"nag at", "nag for" or "nag about"?

  • It must not nag them as it nags at you.
  • My mom is constantly nagging about my looks.
  • It was designed not to help parents cope with their children's nagging, but to help corporations formulate their ads and promotions so that children would nag for their products more effectively.
  • Then he'd return home to be nagged by his mother to tidy his room.

"narrate by", "narrate from" or "narrate on"?

  • It has been narrated by Salama b.
  • It has been narrated on Abdullah b.
  • As narrated from Imam-e-Zamana (a.
  • This story was narrated in Hayat al-Sahabah, 3/149.

"navigate to" or "navigate through"?

  • Swipe to the left to navigate to the next page.
  • Motorcycles navigate through traffic easier.
  • The site is simple enough to navigate with a simple white and orange theme.
  • For the Australians, Pizzati drove and was navigated by Page.

necessitate by, at, after, because or due?

  • Its emphasis on this aspect was, however, necessitated by the arrogance of the Arabs of those days who.
  • The second I would judge as not requiring a fearful response but is a risk necessitating at the least caution, at the most protective attire.
  • From my experience, its harder to get an organization to adapt to change when it is necessitated because of market place failure.
  • The bypoll to the Nellore Lok Sabha seat was necessitated following the resignation of Congress Lok Sabha MP Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy, who also switched loyalties to the YSR Congress President.

negate by, because, from, in or with?

  • All principles of gravity are negated by fear.
  • All the appropriate uses of the law should not be negated because of the cases of abuse.
  • But the Skoda weighs less than the Noble, of course, so any kind of energy deficiency it may suffer on paper is instantly negated in reality, right? Wrong.
  • The previous barrier of Blippar and QR codes is having to download an app but this is negated with this concept.

"neglect by" or "neglect in"?

  • Many there feel neglected by the Pakistani state.
  • However, one part of the globe often neglected in any conversation about jazz is Africa.
  • The house was in need of repairs after having been neglected for many years.
  • It will not neglect to, though.

negotiate with, for, in, on or by?

  • We must not negotiate with terrorists.
  • Negotiating for a product review takes time.
  • Rizzo said they would negotiate in October.
  • I will take 30%of the 50k a year, but can negotiate on that.

nestle in, on, between, among or within?

  • I left the hospital safely nestled in my mother's womb.
  • Nestled on the southern shore of Garadice Lake,.
  • It is not uncommon to see small shrines nestled between large shopping centers.
  • Nestled among wig-weavers and butter-churn repair shops, even those sad little booths hawking iPod cases will look like emissaries from a brilliant Tomorrowland.

nibble on, at, around, as or by?

  • But see that you nibbled on less calorie-filled foods.
  • Women born under this sign are always nibbling at something or the other.
  • Pumpkin Seeds For Health Benefits! So Halloween time, or anytime, save those precious pumpkin seeds! Delicious dried, or roasted and added to a variety of dishes, or simply nibbled as a snack.
  • It is this hybrid nature that is being picked apart, our ailment is akin to being nibbled to death by ducks.

nod in, to, at, with or along?

  • Several parents nodded in agreement.
  • Then Richard raises his chin and nods to me.
  • They nod at us but do not speak.
  • She nodded with some kind of **27;2162;TOOLONG look.

"nominate for" or "nominate by"?

  • He was initially nominated for 8.
  • Entrants must be nominated by a member of EuroFM.
  • Also nominated in the category are CareerGuidance.
  • He was nominated as a deputy governor by providence.

"note in", "note for" or "note by"?

  • As I began to note in RISKS-27.
  • As noted by Michael Meskon, product netrivialen.
  • Note for these two steps, USBController.
  • Fees: Fees are as noted on the entry form.

notice in, by, about, on or to?

  • Beauty would be the last thing that i will notice in a woman.
  • Get yourself noticed by following these tips.
  • The first thing we noticed about St.
  • I have noticed on ebay they speak of LCD Projector Bulbs.

"notify of" or "notify by"?

  • Clubs will be notified of these fixtures.
  • Winner will be notified by August 20th.
  • The Department must be notified in advance of departure.
  • Defects must be notified to us after discovery without undue delay.

nourish by, in, with, on or for?

  • Keep it nourished by messaging with warm oil.
  • Individualization should be nourished in school? standardization is for factories.
  • While I love the dignity and majesty of the High Mass, sometimes, I feel more spiritually nourished with a small and intimate Low Mass.
  • In Korea there had developed the extraordinary spectacle of two contending armies, each nearly surrounded by hostile forces and each nourished from afar.

"nurture by" or "nurture in"?

  • The seeds of totalitarian regimes are nurtured by misery and want.
  • These future leaders of the nation are being nurtured in a corrupt environment.
  • The Indian firm may not have the vision to go beyond the existing list of contacts that they have nurtured over time.
  • These young students are musically nurtured through children's songs and games.