 that will give me as much pleasure as daydreaming for the next two days about winning this jackpot.

"disillusion with" or "disillusion by"?

  • However, he said his online network of support has increased as more people have grown disillusioned with GIN.
  • I consider myself liberal, and I am disillusioned by both candidates.
  • Many people become disillusioned after investing a great deal of time in a church.

"defect to" or "defect from"?

  • He defected to the Katipunan when the Revolution broke out in August 1896.
  • Mustelier, who defected from Cuba in 2011, is by no means a prospect.
  • Just last week, three players of the Cuban national football team defected in Canada ahead of a World Cup qualifier.
  • No Republicans defected on the vote.
  • They defected at one end and took water from the other end.
  • For example, the presence of switching costs can mean that some seemingly loyal customers are actually dissatisfied but do not defect because of high switching costs.

"dwindle to", "dwindle into" or "dwindle in"?

  • By the early 19th century it had dwindled to almost nothing.
  • The calls have dwindled in number quite drastically now, I maybe get called once a month or so.
  • Leftism, crime, and poverty would dwindle into virtually nothing.
  • The firm had been in the hands of the receiver for 9 months &; the workforce had dwindled from 240 to 57.
  • Malaysia's exports dwindled by 14.
  • The area of Zi? rat, Baluchistan, has juniper forests that are believed to be 5,000 years old; however, they are dwindling due to deforestation.
  • A generation ago, their numbers had dwindled because of hunting and development, and the animals were only found in the most remote mountains and coastal swamps.
  • It is a credit to our farmers and ranchers who have met demand, increasing production while farmland has dwindled over the years.

devastate by, for, after, in or at?

  • Many English towns were devastated by fire in the Middle Ages.
  • I am devastated for you and your family.
  • I was completely devastated after being told that I will have to go for chemotherapy.
  • The ugly Off the field, Nigeria's sports were devastated in the year with several ugly stories.
  • I have even heard of some women with cancer more devastated at the loss of never being able to conceive and carry their own child than the cancer itself.
  • G eneral director of the company, Muhamed Gavrankapetanovic, says it was? devastated to a large extent? by the war.
  • It is evident that Andi has been devastated because of the recent events.
  • The area devastated around Meteor Crater is approximately 1,000 sq km.
  • Jamaica was devastated as the eyewall traversed the entire length of the island.
  • Not just devastated on behalf of clergy women -- obviously this will be an enormous blow to clergy women, it's awful for their morale -- but it's a disaster for the Church of England.

"devolve into" or "devolve to"?

  • I would rather not see this blog devolve into rupeenews vs.
  • It seems devolved to an older, less imaginative style of writing.
  • If therefore Terah's brother Haran had died, the duty of becoming in effect the father of Iscah and Milcah would automatically devolve upon Terah.
  • On the 25th, as Admiral Struble left the fleet, command of the Fast Carrier Task Force devolved on Rear Admiral Ewen, Commander Carrier Division 1.
  • In broad brush terms, Devo Max is actually a very straightforward concept -- everything is devolved apart from defence and foreign affairs.
  • Chittaranjan De Silva to go into all these allegations and identify the responsibility that devolves for the same.
  • Later, Seoka met with Lonmin managers, who told him that the situation had devolved from a labour dispute to public disorder, and was therefore out of their hands.
  • IMO The Australian has devolved under the leadership of Chris Mitchell from the premier newspaper in Australia to little more than a regurgitater and source of propaganda.

"drool over", "drool on" or "drool at"?

  • Ok, that's a half truth, I spend a lot of time drooling over what I see on Pinterest.
  • Not only ate it, but ate it with gusto: lips smacking, mouth open, drool at the corners of their mouths.
  • I want to drool on my screen, not to throw up my bowels.
  • The establishment Republicrats are drooling in their bibs over the power this gives them.

deliberate on, upon, for, in or as?

  • The jurors then retire to deliberate on a verdict.
  • Hearing these things, and deliberating for a long time among themselves, they thought it most just to furnish what was demanded of them.
  • The Council shall continue to deliberate in this.
  • As I write this the Executive Team are still deliberating as to whether the global intranet project will go ahead -- after three attempts by the business sponsor.
  • I'll put some more clothes on ' she deliberated with Linda and Charlie.
  • These issues would in turn be introduced into the village's Council of Chiefs who would deliberate over such issues and pass legislation.
  • While deliberating between the merits of the others, he caught the mirthful glance of Sallust, and by a sudden inspiration named the jovial epicure to the rank of director, or arbiter bibendi.
  • The utilization of these lands has been deliberated since 2001.

disengage from, with, by or in?

  • Even after Israel disengaged from the Strip, nothing changed in the sea sector.
  • Research gleaned and branding helps to expand the service at the same time as the bottom 20 per cent are increasingly disengaged by using smart metering, for example.

detach from, with, to, because or by?

  • Rave trip your mind is detached from your body.
  • Every unit of the development is detached with individual, private gardens.

"drape in" or "drape over"?

  • The coffin was draped in the Mooncoin G.
  • Cena's head is draped over the apron and Punk hits him with an elbow.
  • Without exception, every day we saw sunbeds with towels draped across them from 7am onwards.
  • At the Cocullo Snake Festival, dating back 3000 years, live snakes are draped around a statue which is then paraded through the streets.
  • Simple snacks like Pretzels and Caramel popcorn served in a crystal dish draped with cobwebs, brings simple snack to ghoulish glamor.
  • Although they are suppose to exist here, I've yet to see a fox (apart from the dead kind draped on stupid women).

"dabble in" or "dabble with"?

  • I detest women who dabble in politics.
  • Perhaps you are dabbling with the idea of being a biker, or perhaps you are a newly minted biker.
  • Here are some lessons we learned after years of dabbling into this risky and scam-filled arena.

"drip with" or "drip from"?

  • Our language drips with colour.
  • It must have been the sweat dripping from me (no really, they probably drink the stuff).
  • In some cases, the subjects had opaque dye dripped into their rear nasal cavities.
  • The country drips in red, white and blue on July 4 th.
  • The upper one might wet his bed in the night and drip on the lower one.
  • Tears begin to drip out of my eyes, pathetically so how I try to fight it.
  • It dropped my dad's body to the floor and grinned at her, dad's blood dripping off of its teeth and running down its chest.
  • Do not allow the gravy and other liquids to drip onto the clothes.
  • The water poured into the top of the filter slowly drips through the holes in the diffuser, and flows down through the sand and gravel.

"defecate in" or "defecate on"?

  • By the time he came, he was defecating in his trousers.
  • People who claim to be sane continue to piss in the street and defecate on our beaches.
  • They defecated from one end of platform and took water from the other end.

"displace by", "displace in" or "displace from"?

  • Some of the people displaced by the flooding are still in tents.
  • Animals have long been displaced from their natural habitats.
  • The hypocracy he displaces in this article is simply breathtaking.
  • Several Hill Tamils had been displaced during the 1977 violence.
  • More than 15,000 Gazans are still displaced as a result of an Israeli military operation in 2008-09 called Cast Lead.
  • Late in life he became a religious mystic and was displaced on the throne by his more militant son, Selim I.
  • People are being displaced through climate change.
  • Now imagine that the said turd was now geographically displaced to your butt-hole.
  • The refugees trace their roots to those displaced amid the Arab-Israeli hostilities of 1948.
  • Sponsor a child in Kenya, where over half a million people were displaced due to political rioting in 2008.
  • It is thought that between 50,000 to 100,000 people have been displaced over the weekend (including tens of thousands living in displaced camps) to escape being caught in the crossfire.
  • Many thousands have been killed, more displaced with houses burned down.
  • At least 100,000 people or more than a quarter of the total population of the CHT were displaced without adequate rehabilitation.

"dispatch to", "dispatch by" or "dispatch from"?

  • After that, he was dispatched to a local hotel.
  • Dispatched from and sold by selected Amazon fashion.
  • The TV was dispatched by amazon on the Monday and the carrier notified.
  • This can be a copy of your original invoice that was dispatched with the handset.
  • Production process starts after receiving of fabrics and end after dispatching of packed garments.
  • Our Delivery Promise and Guarantee Orders are usually dispatched within 5 working days.
  • MAIL ORDER Making a purchase: We do not dispatch on Weekends or Bank Holidays.
  • Reason 3-5 Cost of the re-delivery will be charged to you and your order will be dispatched following confirmation of the delivery address details.
  • Orders paid for by cheque will be dispatched upon cheque clearance.

"disqualify from" or "disqualify for"?

  • A is disqualified from trying this case as a Magistrate.
  • We disqualify for some Asian countries b/c my hubs maxed out on their upper age limit.
  • Unless otherwise disqualified under this Law, a person employed on Government duty outside Ghana who is a citizen of Qualification and eligibility of members of Parliament.
  • The men were disqualified after making yet another hash of a changeover, a tediously predictable turn-of-events.
  • Some are disqualified at the newspaper's discretion for a number of different reasons.
  • Several medalists in weightlifting and cross-country skiing were disqualified because of doping offenses.
  • One promising site was disqualified in 1986 when it was unexpectedly reclassified as Class 1 Wetlands.
  • It all started when Fidelity bank were disqualified upon investigation by the disciplinary committee revealed that three players were not staff of the bank.

"deport to" or "deport from"?

  • You can be arrested and deported to your country.
  • An employer does not have power to have an employee arrested by police or to have an employee deported from Ireland.
  • The key 2611 Mumbai terror attack handler Abu Jundal was deported in June, whereas another Lashkar terrorist A Rayees of Kerala was deported earlier this month.
  • Of course, if her husband is also an illegal, both could end up being deported at some time.
  • It has been Deported on the authority of Anas who said: My uncle and I have been named after him was not present with the Messenger of Allah (mav peace be upon him) on the Day of Badr.
  • On many of these properties were Englishmen deported as a penalty for their crimes in the Mother Country.
  • Republican hard-liners, from which thousands of immigrants deported without explanation.
  • A Pakistani was deported for flipping the middle finger at a motorist, and the courts are filled with cases of foreigners having sex out of wedlock.
  • I was then deported off the ship in Egypt to another hospital.

"disguise as" or "disguise by"?

  • Ivorit is a defense of imperialism, disguised as an act of patriotism.
  • It is easy to recognize the human ambitions when they cut relations and shed blood, even if they are disguised in ' nationalism ' and ' ethnicity ' outfits.
  • Basically the standard Pop album disguised with the occasional loud guitar.
  • However, disguises for those attacks were created to hide the truth.
  • AHA we found the answer, it was one simple phrase that the worship leader disguised on the back of the bulletin.
  • The magician, thus disguised like the holy woman, spent the remainder of the night in the cell.

deduce from, by, AS or in?

  • This has been deduced from certain? Ahdth.
  • My net cost was deduced by 37% or $780.
  • However you can deduce AS from the Gospels if you insist upon it.

"demolish by" or "demolish in"?

  • What is left of Barrett House, almost completely demolished by Hurricane Gilbert in 1988.
  • The west wing was sold for its bricks and demolished in 1793; the east burned in 1832.
  • Then they tried to deliver on the 25th, no-one at home again! Was my house demolished on the evening of the 23rd and rebuilt overnight on the 24th? NO.
  • If you add the cost of the buildings they have demolished with the cost of occupation, at lot of money is being spent for possibly no good reason.
  • I also think that it's better to wait until the AGW paradigm has been demolished before bringing up the topic too often.

dash to, into, out, from or on?

  • However, their hopes were dashed to ground when their regular income stopped and some farm owners went missing.
  • Comstock and I dashed into a herd, followed by the referees.
  • It's for you! At that, Harry's eyes widened and he dashed out of the room.
  • For a couple hours, he dashed from one map to another, offering specific details and suggestions from how we should hike one trail, to the best type of hiking boots to fit our feet.
  • A few brave souls could be seen outside covering their heads with plastic bags and dashing for the nearest bus stop.
  • It is difficult to keep up one's spirits, wishing for a win and then watching those wishes dashed on the jagged rocks of an SEC schedule as the team flounders rudderless in the surf.
  • With that in mind, let's take a look at the 16 teams whose playoffs dreams had been dashed as of Monday (i.
  • The victory belongs to Edorites and indeed Nigerians whose hopes for a credible democracy had serially been dashed by those who see democracy as a malleable tool in their sly hands.
  • She put her head out of the chariot and the rock dashed against her head and killed her.
  • As a fan of McCullum, too often I have been left disappointed, jilted at the altar of promise, as a possible dawn of a happy future has been dashed at the rocks of a petulant dismissal.
  • Hopes for a Guns N ' Roses original line-up reunion at the ceremony in Cleveland, Ohio earlier this month were dashed after Rose declined to attend the music museum's annual gala.
  • All these expectations have been dashed because of the abrogation of this contract.
  • Jun-Jun was dashing in an intricately embroidered piAAa barong as he nervously awaited his glowing bride.
  • But for reality TV world, blech! I want them to be demonic like Milania Giudice, narcissistic like Ashley Holmes or dashing like Albie Manzo.
  • He thinks it's a game to try to dash past me before I can swamp him in the towel to dry those muddy feet and undercarriage.
  • Looking up I saw a figure with a white hoodie dashing up the street a couple of houses up.
  • However, the king is Mango, a nice half ripe (not the Rolls-Royce/ Julie) mango sliced, dashed with salt, and seasoned with garlic, chadon/shadon beni and PEPPER, some lime if you want.

detain in, by, for, without or at?

  • Alan Gross was detained in December 2009 while delivering.
  • They have been detained by illness of Anas b.
  • He was summarily detained for four days.
  • After being detained without bail by the U.
  • At 15 she was detained at Her Majesty's pleasure.
  • She was not detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (MHA).
  • He has since been detained on the military police premises in Mundemba.
  • In many cases people were detained against their will.
  • Two men have also been detained as part of the investigation.
  • Demafouth, a former defence minister and a lawyer by profession, has been detained since Friday by the paramilitary police.
  • Matin and Bandari were detained with 13 other Muslim converts to Christianity while meeting together in a park in Shiraz.

diversify into, away, in, beyond or with?

  • Let that trade be diversified into several currencies and the demand for petrodollars goes way down.
  • One of the nice things about stocks (as opposed to owned real estate) is that even a man of modest means can diversify away from position risk.
  • I don't think for such companies to diversify in this segment is hell a big task.
  • Nowadays it makes sense to own a limited partnership only if you feel the Brian Urlacher Elite Jersey need to diversify beyond stocks and bonds.
  • Usually, smart investors diversify by placing their money in different types of mutual fund schemes or different asset classes (equity, fixed deposits, gold, real estate etc.
  • Meditation: Core meditation techniques have been preserved in ancient Buddhist texts and have proliferated and diversified through teacher-student transmissions.
  • Let us diversify according to our varied gifts.
  • Others may have extra recourses or see diversifying as a personal challenge.
  • We have investments in Africa and the Middle East so we are well diversified outside of Egypt.
  • Themes for days during Spirit Week festivities have also diversified over the years.

"dangle from" or "dangle in"?

  • They were all over the walls, they were dangling from the curtains.
  • It will clear quickly, and you'll see oxygen masks dangling in front of you.
  • Remember also he would not be allowed to contest any elections because already a white paper is dangling on his head.
  • With my feet dangling over the impossibly wide river as I swayed back and forth at the end of the rope, I realised I was still alive and the adrenaline.
  • Meanwhile, CEPP, (yes, another acronym ), was dangled before schools.
  • You should certainly have the dangle of web site design with these suggestions, nonetheless.
  • Bottom-line: expect some scary skeletons to come dangling out of their closets to temporarily horrify you out of your wits.
  • The boy, now posing as Price, exits the room with nose held high, cigarette dangling with disdain.
  • Upon closer inspections, I could see that it really is grapevines dangling within a tree near me, as I reach up and try to pull it out.

discharge from, in, by, on or to?

  • Nia was discharged from the hospital few days before Christmas.
  • He was honorably discharged in 1974.
  • The function of law is not only discharged by protecting citizens from crime.
  • The boys were discharged on their complying with the expressed wishes of the bench.
  • Of Goulburn-Murray Water's 119 groundwater pumps, 69 discharge to G-MW's water supply channels.
  • As a result, Brown was admonished and discharged for the malicious destruction charge.
  • Under Chapter 7, a person can be discharged of his / her financial obligations.
  • Dan Choi becomes one of those discharged under this tyrant and dictatorial policy, one begin to wonder where America is heading.
  • Look at your debt situation and learn which of your debts can be discharged with bankruptcy.
  • Sputum may be discharged during coughing.
  • Rapid industrialisation increases the volume of pollutants discharged into the environment.
  • The cold wind is heated to 250? 350? after passing the hot mineral aggregate and cooled to 150? and discharged after passing the heat-transfer steam generator.
  • The Act also addresses Sewage and Trade Effluent discharges as well as air emissions.
  • However, a charge where the debt owed to the charge holder has already been fully discharged at the time the liquidation is commenced will not be held invalid.
  • Student loans can not be discharged due to bankruptcy, elapsed time or disability; they literally follow student borrowers to the grave and some choose to hasten that process.
  • Most loans can be discharged outside of certain things, like child support or loans you are paying back due to student lending.
  • All that is legal, so how much extra is being discharged through accidental or illegal discharges? One can only guess.
  • Cogeneration -- the simultaneous generation of both electric power and heat; the heat, instead of being discharged without further use, is used in some fashion (e.

"deter by" or "deter from"?

  • Tour buses are deterred by the gradient.
  • Others would be deterred from following the way of Christ.
  • Concerning atomic showdown and moreover would not be deterred as a result of associated risk psoriasis.
  • The only other focus that will deter away from them will be the situation Avram Grant and his side are facing at West Ham at the moment.
  • There is no doubt that this field is greatly talented, but the weather at these Olympics will likely deter near world record times.
  • It is less successful against criminal groups or extremists who can not be readily traced, let alone deterred through sanctions or military action.

diverge from, in, after, at or by?

  • However, I fundamentally diverge from you on the issue of helmets.
  • Among these lineages is the one that molecular data suggest was earliest to diverge in the family, the caesalpinioid tribe Cercideae.
  • The young Bowker and young O'Brien were on parallel tracks that completely diverged after the war.
  • The PAM 250 matrix This is appropriate for searching for alignments of sequence that have diverged by 250 PAMs, 250 mutations per 100 amino acids of sequence.
  • But like the other aspects of his life this concept of a creator diverge with the passing of civilization.

dispense with, to, in, along or by?

  • Now they dispense with the pretense.
  • Most of them help him in preparing the herbs that he continues to dispense to the few people who come knocking.
  • Through the merits of Christ the supernatural riches of salvation were acquired which are to be dispensed in the Subjective Redemption.
  • Their mission: A swig of the drink dispensed by one Ambilikile Masapila, 76.
  • Another example is PlumpyNut, a therapeutic food which is both durable and can be dispensed outside of traditional medical settings.
  • Indulgence, kindness and generosity were his peculiar attributes and which were dispensed without parade or ostentation.

deduct from, at, by, for or in?

  • Jeff The gods do not deduct from man's allotted.
  • Therefore, there is no acceptable evidence for the tax deducted at source.
  • Any illegal increases in rent can be recovered by the tenant, or deducted by him from the rent.
  • Marks are deducted for unclear answers, e.
  • To deduct as a discount: took 20 percent off.

"draft by" or "draft in"?

  • And the top 40? 23 of the top 40 weren't drafted by their team.
  • He was drafted in 2009 by the Milwaukee Bucks with the 41st pick.
  • John I migrated to Australia as I was drafted for the insane war in Vientnam, you should have done the same.
  • Drafted into the first-team squad because of injury shortages at the age of 18.
  • Draft with eye to use in contents page 3.
  • The options drafted at the time were postponing 400 million, 900 million and 1.
  • At the outbreak of World War One, Manes was drafted to the Russian front where he became a sergeant and was awarded the Iron Cross.
  • As for Carmen Botez, 29, the food interest became apparent in 2006, when she was drafted as a tour guide.
  • I have him rated 2 nd overall in the 1999 draft behind only Elton Brand.
  • Drafted out of the University of San Francisco, Zimmer finished his year with the Royals ' Low-A affiliate in Kane County and notching a 42/13 K/BB rate between the two levels.
  • What they claim is that the Report was drafted over months and carefully checked by each of them.

"disappoint in" or "disappoint by"?

  • Wayne has been disappointing in TC.
  • Some will be disappointed by the amount of progress.
  • To wrap things up, readers new and old will not be disappoint with the Civil War story arc.
  • Rudd has been disappointing on a number of levels.
  • The crops have been disappointing to growers and the underlying land has fallen in value.
  • Love, unlike any other focus of living, such as striving for knowledge, accomplishments, possessions, appearances or safety, will not disappoint as a way of life.
  • He was brought on for Kelly on Wednesday after the full-back was injured, a choice that will have been more than a little disappoint for Jon Flanagan, the right-back amongst the subs that night.
  • The truth is no one will disappoint about the beauty of Matara.
  • They will not have expected to be this far off Red Bulls pace at this point and will no doubt be disappointed after a season that promised so much.
  • On the topic of all the actions in the movie many of the parents would be disappointed from the movie.
  • The assembly members say the development efforts of the district are disappointing under the administration of Honourable Husein Issah.

diagnose with, in, by, at or after?

  • I wasn't diagnosed with something new.
  • She was diagnosed in July this year.
  • Only 9 such patients have been diagnosed by panel members (G.
  • One was diagnosed at 40, the other at 48.
  • Karathe's wife died in 1999 from stomach cancer, even though the disease was only diagnosed after her death.
  • The cough was diagnosed as a chest infection.
  • I have SCA-2 and have been diagnosed for about six years, my condition has not changed much and the progression has been very slow.
  • Researchers investigated survival rates for 21 different cancers in people diagnosed from 1991 till 2004, and followed up for possible deaths until the end of 2006.

deviate from, in, away, before or by?

  • But now he deviates from David's style.
  • During my performance, I did not deviate in any way from the rehearsed set.
  • You are the one deviating by devoting so much space to dwell on Muhammad's marriages.
  • It's not like we've deviated to some dark corner of young popular culture or ever tried to be fashionable, really.

"deteriorate to" or "deteriorate in"?

  • It gradually deteriorated to ruins until the new renovation.
  • Our assessment is that the human rights deteriorated in 2006.
  • The priesthood, I countered, seems to have deteriorated into just another job, with no moral strength to fight corruption.
  • My vision deteriorated due to Stargardt disease so that I couldn't manage anymore.
  • Audio tape cassets deteriorate with time due to fungus growth and other factors.
  • However, the authorities ' commitment to privatisation is in question as the political environment deteriorated after the presidential elections.
  • It was then that the Labor's position deteriorated from disastrous to catastrophic.
  • And we see Clay flourishing until a final deteriorate during least.
  • Even as the share of Americans in the middle has declined, the income status has improved for some demographic groups and deteriorated for others.
  • If you wash fruit, dry it well and use promptly because it will deteriorate on standing.
  • I watched how his body and mind deteriorated under the onslaught of this disease.
  • If the temperature is too warm, the pulp may deteriorate before cooling can occur.
  • However, the illustrious travelling fair came to a sudden end in 2009 as Johnson's health deteriorated prior to her passing the following January, at the age of 93.
  • That and my eyesight having deteriorated through severe malnutrition.

desist from, in or at?

  • I shall desist from calling coffeetalk a troll going forward.
  • Sema says SAMWU has received an undertaking from the South African Local Government Association to desist in local government's use of labour brokers and sub-contractors.

defer to, for, from, on or by?

  • Now, I will defer to Mr Wenger's judgement.
  • But questions such as the fate of Palestinian refugees and the final borders of a Palestinian state must, he says, be deferred for now.
  • How do I take my deferred offer up at the end of my deferral period? Admissions will send you an offer into the course that you deferred from.
  • I beg to defer on this case till it is clearer.
  • As such, Henderson's request for this claim was deferred by the Gold Commissioner's Office.
  • It's now thought the decision may be deferred till next year.
  • Five Independent TDs called for the referendum to be deferred after the ruling.
  • He will grant, all at once, what He has deferred during many years.
  • While Neet was supposed to be rolled out from this year, the decision to implement it has been deferred in line with the demand by several states, including Andhra Pradesh.
  • They know that success is just being deferred with each failure, not prevented.

denote by, as, in or to?

  • The position of a tract is denoted by and its population.
  • In this Job, the Nodes B 1 and B 2 are linked to the same Resource, which is localized in the ResourcePool of an ancestor Node, denoted as Node A.
  • At the same time, Santa asks that children and families alike help him in this effort by purchasing an appropriate toy to denote to a Christmas charity.

"drill in" or "drill into"?

  • Eight wells have been drilled in Mt.
  • Where would you start? Now let's drill into the scenario a little.
  • EW have had oil drilling for 40 years approved both by Labour and National.
  • Even still, it would mean drilling through five miles of solid rock.
  • Interestingly, these villagers reside only a few meters from the oil wells drilled by giant cooperations such as Chevron, Exxon and so forth.
  • Republicans have led the charge, saying Obama's policies on fossil fuel drilling on federal lands are too restrictive.
  • It's like BP and Halliburton ironing out the rules for offshore oil drilling with no public input, and having MMS sign off.
  • In July 2008 Governor Paterson signed the well-spacing law which allows for multiple wells to be drilled off of one well-pad.
  • On the non-operated Rochelle field, the first of two development wells was drilled to final casing point.
  • I spent the entire morning center-drilling (that is drilling along the axis of a rod) in order to make bearings for a piece of clockwork I am making.
  • Groundwater can be brought to the surface by drilling below the water table, and pumped out.
  • Since I didn't have such a long drill I choose a narrower top board, chiseled out the hole for the dumbhead post and did as Sean told ya, drilling from each side.
  • Efficiencies have resulted in 40 percent more wells being drilled per rig.
  • The pair plan to begin searching for a suitable site somewhere in the Pacific this spring, but don? t expect the technology, nor the funding to allow them to start drilling till perhaps 2018.
  • Not one gas/oil well drilled under the NDP, not one mine approved.
  • And then? Welcome to your 50s, when those teeth that were drilled within an inch of their lives finally crack under the pressure, and they need to be pulled.

disbelieve in, after, for or on?

  • However, even if disbelieved in the literal sense, The Way Back is still an engaging, old-fashioned piece of storytelling.
  • When scientists are disbelieved on religious grounds, the person denying their discoveries can only be implying one of several things.

"divorce from" or "divorce in"?

  • They came away protesting that he was divorced from reality.
  • However this marriage did not last, they divorce in 1978.
  • Natalie, I was married to an N for twenty five years and been divorced for three.
  • Shyamala Dosai of Barasat, West Bengal was divorced at 16.
  • I bet the judge is twice divorced with 4 kids living in single families and also the judge paying/getting alimony for an illegit child.
  • Needless to say, she was divorced by 29.
  • If she was not divorced on the first day, she must calculate 30 days for each month until she completes three months.
  • SA's who find that are married or divorced to persons whom they have no knowledge of.
  • With Salaams and Duas Mustafa Divorce During Pregnancy Question: According to Ayatullah Khameini/Khomeini, I would like to ask a question from a faqeeh regarding a divorce from a pregnant wife.
  • So, even if a woman has a divorce from the civil court, they try to get a religious certificate that will prove that they have been properly divorced under Islam.
  • Kind Regards Rita I have a house that is 30 years old and not much done in the way of the garden due to divorcing within 3 years of building the house and becoming a single working mother.

"denounce by" or "denounce as"?

  • The work struck a nerve with the Catholic community and was denounced by the Pope.
  • This is denounced as? male? thinking.

"divert to" or "divert from"?

  • They would be diverted to Legazpi City.
  • They will not move without it and they will not be diverted from their course once they have it.
  • It has years of knowledge to day diverted into the students.
  • It is too soon to say whether that normal course of events will be diverted by the effects.
  • There is also an option to divert at Oviedo and walk the Camino Primitivo, (the original route) and to reconnect with the Camino Francs at Melide.
  • It appears from the Reuters article in Jo's piece and from other recent media articles that the whole issue had already been diverted onto a parallel track inside the US EPA.
  • Besides working two jobs, my interneting time has been diverted in other directions.
  • For this reason few people get around to diverting off the main safari route to come down to the lake.
  • Blood is diverted away from some areas of the body (e.
  • I was diverted for a moment by the tattoo on his neck.
  • After stumbling in the box and seeming to waste a great opportunity, the ball rebounded off the goalkeeper and was diverted over the line courtesy of Deans ' shins.
  • Posted by Bushie Bill, 16/11/2012 1:06:23 PM What we don't know, yet, is how much of the profits are to be diverted through the back door to the ALP.
  • Today 50 to 75% of the Niagara River's flow is diverted via four huge tunnels, located farther upstream.

"designate by" or "designate as"?

  • This theme is designated by the learners.
  • Links purchased for advertising should be designated as such.
  • That doesn't mind if you outgrow the space that it's designated for you.
  • Persons designated in writing for the purposes of section 185 C.
  • There are thirty eight (38) computers in both libraries and these are designated to library use only.
  • TIP: You could need them to go do the things that you have designated plus they need to make little videos of it.
  • The notification shall also include an identification of the responsible employee designated pursuant to 104.
  • Later that year they released one of their only albums not designated with a Roman numeral and called it Hot Streets.

disturb by, at, in, with or about?

  • But I wasn't disturbed by the bell either.
  • I am deeply disturbed at seeing Mumbai react as it did.
  • It sounded like a high plaintive whistle, disturbing in its sound.
  • Going back with Clara, she is so disturbed with her grandmother - Lupe David (Gina Pareno) being so noisy.
  • But if it is down south then you need not to be disturbed about the weather harshness, but just make sure that properly clothed.
  • But actually I'd more interested in still life -- fruits and flowers, with lots of draping silks, but this would require a space for me that can't be disturbed for up to 2 weeks.
  • I would like to apologise that you were disturbed as a result of inconsiderate behaviour of other guests.
  • I leave you with a disturbing thought -- disturbing to me at any rate.
  • I don't think the Defence should have been disturbed after the largely excellent defensive display up at Eastlands.
  • The jingoistic enthusiasm for ideas many of the delegates didn't even understand was disturbing on many levels.

deposit in, by, with, into or on?

  • Deposit in Government Savings Bank 21.
  • It was deposited by the creator on each person.
  • Ringgit securities are required to be deposited with authorised depositaries.
  • The cash was mistakenly deposited into another person's account.
  • Unquestionably the organic matter gets deposited on a new surface of each of our bricks.
  • Let the dirt deposit at the bottom, then just lift out the asparagus.
  • Before Singaporeans could withdraw what they had deposited during their 50s.
  • Unlike today, that wasn't a sum of money deposited to the court.
  • There was a p1000 deposit for the keys.
  • Physical Vapor Deposition(PVD) In this method Ag vapor is deposited onto a surface (e.
  • One gray (Gy) is one joule deposited per kilogram of mass.
  • The provisions of section one hundred ninety-two shall, so far as practicable, apply to the securities deposited under this section.
  • The silt would be deposited within the embankment itself and gradually the river bed would rise to such a level that the purpose of constructing embankments would have no meaning.

drain from, into, of, by or out?

  • Comments All the color has drained from his face.
  • It takes a long time for changes to show More than 30 streams and rivers drain into Lake Taupo from the catchment.
  • His face was permanently drained of all colour.
  • I felt emotionally drained by the last day and a half of my life.
  • Lately, the energy seems to have drained out of DDR.
  • Then drain in a colander, wash the pan and repeat 5 times.
  • The valve located at the bottom of a tank that opens when the button lever is actuated and closes when the tank has drained to the desired level.
  • The loose box floor must be constructed of a non-slip surface with sufficient fall to allow liquid effluent to drain away from the animal accommodation.
  • Soak cut fruit in a solution of water and a bit of lemon juice and drain before freezing.
  • Seed bed should be levelled and make the centre slightly higher than the edges to permit water to drain off the surface.

deceive by, in, into, on or about?

  • Don't be fooled or deceived by this man's deceitful tongue.
  • Finland have shown glimpses of more versatile, imaginative attacking football but failed to deceive in terms of results.
  • Now we're not deceived on that.
  • We are deceived as to the nature of objects and of cause-effect relationships, all of which are subject to change.
  • This is so deceiving to sellers who think they are hiring the realtor with the years of experience negotiating to look after them.
  • People even slightly left-of-centre need to grow a set and start loudly calling out those who deceive under the guide of ' journalism ' at the behest of the right.

"devise by", "devise in" or "devise for"?

  • A score devised by the authors.
  • An individuals health problems could be identified a treatment program devised for the lifetime of the individual.
  • The consistent poverty measure was devised in 1987 using indicators of deprivation based on standards of living at that time.
  • Special operations were not devised with the law in mind? neither our law nor anyone else? s.
  • The tax program should be devised as an instrument, and it should be judged by how well it serves its purpose.
  • The strategies were devised after discussion with the pupils.
  • A theoretical model for success devised among senior managers, rarely looks like the same thing further down the organisation.
  • Many of the dominant theories have been devised within particular value systems and in relation to a limited range of cultures.

"distract by" or "distract from"?

  • Don't be distracted by the 140-character limit.
  • I am distracted from school work.
  • Not a huge deal/scandal as far as errors go, but it's distracting for pedants.
  • Not that this distracted in any way from an enjoyable set.
  • I'd very distracted at the moment.
  • Are you finding the battery cost percentage a lttle bit distracting on the screen of your apple ipad? You can easily power it down if you like.

differentiate between, from, by, into or in?

  • Differentiate between loneliness and solitude.
  • So its kinda hard to differentiate from far.
  • An overloading method must be differentiated by its argument list.
  • When creation began, the One differentiated into Two - matter and spirit.
  • The bottomline is: differentiating on the non-icky factor has lost its lustre and because of audience saturation, something new is needed.
  • Key to the latest enhancements to OPN is the ability for partners to differentiate through Specializations.

distort by, in, to, with or of?

  • This is the way how things are distorted by the yellow press.
  • In others, her face is distorted in pain.
  • The original disease picture has been distorted to a large extent.
  • It distorts with the motive of derailing Sabah's efforts and frustrating the momentum of forest management reform.
  • The strategy of discounts and bonuses distorts out of the common rating, using the experience of previous campaigns.
  • All methods of representation are formally shaped, and every mode of representation inevitably shapes and distorts according to the laws of its medium.
  • The boots do not get wrinkled or distorted after being styled up and pulled down chybeatsdre4 times.
  • Republican's hatred, bigotry, classism, rascism, sexism, inaccurate information, oppositional disorder, twisting and distorting into lies will be the downfall of America.
  • In the phenoxide ion, the single oxygen atom is still the most electronegative thing present, and the delocalised system will be heavily distorted towards it.

disrupt by, in, for, through or after?

  • Confidence can be disrupted by a completely new experience.
  • The entire quality of life was disrupted in one sense or another.
  • Traffic movement on Abdullahpur-Bypile road was disrupted for more than an hour till 10:15am.
  • Earlier this week, learning at Rwathia Girls Secondary School in Kangema district was disrupted after students went on strike demanding to wear miniskirts.
  • The recess working programmes of staff are disrupted at a cost, as are pre-booked tours.
  • Day-to-day work of the DCC is also being disrupted because of internal conflict among the DCC staff over bifurcation of Dhaka city, they said.
  • Aircoach services to/from Dublin Airport, through Dublin City (Ballsbridge &; Leopardstown ), will be disrupted due to road and street closures.
  • This special alignment means that the usual energy that typically streams to Earth from the black hole in the center of the Milky Way will be disrupted on 12/21/12 2012 at 11:11 p.
  • Combustion is disrupted as the same amount of heat is spread over a larger area.

drown in, at, by, after or with?

  • Attempt to drown in a kiddy pool.
  • Why not fence off the beaches too? People drown at the beaches on a regular basis each year.
  • The vocal was completely drowned by the deafening music and couldn't really make out what they were singing.
  • Almost everyone, including Ava's semi-estranged husband, Wyatt, assumes the boy drowned after falling off the dock near their Church Island home.
  • You live in London, a good example of a high pollution city that is slowly drowning due to climate change.
  • If you're drowning under a mountain of paperwork, or never seem to be on top of your schedule, then it's time to get organised.
  • The user interface is drowning with information.
  • Hearts in Space The cinematic and sweeping rock of Hearts in Space sometimes got drowned beneath the crowd noise at Bar Standard.
  • Campbell's pet dog died from drowning during the perilous journey.
  • Officials estimate that more than forty people have drowned over the years while swimming in Huntington Gorge.
  • If everybody in China spits, the Philippines will be drown to death.

"dissolve in" or "dissolve into"?

  • The parties dissolved in many ways.
  • Her expression soon dissolved into a sad look when she recalled the moment she gave birth.
  • Action on the 5th started with an enemy counterattack against Army troops north of the road, which was dissolved by automatic weapons fire.
  • Crystallization: too much sugar was added to the fruit, and it was not dissolved before boiling.
  • OCOGs are dissolved after each Games once the final report is delivered to the IOC.
  • When the Court makes an order for the dissolution of a company, it may order that the company be dissolved from the date of presentation of the order to the CRO.
  • Gilbert's description of the day dissolves on meteorological grounds.
  • Acknowledging that the minister would need the permission of the president to carry out his decision, he prayed the board would be dissolved within the next few days.
  • They have the kind of freedom that dissolves with adulthood, that you have to work to return to as an artist.
  • In an Erlenmeyer flask Crystal dissolved about 1 g of the solid in about 5 mL of hot water by heating on a hot plate with swirling to make a fine slurry.
  • That flows from the fact that the marriage had been dissolved according to Saudi law.
  • As would befit a man who had seen his world dissolve around him Platos outlook is, it seems to me, a profoundly conservative one.
  • Just remember that it's not real -- the January doom is a bogeyman waiting to dissolve as the year grows up.
  • Because it can make the kelp dissolved out of the algin also eat, but in order to achieve weight loss effect as far as possible not to join the meat to cook.
  • If mosses, moulds and lichens have collected on your roof, its protective cover dissolves over time.
  • Note Parliament is dissolved prior to every General Election.
  • Nitrates can be taken in many forms, including an aerosol pump spray or a tablet dissolved under the tongue.

drift into, away, to, in or towards?

  • That feud quickly drifted into personalities.
  • And the woman he loves, Yukiko, begins to drift away from him.
  • Perhaps you drift in silence for a hour or two.
  • Not infrequently our debates and discussions drifted to books we had read and enjoyed.
  • He wore Wellington boots and a flat cap and the low aroma of manure drifted from him.
  • Pakistan drifted towards Non-Alignment.
  • The meticulous playing drifted through various movements doing.
  • The Danish act Sleep Party People, the project of Brian Batz, released its debut LP We Were Drifting On A Sad Song earlier this year, and it's a good one.
  • Now we are drifting toward heaven.
  • Just smell the money drifting across the web from your website.
  • They majored in different subjects and drifted out of each other's paths.
  • But if space is twisted, the direction of the gyroscope's axis should drift over time.
  • James ' Park, drifting between the lines as United's iconic number seven did in 185 games for the club.
  • Nick of OZ says: 09:34am 29/05/10 Seeing the comments have drifted off the article I may as well continue and ask one simple question.
  • I was able to capture this DMCC driver drifting with my DIY rig safely! Toyota AE86 (June 11th, 2010) Beyond Rigshots.
  • Drifting around the road cones, through the waterholes and a good 3 to 5 meter jump right at the end of the lap.
  • Do not drift behind any of the peaks in a thermal unless you are at least 150 meters above them and your angle with respect to the peak is less than 30-45 degrees.
  • If you are lucky on one of these night drives, you may see elephants drifting like dark battleships through the surrounding woodlands or the running stripes of zebra flickering in the spotlight.
  • Unless they know what is next most will drift onto something else after a long break.
  • Even the ruling party can't drift outside the rules.
  • Half a mile later he seemd to run out of steam and I drifted past him.
  • A tumult of shouts came drifting up to him.

discriminate against, on, in, between or among?

  • What are we discriminating against anyway.
  • And it's illegal to discriminate on the grounds of gender,.
  • I have been discriminated in the USA not because of my origin but for my sex female.
  • There must be a way to discriminate between what is good and what is evil.
  • To fulfill these needs, he must not be discriminate among his children for any reason.
  • Is the hotel operator, bartender, or airline acting to discriminate by requiring ID? We all understand the need for photo ID in modern society.

"defeat by" or "defeat in"?

  • The owner has been defeated by the owned.
  • Fonseka was defeated in an election.
  • O defeat at the hands of Staveley.
  • Without their combined support, the government could be defeated on floor of the house.
  • The resolution is a big victory for Qatar but most likely a defeat to football.
  • It was defeated with 48% in favour and 52% against.
  • Republicans must be defeated for our great nation to progress.
  • The viola have been sucked into the relegation battle, just 5 points above the drop zone following last Sunday's 2-1 home defeat against Chievo.
  • The Taliban were defeated as a military force, and significant advantages exist to the NATO forces in terms of technology.
  • Through the twists of political fate, Joe Clark was defeated during a vote of confidence, Trudeau returned as leader and the Liberals won another majority mandate.

dine at, with, in, on or for?

  • The next day, I dined at the vegan counter.
  • She had come to dine with a man.
  • Adults choosing to dine in the film club can redeem their ticket price from the cost of their meal.
  • He will not feed you, so dine on the oatmeal every night.
  • The buttery cereal floss alone is to dine for.
  • Maupassant, Zola and Diaghilev dined beneath the gilded, extravagantly corniced ceilings and among the Corinthian columns.

decline in, by, from, to or for?

  • Inhibitors: Decline in working-age population in UK rural areas.
  • Exports of services declined by 8.
  • Meanwhile, the ocean's pH declined from 8.
  • Negative comparisons declined to 8.
  • The rate of preterm birth declined for the fifth.
  • The number of middle class jobs and middle class neighborhoods continues to decline at a staggering pace.
  • This share has declined over the past decade.
  • Your number of eggs (ovarian reserve) declines with age.
  • However, Drs Clauset and Woodward also admitted that it's possible the number of terrorist attacks is likely to decline after US involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq ends.
  • As a result, manufacturing steadily declined as a proportion of New Zealand's GDP.
  • Your determination in taking up a cosmetic surgery should not be declined due to monetary inadequacy, moncler.
  • It said export revenues would decline during the year ahead to June 2013 due to falling prices.
  • Rock on, declining of christianity.
  • Taxes on the wealthy and corporations have been declining since the 1980? s.
  • For as the Historical Association points out, if the trend continues, history may well decline into virtual irrelevance as a school subject, overtaken by Media Studies and Beauty Therapy.
  • Kissinger accepted, then later declined on the grounds of possible conflicts with his consulting work.

decorate with, in, by, for or to?

  • The borders are decorated with some designed lines.
  • The sixth storey has a terrace decorated in baroque style.
  • Some of them were decorated by awards, mentioned in despatches or just commended.
  • Judy Gibson loved decorating for Christmas.
  • The place is superb and laidback, each of the rooms decorated to perfection.

"dive into" or "dive in"?

  • Then she dives into the hazards from 9 to 5.
  • The king of dives in Sri Lanka.
  • Sort of like when you go diving with a cold.
  • Iva could have dived for the ball earlier.
  • I dived on the ground and went under the seat.
  • We have done about 5 dives together.
  • I hear that falcons can dive at almost 200mph.
  • Some boys were diving from the high sidewall on which I was standing.
  • It is recommended to dive under supervision in these locations.
  • Temps to dive after next week's warmth The warmth won't last.
  • He went for cover, diving by a car.
  • When it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, flies like a duck, quacks like a duck, waddlies like a duck, swims like a duck, dives like a duck, fishes like a duck, and paddles like a duck.
  • The next chance I had, I bought a tank and a regulator and my first wife and I went diving off Majorca.
  • After trading field goals in the first overtime, Notre Dame senior running back Cierre Wood fumbled the ball while trying to dive over the goal line.
  • He continued casually perusing the headlines as we ducked and dived through the centre of Chicago.
  • That way you can still dive without a computer.

"deploy in" or "deploy to"?

  • Additional police have been deployed in the.
  • Army and had been deployed to Vietnam.
  • I was deployed on the dunes between the sea and the foothills.
  • Disjointed mobile tactics The mobile tactics that were deployed by the candidates focused on one part of the customer journey, but failed to tie them all together.
  • Develop a module where u can have the html5 stuff deployed for IOS.
  • Always test and test again before deploying at a greater level.
  • He was mainly deployed as an inside forward or on the wing.
  • As foolproof as this plan was, he was arrested by the cops deployed from the Creepster Verification Unit.
  • Patriots are anti-ballistic missile systems that are usually manned by specialist troops who deploy with the missiles themselves.
  • Other elements of the Programme Some other elements of the Programme are now fully deployed across the NHS and some have been delivered ahead of schedule.
  • Military technologies field-tested in Central Asia and the Middle East are now deployed against anyone seeking to exercise their rights to dissent.
  • Frontier Corps wings are deployed along the Afghan-Iran border, while others are on protection duties and receive orders directly from the Interior Ministry.
  • Physical network separation is strongly recomended, and the current solution should not be deployed into a production environment before network separation is achieved.
  • The City's Departments of Transportation and Environmental Protection will be deployed throughout the city to address flooding conditions.
  • He said in total about 41,999 security personnel would be deployed around the country and to all the polling stations on Election Day.
  • Some of the heaviest artillery in the US arsenal was deployed during the attack, including phosphorus shells.
  • Perhaps most interesting is a major residential development in East London, where there are 1200 femtocells being deployed including 65 in one block alone.
  • The company involved was sent as a relief for the regular unit and deployed outside the rural community building with a view to marching up to the police post about 135 meters from the border.
  • Even in 3G, where this task is somewhat more challenging, the gains have been 67% per metro cell deployed per macro sector.
  • By deploying under our own account we can quickly replace the app with anything we like in the future.
  • Due to stipulations from the councils, O2 had to deploy within 6 months, which would coincide with the Olympics in July 2012.
  • They can't be deployed without it.

"delay in" or "delay by"?

  • So please do not delay in returning back to Makkah.
  • My parcel was delayed by the supplier NOT BY YOU.
  • Now if he goes for hajj, his marriage ceremony will be delayed for a while.
  • It all started when my boss got delayed at Brussel's airport.
  • We're very often delayed on our shipments.
  • L ), a big North Sea trader, for the changes to be delayed until 2013.
  • The National Farm Animal Care Council anticipates release for public comment of a draft revised Pig Code of Practice will be delayed as the.
  • But it got delayed because of the ban on sand mining.
  • Adviser to a former caretaker government Mirza Azizul Islam told The Daily Star that project utilisation is delayed due to weaknesses of the public administration.
  • The hearing of the PIL was delayed after Justice T S Thakur recused himself from the case.
  • There was confusion over the winner so prize giving was delayed to Saturday afternoon allowing MissMarkey to do some official marking.
  • Traffic stats are real time, but the income stats are only updated once per day, overnight, and are sometimes delayed beyond that.
  • It took ministers many meetings to finally approve the package, which was delayed from an initial timetable back in September.
  • He applied for Bank loan in 1984 for 3 sets of Nylon multifilament net Machine but due to delay of the Bank he Got the Net machines from Japan After 3 years in 1987.

"diminish in" or "diminish by"?

  • It is no accident that literary reading has diminished in recent years.
  • In that case they are diminished by costs release in different standard databases.
  • Notice also that the importance of these Gods diminishes with time.
  • But it can not diminish from the overall picture.
  • Once regarded as the leader in mobile technology it has seen its popularity and user base diminish over time.
  • Spain's growth has diminished to one per-cent annually.
  • I am diminished as a creative person.
  • If QPR as a club was rapidly taking on the trappings of a soap opera, such a reputation didn't diminish during the stewardships of Ecclestone and Briatore.
  • Once again excitement diminished for a time, but on the 31st PC 702 sank two large motorboats and damaged another near Chindo.
  • The capital has experienced more than a week of protests that show no signs of diminishing despite being repeatedly broken up by police using tear gas and batons.
  • It is well and good if suspicions between Asian nations are diminishing rather than rising.
  • Media coverage about climate change is down almost 40 percent since 2009 and public attention has diminished according to any number of polls.
  • However, supply risks diminished after Israel and the Islamist Hamas movement agreed on Wednesday to an Egyptian-sponsored ceasefire to halt the eight-day conflict around Gaza.
  • Let's hope so, people I think have finally wised up to what privatision means, job cuts, low wages, diminishing of staff quality and care, and lots of lovely bonuses for the few.
  • If there isn't a singoff, Union J's chances of making the final diminish on a number of levels.
  • It is true that the absolute dominance of the dollar has gradually diminished since World War II, given the rise of Asia and Europe.
  • There is the risk that as the Australian government removes customary law from the Australian legal system, it will be diminished within communities and an internal system of governance will be lost.

"discourage by" or "discourage from"?

  • We are not discouraged by developments in Europe.
  • This is common is some societies and people should be discouraged from doing so.
  • Sharing discouraged in training.
  • It was dark and discouraging at the time, but it wasn't going to be that way for long.
  • However, he mentions his accomplishments in the same breath of being discouraged with the lack of opportunities and restrictions placed on him due to racism.
  • When people feel discouraged about their progress, they are more prone to treat each other badly.
  • Bottle use should be discouraged after 12 months.
  • Mr Maken had written to the Vice Chancellor yesterday that such episodes were discouraging for young sports persons.
  • But is copying one's own work wrong? Cross-posting is traditionally discouraged on the internet but mostly for mass posting of irrelevant information.
  • I agree about less awareness and more action, so it was discouraging to me to read this article in the NY Times: http: **35;2525;TOOLONG.
  • Sowing of seeds could also be done as random but random sowing should be discouraged as the weed control is difficult.

"dip into" or "dip in"?

  • We don't need to dip into the edition.
  • Dredge with flour and dip in beaten eggs.
  • Marriages dipped to a low of just 50.
  • I watched as the sun turned blood red and dip below the horizon.
  • The unemployment rate dipped from 8.
  • This was simply AMAZING with the tenderness of the beef and peppery lemon dip on the side! I'd a sucker for anything with black pepper and lemon so this dish gets two thumbs up from me.
  • They allow for a steady flow of energy, a smoothing out, if you will, rather than peaks and dips according to demand.
  • High crosses into the box can still work - if the ball dips at just the right point - but they won't be as effective with diminutive forwards.
  • Bring sensible footwear as you'll be walking in our fields and will be required to use a foot dip before entry.
  • In 2011, the number of births dipped by 55,000, or 1 percent, to 4.
  • Immediately, in rotor, the chazon ish carried powers to get this game to slow supersonic diet because the salt of dipping for change was top.
  • Frenchman Christophe Lemaitre, the only white sprinter in history to dip under the 10 seconds barrier, and Kim Collins, star and symbol from St.
  • Tourism, which employs one in ten islanders, has dipped with the world economy.
  • Normally dipping within early morning previous to operate and bathing throughout night after finish the actual day's tasks are excellent to keep a superb health and body ai.

dump in, on, into, by or of?

  • Excess pieces were dumped in the bush.
  • Then, we were dumped on a deserted Island.
  • Kim Kyung Tak who was dumped by his parents, friends and lover.
  • The residual waste will be dumped into the sanitary landfill.
  • Dumping at sea has also been outlawed by many nations, including the.
  • Both these cases are PILs, where the residents have complained about dumping of solid waste in Tumkur city.
  • I tend to think that is the plan though and the pure CAD guys will be dumped for some social media CAD mashup.
  • The 37-year-old, who was dumped from the one-day and Twenty20 international squads, has not played a Test since the West Indies last April and said he went months without picking up a bat.
  • Treating your Li-ion with respect will not only extend the life and usefulness of your new phone, but also boost its resale value -- just in case you decide to dump to back on the market prematurely.
  • Prepare this as you prepared the first layer and dump atop the second layer, spread it out evenly and press firmly.
  • Actually, its better getting dumped before that day.
  • Now, let's get to the point that seems to have upset you dearly: In addition, a wall was built around the Homestead Park Club House after reports that people were dumping behind the club house.
  • So if something works badly enough, it's easy to dump instead of us being stuck with it for decades, as happens today.
  • It was recorded with a Rode NTG3 (wish I'd taken a stereo mic/setup with me!) running into a Mix PreD then being dumped onto a PMD661 at 96khz/24bit.
  • They finally reach a stare-down, and Byeong Gun neatly summarizes that Jae Hun must have dumped Tae Hee for her to be crying for two hours straight.
  • The Sword of Damocles hanging over business and American entrepreneurialism is the gross of taxes and regulations waiting to be dumped upon them at any moment.
  • He said the project aims at addressing the missing links to monitor and control the possible occurrence of waste and chemical dumping within its environs.
  • Plastic waste is often dumped without proper authorisation and this is becoming a more significant environmental problem.

"decrease in" or "decrease by"?

  • Polar ice is decreasing in extent and mass.
  • Hydro generation decreased by 31.
  • In the same period, the value of fraud decreased from US$3.
  • Thus, the probability of visibility of the new moon decreases to the east.
  • However, immunization coverage for children decreased with age.
  • One of the questions was whether unemployment had increased or decreased over the past year.
  • However, this dependence is decreased as the value of the fractal dimension increases and for a critical value, the ratio.
  • This increase outweighed decreases at coal mines in March.
  • The death rates that had decreased due to improved water supply systems, began to rise in about 1815 due to polluted water.
  • Although numbers have decreased for immigrants, have they increased for Americans? I bet they have.
  • From 1940 to 1975, the temperature decreased about 0.
  • Right now, the sequence decreases between 2007 and 2011, beginning with 786 messages in 2007.
  • Budokai 3 gives every character a base Ki level, which will increase or decrease depending on your actions.
  • When water pressure inside them decreases during hours of high consumption, the water outside goes inside the pipes.
  • The CSS PPI decreases relative to the assumed distance of viewing, and each class of device is within a certain range.
  • That average global temperature has decreased since 1998.
  • Employers across all industries have caused workers pay to stagnate and in many cases to decrease through forced pay cuts.
  • Hence, the electrical resistance of a metallic conductor should decrease to a low but non-zero value as the temperature decreases towards absolute zero.

"disable by" or "disable in"?

  • The firmware password is disabled by default.
  • JavaScript is disabled in your browser.
  • But we want this to be completely disabled for our button.
  • Foster was not disabled from voting in support of the resolution.
  • The use of BBCode is granted by the administrator, but it can also be disabled on a per post basis from the posting form.
  • Christianity has proved disabling to totalitarian regimes in the past.
  • Other options with timeshifting are ForTheRecord (although the PVR addon is temporarely disabled at the moment due to some pending changes for XBMC) and MythTV.
  • It also messes with Prime Streaming movies so it should be disabled before watching one.
  • Can be disabled upon request and looks like they will also apply to all lines over time but no date as of yet.
  • I am also disabled with a rare, incurable and progressive disease that is a constant struggle.
  • Grum was disabled over a couple of weeks, thanks to the efforts of FireEye and Spamhaus.
  • Maggie was disabled through paralysis, but this did not keep her from achieving her goal.

"detect by" or "detect in"?

  • A shiny rim may be detected by stretching the affected skin.
  • TNF? was detected in 100% of samples in the DIEM group.
  • Connie was first detected as a tropical storm over the tropical Atlantic on August 3.
  • No life has been detected on it.
  • Nearly 20 percent of cancers detected with screening mammography were found in women in their 40s.
  • Bowel cancer is curable if it is detected at an early stage.
  • AMQ9504 A protocol error was detected for channel ' &3'.
  • Small variations in total solar irradiance have been detected from satellite based radiometers over the last 20 years.
  • Diane was first detected over the tropical Atlantic on August 7.
  • Remarks: The revolving speed of YANMA engine is detected through detecting the pulse signal from the neutral point of the generator.
  • Reformed Broker is using Cloudflare, which is blocking access from tor relays and recording everything it can detect about the browser and operating system.
  • The gall midge biotype detected after 1986 is termed as biotype II.
  • Minima of the NDVI were detected below which growing period conditions (ie P+S > 0.
  • No significant correlation was detected between frequency with which Cry34/35Ab1 maize was cultivated and survival on Cry34/35Ab1 maize (r =? 0.
  • Several other relationships between the NDVI and the moisture index were detected during the calibration study.
  • The engine can be started by turning the ignition switch once the Intelligent Key is detected inside the car.
  • Atlantic-Gulf Hurricane 1919 This fearsome cyclone was first detected near the Lesser Antilles on September 2.
  • Treatment &; care Congenital diseases are typically present at birth, but with the advent of three-dimensional sonograms, congenital diseases may be detected prior to birth.
  • Significant hazards are those which may cause severe harm dependent on an employee's exposure, or harm that can not be detected until a significant time exposure.
  • No successful gets or puts have been detected within an interval which is greater than the limit specified in the QServiceInterval attribute.

"damage to" or "damage by"?

  • Two railway wagons, were damaged by the flames.
  • Damage to existing relationships.
  • Damage in Jamaica is estimated at 1.
  • So it was hugely damaging for tweeters.
  • Damage from tap water could take years and years so.
  • However roots may get damaged during pulling.
  • A guitar hand damaged at a show by Mr A Gill.
  • A and B category write offs mean that the car is damaged beyond repair and must be crushed.
  • I have never seen an adult in therapy who said that they were irrevocably damaged due to a mother who fumbled her words when talking about something hard.
  • They may be damaged as a result of what they read.
  • Not when the platters are so damaged like that.
  • There are fragile elements on the inside of quality cameras that may turn out to be quickly damaged on account of trembling as well as something similar to high humidness.
  • Want, those damaged over personal fretting hand today continue to be constantly working out most-loved.
  • Any returned computer that is damaged through customer misuse, is missing parts, or is in unsellable.

depict in, on, as, by or with?

  • In modern times trolls are depicted in a variety of media.
  • He is not much of a fan of American Christianity as often depicted on popular cable channels.
  • At first he is depicted as a useless intern who barely responds to simple questions.
  • The latter species is the only Australian land bird depicted by Parkinson (I, pl.
  • Gods are depicted with six fingers as well.
  • Back then, there was much more sea ice on the Arctic Ocean than the satellites depict for current times.
  • But in researching Patterson, it seemed to me at times that I was viewing a life depicted through time-lapse photography.
  • Hell, the beasts, the hungry ghosts, and the asuras are all depicted according to traditional beliefs, which means all four are thought to apply only after death.
  • The exhibition includes images of the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton with an apple tree in the foreground and Stonehenge is depicted at sunrise during the Summer Solstice.

"disclose to" or "disclose in"?

  • Valentina disclosed to Peacefmonline.
  • The information was disclosed in response.
  • Such information can then be shared or disclosed by that service more or less at will.
  • We all deserve our privacy, so whatever you disclose on your blog is just fine by me.
  • This was disclosed at a workshop at the conference room of Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh (WTB) yesterday.
  • However, those operations were disclosed during Junior George Bush's reign, the failure and the imbalanced man, according to most psychiatrists and to most studies in the U.
  • See our report last week on details of what had already been disclosed about Halderman's startling hack prior to last Friday's hearing.
  • Officers said specifics would only be disclosed after their investigation is complete.
  • These products will be disclosed as such.
  • If you do wish to respond, your personal information will only be used and/or disclosed for the purpose for which the information is being collected.
  • Similarly, in a hospital, most staff codes make it clear that unauthorised accessing or disclosing of medical records in a sackable offence.
  • In any event, much official information is expected to be disclosed over the Internet, with the size of the market involved in providing this estimated to increase twenty-fold to 24.
  • The funding was disclosed via a regulatory filing Thursday.
  • Information protected by the Privacy Act can only be disclosed with the consent of the person to whom it relates or in accordance with the exception terms of subsection 8(2) of the Privacy Act.
  • Is it completely confidential? Anything disclosed within the counselling session is confidential.

"distinguish between" or "distinguish from"?

  • Distinguish Between Reactive vs.
  • Arses must be consistently distinguished from elbows.
  • U: All states can be distinguished by their different quality, just like unlike flavors.
  • A senior colleague, distinguished in the field of international arbitration, Henri La Fontaine, directed the Society? s bibliographical program.
  • The reign of the newly self-appointed King Yeslnik is already distinguished as the most bloody and merciless in Honce history.
  • One of the police-- and it is not the first time the force have been distinguished for such kindly acts-- got permission to have him put in a neighbouring barn.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the person doing the hiring -- they've got stacks of applications to look through and it's hard to distinguish on paper who might be worth calling in for an interview.
  • Candidates scoring seventy five per cent marks or above are distinguished with an asterisk.

descend into, from, on, to or upon?

  • Descend into the crater by your 4wd jeep.
  • Rain descends from the sky onto the tree.
  • Tourists by the plane-load descend on Langkawi.
  • Day 5: Descend to Marangu Gate.
  • A sense of failure descended upon me.
  • Day 7: Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate The path descends for around 3 hours through the forest to Mweka gate.
  • Day 6: After breakfast, descend through the rain forest to Mweka Park Gate (1,800m).
  • He said he pushed off the deejay and a crowd began to descend at that point.
  • If you have cough, colds or sinus problems, bring along earplugs so you won't have ear-ache when the plane descends in preparation for landing.
  • As we descended onto the large plain near our destination, the vegetation changed and became even sparser.
  • The wings of death have descended over my head, why do I not cry? I cry for the extraction of my soul.
  • This allowed him to smoothly descend toward the deck.
  • At this point we split into two groups; a choice been given of descending via Caher or crossing the ridge and descending via Beenkeragh.
  • I descended with my usual caution.

"dictate by" or "dictate to"?

  • See, they claim to be dictated by the tenets of Islam.
  • So the novena which Jesus dictated to St.
  • In accordance with the law of Zipf, the dictate of the consumer rigid.
  • The move was dictated from above.
  • This will only be an addition to the main evolutionary theory as dictated in the Modern Evolutionary Synthesis as opposed to a complete revolution of the mechanisms of evolution.
  • Instinct dictated for me to look around.
  • Karen Jimeno said President Aquino can not dictate on Corona whether or not he can have a dollar account.
  • The only difference is that it is now dictated under the guidelines and procedures of the courts.

"dwell on" or "dwell in"?

  • Um, I usually don't dwell on effects.
  • This week we dwell in Romans 6.
  • That the Creator would take on human flesh and dwell among us.
  • They would be sure to get free to the world and dwell with the Dhamma.
  • Yet he has unfolded the manifold excellences of Sri Rama? s wonderful character, the various aspect of his life that one should dwell upon.
  • It is a fact in nature that all that is in existence dwells within a sphere.
  • Spare a thought for those of us who dwell amongst the dark satanic mills.
  • The level you are dwelling at is near the Buddhas ' wisdom.
  • For it is there, Tara reveals, that she has been dwelling for two decades.

dismiss by, for, as, from or in?

  • Kwok was dismissed by the defendant on the ground of his disability.
  • India were also dismissed for 74 by Australia at Melbourne in 2008.
  • Then came diarrhoea, which was dismissed as a tummy bug.
  • Miss Brodie is dismissed from the school in 1939.
  • Finally, he was dismissed in January 2006.
  • The court dismissed with prejudice (i.
  • His appeal against the verdict in the Court of Appeal was dismissed on January 10, 1955.
  • He has now been dismissed at the end of a further 11-month contract because the employer says his work is not up to standard.
  • They are angry when the facts are misrepresented or when legitimate concerns are dismissed out of hand.
  • The only exception to this is when you have been dismissed because of gross misconduct.
  • Sanjay now lost all patience, and told the minister to amend the SBI Act so that Talwar could be dismissed without stating the reason.
  • At the Court the matter was able to be dismissed due to the excellent preparation and way my case was run for me.

dance to, with, on, in or for?

  • They dance to the tune of the system.
  • This particular isn't Dance With the Stars.
  • And they don't just dance on the floor.
  • Some days dance in the bracken.
  • All the gods and humans, Danced for the joy within their minds.
  • They dance at dinner time and announce all house visitors loudly.
  • Our friends dance around us for a while.
  • The people are dancing like puppets.
  • But I never made an official song and dance about that.
  • The notes jump out and dance across different time signatures weaving complex melodic patterns.
  • I would still want to dance as an actor.
  • You are dancing away from the real topic.
  • We can ride horses and stargaze in the plains, dance by the bonfire.
  • ROCK'N'ROLL NIGHTS: Thursday nights with great hits from the 50's and 60's and dancing from 7.
  • Music and Dance Teachers can integrate music and dance into a PE class.
  • You can lose yourself and dance through the whole record.
  • Drifting away as my thoughts dance upon the wind.

"depart from" or "depart for"?

  • You must depart from the school of dreamers.
  • Picnic lunch and depart for Ngorongoro.
  • I just can't bear to depart with my Fuji X100.
  • The train would depart at 1pm and it was 12:50.
  • Make sure to brush your dogs before departing on any long car trips.
  • Depart to Halong Bay, arrive at 12: 00 noon.
  • As they depart in the now-airworthy DeLorean time machine, Biff Tannen accidentally witnesses their departure.
  • Most of them stay overnight and attend the morning mass to seek blessings and depart after lunch.
  • DAY 1 Safari briefing, depart around 08:30hrs to Lake Manyara National Park with a lunch box for a full day game drive.
  • On the 15th they departed by air from El Toro to Japan, where they arrived on 19 July.
  • We headed towards the ferry terminal for our 11am boat, which didn't actually depart until 12, as could be expected in Africa.
  • Any other information you may wish to include that may satisfy the delegate that you intend a genuine visit, will not work while in Australia and will depart within the validity of your visa.

"divide into" or "divide by"?

  • It is divided into three sections.
  • R13 080 divided by R1 200 is 10,9.
  • They were divided between French and German troops.
  • Never divided in purpose or will.
  • Although opinion is still divided on the subject of its popularity.
  • This responsibility was divided among the Quraish's four tribes.
  • French public divided French people are deeply divided over injecting facilities.
  • WHAT IS THE RESTRAINER? Theologians are divided about the meaning of these mysterious words of St.
  • We're being divided along economic lines.
  • The French were further divided amongst themselves.
  • But experts are divided as to which is the best way to save for your retirement.
  • They are divided from one another by oath; blood-guilt hovers between them; he owes a duty to his line.

"disconnect from" or "disconnect between"?

  • DC (Disconnect ): You were disconnected from the game.
  • The disconnect between generations may have grown too.
  • This merely confirms their disconnect with reality and their irrelevance.
  • So we seem to have a disconnect in the system.
  • Only in the event that both teams have been disconnected to the game will the match be stopped.
  • I always felt there's a disconnect about what's officially reported and what actually happened.
  • If we tried to connect to some other host, one of us got instantly disconnected after the game started.
  • According to CBS 60 Minutes, hermes des merveilles, Gilligan and other individuals began to notice the disconnect amongst oil prices and its usual hyperlink among provide and demand.
  • Very sad to be completely dependent on disconnecting at such a young age- absolutely no concept of living in the moment.

"dream of" or "dream about"?

  • The butterfly he dreamt of was.
  • I continually dream about the future.
  • It took years before I stopped dreaming in shades of red.
  • But I dreamed for a bit and for a moment, felt hope.

"dig into" or "dig in"?

  • He and his committee dug into the facts.
  • Now I am dug in so deep I can't move upwards.
  • They dug through public records.
  • People dig for news and then share it.
  • All items were second hand, dug out of my suitcase as I was being told off for not being ready sooner.
  • Holden watched, fascinated, as the manipulator dug at the asteroid.
  • The uniformed men opened bags and spilled underwear and socks in the muddy trenches dug by the Land Rovers ' tyres.
  • First, the cassava was dug from the ground, scraped and cut into small pieces.
  • The first is called ' Lahad ' and this is a side pocket grave facing Qibla and the grave is dug with this pocket grave and the dead is placed in the pocket grave.
  • After digging about 100 feet it became hard pulling the trolley so we built what we called a halfway house.
  • The ground was dug as for a grave; the seed of Protestantism was cast into that soil; and the blood of the nation was poured in, to warm it and bring it forth.
  • But even though students hammered in dividers, the octopuses found ways to dig beneath them -- and eat each other.
  • Again dig inside the hole at the center in such a way that could hold a wide mouth porcelain.
  • There's no dirt to dig on Romney.
  • At the very least, it seems a little hasty to be electing DiG to a kind of planning hall of fame, with all the connotations of best practice learning that attend to such an esteemed award.
  • Afterwards, in the 1850s sewers were dug under the town and a piped water supply was created.
  • Likewise, if we're really about to run out of oil, spending huge sums of capital to dig up most of Alberta (for oil sands) and mandating electric cars might be sensible policies.

dress in, like, for, as or with?

  • Or how I like to dress in winter.
  • People do like dressing like this.
  • On safaris, dressing for comfort is fine.
  • Someone is dressed as a cardboard box.
  • It came dressed with olive oil dotted with basalmic vinegar.
  • Everyone is dressed to the nines.
  • Dress according to the way your personality is.
  • Now Frank was not dressed at all to do this type of work.
  • So at six years old a child is still be dressed by the parents.
  • The Caprese salad tasted like it had store bought Italian dressing on it.

dominate by, in, for, at or from?

  • The climate is grim, dominated by winter.
  • This shows that the agriculture sector dominate in terms of employment.
  • He said that's how he dominated for so long and that he had a one track mind for winning.
  • These trees gradually replace the dipterocarp trees that dominate at lower elevations.
  • Ethan, we dominated from 20th minute on.
  • Globalism tends to dominate over the awareness of human values.
  • Gartner expects Apple's game-changing iPad to continue to dominate with a two-thirds share.

"donate to" or "donate by"?

  • Proceeds were donated to Youthline.
  • You can donate by mail, phone, or online.
  • The amount donated for this purpose was $92.
  • Shammy Ong May 18, 2011 13:36 I would like to donate in kind.
  • Donate On May 2nd purchase a Big Mac, Happy Meal or hot McCafe beverage.
  • I donated through one of your provided links.
  • Over the two years, the couple donated about US$7 million.
  • Regular donors seeking to continue donating after their 71st birthday are asked to contact Canadian Blood Services at 1 888 2 DONATE (1-888-236-6283) for more information.
  • This last year we were so lucky as we got some food donated from Germany, which Sandeepa organized.
  • I invited the Coonawarra Wineries to donate towards the Canonisation functions in one of my better moves and they donated much to the cause.
  • Her friends who continue to attend CHC still donate via GIRO, she added.

"distribute to", "distribute by" or "distribute in"?

  • The money distributed to the Ugandan people is not a lot.
  • Water pouches have also been distributed in the affected areas.
  • Right now it's being distributed by ' Neoflix ', a.
  • Cache is not distributed among cluster nodes.
  • Rainfall is fairly evenly distributed through the year.
  • Seventy-five Greeks are also randomly distributed across the world.
  • It may be freely distributed for non-commercial use, but may not be.
  • It's currently distributed on Koldcast.
  • Many of the tasting functions are performed by organs distributed over the body or on barbels.
  • Gas from Balochistan is distributed throughout Pakistan.
  • It is always distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL, and every copy is free software; but its developers sell support contracts.
  • For detailed accounts these are available I believe and were distributed at the annual members day.
  • Land was distributed between the neighboring Accompong Maroons and the Jamaican troops.
  • Questionnaires were distributed via the school.
  • Cygwin Bash Shell in rxvt Terminal Bash Shell can also be run through the Cygwin's rxvt terminal distributed with cygwin.
  • Today remnants of their nation lie in 20,000 archaeological sites distributed about a sub-tropical island that looks like England's South Downs littered with lava.
  • It was distributed according to the number of people in the family.
  • Binding Brain and Consciousness Knowledge about the world is distributed around the brain.
  • The stirrer ensures that any heat released becomes uniformly distributed before the final temperature is read.
  • This material is distributed without profit.

"deem by" or "deem as"?

  • Government or its coalition partners may under the Patriot Act and The Defense Authorization Act of 2012 be deemed by U.
  • For the majority is what is deemed as the society.
  • Nothing in this section shall be deemed to affect the provisions of any local law for the time being in force relating to the persons and property of minors.
  • Because ministers will not know in advance if it will be deemed in the public interest to release their discussions, all discussions will be treated as though they could be released.
  • There was an attack on another -- in many jurisdictions, rape is deemed on par with deadly threats.
  • After what deemed like eternity, I found the stairs that leads to my cabin and headed home for the night.
  • Instead we are deemed subject to forces beyond our control, mere organic matter caught on the wind of physical laws.

"dislike about", "dislike by" or "dislike for"?

  • No more of everything I so strongly disliked about them.
  • And He dislikes for you to pass on stories and gossip, to ask too many questions, and to waste money.
  • This problem is so much disliked by gamers that they named it the red ring of death.
  • I like Drew because he explains his likes and dislikes in critical manner.
  • What is disliked of celibacy and castration 4786.
  • WTH is with the 3 dislike on me above? It must be the 3 riches who are guilty of it.
  • We were so excited when we imagined how fun it would be to share our musical likes and dislikes with friends with just the click of a button.
  • Children have colour likes and dislikes according to individual character and stage of development.
  • Don't really have much of a like or dislike at the moment, it's mostly necessary exposition.
  • Examiners are human and will bring their own pet likes and dislikes into the process of reading your work.
  • A couple dislikes such as jeans and tops that fit above the midriff came as a surprise.

"disappear from", "disappear in" or "disappear into"?

  • Shortly thereafter, Jackson disappeared from public life.
  • The man disappeared into the dark room.
  • Pikeman's armour disappeared in the late 1650's.
  • His first and fourth balls disappeared for sixes.
  • When Buddhas pass away the Dhamma doesn't disappear with them.
  • This will all disappear after 20 minutes.
  • But Jackson disappeared as the date approached.
  • As mentioned earlier on, Carducotherium, the last of the amynodontid rhinos, also disappeared at this time.
  • Ahem, all that disappeared by the time we got home.
  • The sheikh is said to have disappeared on Tuesday night.
  • The Maya disappeared without a trace.
  • However, Abubakar somewhat disappeared during the second half.
  • For this reason, most choreography disappears over time.
  • As a bonus it won't disappear under the dishes in his student house.
  • The stomach pains disappear within hours.
  • He should be sticking up for you and the fact your shifts disappeared because of her.
  • The sun disappeared behind the clouds.
  • With a searing whine a small black spider-like object shot through the air and disappeared down the corridor.
  • What was a man to do? G-Mac, using his body language, waved bye-bye to the ball as it disappeared off the green.
  • This may be the way he appeared and disappeared out of the jail-cell.
  • Immediately the rabbit blinked its eyes and lept from his grasp; in two bounds it had disappeared through a hedge.
  • Some people have had to disappear to other countries leaving their families to pay the debts.

"defend by" or "defend against"?

  • If a theory is defended by these devices: 1.
  • It's tough for a wide man to defend against a full back like him.
  • We never sit back, defend with 10 and try to hit on the counter.
  • When Barcelona attack, they attack as a team; when they defend, they defend as a team.
  • Rajneesh's life can not be defended in any sane and rational way.
  • They were forced to defend for 60% of the game and could not cope with the relentless Kiwi attack.
  • The spinners did cause some problems but just had too few a runs to defend on the board.
  • Democracy is what we have to defend from Monopoly, from Fascism, and the right to anonymous (meaning free) assembly online is the only strategy.
  • A few German passes later, Ireland were defending at the edge of their own box.
  • A poor record of accomplishment is a terrible thing to try to defend to the American voters.
  • Arsenal made 11 changes but that did not excuse the naivety with which Carl Jenkinson, Johan Djourou, Koscielny and Ignasi Miquel defended before half-time.
  • That said, Spurs not named Tim Duncan have trouble defending around the rim, and San Antonio has been fairly poor rebounding the ball defensively.
  • I have definitely noticed the difference in defending over the past few years and this year has seemed to be worse.
  • There are some supervisors who don't understand that this is your PhD, your work, and that it has to be yours to defend through the examination process.
  • Another Web security defend within the Microsof company Microsoft windows 7 will be the Consumer Accounts Handle.

dare to, for, on, as or at?

  • Therefore I implore us to Dream, dare to Dream, live the Dream.
  • To suffer rightly is to have a secret with God! You do not dare for the sake of suffering, but you dare in order not to betray the truth.
  • So I took the risk, and went as hard as I dared on the fourth lap, hoping you wouldn? t stick with me.
  • Couldn't dare with the raw chicken butt.

"delete from" or "delete by"?

  • For Content you wish to delete from the GROU.
  • System bags can not be deleted by the application.
  • All others will be deleted without prejudice.
  • Cookies saved can be deleted at any time.
  • Any glyph-area whose Unicode character is classified as white space in XML, except for U+000A, shall be deleted during line-building and inline-building (see 4.
  • If the member asked for the account to be deleted because of that one post I still think they are overreacting.
  • I suppose comments have to be deleted for various reasons but a quick explanation as to why should be considered.
  • As it will be deleted after resetting of phone.
  • Blog by the blogger deleted along with all their comments.
  • Actually I wasn't being serious, but there you go, so I shall delete in my head the second half of your post.
  • Censorship can be immediate, or it can take a while: The fastest a post was deleted on Sina Weibo was just over four minutes.
  • No e-mail relating to the business of the University, and which is worthy of retention, may be deleted until a copy of it has been printed off and filed.
  • There is a catch though, they must have their own computer and IP address(proxy's are detected and users will be deleted upon cashout!).
  • Unfortunately, the comment was deleted within a few minutes.

"display on" or "display in"?

  • The full score is displayed on page 58.
  • This love may be displayed in various forms.
  • Articles are displayed by default.
  • It displayed at the side of CD cover.
  • Troy Thank you for the concern you display for my happiness.
  • Text displayed to people who decline.
  • Designed to be framed, it can be displayed with pride at home or work.
  • The path of the moon throughout one night displays as an arch.
  • Bb amazing ), then the chord will display before the word.
  • Sadly, not a single of the systems that were displayed during the sessions were sensitive to these points.
  • Neither of hose situations are remotely like the vision displayed of the Netherlands.
  • Interestingly, for 10-month infants ' emotional eavesdropping ' is displayed towards people, as well.

declare in, by, on, to or as?

  • When war was declared in 1914, Chifley did not enlist.
  • This has been declared by a credible witness.
  • Italy: Firearms must be declared on arrival.
  • Philippines: Firearms must be declared to customs on arrival.
  • But now it is declared as the national monument.
  • When I declared for Christ, my entire family rose up against me in unison.
  • After all, as Jane declared at the end of.
  • That is, whenever a type is used it must be declared before hand, hence int i = 3 and so on.
  • Declare with Emotion As a starter, whenever possible, you can do positive declarations that build you up.
  • An election court declared against him, but he too won in the end.
  • As soon as it was declared from on high that the debate was over (who was that man?) the whole thing was no longer about Science but politics.
  • Within the end the team with maximum Elite LaMarr Woodley Jersey points is declared like a winner.
  • A no-fly zone has been declared over it and hundreds of troops and policemen are on constant patrol.
  • Any dividend declared under the preceding paragraph shall be reported to the Commission within thirty (30) days after such declaration.
  • In particular, any attempt to refer to this id would result in the same action as if this id were never declared within the FO result tree.
  • They declare without rhyme or reason that the Ten Commandments are nowhere to be found in the Qur'an.

"download from" or "download to"?

  • It can be downloaded from the cnet link.
  • It's like a link to download to the actual file.
  • Pleaswe see EdgeScience Magazine issue 7, which you can easily Google and download for free.
  • The song can be downloaded on Zeljko's website here.
  • It can be best viewed or downloaded in ' Excel '.
  • What happens is that the file downloads as a zip instead of an epub.
  • GPS took a big leap forward when maps could be downloaded onto a unit.
  • The publisher only permits individual articles to be downloaded by subscribers.
  • Anything can be found and downloaded at full speed absolutely free.
  • So I'd very grateful for what we've had the opportunity to download over the past two and a half years.
  • If you have a CCLI License number, we can automatically insert that into any file you download with chords or lyrics.
  • Here's a little ditty for you to download before the day's out.
  • It will download between 300k and 700k and give file done message.
  • I am sure the reason for broken problem is a pause between downloading of part 4.
  • The Executive Summary for the 2009 SoE Report is available for downloading through the following link: 2009 SoE Report Executive Summary.

"destroy by" or "destroy in"?

  • It was destroyed by heat exposure.
  • Three homes were destroyed in the blast.
  • Carlo Di Negro (Genoa, 1769-1857 ), which was destroyed during World War II.
  • The only thing that should be destroyed on sight are ignorant fools like yourself.
  • This video serves as the contract and when Winslow destroys it, both he and Swan will be destroyed with it.
  • The business ends up being destroyed as the building is set on fire by the angry mob.
  • Mass is both created and destroyed at about the same volume.
  • They were destroyed from the earth.
  • Any record sheets will be destroyed after 5 years.
  • Electrical appliances of daily use are not working because of low voltage and many have been destroyed because of it.
  • It is a bad feeling when your money is being destroyed before your eyes and you can not do anything about it.
  • On Saturday July 14th there was reports of at least 850 homes damaged or destroyed due to landslides or flash flooding.
  • If not, then everything will be destroyed for everyone.
  • But to get destroyed like that.
  • We are SICK of watching BLACK families being destroyed over the last 40 years.
  • Laptop and any other inside accessories are protected from any destroy under its help.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 is destroyed within a few product promotions, Windows 7 Cd Key, viz.

"deny to" or "deny by"?

  • He was a strong contender for Uttarakhand CM's post, which was denied to him.
  • The claim has been strongly denied by her publicist.
  • All this, of course, was denied in 1990 by a CIA spokesman.
  • FELONY When the other party talks to your old insurer, they will be denied for any claims made against you because your policy was cancelled.
  • It is only because the seed has been denied of the real base to grow on.
  • This question? masturbation? the most contrversial of all confidential matters of how a men must not deny on this part of human.
  • Patients whose applications are in the denial process will receive a Letter of Intent to Deny from the Registry.
  • Firms also can be sued if a loan modification was denied because of a mistake made in the process.
  • Notice the characteristically Thomistic tactic of packaging everything one wants to deny about our thoughts about God into the modus significandi.
  • These individuals then find themselves in trouble when their case is denied at their interview due to discrepancies.
  • Only an uber-denier would deny like you do.

"demonstrate in", "demonstrate to" or "demonstrate by"?

  • There is a demonstrable benefit demonstrated in the literature.
  • Cloud computing, as demonstrated by the centralised Meath VEC model,.
  • It has demonstrated to me - that living in a full care facility is OK.
  • Helmets are protective as I have demonstrated with at least 8 papers from various countries, including Australia.
  • They can't just demonstrate against the ruling of a court.
  • No such difference could be demonstrated for VAS (Table).
  • This was demonstrated at calibration sites by examining values of the vegetation index at the time when (P+S) first exceeded 0.
  • It is demonstrated on 60 machines, with 30 pupils from the local International.
  • It is the miracle of God's love and grace demonstrated through other people who love God.
  • The cartoons in France's Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly have provoked relatively little street anger, although about 100 Iranians demonstrated outside the French embassy in Tehran.
  • Yet, as Bitterlemons has demonstrated over the years, being understood for who they are and how they see things is crucially important to both.
  • It is outrageous! A major injustice to Pacquiao and the skills he demonstrated throughout the fight.

"differ from" or "differ in"?

  • It may differ from the current revision.
  • They differ in fundamental ways.
  • However, I beg to differ on few things.
  • Consequently, I beg to differ with you.
  • Provisions differ depending on the type of loan you have.
  • The clinical features differ between phototoxic and photoallergic reactions.
  • Definitions of support tiers differ by company.
  • Well, I beg to differ for a second here.
  • Admission requirements differs according to the program.
  • Conventions for how we communicate differ across channels.
  • This indicates that the indent settings differ among the selected paragraphs.
  • We will see with our own eyes how much the Bibles differ as the result of tampering.
  • It is known that the four well-known Muslim schools of thought differed to no small degree in their interpretations.

"drag on" or "drag into"?

  • Rather than being a drag on the U.
  • The consultant risks being dragged into a vicious circle.
  • Check out ' look what the cat dragged in '.
  • Her name was dragged through the mud.
  • He was seized, dragged out of the city and stoned to death.
  • Click and drag to the size you want.
  • If it's dragged from your cold dead hands, that's not particularly helpful to you.
  • Spurs dragged along the floor behind his gold boots.
  • He was swimming towards the centre of the river but was being dragged by the tide.
  • The final third of the book really dragged for me.
  • The main drag of it has absolutely no hills, which is like finding a snow leopard in the middle of a desert in Egypt.
  • The metal body catches and drags across the foam.
  • You need to grow a heart when dealing with pretty girls, a heart that is willing to let go instead of being dragged above your lines.
  • I've finally sat down with a cup of tea though I'd pretty sure I'd going to get dragged away from.
  • The strike leaders were dragged before an ' internal tribunal ' of the Histadrut and mobilized into the Army.
  • Timing was a big problem throughout, with the Cambridge cast consistently dragging behind Exeter's.
  • Their car got dragged off the rails and flipped twice before it came to a halt.
  • You have to have a short memory in terms of you can not let it drag onto the next week or we are just going to sit in the same spot.
  • K We did spend a lovely couple of days on a buoy did nt even have to worry about the anchor dragging with a fantastic view of Bora Bora in the sunset and pretty fish swimming round the boat.

demand for, by, of, from or in?

  • Demand for electricity is lower.
  • A good qualification in maths is demanded by employers.
  • Donatella is a designer demanding of perfection.
  • PHEA support responds to demand from African university partners.
  • Further, demand in the first nine months of 2012 of 1.
  • It is physically demanding on the body's muscles, joints and energy systems.
  • The respect that religion seems to demand as a right is the very reason it's so dangerous.
  • Get the oversight you desire and the insight your customers demand with UPS tracking.

"define by", "define as" or "define in"?

  • True love is not defined by money.
  • It can not be defined in that way.
  • These are defined as ordered relations, i.
  • This namespace is identical to that defined for JDF in Section 3.
  • The mode name should be the same as the mode defined on host &3.
  • The section is defined with tags <body> </body>.
  • Internally, climate change is also affecting the natural boundaries as defined at Independence.
  • The nested class, being defined inside an outer class, can access private members of the outer class.
  • To me, language defines through limitation.
  • Some of these rights are defined under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and state based anti-discrimination laws.
  • This section contains a list of the standard Messages that are defined within the JDF framework.

determine by, in, at, for or from?

  • Any person determined by NYAKPO.
  • Usefulness was determined in four ways.
  • As far as the rise, it will be hard to determine at this point.
  • Moreover, many comets also move along in the orbits determined for them.
  • Counts of merozoites are more accurate when determined from thin films.
  • Golden Eagle International Group is determined to build an international brand of Chinese business.
  • Success and failure are determined on an individual basis (Bellah et al.
  • Vikings would have been able to determine with precision the direction of the hidden Sun.
  • Your membership points will be determined according to your final situation.
  • In the valid standards EN ISO 13849-1/IEC 6 the required risk reduction of the safety related control system has tobe determined as the result of the risk assessment.
  • Toxin levels in specific foods were determined through the Total Diet Study and other databases.
  • After that date membership will be determined under the Indian Act rules.

drink in, from, at, WITH or on?

  • Le Boss is drinking in the last chance saloon.
  • This baby does not drink from the mother's breast.
  • Of course they drink at college, most do.
  • Do not drink with people you loathe.
  • We seem to be heavily drunk on this potion.
  • We sat, talked and drank for a while.
  • They frequently drink to excess.
  • Who has drunk out of my little glass.
  • Turns out he snuck out of the crib, and polished off as much as he could and was still drunk as a skunk.
  • Always drink BEFORE feeling thirsty.
  • In fact you drink like a fish on the stuff and have far better motor control than you would without.
  • Why, Lord! we all thirst, and we come to Thee to drink of the water of everlasting life.
  • I drink about 20-30 ounces a day.
  • And on the day of of your check-out, you were cut off from food and drink after noon.
  • It starts off saying don't drink but the writers must have been drunk by number 2 because they skipped over number 3 entirely.
  • They are not allowed to eat or drink during the daylight hours.
  • After drinking over 65 tablets I started to feel sleepy and knew that if I do not act fast I might not ever wake-up again.
  • Drinking without the addition of milk, sugar, or honey is best, so only drink water and skinny milk.

"deliver to" or "deliver on"?

  • Said they would redeliver today.
  • Rudd has delivered on many promises.
  • Actually, much of America's freight is delivered by train.
  • Delivered in the presence of Mr.
  • I do think Nokia can deliver at the top end.
  • However, he doesn't deliver from scene to scene.
  • Once we have an H-bomb we will deliver with Argentine virtual technology.
  • We deliver for too many companies to mention.
  • There are aggregating offerings which are delivered through Telco/datacenter.
  • I now only use companies that deliver via royal mail.
  • From there it should be delivered within the timescale advertised on the site.
  • Today most common applications like business email is being delivered as SaaS.
  • These words capture the essence of the speeches delivered during the opening session.
  • This product are bought and delivered into a tank farm.
  • He delivered over 4k babies, not caring about race.
  • I thought this was no biggie and that I might just be able to deliver without an epidural.

depend on, upon or for?

  • It really depends on the horse.
  • The second depends upon the first.
  • This site depends for its income on advertising.

"discover in" or "discover by"?

  • And both of these were discovered in India.
  • The ice age cave was discovered by a student in 1923.
  • You will discover on your own wearing the very best.
  • There are large numbers of artifacts discovered at the site during the excavations.
  • Yet you do understand there is much more to be discovered about this.
  • An error discovered after the limit of claims is never rectified.
  • I have visions of him dying and not being discovered for weeks.
  • Several scales for the measurement of length were also discovered during excavations.
  • Now she knows where she is going; having discovered from where it was she had to start.
  • And I have also just discovered through the Death thread that he's just passed away.
  • Today, as President Lyndon Johnson discovered to his cost in 1968, a spectacular domestic track record can be effortlessly nullified by an overseas misadventure.
  • The supernovae were discovered with the 3.
  • Solomon Islands is only just being discovered as a surfers ' mecca.
  • Cooper was discovered inside his apartment at 1 W.
  • A new supernova has been discovered near the Big Dipper.
  • To do so means discovering of ourselves as more than random, contingent collections of atoms or a mere bundles of desires, as Hume put it.
  • I've discovered over the years, God's character to be true; He never changes.
  • The error is discovered within the limit of claims; so it is rectified.

drop to, by, out, from or in?

  • I dropped to my knees, sobbing.
  • Thanks for dropping by Christopher.
  • I dropped out of elementary three.
  • Leather is a common drop from most mobs.
  • I had to drop in a Windows 2000 hd to sign-up.
  • Even in the rain; Drop into public skate.
  • Housing has -20% more drop on the USA national average.
  • Home ownership dropped for a fifth straight year to 64.
  • Starve the Parasite and it will drop off the host.
  • Dropping at ED is actually a good idea.
  • Unfortunately, this bill was dropped after the first reading.
  • Facebook is being dropped as a media outlet 8.
  • Stay tuned as the US drops below third world countries.
  • Your bill dropped due to the fact that you were taken off the BES.
  • He popped cough drops like candy and would swig his whiskey when his throat got sore.
  • It dropped over the fall at 4:23 p.
  • Today has begun with less cloud cover and a steady 20 knot wind which should drop with the falling tide.

"draw on", "draw to" or "draw from"?

  • A circle is drawn on the ground.
  • Here are the winners, drawn from 265 votes.
  • I was drawn to one of the boys.
  • Draw in a line which follows this.
  • India was drawn into a trap to do Colombo's dirty work.
  • That was the beginning of a destiny drawn by others.
  • He draws upon instinct and intuition.
  • Two wins over Top 10 guys, one draw with arguably a Top 5 guy.
  • A careful distinction needed to be drawn between the evidence and suspicion.
  • Thus, if an acceptance is drawn for $100,000.
  • I pray that He will draw near to us as we draw near to Him.
  • I'd glad we've been drawn against a team with a great history.
  • I began drawing at a very young age.
  • Accurate conclusions can't be drawn through theoretical experiments, as if they were scientific experiments in laboratories.

"describe as" or "describe in"?

  • In 19 Ptolemy is described as: -.
  • This is further described in 5.
  • Ettore Mocchetti who, as described by Ms.
  • Robbie, as described to this point, is a sort of life form.
  • A variety of life histories have been described for the Genus.
  • This traffic can be monetized as described on this page.
  • It's all described with beautiful clarity in the recent Cabinet Office paper.

"discuss in" or "discuss with"?

  • This matter is discussed in Section 6.
  • Discuss with your lawyer or medical doctor.
  • Let us discuss about email marketing.
  • Other terms can be discussed at this stage.
  • NOt too much of OSI terminology as discussed by Tanenbaum.
  • They can not discuss on the merits of their ideas.
  • They told these officials what was discussed during our interviews.
  • Recommend I think it should be discuss as a investion of this centry.
  • It's this last report I'd like to discuss for a moment.
  • And it is definitely something that should be discussed among friends/colleagues and blogs like yours.
  • Posted by: RomneyWillLose September 25, 2012, 6:53 pm 6:53 pm Better presdient, Carter or Obama? Discuss amongst yourselves.
  • The problem (as has been discussed to death here on /.
  • No family affairs will be discussed without your being consulted.

drive by, to, in, on or through?

  • They were driven by selfishness.
  • Drive to Saadani National Park.
  • The Queen learnt to drive in 1945.
  • You can drive on your 17th birthday.
  • It was very clear that Lewis wanted to drive at the test.
  • It had been driven through a very hard granite.
  • He also drove for them in the DTM in 2005.
  • Drive from Queenstown to Wanaka.
  • The world is being driven into a dead end.
  • We shall drive around the city of Bamako.
  • Thus, she was driven out of the village.
  • Drivers are being urged to drive with caution.
  • Those weapons were driven across Egypt and into Gaza.
  • Right, I'd driving along the Loch side, glancing out of the window.
  • I drove away from the store feeling like I got a helluva bargain.
  • Batting them around for hours as he was driving down the motorway.
  • It drives like a bag of spanners.
  • If we have to put up with them, drivers of horses will be driven off the roads.
  • Just don't put the ground stake where you'll drive over it with the lawn mower.
  • We drove past Bill's Palace (http: //www.
  • Drive towards renewable energy.
  • Last February he was arrested for driving under the influence.
  • As we drove up the winding road we saw Mrs.
  • It is important, as the penalty for driving without such a license may be up to $10,000.

disagree with, on, about or in?

  • I disagree with Andrew that 65.
  • You do disagree on some issues.
  • Completely disagree about Jordan.
  • You are welcome to disagree in the comments.

"develop in" or "develop by"?

  • Silkworm cocoons developing in a nest.
  • It was developed by ARPA of the U.
  • And it can develop into cancer in women.
  • It is a system developed for N.
  • Developed with the assistance of BBC Films.
  • So Rex was easy to develop as a character.
  • Bizarrely this is developed from a matrix.
  • This is developed at greater length in Blog FBBB119.
  • They may also develop on genital skin (apocrine).
  • We have seen it developing over the past two decades.
  • Flora and fauna developed during this period, that became endemic to New Zealand.
  • This likely developed through my childhood environmental conditioning.
  • But these systems were not developed to higher levels in ancient India.
  • A-7 before the District Forum) as evidence of the complication which developed after the surgery of 28.
  • Strategic planning is a dynamic process and rarely developed along a neat and clear path.
  • The whole horizontal structure works if you have slowly developed around it.
  • A great chasm has since developed between Obasanjo and the North.
  • The industry is getting less open to AAA games being developed out of house.
  • New gun once developed under the most promising American patron.
  • Instead, miniature flatworms develop within the protective egg capsule.
  • These messages were developed without the knowledge or approval of Gap Inc.

die in, of, from, on or for?

  • Two have died in the last year.
  • She too has since died of AIDS.
  • Ponies have died from overwork.
  • Jesus really did die for our sins.
  • He died on the way to hospital.
  • Adrian Oliver died at about 5 a.
  • Eight drinkers died as a result.
  • She died after being taken to hospital in Exeter.
  • He died before reaching the hospital.
  • During this dive, Patch died by drowning.
  • B dies during A's life time; then A dies.
  • Margaret died without a struggle.
  • Margaret died without a struggle.
  • Many have died because of recent floods in those areas.
  • Carlo David died due to multiple gunshots.
  • They die like flies during pregnancy.
  • I've been dying to stealth this site.
  • In fact, if a child between seven and nine years old died under my charge, I would have to explain why.
  • Taken captive by Timur, Bayezid died within a year.

"decide on", "decide to" or "decide by"?

  • Decide on the equipment you need.
  • To be decided by the Executive Committee.
  • But I decided to forgive pinch.
  • You get to decide for yourself.
  • The case decided in November, R.
  • He actually decided against Greater Israel.
  • At last a compromise was decided upon.
  • Nothing special, its all about the EUM and what they decide at the time.
  • Others decided not to, but one day you'll decide about that.
  • The season finale saw Elena decide between the Salvatore brothers.
  • It was decided after the death of the elder Coke that adopted son, Christopher ' Dudus ' would take over.
  • Havent decided as to which bank I would put in my preference list.
  • If she decides with logic then chances are she is going to say no.