Prepositions after Verbs

Click a verb to see what prepositions are usually used after it in English


mesmerize by, for, about, in or into?

  • Outside I was mesmerized by the snow around us.
  • He's well respected throughout the world of football and he was mesmerizing for us.
  • Having said that, there is something mesmerizing about her.
  • He is invited backstage and is mesmerized into becoming a psychotic killer.
  • Among the list of most breathtaking traits of bogus Rolex watches is usually that they've their own personal inventive kinds and designs which mesmerize to every just one quickly.
  • The argument in all cases including the defense of Ronaldo is it not self preservation to insure against the hammer thrower brutally tackling the wonderful players that we are mesmerized with.

mutate into, in, by, from or out?

  • Cow Cow Blues mutated into Ray Charles ' Mess Around.
  • As Kaur's death it was mutated in favour of Mst.
  • Energy can mutate from one type to another as it passes through the whole of Samsara.
  • The disease could have been born in this place, when an existing fungus mutated among the trees.

masquerade as, under, at or Like?

  • He's a troll masquerading as a journalist imo.
  • Innumerable inhuman practices, masquerading under the guise of religion, abound.
  • Nor is it for someone that thinks social impact investing is masquerading at a U$50 million foundation or suiting up, sitting in an air-conditioned office in Washington D.

"muse about" or "muse on"?

  • He then mused about finding a cheaper way.
  • I genuinely have mused on this issue and so I thrown it open.
  • Ann's Gichocho I often can't help but muse to myself that much of our work here at Dignitas involves playing the long game.
  • Then he would go away hating and cursing the whole sex, and she would calmly add his scalp to her string, while she mused upon the bitter day that Col.
  • I've seen Slash at the Manchester Apollo in October and Muse at the MEN last week.
  • People in technology circles have been musing for months about how Obama would use his list, said Peter Daou, who oversaw Internet operations for the Senate campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.

mull over, on, for, about or by?

  • He says he is mulling over a ' 13 bid for Mayor, but US Attorney is a powerful post.
  • I have been mulling on this question for a week now.
  • As part of new austerity measures, Athens is mulling for the first time the taboo issue of dismissing full-time civil servants.

"massacre in" or "massacre by"?

  • Two million Muslims massacred in Baghdad.
  • These Jews were crammed into ghettos, deprived of rights and property and massacred by elite killing squads.
  • The shooting evoked memories of the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School in Littleton, also a Denver suburb.

"meddle with" or "meddle in"?

  • So, instead of meddling with the nose, we'll address the primary factor.
  • TDs are meddling in local affairs.
  • But I feel her voice has not been challenged by any particular song here, and I hope that she gets to show her range by meddling into different territories of melodic journey in the future.

molest by, in, at, on or under?

  • The second play that we have prepared is about a boy who is molested by his uncle.
  • A girl was molested on Monday as she was returning home from a party at a bar located in Guwahati's Post Office area.
  • Pleaded guilty to molesting under age children.

misinterpret by, as, for, in or like?

  • Scott argues that capitalism has been misinterpreted by conflating it with the market mechanism.
  • Looking away or making intermittent eye contact may be misinterpreted as a sign that you are not telling the truth.
  • But it is unnecessary and perhaps could be misinterpreted for the judge to post the decision to these three people.
  • So with all due respect to you, I will continue to read with maximum charity, and to stick up for those who I feel are potentially being misinterpreted in ways that impugn their essential character.

"mutter to" or "mutter about"?

  • Muttering to yourself if having a job is really all that worth it.
  • Paul quailed under the look the Head gave him, and started to mutter about it being nothing.
  • Wild Card Race If you're a New York Yankees fan, then you're muttering in disbelief at their abysmal collapse.
  • And Democrats already are muttering among themselves that this is not the time for tax reduction.

"magnify by" or "magnify in"?

  • Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, both magnified by the clear vodka in the glass.
  • Whether by life or by death, he will be magnified in our bodies.
  • The magnetic fields of such collapsed stars are magnified along with the density to strengths millions of millions of times that of Earth.
  • It is an eye opener for me, their problems do nt go away they only magnify as the years go on especially if there is a woman willing to take their ' issues ' on.

"mediate by" or "mediate between"?

  • This may be mediated by a direct or indirect effect.
  • The Dutch embassy or consulate can assist you by: mediating between you and the hospital.
  • In the case of the employee level, the effects were mediated through environmental teamwork.
  • He said since the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) had offered to mediate in the APGA crisis that he would sheathe his sword and wait for time.
  • Having lived in any of these Bokoharam strong do not pass for a reason for which FG should allow you mediate on their behalf.
  • Paul's understanding, is mediated to the individual through participation in the community.
  • Regulation is mediated via many different mechanisms; it is when these mechanisms fail, and regulation is lost, that cancer can result.
  • It is designed to clear up your thinking as you mediate with it.

moan about, at, in, to or from?

  • And then there's nothing to moan about anymore.
  • But chances are your most disengaged employees do spend a lot of time moaning at one another and making life pretty difficult for the engaged employees.
  • I love that we get to run and to chat and to moan in commiseration when we reach THE HILL THAT NEVER ENDS.
  • I was actually talking about an adult moaning to the nanny state.
  • I see plenty of complaining and moaning from the economics community, but very little proactive planning or staking out a direction.
  • It has moaned for months about how much it would cost to repair the line, but careful to shift blame to the Beehive.
  • I don't mind grunts and moans during sex from my partner, but if he is louder then me, then I am going to get distracted and not enjoy it.

meditate on, in, for, upon or with?

  • I meditate on the word day and night.
  • We need to have some wisdom in order to sit down and meditate in the first place.
  • Meditate for what anybody presume, and exactly you have assume it all.
  • Is it as rewarding and worthy of investing your time in absorbing and meditating upon? Of course.
  • I thought it was easier this time to meditate with the chanting because I was more relaxed.
  • Meditate at the same time of the day Experienced meditators find that if they always meditate at, say, 6:00 am and 5:30 pm, when that time of day occurs they naturally want to meditate.
  • I like Zhan Zhaung because it doesn't abuse the body the way most exercizes do, and I meditate during my Zhan Zhaung sessions.
  • After the morning gong you come to the main hall where all sit in a group and meditate till 6.
  • His painting was about a young boy meditating under a tree.

mingle with, in, into, alongside or amidst?

  • My maid have been mingling with other maids.
  • Appetizers were passed as guests mingled in an open field on the farm.
  • But after 24 hours like the locals, you may not even be aware of the sound as it mingles into the background.
  • In Bujumbura's Asian quarter, those of Omani origin mingle alongside those with ancestors from Yemen or Pakistan.
  • Mingling amidst the gay dresses of the better orders, hardy farmers made their way to the public granaries.
  • I descended the escalator to see about 100 people dressed in business attire mingling around the coffee.
  • Western and eastern european cultures is a no brainer, truth is they have been mingling for centuries.
  • Maria Maguire then completed the formalities and the group mingled to a delicious array of treats and drinks in the context of the wonderful view to the Harbour from the MLC centre.
  • This comes from being a stranger, outsider, the other person, an alien; who are often voiceless people that mingle within a population.

mount on, in, to, at or by?

  • For James antenna is mounted on the Gold Coast.
  • In the same year the entartete Kunst exhibition was mounted in Munich.
  • Detail of magnet mounted to side of wheel rim.
  • The anti-Communist Right of the Party bitterly opposed the conspiracy theory that Evatt mounted at the Petrov Royal Commission.
  • ACN said that apart from the virulent attacks mounted by Dr.
  • The equipment is mounted with overloading protective device to ensure operation.
  • Go great guns The military term for cannon or any ordnance mounted for firing was ' great guns ', as distinct from small guns that were hand-held.
  • And I believe the permanent cameras mounted over intersections only use flash at night.
  • Using ultrasonic level technology, Greyline open channel flow meters include a non-contacting sensor mounted above the flume or weir.
  • Even slimmer is the much mooted chance of a challenge being mounted against Cosatu general secretary, Zwelinzima Vavi.
  • These will look much like the wind turbines we've all become familiar with, but with acres of solar panels mounted atop their towers.
  • Air intakes mounted behind the lower front grille also force feed air into the brake discs to aid cooling.
  • Then the child, who was watching, saw a beautiful living creature, with four snow white wings, mount from the dead man's body into the air and go fluttering round his head.
  • When pressure mounted off the turn, it became apparent by 30m out that Heemskerk was going to struggle.
  • A knight, in full armor mounted upon a magnificent steed.

misunderstand by, as, in, for or to?

  • I was a very loved child, but I was also wildly misunderstood by many, myself included.
  • The falsification of this information will be used to make all nations believe that their religious doctrines have been misunderstood for centuries and misinterpreted.

manifest in, by, as, into or on?

  • The impact manifested in two forms.
  • Membership is often manifested by differences in dress andlife style.
  • The heat coming from the water can also cause damage to the capillaries, which can manifest as redness in the skin.
  • I guess this manifested into pretty much every area of my life as well as not having any women around me either.
  • Let the new man manifest on the outside.
  • Recognition manifests through unilateral declarations, letters of heads of state, and multilateral or multilateral treaties.
  • In his case, the aggressive behaviour manifested at an early age.
  • They even create the offline and app manifests for you.
  • We can only know reality as it is manifested to us.
  • To bring peace and ease to living beings I manifest within the world And for the sake of the assembly speak The sweet dew of pure Dharma The Dharma of a single flavor, That of liberation and Nirvana.
  • Having prepared in this way, the mediator should feel more able to deal with behaviours that might manifest during the course of the mediation.
  • And with intense Bhakti, Jnana manifests of its own accord.
  • A) is the dynamic force of direct contemplation of Divine attributes manifest under the aspect of limitations in the universe -- the phenomenal world of multi forms and colours.
  • Indeed, We have made all the signs manifest unto people who are endowed with inner certainty.

"mislead by" or "mislead into"?

  • Some of you are fools who have been misled by your emotions.
  • Doctors in training and elsewhere, might be misled into believing that since spinal anesthesia with a 22 gauge cutting needle, utilizing 12.
  • This week Pfizer, who acquired Wyeth in 2009, agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit by former Wyeth shareholders claiming they were misled about Pristiq's risks, for $67.
  • Why do people buy locked phones? There are many reasons why people buy phones locked by phone network operators, but the chief one is that customers are being misled on many different levels.
  • In such a case the ability to be misled as to the import of one's insights are infinite.

march in, to, on, into or through?

  • The political process and changing the reality have to march in lock-step.
  • Armies train by marching to a beat, for instance.
  • I'd ready to march on Canberra.
  • Castro marched into Havana on January 9,1959, and became Cuba's new leader.
  • Strikers marched through the city centre and clashed with police.
  • In November 1257 Mongolian troops began to march towards Badad.
  • Look at how may marched against the war inspite of arrests and persecution.
  • That's why I'd currently marching from Jarrow to London.
  • The same people fought in the Civil War and Marched with Reverend King.
  • With the Times Bihar is marching along with the times.
  • Returned service personnel wear their medals and march behind banners and standards.
  • The parade was great, with 55 fife and drum corps marching down the street one-by-one.
  • The thousands of people of all races who turned out at support marches for the national team bear this out.
  • You just want to stay and go through all of it, right til march out.
  • He and his Platoon were then assigned to march toward Germany.
  • The only way I can see your desire fulfilled is if someone marches up to you and offers a job.
  • Arched windows marched across the facades.
  • Exodus 14:10 As Pharaoh approached, the Israelites looked up, and there were the Egyptians, marching after them.
  • When they were on the move Roman soldiers marched at a steady pace.
  • Just march by looking schitzy -- no eye contact, just confident, mad and dangerous.
  • They marched during the night and rested during the day.
  • Armies still march upon their stomachs; problems of supply, though often hidden by the smoke of battle, are always governing; at Inchon their impact was more than usually immediate.

"mature in" or "mature into"?

  • Some say he is not matured in lanken politics.
  • They can then mature into different kinds of new regenerated cells.
  • Both species mature at around 15 years of age.
  • You think,? I? m obviously maturing as a Christian!?, and are tempted to drop into conversations that,? Yes, I was in Ezekiel 47 this morning.
  • Matured for 9 months for optimum taste.
  • From a technology perspective, SOA has also matured over this last year.
  • After all, bull markets?? mature on optimism and die on euphoria.
  • SMS market of Guangdong has matured after 4 years ' fast development from 2000 to 2003.
  • Now I like different kinds of movies and I've also matured to where I feel like I can tell a story.
  • Jamie, you have matured with the times like a damn brilliant bottle of red wine.
  • May be you will mature beyond it some day.
  • While it is maturing from a business service standpoint, it still catering to its own region.
  • Your 5th gen fighters will mature around the same time as the PAKFA/FGFA.
  • I think if we would have waited &; matured before getting married, we probably wouldn't have because we would have seen how we had different ideas (at that time) of what we wanted out of life.
  • Projects started by BNP should ideally started to mature during the CTG regime.
  • This doesn't mature till your late 20s.
  • The RBI permits loans, which mature within one year, to be repaid from net foreign exchange earnings without prior government approval.

mar by, with, at, for or as?

  • The exercise marred by multiple hitches.
  • Every corner of this world that we are living in is marred with stress.
  • Now, after four years, we love each other as on our first year of marriage, and our happiness has not been marred for a single second.
  • But as we've already shown in this series, the BMJ report is marred from the get-go by false statements that undercut this claim against Wakefield.

"mourn for", "mourn in" or "mourn with"?

  • Even the South mourned for Lincoln, its former enemy.
  • Suffer me only to weep - to mourn with thee.
  • They have never allowed us to mourn in peace.
  • If you seriously would mourn over the loss of a dog the way you would over losing a child.
  • For while we are still in mourning at the loss of our very own Zorro, the moment Nadal behaved with such a lack of sportsmanship towards the.
  • His Bee Gee brother Barry, who has been supporting him throughout, was mourning from across the Atlantic as he'd recently flown back to America.
  • The Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) and indeed, the entire sporting world were thrown into mourning on Monday, December 12, 2011, following the death of Mr.

manipulate by, in, for, with or into?

  • We will not be manipulated by force.
  • Losses can be manipulated in balance sheets no less than profits.
  • But it would seem that their plight is being cynically manipulated for ulterior political reasons.
  • You want to begin with balls you can manipulate with at least some dexterity and work on those first.
  • They, like the youth all over Nigeria, are easily manipulated into violence.
  • The judiciary system can be manipulated at will and even when exposed, nothing is done to rectify this or to punish the perpetrators.
  • You are easily manipulated through the implication of affection being withheld.
  • In the case of composition, different pieces are shot on medium or large format film and then digitally manipulated according to his vision of the final image.
  • This makes me just as easily manipulated as the KONY/LRA particpants! I guess knowing is half the battle.
  • And callous-unemotional kids are often extremely intelligent; they're able to lie and manipulate without remorse, making it harder to understand what they're doing and why.
  • All the more reason for conservatives to build a media base and takeover jobs that liberals have manipulated against the core values of our country.
  • If Prime minster helps system out laid to be manipulated under his nose to benefit few and cause loss to nation's exchequer then what do you call him if not corrupt.
  • Anything that has been manipulated via computer technology is classed as animation.

"migrate to" or "migrate from"?

  • A good number migrated to Corinth.
  • I just migrated from Vonage to Voip.
  • They hadn't migrated in generations.
  • Between January and April each year enormous numbers of wildebeest migrate into the area following the.
  • In Jamaica in the 1970's many in the middle class migrated out of fear of communism or because of the policies of socialism.
  • Legions of wildebeest and zebra migrate between Kenya's Nairobi National Park, Maasai Mara Game Reserve and Tanzania's Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro conservancy.
  • The Indian Ocean is rich in fish, with tuna and pelagics migrating through the Pemba Channel every year, with continual supply of snapper, grouper and sharks.
  • Don't worry, though, just as in 2010, the rest of the crowd will migrate toward Rasmussen's view before the votes are cast.
  • Some industries will stay clustered around the city center but more jobs, especially service-oriented ones, will continue to migrate towards the suburbs.
  • Many of his followers would have become scattered with some migrating with Jesus himself out of Judea.

motivate by, in, for, to or with?

  • Some aren't motivated by either.
  • This will motivate in a formal way our assertion that we must condition on L.
  • The players need to be motivated for them to perform.
  • Workers tend to be motivated to the point when they receive their wages.
  • He was totally charmed and motivated with the developmental idea and approach.
  • I still can't seem to get this motivated about the upcoming presidential election.
  • How could you not be motivated after watching this?
  • They are motivated from the inside out rather than just the outside in.
  • He has connected to other science students in his group and is totally motivated towards joining the YSA and persuing tertiary education.

"merge with" or "merge into"?

  • We've been merged with the buyouts.
  • The sections were then merged into one single view.
  • Figure 4-8 shows an example of nested spawning and merging in reverse sequence.
  • Once the vm architecture has been finalised the new compiler will be merged to it.
  • As the A914 and A919 meet merge of Leuchars, take the B945 to Tayport Camber Sands, East Sussex This vast beach with marram grass-topped dunes is a stunner - its looks favoured by camera crews.
  • Take left at Furnace Road, merge onto Lorton Road.
  • Both banks have merged under the JP Morgan Chase umbrella.

"melt in" or "melt into"?

  • A few even melts in your hands.
  • I simply invites a kind of melting into the heart.
  • On his watch, plants died, pipes leaked and spatulas were left to melt on the hotplate.
  • And my heart melts at the thought of him taking public transport.
  • Ice cream does melt from the outside in.
  • In August, glaciers are melting like crazy, the river is full of water and the falls produce a rain of mist.
  • This can only be done if you have some quality melt through your navigation.
  • Mince 1 teaspoon of the roasted garlic and melt with the butter in a small saucepan.
  • The salt is melted by the heat and retains energy into the night so it can drive steam turbines even in darkness.
  • At this moment, I just want to grab that stick and chew on the meat until in melts above my taste buds.
  • But they will melt after a while.
  • It will melt before bread starts to burn.
  • It typically does not snow very much, only a few inches (10 cm) at a time, and the snow usually gets a chance to melt between storms.
  • This is the normal creamy texture of milk fat which melts near body temperature and not excess mucus.
  • Then you slice it, put a nice big dollop of butter on it and let it gently melt under the broiler.

multiply by, in, like, with or to?

  • Remember anything multiplied by zero is zero.
  • To be pathogenic, a bacterium must be able to multiply in host tissue.
  • This principle multiplies like frisky rabbits do when we bring our illusion of control and apply it to goal setting: I will make a million dollars in a year.
  • This multiplies to 1000 trucks per month.
  • After all, per capita consumption levels multiply with population size to determine our total resource consumption.
  • This dynamic, multiplied across tens of millions of lives, has more than offset the absolute increase in the number of housing units.
  • Wrong decisions can multiply due to DRS quite easily, as the first ODI between England and South Africa shows.
  • This work help resolve the problem of how species multiply as well as providing a more clear definition of a species for biologists to work with.
  • If this were an isolated incident it would not be cause for concern, but these natural disasters are multiplying at an alarming rate.
  • That calender wouldn't be blank for long, hundreds of pretty stickers which they provide seemed to multiply before my eyes as lessons, birthdays, holidays and more ran thought my mind.
  • Examples of the governmental Midas touch which have had less than sterling results could easily be multiplied beyond necessity.
  • This special case is important when RunList entries occur multiply on different imposition Sheets.
  • In the case of food trucks -- which have multiplied since city council made it easier to open shop in August 2011 -- even a critical health violation rate of 75% is only an issue if it persists.
  • It then multiplies within the bacterium and escapes to infect other V.
  • Doesn't that mean that the light has multiplied without extra energy input? That's impossible though.

"monitor by" or "monitor for"?

  • This can be monitored by blood tests.
  • ClearFX solves that by monitoring for you automatically around the clock.
  • The Mars rovers are not monitored in real-time.
  • Trigger warnings help me monitor on what level I'll allow myself to be exposed to oppression today.
  • The household's actions must be monitored at the server.
  • Only 27% of patients were monitored with capnography.
  • The insurers can then require them to get monitored as a condition of getting insurance.
  • You should consider accepting this offer, as credit monitoring from a reputable company can help you quickly detect any misuse of your information.
  • Rogallo wanted that recent purposes appealed more state than known tries, monitoring to an pump of many non-serbs during search.
  • Lehman Brothers was the fourth largest investment bank in the US prior to declaring bankruptcy, leading to growing awareness and monitoring around Wall Street.
  • Mail is monitored because of economical and technical reasons - The Royal Mail has to get a grip on it's infrastructure so all postigs are scanned.
  • The data used were the consumer price indices and also retail prices of selected commodities monitored before and after the VAT in Ghana.
  • As to date we have undergone professional development, marine conservation and diving, reef monitoring including Reef Watch, Green Fins Project and Global Marine Conservation training with them.
  • After stalling for weeks, Syria yesterday signed the deal to allow Arab League monitors into the country.
  • The progress of the students was monitored over this period.
  • We also monitor pre shipment tea.
  • This is a third-party service that's often provided by your web hosting company, and it may include other security monitoring such as verifying the security of your web hosting software installation.
  • Even the data collected by a pacemaker can be monitored via wireless technology.
  • You can use the VGA + Multisync monitor drivers to make WB display in VGA mode which will allow you to use your 1200 with most (all?) monitors without the need of an external scan-doubler.

mix with, in, into, on or by?

  • It can be mixed with brown rice.
  • He also mixes in a changeup (12.
  • It was just cooked seafood mixed into heated pre-made sauce, in soggy soft pasta.
  • Mix on medium-low speed until creamy, scraping down the bowl with a rubber spatula as you work.
  • Prepare idli mix by adding coconut gratings, curds and a little salt to the soji and keep aside for half an hour.
  • Add the flour mixture and mix at low speed until just mixed.
  • So, free mixing between the sexes too is forbidden for the same reason.
  • They?? re already mixed for you with Vodka.
  • I mix of ma the dance all night bash of natural; elements and laser effects last for me.
  • The neutral? meson (? 0 ), with strangeness +1, can mix through the weak interaction with its antiparticle the? 0, with strangeness -1, to form the mass eigenstates? S 0 and? L 0.
  • Mix to a consistency of very soft dough.

"modify at" or "modify by"?

  • The most you can do is to grant a licence that is subject to being withdrawn or modified at any time.
  • System bags can not be modified by the application.
  • AcknowledgeURL? Modified in JDF 1.
  • All those things could be modified for minimal cash.
  • This park's status modified to the national park standing in 1981.
  • This piece of code has been lightly modified from an example found on **28;3758;TOOLONG.
  • It was last modified on 30 January 2006.
  • The initial recommendation had been higher at S$250,000 before being modified after a review by the Ministry of Finance.
  • Even when Austin, texas attempts to modify with all the Twenty-first century, the item honors those that helped to make that fantastic.
  • Provisions about the confidentiality of heads of agreement are usual but may be modified according to the wishes of the parties.
  • These tastes and preferences have been modified over time as regions have been penetrated by off-season imports or by other distant suppliers.
  • The interface can be extensively modified through Manakin Aspects and XSL based Themes.
  • European union goose parka similarly to compare to help modifying towards the lama brow incense a great deal of earlier than.
  • Even if this is true it does not answer the question of whether versions such as that of 1546 were copied down later after being modified via oral or other tradition.
  • Hence applications would be built in modular pieces where they can be modified without disturbing the complete program and would be capable enough of interacting with multiple cloud environments.

"matter to" or "matter in"?

  • I don't think it matters to much.
  • It doesn't matter in the slightest.
  • All of this matters for the future.
  • It really doesn't matter at this point.
  • What really matters about sea level rise isn't its effects on average low and high tides.
  • Write what matters on the Post Its and move them around.
  • What matters above all else are the jobs and that Sainsbury.
  • Color shouldn't matter as the principles behind the election should.
  • As our presider, Jozef, pointed out, for this great saint, nothing really mattered except the knowledge of Christ as our only true treasure.
  • It does not matter from where we take anything but what we do with it.
  • Essentially, the size of al-Qaeda does not matter with regards to the scale of any given al-Qaeda attack.

"measure by" or "measure in"?

  • We are measured by our own tools.
  • It is measured in values gained.
  • Self Efficacy was measured with a 7-item scale developed by Bandura A.
  • You make a purchase, it is clearly recorded and measured against your bank account.
  • As the average seed yam has been measured at 0.
  • The zenith distance is measured from 0 through 180.
  • A drama's success should not be measured on ratings alone.
  • President Obama will never measure up to President Reagan.
  • GWP is typically measured for time periods of 20, 50 and 500 years.
  • Ethiopian time is measured as a 12-hour day starting at 6am.
  • Also everything is measured after its value in hard cash.
  • The time difference, T, is measured between the arrival of the first packet and the last packet at the client end.
  • At the same time, in Russia alone the M2 measure during this period increased from 14.
  • All other greenhouse gases ' warming potentials are measured relative to CO2.
  • They may also be measured through interviews for promotion or employment.
  • Following the completion of the questionnaire, participants had weight and height measured to the nearest 0.

"mark by" or "mark with"?

  • It was an era marked by disaster fears.
  • It is now paved and marked with a sign.
  • These are marked on the map and on descriptions.
  • She had to mark in the weekends all the time.
  • On buses, trains and park benches, Jews had to sit on seats marked for them.
  • I am probably marked as a pest in several places by now.
  • At a junction there's no general priority rule - priority is marked at most junctions.
  • Eight stations are marked along the old city road, while 6 additional stations are places in the compound of the church.
  • It had developed into a big town, well marked from the highway.
  • The only compulsory aspect is getting your name marked off the roll.
  • Printing money, zero interest rates and mark to fantasy balance sheets can't hide the fact that the underlying economy is bankrupt.
  • These have scaled1 billion dollars mark within income in 08 in addition to continued its performance since that time.

"market in" or "market to"?

  • DEC sent this machine to market in 1965.
  • Even in a doctor's office you are being marketed to.
  • Market for listed Envoy Textile Ltd.
  • Entering that market with an English-only product is a recipe for failure.
  • All of the properties on our microsite are marketed at our valuation.
  • This is marketing by telephone.
  • It's being marketed as a shoot ' em up meets rhythm game, which on paper is a horrific mish mash.
  • Next, the Whole Foods Market on Emerson Street.
  • It was also suggested that goods could be marketed under a Jamaica brand, following the example of Ireland and South Africa.
  • I often come across people who are frantically attempting to market through hundreds of different ways.
  • Raffles and contests will be used to increase the awareness of the people or market about CAREIF's Ed-Fund.
  • A mid-2012 Ingram Micro survey of 1,000 channel partners found that 61% marketed between two and.
  • Think about the way bike helmets are marketed instead of sun lotion.
  • This is important if you need to be quick to market like f.
  • A similar technique is marketed outside of NLP as EMDR (Shapiro, 1995).
  • People who make handmade items are marketing towards a specific groups of people.

"marry to" or "marry in"?

  • I am married to Sam for 7 yrs now.
  • I'd actually also getting married in end of Agu.
  • Even if I got married at 58, fine.
  • More people will marry for true love.
  • Laplace married on 15 May 1788.
  • Incorrect: He married with his friend's sister.
  • Don't you know that you have not officially married into the family.
  • The plan at that stage was to be married before Katja arrived.
  • Like she later said to me, she always saw herself married by 29.
  • She was 15 years younger than him, but the attraction was strong, and they married after a romance whwhirwind in 1973.
  • Secondly pressures of marriage, parents forcing a child to marry against their wishes.
  • But last weekend, I was happy that I married from near.
  • Some force themselves to adapt and contionue living life but it is like a sentence that the parents give to the son and daughter they have forced into marrying of their choice.
  • Rachael Kohn: Could you have married outside the Salvation Army? Sandra Nottle: Absolutely.
  • We have been married since 17 years.
  • When the divorce is granted, both of you are free to marry under US law.
  • Success meant she would be married within the year.
  • A couple can not marry without a celebrant and witnesses.

"match with" or "match by"?

  • She has a spirit worthy to match with mine.
  • But the Blue Tigers lost that match by 2-0.
  • Your details will be matched against those held on record.
  • Select the one best match to you.
  • Watch a Betis match in Estadio Benito Villamarin.
  • TIP! When looking at company, carefully scrutinize how equity is matched up to the voting rights in the company.
  • India lost 1-4 to South Korea in their penultimate group B match at the Riverbank Arena.
  • When I recalculated based on above, it matched for last three years.
  • Kaitlyn would get the better of Layla in a #1 Contenders match on Nov.
  • Welcome one and all to the match between South Africa and Zimbabwe.
  • Donors and patients are matched according to the compatibility of inherited genetic markers called Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA).
  • Oh! the captain didn't bother to inform the passengers if the headcount did finally match after all.
  • The third opportunity for gratuitous involvement in a police investigation would be the use of near DNA matches as a pointer to who might be involved in a crime.
  • I want him back Respected sir, In order to search about remedies from Jaadu or tona I read your post I want complete cure from above coz many symptoms are matched from your post.
  • And its multiplayer mode enables face to face matches over Bluetooth.
  • Not all the lighting fixtures match within the the rooms but this had added further character to the interiors.

mention in, by, on, to or about?

  • This is only mentioned in passing in Dr.
  • This is mentioned by many historians.
  • No trauma is mentioned on the skeletons.
  • Ghadiry Imam Khomeini mentioned to him that Ayt.
  • You mention about playing your natural game.
  • PINKER: Regarding bias: as I mentioned at the outset, I don't doubt that bias exists.
  • I mentioned above the ' empty chair '.
  • It was mentioned as the movie started.
  • But sadly as many have mentioned before me, it's not so easy.
  • John the Baptist in a place of honor on the iconostasis, and he is frequently mentioned during the Divine Services.
  • Something he had forgotten to mention for two years.
  • The one you mentioned from Software Patch is actually for WMP 10, and I have WMP 11.
  • I have mentioned of DINESH CHANDRA.
  • Collections A collection may often be mentioned with an entry also.

mind in, about, at, to or as?

  • Investing in properties is one alternative that comes to mind in a low-interest environment.
  • Am I completely wrong? Never mind about God.
  • But, I don't mind at all--he loves to cook and I appreciate it.
  • God has granted brain and mind to us.
  • MCAS Miramar near San Diego immediately comes to mind as a prime example.
  • Debtline, My Money Steps and CAP are organisations that sprint to mind of the top of my head.
  • With that being said, here are two questions that come to mind for every business owner who either using or contemplating using social media.
  • That's just narrow minded from a different perspective.
  • But most of all for me it is simply unacceptable for any woman to consider herself a failure (never mind with all the other adjectives) only because she does not have a man next to herself.
  • Though probably he'll play a bit more defensifly minded against a side like United.
  • When telling a story, paint a clear picture in the readers mind by describing the characters, or surroundings.
  • In fact, he says, it may be impossible for humans or any other animal to bring a memory to mind without altering it in some way.
  • Nowadays, there is seldom consistency of decision-making within games, never mind across them.
  • Things have changed somewhat since then and today, Raja Nighat Aman, a deputy superintendent of police, with a decade-and-half of policing career behind her, doesn't mind following SRK like a shadow.
  • Collecting the power of the body and mind into scrutinizing one certain thing - that collecting is sila, the looking is samadhi, and the seeing of the truth of that thing is panna-vipassana.
  • Someone that does not know when the legislative branch intends for something to be a penalty vs a tax should not be a judge, never mind on the high court.
  • Also, the majority of fans of ALL teams (well bar one) are fairly positive and open minded towards the proposals.
  • See clip from former interview below, which in itself is VERY interesting for what it says about his perceptions of his audience, both open minded and closed minded within ITM.

"maintain by" or "maintain in"?

  • It is maintained by Uli Sattler.
  • UOM will be maintained in such sequences.
  • Students ' attendance is strictly maintained at RTCs.
  • It has not been adequately maintained for many years.
  • The collection is updated and maintained on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Rooms were always clean and well maintained with helpful staff.
  • Its function is maintained through payments as regulated by member states.
  • More importantly, such benefits were maintained over time.
  • Body Corporates: Maintain to Profit always respond promptly to queries and reply to all emails.
  • However, the hinged lid was maintained as for the majority of people it represents the main characteristic of a tools chest.
  • Try to run at the fastest pace you can maintain from start to finish.
  • The moment once more, a person getting up the program must have the proper mixes as well as in addition they have to do them from the suitable collection to acquire maintain of your great outcomes.
  • The medication must be taken at regular intervals so that muscle strength is maintained throughout the day.
  • This tradition has been maintained till today.
  • It is thought that the situation could be maintained until the end of the 2013 season.
  • Having your furnace maintained within summer and spring, or alternatively original crash, as great price.
  • Nursery should be maintain without any moisture stress.

"manage by" or "manage to"?

  • Service not managed by the DHB.
  • I managed to film a section of it.
  • Any achievement can be managed in increments.
  • For a few days we managed with arum (kachu) and its leaves.
  • I am 39 and I have only managed for two years.
  • I don't know how you managed without painkillers.
  • The GRAIL mission is part of the Discovery Program managed at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala.
  • He manages from the gut, and he's just too wishy-washy to lead effectively.
  • Manages on the back of old-fashioned principles and it works.
  • Is there a central location for the Forex Market? Forex trading is not managed through an exchange.
  • Water needs to be managed as a commodity.
  • Neale-May is an executive director of the Chief Marketing Officer Council with over 6000 corporate marketers, managing over US$300 billiob in aggregated annual marketing expenditure.
  • Something Stoke have never managed since being in the Premier.
  • In England, over two thirds of agricultural land is managed under a scheme.
  • They have managed until now to delay by various means the start of Karad z i? ' s trial.
  • Businesses nowadays are commonly managed via internet marketing.
  • Managing within these restrictions included prioritizing some portfolios, a strategy utilized by Nations Trust Bank (NTB).

"miss from" or "miss in"?

  • But there's something missing from THE WAY.
  • There's lots missing in this guide.
  • The deadline was missed by less than an hour.
  • The only thing missing for me is a.
  • He will be missed on this end as well.
  • The woman was reported missing at 8 a.
  • All that we will miss with your departure.
  • There isn't much I miss about being single or childless, but I do miss dancing.
  • Coast Guard joined the hunt Friday for a cruise ship passenger reported missing after employees of the Norwegian Pearl failed to find her.
  • And lest we forget he has scored in the only cup final he has played in, and was badly missed against Birmingham city 18 months ago.
  • Several people have been reported missing as the coroner identifies the dead.
  • In addition, players will lose approximately 20 percent of their 2011-12 salaries -- a result of the games missed due to the lockout.
  • However, this consideration gets almost no attention when allegations are made about the number of dead and missing during the conflict.
  • That means we'll miss out Monday but come up smiling Tuesday morning.
  • Her daughter Putul, a worker of the factory, has been missing since the November 24 blaze claimed 111 lives.
  • Marianne Faithful's body of work has been hit or miss throughout her career.
  • One member even lost a sock in the process (still missing to this day).
  • Recently many people have gone missing without any trace upon being picked up by law enforcing agencies.

move to, from, into, in or away?

  • I move to the beat of the island.
  • Let us and then move from there.
  • She then moved into her apartment.
  • I move in some high level Repub.
  • The world moves away from them.
  • INSKEEP: Let me -- let me move on.
  • I plan to move by mid December.
  • I've just moved out of San Francisco.
  • In moving through space, time changes.
  • We are moving towards Unity Consciousness.
  • It seems the play moves beyond vibrators.
  • We must move toward equal trade.
  • We need to move with the times.
  • No life moved across its surface.
  • Darth Sideous: Move against the Jedi first.
  • He is freer than me to move around the city.
  • I don't move at all in my business.
  • Moving between France and the U.
  • We continued to move for months.
  • He will be dismissive and try to move onto the next person.
  • Surely we have moved past clubs.
  • I when I moved up to Prince George from Vernon.

"meet with" or "meet in"?

  • In an earlier meeting with Gen.
  • First we met in the mid of 1967-68.
  • They met at the same Communion table.
  • Karunanidhi holding TESO meet on Wednesday.
  • Other costs are met by levies on pupils.
  • He said he wanted to meet for coffee.
  • Tuesday, May 15th Meet after breakfast at 9:30am to head to the studio.
  • Why is this? The Buddhas are as difficult to meet as the udumbara flower.
  • In addition, certain requirements must be met before a gun licence is issued.
  • Perhaps the most focused person I had ever met during my time on this planet.
  • Jot a list down of highlights and topics or people you've met from the event.
  • I know a few couples who first met through CouchSurfing.

mean for, by, to, in or about?

  • What does that mean for your U.
  • I'd not sure what you mean by that.
  • What does freedom mean to you? A.
  • I often wonder what this will mean in the furture.
  • Not sure what you mean about conditioning.
  • Anyway, religion is meant as a guide to human.
  • By town I mean at my parents ' place so we all trooped back there.
  • This usually means from the waist or chest up.
  • You mean like podcast feeds? I noticed that.
  • You'll see what I mean on Friday.
  • And I don't just mean with my cell phone.

make by, in, for, of or to?

  • So it's a match made in heaven.
  • Still, it all made for good TV.
  • Pakistan is what we make of it.
  • It's made from 164g, combed, ring.
  • I have a proposition to make to you.
  • They are made with love and soul.
  • Decisions were made on the fly.
  • So-and-So's bed not made at 11 p.
  • New ministers will make about S$1.
  • Pugno's recordings were made under similar conditions.
  • The cut-off for all orders is 3pm no deliveries will be made after this time.
  • No criminal charges have been made against him.
  • Inquiry must be made as to where the noise came from.
  • It was wahala that I made before that made me to be sick.
  • The connection has yet to be made between the two.
  • Most decisions we make during the day are subconscious.
  • It can be made into anything we like.
  • A heart made out of paint cans.
  • This is the key change the Panthers have made over the last few weeks.
  • I only made through the lavatory door.
  • To be made within 48 hours after confirmation.