"jam with", "jam to" or "jam in"?

  • Then its off to jam with the Stones.
  • That night Pablo and a Black anarchist friend jammed in his living room.
  • Do those kinds of songs for the album but do the party songs for the party freaks to jam to.
  • Oriakhi produced a few other highlights, including a drop-step and jam between two defenders later in the first half.

"join in" or "join by"?

  • We joined in the cheers as well.
  • And we're joined by Donald Findlater.
  • For housing, however, it joined with Minneapolis, St.
  • Its like a K joined to its mirror image.

"jostle for" or "jostle with"?

  • In other words, 1,300 people were jostling for every single position.
  • The little bancas jostle with each other for passengers, so it could be noisy.
  • A frenzy ensued when several photographers jostled around the benches to get to him.
  • But the air molecules in front of this ball don't have time to be jostled out of the way.

"judge by" or "judge from"?

  • Best to Judged by 12 rather than carried by 6.
  • Judging from NASA's satellite imagery, Sandy is no joke.
  • Now just judging on the leak photos alone.
  • WOLFE Well, judge for yourself.

jump on, into, to, from or in?

  • This figure is poised to jump on Aug.
  • Even Bob Rennie jumped into the act.
  • Jump to page: The most perfect formation is.
  • I'd going to jump from the plane.

"justify in" or "justify by"?

  • It makes you feel justified in your own ignorance.
  • Affirmeth - A man is justified by faith alone, and not by works.
  • That is why so many people justify to covert their religion.
  • Locally these laws are justified as an effort to control sectarian violence.

"juxtapose with" or "juxtapose to"?

  • Juxtaposed with raila visit just a week earlier and the jigsaw will be almost complete.
  • I believe it says a lot about politicians when they feel the need to photocall juxtaposed to a **25;0;TOOLONG etc.
  • If you imagine eating a ready salted crisp and then having a bit of chocolate, the chocolate will taste sweeter because it's juxtaposed against the salty taste.