Prepositions after Verbs

Click a verb to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


"kidnap by" or "kidnap in"?

  • She's been kidnapped by the evil Skullmageddon.
  • My mom was kidnapped in Brazil as well - the so-called ' sequestro-relampago '.
  • Slaves were either bought from tribal chiefs or simply kidnapped from the mainland and then shipped to Zanzibar.
  • Remember when the guy got kidnapped for you, Hulk? No? Oh, OK.
  • Absalom and the Anointed One have Miss Calendar and Cordelia kidnapped as a way of baiting Buffy, but they leave both ladies alive, for no reason I could discern.
  • Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped out of her Utah home, raped and held hostage for nine months when she was only 14-years-old in 2002.

"knock on", "knock off" or "knock at"?

  • They knocked on Czarina's room.
  • Reasons for Knocking at an Empty House.
  • Jeff is knocked off himself by Ken.
  • Second season knocked out of champions league.
  • He also scored five runs and knocked in 12.
  • They were knocked to the floor and sitting on their tushes, they burst out laughing.
  • PURPOSELY knocked over a few things to uh.
  • On a motorway run I get nearly 70mpg wth 50ish knocking about town.
  • With Dempsey on his way, Dembele gone and no more ageing English strikers knocking around the trendy London club, Berbatov could be a hit.
  • This upsets Renato, who immediately closed his laptop, asking her to knock before entering to which Angelika replies she didn't know she had to knock first at her own room.
  • Think about how furniture gets worn by everyday use; chairs fall over, a chest of drawers is knocked by an overzealous vacuum cleaner, armrests are worn down by constant use.
  • You can't just knock down the wall separating toilet and shower because the rest won't hold.
  • After knocking for a few minutes, she realised that he was probably at work.
  • I left it with main dealer to look into and also the grinding/knocking from the clutch which they aid was likely to be clutch bearing.
  • With his elbow, he knocked into his mother pushing her over.
  • Gloucester did not learn from that warning as they struggled to clear their lines and Morgan knocked through another kick on 59 to lead 18-13.
  • Crme brule -- not amazing and the shell on top did not have that satisfactory crack when knocked with a fork.

"kick off" or "kick out"?

  • The event kicks off Thursday, Sept.
  • They weren't kicked out they left.
  • And I doubt you could kick in it.
  • NZ kicks into daylight savings on 25th Sep.
  • Next, kick to the front with left leg.
  • Kick at a comfortable height so you don't hunch over.
  • Roosevelt said it felt as if he had been kicked by a mule.
  • There is no use in kicking against necessity.
  • Wilson had been kicking around Austin since being discharged from the U.
  • I lived with Rizzle Kicks for a while and Emeli Sand supported me.
  • Hong Kong was like living in a clattering tin can being kicked down the street.
  • Now, it's time to kick of Miz TV.
  • Now, it needs to be kicked on another level.
  • March another three beats (left, right, left) and then kick with right leg.

"kindle for" or "kindle in"?

  • And bought it on their Kindles for 99 cents.
  • You have that Govinda kindle in you.
  • I've deregistered this Kindle from your account and noted this in our systems so that it can't be registered by another person.
  • I prefer Kindle to reading on a colour screen.
  • Last year I photographed the launch of Kindles at The Kilgoris Project in western Kenya.
  • Ordered the kindle on 29 Oct, they said gon na deliver in Dec 10-21 but apparently they sent it on Nov 9 to Comgateway.
  • Apple saw an opportunity when Amazon launched Kindle with some degree of success.
  • And the anger of the Lord was kindled against Uzza, and he smote him.
  • I currently have a Sony e-reader but am considering a Kindle of some sort, probably the Fire.
  • You don't want to drop the Kindle without protection as the screen will mostly likely break.
  • The newer Kindles like the Paperwhite seem effortless (but still won't read certain file types).
  • Don't blow your money on a Kindle under the premise that it'll make you read more.

"kill in" or "kill by"?

  • You can't kill in the name of it.
  • One control was killed by a hyaena.
  • He was hit by a single shot and killed at 10.
  • Cara Baarendse had 15 kills for the.
  • Olmstead finished with 19 kills on.
  • Marshal Lannes was also killed during the battle.
  • These days people kill with that anti-joke joke stuff.
  • My father was killed after some fighting at our village.
  • Over 200,000 people were killed as a result.
  • They are killing because the other lot killed their fathers.
  • Horman had already been killed before his father arrived in Chile.
  • During the course of the battle 72 people had been killed from the opposite side, and 88 people had been martyred from Imam Husain's side.
  • Noo matter what they did should they be killed like this.
  • There was killing of innocent hindus too.
  • More than 110 Palestinians and three Israelis have been killed since then.
  • Whatever the future of the Tamil people, Neelan and all those killed under the pretext of alleged treachery will not be resurrected physically.
  • Tar, that lurks beneath the ground, Uproots and kills without a sound.

keep in, to, on, at or away?

  • Let us keep in touch because I.
  • I insisted they keep to their word.
  • No files are kept on the C drive.
  • I might keep at 5 for a few weeks.
  • Please keep away from this!! 12.
  • This is why it is best kept for marriage.
  • God has called you to walk godly and keep from sin.
  • That dhoti afterwards was kept by us.
  • We kept out of his way though afterwards.
  • But that, for the time being, is being kept under lock and key.
  • Whatever is kept with you, keep it safely.
  • The other is kept as a spare in case the first deer is caught too soon.
  • Records are kept of the spending of these donations.
  • The blood must be kept within strict pH controls (7.