keep in, to, on, at or away?

  • Let us keep in touch because I.
  • I insisted they keep to their word.
  • No files are kept on the C drive.
  • I might keep at 5 for a few weeks.

"kick off" or "kick out"?

  • The event kicks off Thursday, Sept.
  • They weren't kicked out they left.
  • And I doubt you could kick in it.
  • NZ kicks into daylight savings on 25th Sep.

"kidnap by" or "kidnap in"?

  • She's been kidnapped by the evil Skullmageddon.
  • My mom was kidnapped in Brazil as well - the so-called ' sequestro-relampago '.
  • Slaves were either bought from tribal chiefs or simply kidnapped from the mainland and then shipped to Zanzibar.
  • Remember when the guy got kidnapped for you, Hulk? No? Oh, OK.

"kill in" or "kill by"?

  • You can't kill in the name of it.
  • One control was killed by a hyaena.
  • He was hit by a single shot and killed at 10.
  • Cara Baarendse had 15 kills for the.

"kindle for" or "kindle in"?

  • And bought it on their Kindles for 99 cents.
  • You have that Govinda kindle in you.
  • I've deregistered this Kindle from your account and noted this in our systems so that it can't be registered by another person.
  • I prefer Kindle to reading on a colour screen.

"knock on", "knock off" or "knock at"?

  • They knocked on Czarina's room.
  • Reasons for Knocking at an Empty House.
  • Jeff is knocked off himself by Ken.
  • Second season knocked out of champions league.